World of Cultivation - Chapter Three Hundred and Sixty Nine – I Am Xiao Mo Ge

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Chapter Three Hundred and Sixty Nine – I Am Xiao Mo Ge

In the end, the one that accepted the fee was Nan Yue. Zuo Mo wasn’t willing to hand over the fee from the bottom of his heart, but this was not something that could be avoided. As for the price, he doubled the amount that Cang Ze suggested. When the little girl heard this price, her expression changed. When she asked her superior, her voice had been trembling.

The interview quickly proceeded. After getting the fee, Zuo Mo was very professional.

But as the interview continued, Nan Yue and Cang Ze’s expressions became increasingly ugly. In the end, their faces were ashen white and wore expressions of terror.

The little girl gaped with wide eyes in shock, but she quickly became excited.


The interview this time would definitely sell!

After the interview, the little girl hurriedly left.

Watching as the little girl left, Nan Yue and Cang Ze wanted to speak when Zuo Mo suddenly disappeared with a sound—his time was up.

Nan Yue and Cang Ze looked at the dissipating white light with dazed expressions.

A beat later, Cang Ze said with exasperation, “It’s big trouble this time.”

Nan Yue knew what Cang Ze was saying. She remained silent. Even though her heart was filled with worry, she made a resolution that she wouldn’t be moved no matter what hardships Daren encountered!

As Daren’s follower, any wavering, even if it was wavering of the heart, was shameful!

Daren, you created great trouble this time!


Zuo Mo had a down expression. “After this group of people interrupting today, we didn’t even finish discussing the matters at hand.”

Pu Yao looked at Zuo Mo with extreme displeasure. But after considering he had to rely on Zuo Mo to get the Golden Souls, he decided to keep quiet.

Just at this time, he heard Zong Ru’s voice come from the outside. “Daren.”

“Come in, come in!” Zuo Mo felt slightly puzzled as he could hear the urgency in Zong Ru’s voice. Zong Ru wasn’t like some Qinghua Zang Shui, he was mentally strong. A dhyana xiu that was raised outside a sect and could still cultivate an abhinna, that wasn’t something any average person could accomplish.

Zong Ru had someone else with him. It was the guy that Shixiong had been carrying the other day.

“Daren, this shixiong is a high ranked disciple of Great Buddha Temple.” Zong Ru first introduced Yi Zheng.

“Great Buddha Temple!” In the sea of consciousness, Pu Yao shrieked and then gritted, “No wonder this person has a smell I dislike! Great Buddha Temple! Great Buddha Temple! So Great Buddha Temple had not been destroyed yet!”

Zuo Mo jumped in fright at Pu Yao’s shriek and fury. It was the first time he had seen Pu Yao lose his composure so. He carefully asked, “You had encounters?”

“Hmph!” A cold snort. Pu Yao suddenly calmed down, but his bloody pupil dimmed and brightened in turn. The killing energy around his body was also uncertain.

Zong Ru saw Zuo Mo did not react and continued, “Yi Zheng Shixiong said that he may know what place this is.”

Zuo Mo’s attention came back at the mention of this. He was slightly shocked. “Ah, what place is this?”

Yi Zheng was studying Zuo Mo all this time. It was the first time that he had seen the boss of this strange troop. The person in front of him was clearly younger than himself. When he first encountered Wei Sheng, he had been astounded by Wei Sheng’s age, but seeing an even younger Zuo Mo, there was only one phrase in his mind.

Only freaks thrived!

Yi Zheng reflected inside, but he did not dare to slight the other because of his age. The power the other controlled was enough to easily crush him a few hundred times over.

He hurried to say respectfully, “This little monk is just guessing and is not sure. This little monk has frequently read my Shixiong’s various records, and happened to come across a vague reference. It referred to something called the Battle of Sealed Extinction. Supposedly, it occurred about twenty thousand years ago. This little monk once felt it the description was absurd and skimmed past the notes, but thinking about it now, the description seems similar.”

“Battle of Sealed Extinction.” In the sea of consciousness, Pu Yao’s body shook suddenly.

“This little monk’s shixiong likes and collects all kinds of wondrous legends and tales. This little monk was influenced and has read about many such tales. What this little monk was initially interested in was the great battle from three thousand years ago. Later, this little monk found that there were several separate references to battles in these legends. One was three thousand years ago, one was ten thousand years ago. These are the two most common references . Naturally, nothing needs to be said about the great Battle three thousand years ago. But starting from three thousand years ago to ten thousand years ago, there were numerous legends and rumors about that period, but if we go back even further, there are a few rare records. Of those battles only one could be called a great battle, the Battle of Sealed Extinction that occurred twenty thousand years ago. This battle is so ancient that the only obscure mentions are in Shixiong’s collection of anecdotes and fantasy stories.

