Would You Mind If I Play? - Chapter 2

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Chapter 2: The Transfer Student

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The end of “grueling military training” officially marked the beginning of high school life for the students. A new beginning, new teachers, new classmates, new books, and three years worth of time. It was the kind of fresh start that Zhang Jun was looking forward to.

The garden-like environment that Shu Guang High was designed in made every student somewhat more open to mingle and meet new people… With Zhang Jun having a friendly personality himself, he was very quick in making new friends.

“Zhang Jun!” a fatty called out.

“Ah Biao?!” Zhang Jun replied.

Ah Biao was Zhang Jun’s classmate. His real name was Liu Qi and he played the piano in his spare time. But, whenever Zhang Jun tried picturing his 186-cm, 108-kg friend playing the piano, he could not help but laugh. Some time ago, Zhang Jun gave his new friend the nickname, Richard Clyderbiao after the famous pianist. However soon enough, it was shortened to just Ah Biao.

Liu Qi was annoyed by Zhang Jun’s teasing and tried to tackle him. But, Zhang Jun merely shrugged his shoulders and sidestepped Liu Qi’s tackle. The poor fatty charged into nothing.

“What’s up with the excitement?” Zhang Jun asked.

“I heard there’s going to be a transfer student coming in today!”

“What about it?”

“Are you an idiot? I’m sitting next to the only empty seat in class. So, if the transfer is a gorgeous babe, then she’ll be sitting right next to me. Isn’t that awesome? Ha! We can chat all day in class, and I can walk her home after school!” Liu Qi was getting carried away by his daydream.

“Well, if that’s your plan, I think the cute girl is going to be creeped out by you instead!”

“What did you say?” Liu Qi tried to tackle Zhang Jun, and was once again easily avoided.

“Yo fatty, forget about it. You’ll need a million years before you can even scratch my hair, much less tackle me.”

“Why do you think we don’t have any good looking girls in our school?” Liu Qi gave up trying and leaned against the corridor rails as he looked down on the school grounds. “I’ve scanned every female student in every class since the day I came here, but all I got was a whole truckload of sadness and disappointment! Especially when it comes to our year!” Liu Qi continued in a very sad voice.

“Are you sure you checked all of them? Maybe you missed one?” Zhang Jun replied his depressed friend as he pointed at a girl who just exited the lecture building.

Liu Qi merely took a glance and continued, “Dude, you can find girls with a nice figure like her’s everywhere. But the problem with them is, from behind, they make you want to become a bad boy. And even more when you look at them from the side. But, when you come to the front…” Just as he was just about to conclude his sentence, the girl turned around and Liu Qi kept his mouth shut.

The girl was oblivious to the boys’ conversation on the second floor and she soon turned, leaving the premises.

“I take it all back!” Liu Qi was excited. “That one’s definitely a babe! A real babe!”

Zhang Jun was also stunned. The girl who was walking away from them looked like an angel under the radiant sunlight. It appeared as though she was glowing herself! The two boys just stared at the beautiful sight in front of them like dummies until the bell rang for class.

Liu Qi mysteriously disappeared during lunch only to reappear with a grin on his face. He slung his hand around Zhang Jun’s shoulders and whispered, “Bro, I’m going all out and doing you a solid. Here, I got the girl’s info for you. Her name is Su Fei. She’s from the class right under ours. Is it just me or does her name sounds more like a foreigner’s?”

“You’re what? Doing me a solid?”

“Yea. I know you have… You know, ‘that’! Right?”

“What? No! I’m just—”

“Bro, let me finish! I also got word that she’s joining the Soccer Club as the manager! People are saying that all the other clubs are trying to get her to join them, but she’s already made up her mind about joining the school’s sh*ttiest club. Can you believe that? There’s tons of other clubs that aren’t very happy about this! I mean, think about it: Whatever club she’s joining, every other guy will want in! Can you imagine the amount of membership fees?”

“The way you’re saying it… It sounds like it’s the biggest thing in school right now. How is it possible that I haven’t heard anything about this?”

“That’s because you’re such a huge nerd! You’re not even in any club, how would you get any news like that? Anyway, I had to get a buddy of mine to dig up the info on her.”

“Wait, hold up. Why did you say that you got her information for me? The way I see it, you’re the one who’s… You know, that! Right?”

“Bro, be real. You really think I got a shot?”

