World of Cultivation - Chapter Three Hundred and Seventy Seven – Qinghua Xue

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Chapter Three Hundred and Seventy Seven – Qinghua Xue

Two kinds of high level yao arts!

Ming Jue Zi studied the recording yao art and searched mentally what yao arts these two were. He knew at some details about the majority of high level yao arts. It had to be said this was not three thousand years ago. High level yao arts were no longer common.

However, no matter how long he thought for, he could not identify the origins of these two yao arts. His curiosity increased. His first idea was, was this a new kind of yao art?

In the great war three thousand years ago, even though large numbers of yao arts had been lost, the low and intermediate yao arts were still passed down untouched. After three thousand years of development, each yao art house had focused their efforts to create new yao arts, and those famed houses all focused on creating new high level yao arts. Even those Sky Yao were working towards the same goal.

The development of yao arts had reached a new era of creativity. In these years, new high level yao arts had been continuously invented. This had become one of the measures to judge a yao art house. Without a high level yao art of their own, a yao art house could not push into the ranks of famed houses.

Was these high level yao arts that were created by a yao art house?

This was the most plausible hypothesis. But Ming Jue Zi’s intuition told him it was not like that. Xiao Mo Ge’s origins had always been a mystery but he had a completely different quality to the yao that came from yao art hoses. Ming Jue Zi was confident in his eyes. When he saw Xiao Mo Ge for the first time, this feeling was very strong.

Maybe it was an ancient high level yao art that had been lost?

Ming Jue Zi decided to do deep research.


Qinghua Zang Shui felt he was going crazy!

Xiao Mo Ge’s rudeness infuriated him. Even that idiotic nobody was so impolite to him!

When had the yao of the Blue Flower Family been treated so rudely?

But damn it, the blue flower was useless against that idiotic bastard! Qinghua Zang Shui tightly balled his fists, his eyes sprouting fire. Why? Why were the blue flowers useless against the idiot?

Did the [Blue Flower] have some fatal weakness … …


The reason that the Blue Flower family had such status was due to this blue flower.

This idea that suddenly came was like a poisonous vine that creeped over his mind. Without knowing it, his face became ashen, and his back soaked.


There definitely was not a problem with the [Blue Flower]! It definitely was that he had incorrectly cultivated somehow! Yes! It definitely was like that!

His heart tightened again. Had something gone wrong with his cultivation?

“Brother, what is it?” Qinghua Xue who coincidentally pushed open the door to come in saw Qinghua Zang Shui’s pale face and jumped in fright.

“I’m fine,” Qinghua Zang Shui said with a forced smile. But his voice was dry and rough, and caused the concern on Qinghua Xue’s face to grow.

Qinghua Xue’s body was tall and about the same as Qinghua Zang Shui. The slightly blue skin had a fine glossy sheen and contrasted beautifully against the amber eyes. It was unspeakably moving. Especially her long and curled eyelashes that evoked one’s pity.

“Is Brother still angry at that Xiao Mo Ge?” Qinghua Xue’s voice was warm and seemed to hold a special power. Qinghua Zang Shui quickly calmed down.

Qinghua Zang Shui hesitated for a moment, but when he recalled that poisonous thought, he couldn’t help but say, “Sister, is my [Blue Flower] not being cultivated properly?”

Qinghua Xue was slightly astonished. “Why does Brother have such a strange idea?”

“Today, I met a person in the Wasteland Beast Chessboard. He wasn’t afraid of the blue flower at all. I had sent out twelve blue flowers, each hit his body but nothing happened to him.” Traces of terror showed in Qinghua Zang Shui’s gaze.

“Aah!” Qinghua Xue was very shocked, but when she saw Qinghua Zang Shui’s gaze full of terror and dispiritedness, she quickly composed herself. After thinking for a moment, she slowly opened, “The world is great, and has all kinds of wonders. Even the [Forbidden Night] of the Night Clan doesn’t dare to say that it is undefeatable. Does Brother remember what happened two years ago?”

Qinghua Zang Shui’s expression instantly relaxed.

“Our cultivation of [Blue Flower] lacks the last three levels but there are definitely are no problems.” Qinghua Xue’s voice was confidence.

Qinghua Zang Shui was relieved of his worries. He felt his younger sister was right, and mocked himself inside for having a weak mentality. The two were siblings from the same father but of different mothers. However, they had a great relationship. Qinghua Xue was the younger sister, but she was very intelligent, and Qinghua Zang Shui respected her from a young age, especially in the area of cultivation.

Even though Qinghua Zang Shui was a member of the Genius Alliance, he had no thoughts of pride in front of his younger sister. He knew of his younger sister’s talents in cultivation. From very young, he would ask help from his sister whenever he encountered a problem in cultivation. But his sister did not like conflict, and never used yao arts in front of other people. Even their father did not know of his sister’s talent in cultivating [Blue Flower].

