World of Cultivation - Chapter Three Hundred and Seventy One – Bounty

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Chapter Three Hundred and Seventy One – Bounty

Nan Yue was not here, Cang Ze was also not here, Zuo Mo was slightly disappointed. He had originally wanted to ask them if there were any methods to research information about the Battle of Sealed Extinction. Since the two were actual yao, they would be more familiar with yao society. Pu Yao was a true blooded yao, but after three thousand years, he also didn’t know anything about what the present yao world was like.

“He dared … … dared to humiliate Miss Ji Li Yu! He cannot be forgiven! This person is too hateful!”

“Yes! Who cares about the Genius Alliance, but he dares call her One Mole. Darn it, if I find him, I’ll definitely have a good chat with him.”

“We aren’t a match for him … …”

“We cannot just sit back because we are not a match! We need to make him understand offending Miss Ji Li Yu means offending us! If he offends us, we won’t let him have good days!”

“Brother Wang, do you have some good ideas? Tell us!”

“Ha, those garbage scum from the Genius Alliance, they cannot even protect Miss Ji Li Yu’s reputation. We cannot rely on them. We need to rely on our own power and fight on behalf of Miss Ji Li Yu! Of course we are not a match for Xiao Mo Ge, but there naturally are those who are a match. We’ll put out a bounty!”


“Yes! There are many people like us who are protectors of Miss Ji Li Yu. Even though our individual powers are weak, but if we gather together, we can definitely let Xiao Mo Ge have a taste of our power. I’ve taken out all my allowance money for the last half year to place a bounty out for a powerful expert to deal with him.

“Brother Wang, this bit of money isn’t enough.”

“Of course it is not enough. Ha, I don’t know who had the idea, but they opened a bounty in the yao market to deal with Xiao Mo Ge and allows adding to the bounty. The money inside has already reached two million!”

“Two million! Heavens! Xiao Mo Ge is in for a tragically bad time!”

“Ha, this is just here. Supposedly, there is a bounty in every city. Xiao Mo Ge will quickly know the power of Miss Ji!”

“Haha! This idea is too clever! I’ll go immediately! For Miss Ji, I’ll take out my allowance for this whole year!”

Zuo Mo’s face was flabbergasted where he stood.

No way, had he poked the hornet’s nest? One Mole shouldn’t be this powerful … …

Wailing inside, Zuo Mo even wanted to cry. If this was in the past, he would dust off his butt, ge won’t play with you anymore, and leave. What of Ji Li Yu? What of Qinghua Zang Shui? They would only get to stare.

He had just prepared to think of the Ten Finger Prison as a new battlefield and suddenly found that the battlefield was now filled with his enemies.

Heavens, don’t play people like this!

“Pu Yao, are there any methods of changing my appearance?” Zuo Mo hurriedly asked.

“Starting from the fifth prison one can change their appearance, but it is not possible in the first four prisons.” Pu Yao’s answer mercilessly killed Zuo Mo’s last hope.

Zuo Mo’s eyes flickered around like he was a thief. Good good, maybe they only know the name of Xiao Mo Ge and not his appearance. Just at this moment, a light suddenly flashed nearby and a little yao appeared.

The little yao saw Zuo Mo and was dazed.

Zuo Mo saw the other’s expression and thought, uh-oh.

“Xiao Mo Ge!”

The little yao shouted furiously and pointed at Zuo Mo with a finger.

Woosh, all the noise disappeared. The surroundings were silent. Zuo Mo could feel many eyes landing on his body. Even though he had seen grand scenes before, Zuo Mo’s scalp turned numb and he felt uncomfortable.

Now that he was in this situation, Zuo Mo could only force himself to continue. He pretended to be calm and glanced at the other before moving his gaze aside. He walked forward and had every intention of ignoring the other.

The little yao reacted, and his face turned pale. He felt regretful. Why had he been so reckless and shouted?

Free combat was allowed inside the Ten Finger Prison. Even though it would not be deadly as in reality, but consciousness injuries could not be voided. In the past, there were those that had been too heavily wounded in the Ten Finger Prison that it had caused their consciousness to weaken two stages. After that, incidents of fighting in the Ten Finger Prison quickly decreased. Later, everyone found that it wasn’t just fighting that could create injuries. Even being in the prison battlefield could cause people to be wounded spiritually.

If the consciousness was wounded, they could not avoid experiencing the pain involved.

Under so many eyes, Zuo Mo turned into light and left the Wasteland Beast Chessboard.

“Hahahaha!” Pu Yao’s explosion of laughter spread out far into the sea of consciousness. He pointed at Zuo Mo without any composure, one hand on his stomach, as he laughed without restraint.

Zuo Mo’s face was as black as a pot, his tone unfriendly. “Laughing? What is laughable!”

“Hahahaha!” Pu Yao did not have any intentions of restraining himself and laughed even more outrageously. “I’m going to die from laughter! Street rat, haha, you are a literal street rat right now!”

Already very discontent, Zuo Mo’s discontent increased because of Pu Yao’s laughter.

His stubbornness rose. Wasn’t it just the Ten Finger Prison? He wasn’t afraid of anyone!

He wanted to see what kinds of people had come!

Zuo Mo’s mood was vicious and murderous as he entered the Wasteland Beast Chessboard again!

The scenery in front of him changed as he re-entered the Wasteland Beast chessboard. When he saw the surroundings clearly, his heart was reassured. Good. The position when he entered the Wasteland Beast Chessboard each time was different. This was very advantageous for him. At the least, if he couldn’t win, he could run!

