Would You Mind If I Play? - Chapter 45 - Sinister Enemy

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Chapter 45: Sinister Enemy

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The game was going to be carried out in Yang Guang High School. After a few team members of Shu Guang High heard the news, their fear increased. A game against a violent soccer team was already frightening enough. On top of that, they had to go to their base camp. Basically, it was like entering a den of tigers and wolves!

Ah Yuan was quite surprised to see Li Yongle. He never thought he would see him again so soon.

“Please do me a favor.” Li Yongle was always straight to the point, no beating around the bush. This was the reason why Ah Yuan liked him―he was frank!

“Say the word.”

“Saturday afternoon at 3.00 pm, Yang Guang High School: Shu Guang and Yang Guang’s match. I need you to help me keep a look out for someone.”

“That work-study school? What’s going on?”

“Yang Guang High’s captain is nicknamed ‘Butcher’. He’s famous for being a dangerous person and I’m worried. I know you have some people in that school.”

Ah Yuan thought about it for a bit. “Alright. But only for this match. It has nothing to do with you though, why are you so concerned?”

Li Yongle laughed as he shook his head. “No, I am largely connected to this game. I’m worried about a particular person.”


“Shu Guang’s No. 11, Zhang Jun.”

“Oh, I get it! You’re afraid of him getting hurt, right?”

Li Yongle laughed. “That guy, he’s three bricks short of a load.”


“Are you having a cold?” Su Fei asked, looking concerned.

Zhang Jun rubbed his nose. “Nah, it’s a good day today, why would I have a cold?”

Next to them, Yang Pan replied, “A certain someone probably called him three bricks short of load.”

Zhang Jun turned around to glare at Yang Pan.

“But, I seriously am worried,” Su Fei said. “Tomorrow’s game is definitely not going to be the same as the usual.”

“Su Fei, why are you worried?”

Yang Pan interrupted, “Only a person who’s three bricks short of load wouldn’t be worried.”

“Yang Pan, you…”

The two of them noisily quarreled with one another and Su Fei laughed as she watched the fight between the two of them. However, inside, she was upset today. She hoped that her worries would not become a reality.

When their car drove through Yang Guang High School’s gate, many of them could not help but exclaim. The clean campus, the uniformity, the trees and flowers that decorated the place all made it look like a garden. It was far beyond everyone’s expectations. Before the gates were opened, they imagined the place to be pitch black, but what they found instead was a blissful place full of flowers and chirping birds.

“Wow! Is this the work-study school? It looks like a garden!” An Ke was the first to exclaim. Everyone also followed soon after. Only Ren Yu De had no trace of emotion; he silently looked out the window.

But when they saw the soccer field, it was a different kind of surprise.

“Wow! How is this a soccer field!”

“It’s so tattered!”

“Can we really play soccer in such a place? I feel like we’re going to lose a leg.”

“Violent opponents, a dangerous audience and a terrible stadium…”

Yang Pan could not help but frown as the field was in a terrible state. There were pebbles and potholes everywhere; anyone could easily fall. In addition of the opponent’s brutal style of playing, everyone’s mental preparedness to win the game was also seriously a concern. Zhang Jun would especially become a target after he displayed a wonderful performance in the previous match. It was really bad for Shu Guang to be in this place!

He turned his head to Zhang Jun on the side and saw him looking around without any concern. He looked as if was interested in the school. Our unresponsive friend, we sure hope that he won’t be badly injured in this match!

Liang Ke tried to get the players to relax, but some of them were still really nervous. Most of them were checking if their leg protectors were not crooked or falling off.

In fact, if it was not for Yang Guang’s rough playing, the game itself would have been much cause for suspense. The only outstanding player was Yang Guang’s team captain, No. 10 midfielder, Tu Yong. He had comprehensive techniques, outstanding awareness and excellence in both offensive as well as defensive play. It was also hard to say if his teammates were all third-rated players. Hopefully, he would not cause any trouble to the fragile Shu Guang. The trouble that Liang Ke was concerned about was not Tu Yong’s technique, it was his other aspects. Tu Yong’s soccer techniques were really good but he was equally good with his little tricks and fouls. He was extremely crafty and he would create fouls whenever he kicked the ball from the edge so that the referee could not see it. They absolutely could not let him do that!

The stands were Yang Guang’s most characteristic feature. After the fighting case that took place two years ago, the school installed a huge wire fence around the stands of the soccer field. The wire fence separated the stands and the field. This was to prevent unscrupulous viewers from throwing things at the field or curb their “sudden impulses” to rush into the field and cause serious problems.

The scene was somewhat like the insides of the South American League. It appeared that Yang Guang’s violence in soccer was not just a mere rumor.

