World of Cultivation - Chapter Three Hundred and Seventy – Jade Pendant

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Chapter Three Hundred and Seventy – Jade Pendant

Zuo Mo told Wei Sheng about Yi Zheng’s hypothesis.

Wei Sheng made a sound. “Does Shidi still remember the sword cave?”

“Of course I remember.” Zuo Mo nodded. He did not dare to mention that he had explored that place many times.

“I was transported from there.” Wei Sheng said, “There is a person called Lin Qian that has been investigating you all this time. This time, they found that the yao military had taken over our Wu Kong Mountain, and thought that the matter was connected to you. They persuaded the Sect Leader to allow them into the sword cave. I accompanied them in. Later, in the deepest level of the sword cave, I found a place that was unique.”

Wei’s words made Zuo Mo jump in fright. He urgently asked, “Wait, you say he’s called Lin Qian?”

“Yes, Shidi knows him?” Wei Sheng described Lin Qian’s appearance and then gravely said, “Shidi needs to be very careful of this person. This man’s background is very high and strong. The xiuzhe under his command are all elite. He led just a hundred people, but I wasn’t even a match for a normal guard.”

Wei Sheng only needed to slightly describe him and Zuo Mo knew that the Lin Qian Shixiong spoke about was the same Lin Qian that he had met. Thinking about it now, it may not have been a coincidence that he had encountered Lin Qian at that time. He thought it was very unlucky. He had been very careful but people still locked onto him. Of course, it was just a shock. Right now, they were in the ancient battlefield. Even if Lin Qian had enormously powerful backing, this place had no connection to him.

However, he had to be careful when they left. He knew how powerful Eldest Shixiong was. Even though Eldest Shixiong had not been jindan then, but his combat abilities could not be underestimated. If even a normal guard was stronger than Eldest Shixiong, then what level would that troop be!

Seeing Zuo Mo was listening carefully, Wei Sheng narrated everything that he knew.

Zuo Mo generally understood the problem of Lin Qian, but there were some words that could not be said and could only be left to rot inside. His attention quickly moved away from Lin Qian. If they could not find a path of exit, even if Lin Qian did not attack, they would not survive. The urgent matter now was to leave this place as soon as possible.

After Zuo Mo mentioned it, Wei Sheng suddenly remembered the jade pendant remnant. “Right, ancestral master mentioned that the transportation formation had been comprehended from this talisman. Is there a clue here?”

Zuo Mo took the jade pendant. The jade pendant was very old and had a broken corner. At a glance, it was possible to see this was a relic that had lasted through ages. Zuo Mo was very curious about an object of the ancestral master.

“Hm.” He suddenly made a light sound, “There’s something strange.”

“Hm.” Pu Yao in the sea of consciousness made a light sound at the same time. “There is something strange!”

The person and yao spoke together.

“What is strange?” Wei Sheng hurriedly asked.

Zuo Mo did not speak. He closed his eyes, and his consciousness wrapped around this jade pendant like it was the tide.

Wei Sheng’s expression shifted. Shidi’s consciousness was so strong! Was Shidi planning to walk the path of the dhyana xiu? He then recalled Shidi’s preference for formations, and then felt he could be a seal xiu. Dhyana xiu and seal xiu both emphasized the training of the consciousness, but they did so in completely opposite directions. The dhyana xiu’s consciousness was to be clear and steady, vast and peaceful, while the consciousness of a seal xiu was the path of transformation and cooperation.

“En?” Wei Sheng was shocked. Shidi’s consciousness was far stronger than those dhyana and formation xiu that he had seen before. It reached an almost fantastical level. He imperceptibly furrowed his brows. He knew the consciousness was good. Even as a sword xiu, if he could cultivate the consciousness at the same time, it would be of great aid.

Shidi’s consciousness was stronger but it made a person feel it was too unrooted. No matter if it was dhyana xiu or formation xiu, they all emphasized the consciousness but in the end, their foundation was based on ling power. Without ling power, no matter how strong the consciousness was, it was like a person with a weak body, and they were unable to wave the sharp heavy axe.

Had a problem occurred to Shidi’s cultivation? Wei Sheng was puzzled but he did not speak. Shidi always had his own definite opinions. Even early on at Wu Kong Mountain, everyone’s cultivation path had been different.

Thinking about the time at Wu Kong Mountain, he couldn’t help but shake his head and smile. He really was worrying for nothing. With Shidi’s practical personality, even on pain of death, he wouldn’t cultivate a useless technique. Also, Shidi was usually very strange, and liked to work on those weird and wondrous things.

“Has Shidi found something?” Wei Sheng asked.

Zuo Mo’s expression was strange. “It seems that the ancestral master of ours isn’t some normal person! This jade pendant’s origins is most likely extraordinary. The presence on it is very strange and I have never seen it before.”

Wei Sheng smiled slightly and was not too shocked. In his view, he and Shidi were both too young and their knowledge was limited. It was normal for them to not have seen or heard of something. If they had seen it before, then it would be abnormal. What he did not know was that there was an old yao thousands of years old in Zuo Mo’s sea of consciousness.