With a trick up his sleeve, Zuo Mo wasn’t panicked anymore.

He started to think about the influence this incident would have on him. He had had a very casual attitude about what had happened before, and did not treat the incident seriously. Now that the situation was different, his demands were also different.

The incident of One Mole seemed to be pretty big. After experiencing so much, Zuo Mo was clear that making a big fuss had its own advantages, like becoming famous faster. When he had successfully completed the prison-breaking battle, people had come to recruit him.

What he needed was information on the Battle of Sealed Extinction. Truthfully, Zuo Mo had no hopes that this would be easy. This was something that even Pu Yao was not clear about. It was a question even if the yao world still had information on the topic. Even if there was information on it, it definitely would not be so easy to access.

Nan Yue was a normal little yao. The Wisteria Clan of the South Sky had been in decline for too long. Cang Ze’s situation was better than Nan Yue but that was just by a little bit. Zuo Mo had a feeling that investigating the Battle of Sealed Extinction was probably not an easy task. If he needed to use large amounts of resources, it would not be possible to realize it with the two of them.

The spiritual imprint on his arm shifted. Nan Yue and Cang Ze had come.

Zuo Mo put a thought and passed it through the spiritual imprint on his arm. Moments later, the two arrived.

“Daren!” The two hurriedly bowed.

“Hmph, is there a quiet place?” Zuo Mo really felt that there were too many people around.

Cang Ze was the first to react and hurriedly said, “Daren only needs to put down an illusory formation.”

Zuo Mo wanted to facepalm. He was so dumb, unable to even think of such a simple solution. It really was an easy matter for him to put down an illusory formation. His right hand rose slightly. A light energy left his hand and landed on the ground. A thin circular curtain of light rose around them and surrounded them.

Cang Ze knew when things were good. Daren’s formation building methods were very powerful. His admiration rose. Daren was not old but he seemed to be able to do anything, and was skilled in all of them.

Nan Yue’s thoughts were much simpler. She looked curiously at the curtain of light. “Daren, what illusory formation is this?”

“Little Coverup, a variant of a water yao art. Water can create illusions, refract light, and is very suitable for setting up illusory formations.” Zuo Mo explained as they moved inside the curtain.

Cang Ze looked with admiration at Nan Yue. Nan Yue and Daren’s relationship was clearly unordinary. It seemed that Nan Yue was Daren’s follower. If she was his student, she would not call him daren, and would call him teacher. Daren still treated Nan Yue as though she was a student, and did not seem like he was interacting with a follower.

It was rare to see a daren that were like this!

Nan Yue was very fortunate!

After Zuo Mo finished his pointer, he asked, “What is Ji Li Yu’s background?”

Nan Yue and Cang Ze’s expressions were slightly strange. Daren, you finally thought of asking about this now?

Cang Ze knew that Nan Yue definitely did not know as many details as he did and said proactively, “Daren, Ji Li Yu is the woman you threw out last time.”

“En, I know.” Zuo Mo said expressionlessly.

“She is the eldest granddaughter of the Ji Family Leader, and is loved by all the elders in the sect. She was very outstanding from youth, and it really was that everyone who saw her was in love with her. The second year after entering the yao art house, she and her younger brother, Ji Cheng, were invited into the Genius Alliance at the same time. Her rise inside the Genius Alliance is much faster than Ji Cheng. She quickly entered the council of elders and is the youngest elder on the council of the Genius Alliance.”

“Genius Alliance again?” Zuo Mo’s brow furrowed slightly. “Continue.”

“Ji Li Yu might not be the next successor to the Ji Family, but she is the most famous yao of the Ji Family. Even the Ji Clan Elder is not as well-known as she is. Ji Li Yu might come from the Ji Family but she is not interested in cultivating yao arts, and studies dancing, singing, and the instruments. She is especially skilled in singing. The sound is enchanting and well-liked by the public.”

“She has many defenders.” Cang Ze paused, and then emphasized, “Many.”

After listening to Cang Ze’s introduction, Zuo Mo instantly felt it was problematic to have offended such a powerful person.

However, Zuo Mo just felt it was troublesome. His attention was still primarily on the Battle of Sealed Extinction.

“Have you heard of the Battle of Sealed Extinction?” Zuo Mo suddenly asked.

“Battle of Sealed Extinction, what is that?” Nan Yu asked curiously.

Cang Ze shook his head. “No.”

Just as Zuo Mo had thought. He mused and then said, “I need to research some information about an ancient battle, do you have any suggestions?”

“Will the records room of our yao art house have it?” Nan Yue said.

Cang Ze said, “If the information Daren is searching for is very rare and obscure, there are some places to try.”

Zuo Mo’s eyes lit up. “Speak.”

“The first is the yao art house that Nan Yue just mentioned. Each yao art house has records rooms, and the scale of the records rooms of those large yao art houses are extremely astonishing, and have complete information in all areas. The second is some special little circles. Each profession will have their own little circles. They would have information exchanges at regular intervals. The third is the simplest, a bounty.”

“Bounty?” Zuo Mo’s eyes gradually became bright.

Translator Ramblings: This chapter might feel shorter but it is normal length. Zuo Mo has now had a shift in attitude. Before, he was playing around, and now he has to actually be serious. He essentially angered a pop-star who is also strong and respected by the “junior government” of the yao world which the Genius Alliance seems to be.