Despite the barbed wire fence, Yang Pan could still feel the unpleasant stares and attitude of the audience towards them. Their swearing and reproach filled everyone’s ears. What’s more, they also made a banner that said, “Welcome to hell!”. All these things added more pressure to Shu Guang’s team players, even Yang Pan felt uneasy.

Ah Yuan and a few of his brothers were very much in the crowd; they were sitting behind the stands. He could not help but laugh when he saw how the situation.

Yang Guang High School was considered a work-study school, hence the management was very strict. Their brutal practice made the students obedient before the large-scale of school police. But this attitude of obedience was the result of students forcibly suppressing their violent impulses. They needed a place to vent plus, a long period of holding in stress was not good for the body, Therefore, soccer was granted for this important task. They did not really know soccer but soccer was their best tool to vent, so it really seemed like Shu Guang would be faced with evil.

The referees called out the two captains. When Yang Pan shook hands with the other captain, his opponent had changes in his expression, but Yang Pan felt a cold sensation hitting him, especially from those eyes. They were so dark that they appeared to have no light in them; it was like a corner where the sunlight would never reach. As long as he stared at you, it was enough to turn you into ice.

Yang Pan immediately avoided his eyes.

“Heads or tails?”



A coin was thrown in the air; it tumbled and fell.

Shu Guang gained the first serve while Yang Guang had the right to snatch. Yang Pan was lucky. From the very beginning, he was always the one to start off with offense and he had control of the ball under his two feet. Perhaps, he could also have the upper hand in this game. But, he inadvertently saw the expressionless captain once again and he started to shiver in cold sweat.

Zhang Jun looked at the very unfriendly and frowning audience on the stands. He then saw Yang Pan approaching, and an idea formed in his heart.

“Yang Pan, do you think the audience is full of hatred?”

Yang Pan looked at Yang Guang’s soccer fans behind the wire fence; they were bearing their fangs and claws. He nodded.

“I think, if we don’t extinguish their prestige, this game will be a difficult one.”

Yang Pan looked at him.

“When they come up, give them something nice to watch!” Zhang Jun whispered “something like that” into Yang Pan’s ear.

The referee then signaled both teams to standby and prepare for the kickoff.

Zhang Jun and Yang Pan stood in front of the ball as they waited for the referee’s signal.

3.00pm, getting ready to kick off.


Zhang Jun lightly bumped the ball to Yang Guang’s midfield area, Yang Pan dashed forward and lifted his right leg!

That gesture…

“It’s a Midfielder’s shot!” Chen Huafeng could not help but scream.

He was not wrong. Yang Pan kicked the soccer ball with his right leg and the ball drew a small arc in the air before it rushed to the goal!

Even Liang Ke was shocked by Yang Pan’s move. He felt that Yang Pan should have used the chance in their hands to control the ball at the start, then organize his attacks and maintain his pressure, so that their opponents would not dare to counterattack.

Yang Guang’s goalkeeper looked at the little black dot that slowly transformed into a soccer ball, his instincts telling him to catch it.

The soccer ball itself was constantly spinning and causing friction in the air; it roared as it flew pass the goalkeeper’s hand and flew… outside the goalpost.

It was out of play!

Yang Pan grabbed his head, feeling annoyed. The distance between the ball and the goal was also the width of a goalpost. His strength, angle, speed and his unexpected behavior were all great. It was a pity it did not enter.

Yang Guang’ coach laughed. “This will be an interesting game…”

Yang Guang’s team made the opening kick from the goal. The goalkeeper gave the ball a big kick towards the midfield. Tu Yong jumped and he used his chest to stop the ball. Then, he took the lead as Wang Ning rushed to defend.

Tu Yong maneuvered the ball to his left and used the right side of his body to stay close to Wang Ning. However, the 183-cm Wang Ning unexpectedly got in front of the 180-cm Tu Yong; it was not easy. Tu Yong was only able to use his body to keep himself near Wang Ning. He could not move at all, let alone extend his leg to snatch the ball.

Li Hao came to help too. He was a very fit soccer player with a height of 180 cm and a weight of 99 kg. His sudden aid made it even more difficult for Tu Yong. Tu Yong then stopped, made a turn and skillfully passed the two of them.

However, when he rushed out of Wang and Li’s siege, he was surprised by Kaka. Kaka slammed him into a corner and took the ball under his foot.

Under the sudden shock, Tu Yong gave chase. Tu Yong used the rules of reasonable collision to constantly hit Kaka, who was taking lead of the ball. But with Kaka’s height of 186 cm, would it be easy for him to lose his balance? Yang Guang’s two team players ran towards them and surrounded Kaka. However, at this moment, Kaka suddenly staggered and fell to the ground. The ball then naturally fell below Tu Yong’s foot.