“Yeah, why not? I mean, look at this body. Girls see it and they feel comfortable and safe! Isn’t that what girls are going for these days? Curvy guys that won’t run away and cheat on them? That’s you, man! Hahaha!” Zhang Jun slapped Liu Qi’s belly and laughed.

“Stop joking around! Look, I know that you’re into her. Come on man, who do you think I am? I could feel it from the way you were looking at her this morning! So, I’m doing you a solid here, okay? Now, don’t you say no, bro!” Liu Qi pointed at Zhang Jun just as he was about to open his mouth to reply. Zhang Jun just looked at his classmate and sighed as he decided to end the conversation there.

After recess, Zhang Jun noticed that his friend was grooming himself. Liu Qi had his hair all styled up with mousse; he adjusted his broad pants and his shirt nicely, and even got his shoes shined like a mirror. He was all set to look like the best “Richard Clyderbiao” of all time. The whole class had already heard him talking about a beautiful, female transfer student joining their class. And based on the effort Liu Qi was putting in, everyone was hyped about seeing just how gorgeous their new classmate was going to be. So, as soon as the bell rang for class, everybody, especially the guys got back to their seats. They were all feeling nervous and the whole classroom was filled with an air of anticipation.

When Mr. Liang finally walked into class, Liu Qi was already about to explode from all the excitement. He kept switching his gaze between the teacher and the classroom entrance, trying to get a glimpse of the gorgeous lady who was about to be sitting next to him.

“Class, we have a transfer student who will be joining us today.”

Hearing their homeroom teacher making the announcement got the whole class on the edge of their seats.

“Why don’t you come in and introduce yourself to the class?” Mr. Liang waved towards the door, and then… a male student carrying a backpack entered the classroom.

“Hi! My name is Yang Pan. I just transferred here from Kai Ta High. I love soccer. Nice to meet you and I hope that we can all be friends,” the transfer said.

The class went dead silent. At one point, they just could not hold it in anymore and everybody broke into laughter all at once. Everybody turned their heads to look at Liu Qi, who was sitting way back in the classroom. He was blushing deeply from the sheer embarrassment. With nothing to hide the awkwardness he felt, he sank his head into his table.

Zhang Jun however, was not laughing. He was staring at Yang Pan in shock. Yang Pan scanned the room and saw him from across the class. He stared back with a smirk.

“Why don’t you sit next to Liu Qi?” Mr. Liang pointed at the empty seat next to Liu Qi, which was supposedly meant for the “gorgeous female transfer student”. The whole class broke into laughter once again.

Yang Pan made his way to his new seat and sat down. Liu Qi raised his head up from his table and extended his hand. “Hi! I’m Liu Qi. I play the piano and basketball. I think we’re gonna be great friends!”

“Why did you transfer here? I thought you were doing great in Kai Ta?” Zhang Jun, who was not seated far away asked.

“We’ve been in the same elementary school and middle school, you think I’m gonna let high school separate us? No way, bro! That’s why I transferred. When I applied, I also asked the school administration which class you were in, and they told me that you’re in the third. So, here I am.”

“What about Liu Peng and Yuan Gang? Are they okay with you leaving?” Zhang Jun continued asking.

“Of course not! They’ve been looking for me the past two or three days, reminding me about the promise that we once swore. I just told them, since Zhang Jun that a**hat ran off, the squad is now incomplete. So, what difference would it make if I stay or leave?”

Zhang Jun felt a pang of guilt when he heard that. He seriously felt that his departure from Kai Ta High cost the group of four best friends their dream.

“Well, even if they aren’t happy about it, there’s nothing they can do. I had already filed for my transfer when I told them,” Yang Pan continued. “Kai Ta’s coach wanted to make me stay, but I asked him: Why didn’t you try to make Zhang Jun stay when he was leaving back then?”

“Then? What did he say?”

“He couldn’t give me an answer.

“Besides, this place is closer to home. I heard the soccer team here is nothing but trash. But, not for long now that I’m here!” Yang Pan said, full of confidence.

Zhang Jun just listened to his best friend and did not say a word. “Have you really quit soccer?” Yang Pan finally asked.

“I don’t mind playing once in a while for fun. But joining the school team, going for practice, and attending tournaments… That’s not for me…”

Hearing his best friend’s reply, Yang Pan could only let out a deep sigh.