World of Cultivation - Chapter Three Hundred and Seventy Nine – Tide of Battle

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Chapter Three Hundred and Seventy Nine – Tide of Battle

Nan Yue really found a yao to come collect the money, her good friend Hong. Only things like souls could enter the Ten Finger Prison, money could not be taken in. But the method of transactions inside Ten Finger Prison had developed over the years, and everyone had naturally found a method.

There were merchants that specialized in this kind of business.

One only needed to go to these merchants to buy a type of soul that had a special soul imprint with money. In the Ten Finger Prison, these souls with special yao art imprints were akin to money. Only wealthy merchants could be involved in this kind of business. The souls that were used as money were seed souls born from special yao trees. The seed souls each merchant family used were different, and the spiritual imprint on the seed souls could effectively stop fraud.

Some old businesses had a good reputation in this field.

What Hong was hired to collect was this kind of seed soul.

The little girl was a daring one. In the beginning, she had been scared to due Zuo Mo’s reputation but she quickly became excited. When she saw the endless stream of people registering, she became even more excited.

Cang Ze looked at the packed mass of registrants. His vision blackened and he almost fainted. When he saw the major yao channels with their logos, his scalp prickled and his consciousness almost shattered. No, he hopelessly shouted in silence from the bottom of his heart!

Looking over it all, all the yao channels that he had heard of were present and there were even many he had not heard of.

“There is a bit too many!” the black smoke yao said weakly. He swallowed. The amount of registrants far surpassed his expectations. A hint of regret formed. They had played it too big this time … …

The orange-haired yao wasn’t nervous at all. He was very motivated, laughing with his hands on his hips. “Ha ha ha ha, this is fated to be the day that I become famous! I will quickly surpass you, Brother, feel the great pressure! Do not be nervous, I’m very loyal, but I won’t let you off!”

Zuo Mo did not hear the orange-haired yao’s words at all. There was only a jingshi ocean in his eyes, vast and rippling with an attractive light.

Ooh ooh ooh, it was enchanting!

By Zuo Mo’s side, Nan Yue was slightly excited. She balled her fists, and made a resolution. She had to make money for Daren!


“Who could have thought of it? Who could have thought of it? Just after Feng Xin Zi reconstructed the third prison, just as everyone is maintaining their silence due to their previous scorn of the Genius Alliance, Xiao Mo Ge made a move no one expected. This matter has been deflected dramatically into a new direction.”

“No matter how powerful the Genius Alliance is, Miss Ji Li Yu, and Mister Qinghua Zang Shui have all tripped when facing Xiao Mo Ge, and this blemish cannot be erased. At this time, people finally remember that the Genius Alliance has their eyes at the top of their heads did not get their face back from Xiao Mo Ge! Of course, maybe Miss Ji Li Yu and Mister Qinghua Zang Shui cannot represent the Genius Alliance.”

“If the two sides are facing off, then Xiao Mo Ge’s move this time is shockingly sharp!”


Wearing a deep blue mask was covered with silver flower patterns and filled with a strange presence. At this moment, the eyes behind the mask were filled with coldness. Murderous intent flashed across the eyes, sharp as a blade’s edge, but that pair of amber eyes quickly became calm like a deep lake.

“Xiao Mo Ge … …”

A slow and light sigh sounded behind the mask like tendrils of smoke and did not dissipate for a long time.

Her steps were slow, her upper body not moving at all as though she was sliding on ice. Her appearance was unspeakably elegant and ethereal.

She glanced at the registration area that was tightly packed before turning to look at the completely transformed prison battlefield.

“Hm!” A light sound came from behind the mask. There was a thread of surprise in her eyes. Formations! Xiao Mo Ge was actually skilled in formations. She noted it down inside. After studying outside the prison battlefield for a few moment, she turned and walked towards the registration spot.

Wherever she passed, the crowd seemed to be moved aside by an invisible hand and created a passageway.

Some yao with fiery tempers turned and prepared to swear. When they saw the dark blue mask, their expressions changed, and the words that had reached their mouths were swallowed back down. Anything that could be brought into the Ten Finger Prison were treasures! On this yao’s face was a soul mask. It was an extremely rare treasure. Those that possessed such a great treasure, if they were not rich, they were powerful!

And when they saw the streaming figure of the masked female yao, their hearts jumped! They recognized power!

Just like this, the masked female yao did not encounter any resistance and walked directly in front of Hong.

“You want to register?” Hong also noticed this unusual female yao and raised her head to ask.

“Yes.” It was possible to hear from the voice coming from behind the mask, that this was a female yao. She threw out a seed soul.

Hong took it and was slightly surprised. “Two hundred thousand! You want to make a direct challenge?”

“Is it not possible?” the masked female yao asked.

Pausing, Hong nodded hurriedly. “Possible, possible.” Then she shouted towards the inside of the formation, “Daren, there is a person who is challenging you directly.”

After shouting, she said to the female yao, “You can go in. Don’t worry, the formation will not attack you.”

The masked female yao walked steadily inside the prison battlefield. She did not seem to fear those strangely changing formations at all.