Viewed in any angle, Kaka’s fall was very suspicious. Yet, the referee and his line of sight were coincidentally blocked by the two Yang Guang players who surrounded Kaka. So, he did not see what had just happened.

The referee was afraid to sound the whistle as there was no clear evidence, especially in this game where Yang Guang High School were participating in. Any slight error could cause dissatisfaction among the audience outside the field. The referee really did not want to repeat the scenario from two years ago.

And so, the game continued.

“That ball was clearly a foul!” Yang Pan screamed as the referee looked in his direction. Zhang Jun quickly held Yang Pan back.

“What are you doing?” Yang Pan did not appreciate it and asked Zhang Jun, “Didn’t you see how No. 10 was using his hands to push Kaka down just now?”

Zhang Jun did not answer. Kaka had already stood up by then as he touched some of the places where his neck was hurting―the parts where Tu yong used his hands to attack earlier. Kaka waved his hand at Yang Pan. “It’s nothing, don’t compromise the game because of this little thing.”

“Little thing? He attacked you! That’s a serious foul!”

Zhang Jun pulled back the emotional Yang Pan. “The referee didn’t see anything and iy was only a trick. There’s no use in saying anything.”


“Let’s just play the game!” Zhang Jun laughed. He patted Yang Pan on the shoulder before he walked away.

“The seemingly unintentional running from their position was to actually block the referee’s sight. That trick did not cause any harm; it made the opponent lose his balance but, he won’t be injured when he leaves the field… Yang Guang sure knows how to drill the referee and the rules. From blatant fouls to covert tricks, does that make them smarter or more dangerous?” Chen Huafeng was talking to himself.

Next to him was his intern, Xiao Zhang, who was watching and recording the game in a serious manner. After placing the bet from a week ago, Xiao Zhang and Chen Huafeng have been going out and reporting the games together. He did not want to lose again; he was surprise to find how Chen Huafeng had a huge appetite despite being skinny. It scared him and he no longer dared to attack his “predecessor”.

Kaka’s injury was not a serious issue and he no longer had any problems. As such, Liang Ke could rest assured. Yang Guang was famous for it’s roughness, but he never expected them to be sinister as well. It was a simple trick of calling his teammates over to guard; now, it turned out in such away that even the referee could not point it out.

It seemed that this was no ordinary challenge.

Yang Guang went for the offensive.

An Ke was constantly yelling as he commanded the defenders to defend. The defense line was well organized with his commands. Basically, they were not giving Yang Guang a chance to break the penalty zone so that Yang Guang could shoot from the outside.

As for shooting from the outside, besides Yang Pan’s “Avian Shooting” and Li Yongle’s “Swerved Shot”, An Ke was not afraid of anyone else. Therefore, An Ke did not receive any shots from Yang Guang that were made within the range of the goal post, except for the ones who came at him like planes.

An Ke nodded his head in satisfaction; An Ke’s stability was Shu Guang’s key to stability. His rich experience could direct the young defenders to make fewer mistakes and complete their own task of defense. His screams also made the defenders more calm and confident in their defense. Perhaps, a day would come where there would not be any more familiar screams and they would not be able to raise their own spirits!

“Xiao Fang! Don’t take it too easy!”

“Xie Tao! Stay put, don’t let the other party come in!”

“Chen Bo! Don’t bother with the ball. Let it continue being passed!”

His screams did not stop since the start of the game and An Ke’s fighting spirit infected everyone.

Kaka took control of the ball and as soon as he saw someone coming up to him, he cleverly passed it to Ren Yu De. Ren Yu De took the lead but the opponents made him stumble and of course, the referee did not see it again from his blind spot.

Yang Pan thought of discussing the issue with the referee, but he was held back by Zhang Jun.

Time was running out by the second. Yang Guang’s offensive moves were innocent enough towards the defenders of Shu Guang and An Ke. However, the attackers of Shu Guang were not able to be effective due to Yang Guang’s little tricks. Kaka was infringed three times, Ren Yu De twice and Yang Pan once. Zhang Jun received the most “care”―five times. Four of them were given by Tu Yong.

Zhang Jun’s palms were worn out and burning with pain. But in his eyes, withdrawing was not an option. “Make sure you get to the national championships! Bring Monkey Yuan and me along too!” It felt like Liu Peng just said it yesterday. There were many people who put their expectations on him, could he retreat? He retreated many times in the past and he ran way too many times. Now, he could not allow himself to run away again, absolutely not!

After Zhang Jun received the ball from Yang Pan, who made the pass when he fell, Zhang Jun took the lead and rushed towards Yang Guang’s goal. Beside him, Tu Yong forced himself up again.