Yi Zheng’s words flowed. He knew this was the time to display his value. He could not fail. He furiously tried to think back to the folk tales and anecdotes that he had read at Shixiong’s place.

“Even though the Battle of Seal Extinction is rarely mentioned, but those tales all say that the mountains and rivers changed color, the sky and earth completely red, and the land was blanketed with corpses.”

A great Battle twenty thousand years ago … …

Zuo Mo gaped upon hearing this, like he was listening to a story. Not just twenty thousand years ago, but Zuo Mo even felt the battle three thousand years ago was like a distant rumour. Twenty thousand years ago, how ancient would that be, were there even xiuzhe at that time … …

Even though Zuo Mo seemed to be listening to the story, he was secretly paying attention to Pu Yao’s reaction. Pu Yao had been silent, and seemed to be thinking of something. This caused Zuo Mo to feel that Yi Zheng suggestion was not nonsense.

Yi Zheng wanted to perform well from the bottom of his heart. But other than the time period of when the battle occurred, he did not know anything else about the Battle of Sealed Extinction. He couldn’t help but be upset with himself. If he knew before what he did now, he should have studied Shixiong’s books.

Just as Yi Zheng was panicking, he suddenly heard Zuo Mo asked, “Is Master Da Zheng still alive?”

Yi Zheng stilled and his expression was slightly strange. “The ancestral master passed away the eighth year after the war.”

In Zuo Mo’s sea of consciousness, a sigh suddenly sounded. The viciousness on Pu Yao’s face dissipated to only leave behind a thick aura of loneliness.

He turned around and silently stared at the gravestone. He lightly murmured, “You are dead … … they are also dead … … only I am still alive … …”

Just having bid farewell to Yi Zheng, Zuo Mo entered the sea of consciousness and saw this. He perceptively closed his mouth. Just as he prepared to leave the sea of consciousness, he was called by Pu Yao.

“The Battle of Sealed Extinction that he just mentioned is very plausible.” Pu Yao turned around, his expression normal. There were no hints on his face as though what had just happened was Zuo Mo’s delusion. He said calmly, “The Battle of Sealed Extinction is too ancient. Even I did not think of it. I know very little about this great battle. We need to research information about it.”

“How?” Zuo Mo asked, bewildered. They were in the fiendish mist, and lacked communication with the outside world. How could they research anything?

“You forgot the Ten Finger Prison,” Pu Yao said faintly.

Zuo Mo stilled and then instantly reacted. His eyes lit up. Their biggest problem now was that they lacked a method of communication with the outside world, and they were trapped in this mysterious ancient battlefield. If they could contact the outside, then they could receive help. The help they needed the most was general information!

If they knew the general location of this ancient battlefield, Zuo Mo would be even able to use transportation formations to take everyone and leave this ghastly place. They had entered this place through a transportation formation, then they were definitely able to leave this place through a transportation formation. However, there was a prerequisite. He needed to know the general location of where they were now.

Otherwise, if he was careless and transported everyone into chaotic turbulence, that was seeking death.

Zuo Mo’s eyes brightened.

He felt he had been a headless chicken before, running around in this fiendish mist in search of that chance that only existed in theory. But it was different now. They didn’t just have a clue. If they could find the path, the hope that they could walk out of this ghastly place would increase!

Zuo Mo wanted to rush into the Ten Finger Prison. This was the first time he desired to enter the Ten Finger Prison so much.

Of course, this was just an impulse. He had to let his consciousness recover to its best state before he could re-enter the Wasteland Beast Chessboard again.

However, there was still something he was puzzled by.

If this really was the battlefield of the Battle of Sealed Extinction, then how did Shixiong and Yi Zheng get here?


“This is Tomorrow Yao Channel, right now, we are broadcasting an exclusive interview that we have just finished recording. The interviewee is the prison-breaking yao that just completed the prison-breaking battle! To get this interview, we went through great … …”

Nan Yue and Cang Ze looked at the news that the Tomorrow Yao Channel were broadcasting and both of them had ugly expressions.

“This is somewhat embarrassing … …” Cang Ze gave a long sigh.

Nan Yue kept her jaw clenched and did not make a sound. However, the expression on her face seemed to be that of a devoted martyr.