Almost no one knew the name of Qinghua Xue.

Their declining family was a branch family of the Blue Flower Family. In the eyes of others, their branch had started to prosper after Qinghua Zang Shui entered the Genius Alliance. Only Qinghua Zang Shui himself knew that the one with the most potential of their branch was not him.

Even he did not know just how strong his younger sister was. But he was used to trusting Qinghua Xue from a young age. Over time, all the hopes of the family had been placed on his shoulders. He was sensitive and slightly moody, he would frequently become irritated and insecure. But in front of his sister, he would unconsciously feel at peace.

The air around his sister seemed to have the taste of peace.

Since Sister said there wasn’t a problem, then there definitely was not a problem.

“Brother has had to deal with too much pressure recently,” Qinghua Xue urged in a soft voice, “Brother shouldn’t care too much about Xiao Mo Ge. This male is arrogant in conduct, making enemies everywhere. He would not have a good ending. Brother’s [Blue Flower] is at a crucial time. If you can progress another step, your cultivation would truly reach a vast place.”

“Sister is right, I forced myself into a dead end.” Qinghua Zang Shui said. Thinking about how he seemed disturbed in this recent while, he couldn’t help but feel shame.

Qinghua Xue smiled sweetly. “Then I’m going out to play.”

Finishing, she floated away like a blue snowflake. Qinghua Zang Shui looked at his younger sister’s back and felt warm in his heart. Since Sister liked a peaceful life, then as her older brother, he needed to work harder!

Qinghua Xue returned to her room and sat in thought silently for a moment. Coldness suddenly came into the amber eyes.

“Xiao Mo Ge … …”


Nan Yue opened her eyes, and felt her mind was unspeakably content and fulfilled. There was no exhaustion at all. Joy floated into her mind. No wonder [South Sky Arrow Art] was the inherited yao art of her clan, it really was powerful!

Her mind moved slightly, a purple light flashed at her fingertips and a three cun vine arrow appeared. The small and exquisite vine arrow was made from two slender green vines interwoven together. At the tail were three green and crisp leaves. It was very charming. The vine arrow was very soft yet strong. She could fold it however she wished and it would not break. Playing with the vine arrow, her thoughts wandered.

She had not secretly passed the little yao arts and other things Daren had taught her onto her clansmen. Without Daren’s permission, she definitely would not share any of it. She also did not have those intentions. Her idea was to learn some skills. In the future, she could earn more money and help her clan members have a good life.

But when she learned this [South Sky Arrow Art], she had the urge to pass it to her clan members.

The [South Sky Arrow Art] was far too suited to the Wisteria Clan. It was just the first time she cultivated it, and her consciousness had grown by a tenth. This degree of improvement almost scared her. If this improvement was maintained over the long-term, then the power of the yao art was tangible. In the Wasteland Beast Chessboard yesterday, how many enemies had she destroyed? Ten!

Before this, it was an unimaginable feat to her! Also, this was just her first time cultivating it! Thinking about it now, the ancient records of [South Sky Arrow Art] of her clan were not exaggerating when they talked about its power.

Fortunately, Daren allowed her to pass [South Sky Arrow Art] to her clan members. Thinking about this, her heart was filled with gratefulness. She could see a great and open path in front of her and her clan. Sometimes, she couldn’t help but feel this was unreal. The poor and harsh life she previously had faced seemed to be just yesterday.

No matter which reason it originated from, she could be grateful to Daren!

She propped up her chin. Daren was so powerful, so strong, she could not be a burden on Daren! She definitely had to work on her cultivation! If she could help Daren in the future, then it would be even more perfect!

Ooh, how could she help Daren?

Her eyes lit up.


Zuo Mo was furiously cultivating yao arts. At the side, A Gui looked on with a wooden expression. The light of the yao arts reflected on her face, and added another thread of light to her eyes.

Lil’ Fire curiously circled from the side. It would sometimes approach very close to the light on Zuo Mo’s hands. Lil’ pagoda continuously nudged at Lil’ Fire. It was unmoved, and only looked curiously at the yao arts on Zuo Mo’s hands. Lil’ Pagoda could only dejectedly fly back into A Gui’s arms and snuggle around.

Yao arts!

Last time in the Wasteland Beast Chessboard, he had almost been tripped up by that group of yao, Zuo Mo was greatly stimulated.

Damn it! If the tiger didn’t roar, they mistook it ge for a sick cat!

Wasn’t it just yao arts!

Zuo Mo resolved inside that he won’t let go of those people when he went next time. Last time, if it wasn’t for the wasteland beast that had helped him, he may have been thrown out immediately. There was nothing major about being thrown out, but it was a great loss of face!

“Xiao Mo Ge” was a personage right now, how could face be lost?

If he could not suppress this terrible conduct, how could it show Xiao Mo Ge’s power?

Yet he did not know just as he buried his hard and work on yao arts, a major event happened.

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