“Formations! Xiao Mo Ge actually knows formations?” Su Wei turned his face with astonishment. “This guy does have some skills. I remember you’ve always had an interest in formations. You didn’t come to such a low-level place like the first prison just for this? And pulling me along as well. Bro, I’m very busy.”

Ming Jue Zi shook his head. “I have only found out today that he knows formations. This guy is very strange.” He said with deep meaning, “He can control this prison.”

“What?” Su Wei’s eyes widened suddenly. “That’s impossible!”

He knew what controlling a prison meant.

“Look at the prison battlefield.” Ming Jue Zi pointed at the completely transformed prison battlefield. “This place has completely changed.”

“That doesn’t mean anything.” Su Wei did not believe it. His head shook like a rattle drum. “He reconstructed this prison and naturally has the home advantage. This degree of transformation does not prove anything.”

Ming Jue Zi did not argue. “You’ll understand later.”

He thought back to the recording yao arts that he had been studying in recent days. He had bought them for a high price from a little yao called Jin Zhen. Jin Zhen had been involved in attacking Xiao Mo Ge that day, and the recording yao art recorded everything he had encountered that day.

The deep and cryptic yao art problems on each pillar of the dazzling cage of light astonished him.

He knew that Su Wei and the others didn’t even have any attentions to look at a little yao that was muddling through the first prison. Previously, Su Wei had mocked him for wasting time on such a little personage, but as he studied more, the shock and puzzlement in Ming Jue Zi’s heart accumulated.

There were too many places that he could not understand and think through.

He had read through a large amount of information to find something similar to the high-level yao arts that the two followers of Xiao Mo Ge had used that day. This discovery instantly attracted his attention, because these high level yao arts that were possibly a match were both lost a long time ago.

He also researched the background of Xiao Mo Ge’s two followers. What was worth celebrating was that while Xiao Mo Ge’s origins were unknown, it was not hard to find the origins of the two followers.

The male yao was from the Grey Clan, a clan that had declined. The female yao came from the South Sky Wisteria Clan, a yao clan that was almost extinct. The intelligent Ming Jue Zi quickly found something worthy of deep thought.

Both the Grey Clan and the South Sky Arrow Clan were yao clans that could be traced back to three thousand years ago. The reason that the high level yao arts of the two clans were lost were strangely the same, they were lost in the great war three thousand years ago.

The formations in front of him … … looked like a xiuzhe’s seal formations.

These unusual traces caused Xiao Mo Ge to become even more mysterious.

But he did not tell any of this to Su Wei. There was too much speculations. He also believed that Xiao Mo Ge would shock Su Wei greatly.

Su Wei was also wondering inside. Even though Ming Jue Zi did not focus on what he should be doing some of the time, but his intuition far surpassed normal yao. Did this Xiao Mo Ge really have something strange about him?

Just at this time, he saw a familiar figure walking towards the prison battlefield from the corner of his eyes. His expression instantly became strange.

“Yu Zi Zhou has come as well! Is this person going to go up?”

Ming Jue Zi saw that figure and stilled.


“Big Sis, you really aren’t going to send someone?” Ji Cheng suppressed the impulse to laugh and asked Ji Li Yu seriously.

Ji Li Yu lightly snorted. “Such a small person, is he worthy of my attention?”

“He besmirched our Ji Family’s reputation. How can we let him off?” Ji Cheng pretended to be indignant as he said.

“Let him off?” Ji Li Yu giggled. “He will quickly get a taste of trouble.”

Ji Cheng hurriedly asked. “Does Sis have some insider information?”

“You want to know?” Ji Li Yu raised her eyelids.

“Want to know, want to know!” Ji Cheng nodded rapidly. He was very curious. He had originally thought that Old Sis’ was going to send an expert to teach this guy a lesson. The Ji Family did not lack for experts. Who would have expected that Old Sis’ had ordered the clansmen not to go make trouble for Xiao Mo Ge.

If he hadn’t seen Old Sis’ look as though she wanted to eat Xiao Mo Ge raw, he would have thought that Old Sis’ was interested in Xiao Mo Ge.

“I’m thirsty. Get me some Heart Moistening Fruits,” Ji Li Yu casually said.

“I knew it. It’s like this every time,” Ji Cheng muttered. He obediently went to get the Heart Moistening Fruits and put them in front of Old Sis.

Ji Li Yu opened a Heart Moistening Fruit. The glistening and tender flesh of the fruit and her long and white fingers formed a beautiful picture.

“Yu Ji Zhou has pursued me for so many years. How can he let go of such a chance as this?” Taking a small bite of the Heart Moistening Fruit, Ji Li Yu’s expression was like a child eating candy in secret. “Even though I do not like him, he is a good subordinate.”

Translator Ramblings: A lot of people really want Zuo Mo to get defeated. This upcoming bunch of chapters is going to be interesting. Ming Jue Zi probably isn’t the only one that has the knowledge but he is so interested in “Xiao Mo Ge” while the other people occupy themselves with “higher” pursuits.