The little girl appeared on the news. She seemed slightly nervous, “The public has been constantly speculating to your name, can you introduce yourself to everyone?”

Zuo Mo’s behavior was very normal and did not have any of the nervousness of being interviewed for the first time. “Hello everyone, I am Xiao Mo Ge.”

“Xiao Mo Ge? Such a strange name!” The little girl quickly memorized it. She quickly asked the second question, “Why did you call the first prison the Wasteland Beast Chessboard?”

“Don’t you feel that it is like a chessboard?” Zuo Mo asked in response with a puzzled expression.

“What is a wasteland beast?”

“A wasteland beast is a wasteland beast!”

“Mister Xiao Mo Ge, can you speak about the conflict between you and the Genius Alliance?” The little girl asked as she lead the conversation, with malicious intent.

“I don’t know them,” Zuo Mo obediently replied.

“Ah, Mister Xiao Mo Ge has never heard of the Genius Alliance?” The little girl purposefully misinterpreted Zuo Mo’s meaning.

“Heard of them,” Zuo Mo continued to obediently answer, “just now.”

Nan Yue and Cang Ze’s expressions were very terrible. Even though they already knew the content before hand, but seeing it again, their scalps still felt numb

“Is this your plan to retaliate against them?” the little girl cunningly asked.

“Retaliation? Why do I have to retaliate?” Zuo Mo asked curiously.

“The Genius Alliance is currently challenging your Wasteland Beast Chessboard!” The little girl had a matter-of-fact expression.

“Can I charge fees?”

“Fees?” The little girl had an astonished expression.

“According to the number of times, challenge once, pay a fee, very fair.” Zuo Mo felt his idea was great.

The little girl’s face was exasperated. She forcibly suppressed it. “Are you going to accept challenges from the Genius Alliance? What I mean are individual challenges.”

“No.” Zuo Mo shook his head.

“Why not?”

“There is no money to be made?”

“Hm, don’t you feel this is ruining your prestige?”

“Prestige? I have a lot of prestige?” Zuo Mo asked back.

“Hem hem!” The little girl almost choked. “If they are willing to pay?”

“There are idiots like that?” Zuo Mo was very shocked. Then he thought and said with some reluctance, “Ooh, if they are willing to pay, then I can consider it.”

“What is your price?” the little girl continued to ask.

Zuo Mo pulled Cang Ze over. “Talk to him.”

When Cang Ze saw this part, he wanted to find a hole in the ground and burrow into it. Nan Yue looked sympathetically at Cang Ze, while rejoicing inside that Daren knew she had been impoverished from youth, and was not skilled in bargaining and negotiating. Otherwise, this would be really embarrassing!

“Is any yao allowed?” the little girl continued to ask.

“No female yao,” Zuo Mo said resolutely.

“Why?” the little girl asked curiously.

“Today, I encountered One Mole … …”

“One Mole?”

“She had a mole by her mouth.”


“When One Mole saw me, she immediately used an illusory art on me.” Zuo Mo recalled the restless and heated feeling inside his body and was instantly angry. “It was lucky that I reacted fast, and attacked back without a word.”

“We carried out a thorough investigation into this event Xiao Mo Ge mentioned. According to bystanders, the One Mole that Mister Xiao Mo Ge saw is very likely to be Miss Ji Li Yu. Later, we offered a great reward and found a yao recording art from a bystander that recorded this scene. Other than this, we also unexpectedly found Mister Qinghua Zang Shui was also present. He seemed to have been forced out of the Wasteland Beast Chessboard by Mister Xiao Mo Ge as well, but we did not find any signs that Mister Xiao Mo Ge used a yao art. Experts speculate that Mister Qinghua Zang Shui was attacked by a mysterious yao art, which destabilized his mind, and he was forced to leave the Wasteland Beast Chessboard.”

“Both Miss Ji Li Yu and Mister Qinghua Zang Shui belong to the Genius Alliance, and Miss Ji Li Yu is also one of the elders of the Genius Alliance. This incident means that the conflict between the two sides has escalated!”

The host yao quickly spat out this string of words in an excited tone. He was very clear.

An enormous storm was formally beginning.

Translator Ramblings: Zuo Mo gets a hint of where they are. The situation has improved … … slightly.

Just when Zuo Mo’s sense of naming seems to have improved, it seems he’s back to his original level. Xiao Mo Ge, Little Mo Ge which is written as 小莫哥 in the past. This alias is written in Chinese is different as 笑摩戈, laugh-rub-spear.

Also, I appreciate all the thank you comments!