Zuo Mo almost never saw a shocked expression on Pu Yao’s face. This was the first time. Usually, Pu Yao loved to act as though he was the greatest yao in the word. It was rare for his expression to shift and show surprise.

“What did you find?” Zuo Mo was curious as his eyes widened.

“Powerful!” Opening his eye, Pu Yao released a long sigh, and the shock on his face did not retreat. “The presence on the jade pendant was left behind twenty thousand years ago.”

“Twenty thousand years ago … …” Zuo Mo felt his tongue was knotted as he stammered the question.

Twenty thousand years!

After twenty thousand years, even the most powerful xiuzhe and yaomo would have turned to dust, and dissipated without a trace. On the battlefield they were in, the piles of corpses had weathered and would turn to dust at a touch.

There was someone that could make a presence remain for twenty thousand years, what kind of power would that take?

The person and yao were immersed in enormous shock and unable to pull themselves out.

A long while later, Zuo Mo heard Pu Yao sigh. “Compared to them, we are insignificant.” With Pu Yao’s egotistic personality, for him to say such a thing, it was clear just how enormous the blow that the jade pendant had caused.

Zuo Mo didn’t know what to say. Twenty thousand years, it really … … really was … …

He could not find the words to describe his mood right now.

After a while, he woodenly left the sea of consciousness and said to Wei Sheng, “Eldest Shixiong, I’m going to study this jade pendant for a while.”

“En, just take it.” Wei Sheng nodded. In the field of studying strange and weird objects, he could not compare to Shidi.


Wei Sheng did not idle around. There was an endless amount of people asking him for guidance, all of them were members of the Vermillion Bird Camp. Vermillion Bird Camp’s daily cultivation was primarily in two areas. One was individual cultivation, the other was battle tactics. In the area of battle tactics, there was guidance from Gongsun Cha and they progressed smoothly, but their individual cultivation was a problematic.

Most of them were had come from grassroots and had never received a complete and proper education. What Zuo Mo was able to provide them were numerous kinds of sword scriptures and sword formations. But just the sword scriptures were not enough. No one could guide them through the problems they encountered in their daily cultivation. They could only rely on their own explorations. The sword formation was only useful for those sword xiu who had a firm foundation such as Ma Fan.

Wei Sheng’s arrival caused the people of Vermillion Bird Camp that had been wandering in the dark to see light.

The worldly apparition that day had been deeply branded into their minds. Just this was enough to make them feel admiration and respect, but many people still had doubts. People that were skilled in cultivation were not necessarily good at teaching. Even more, what reason did Wei Sheng have for teaching them? So everyone thought of testing the waters and had Xie Shan go first to investigate.

Xie Shan clearly understood everyone’s worries. He did manage to enter jindan but this was the result of a long period accumulation. In other words, he had used the stupidest method possible to break through to jindan. There was pitifully little he could teach the others. He was also curious just how powerful a genius that could cause a worldly apparition was. He agreed and ran over to ask aid from Wei Sheng.

When a professional reached out, it was possible to see if they had the ability or not.

Wei Sheng did not withhold any advice. Just a few words, and Xie Shan had such admiration he could kowtow. After going back, Xie Shan greatly advertised how powerful Wei Sheng was. As expected of Daren’s Eldest Shixiong, the two were generous, did not hide anything, were just the same etc etc.

This time, all the sword xiu of Vermillion Bird Camp could not sit still. But to avoid irritating Wei Sheng, the camp used the method of drawing straws to establish an order to ask guidance.

This move instantly was effective.

To pursue the sword path, Wei Sheng had gone through thousands of hardships, and almost lost his life multiple times. After becoming an inner sect disciple, the one that taught him the sword was Xin Yan, the one in Wu Kong Sword Sect most skilled in sword essence; in addition to the fact that Wei Sheng was frighteningly hard working. Due to this, his foundation was extremely secure. After receiving the complete [Void Sword Scripture], his breadth of knowledge was much stronger than normal sword xiu.

His early experiences taught him the pain of not having someone to ask for guidance. These sword xiu were also Shidi’s subordinates. This could be considered helping Shidi out. So when the sword xiu of Vermillion Bird Camp came over to ask for his guidance, he easily agreed.

Wei Sheng quickly found that the problems many people encountered were very similar. When he mentioned this to Zuo Mo, and Zuo Mo’s eyes turned and thought of a great solution.

Open a lecture hall.

Before, at Wu Kong Mountain, there would be inner sect disciples that would come at regular intervals to teach outer sect disciples.

Wei Sheng felt that this method was pretty good and followed it.

The Sword Teaching Hall opened in this fiendish mist.

After having this idea, Zuo Mo instantly went into the Ten Finger Prison.

Entering the Wasteland Beast Chessboard again, Zuo Mo’s mentality had completely changed. Before, he had treated it as if he was playing a game, but now that the Ten Finger Prison was connected to whether or not they could escape, he could not be as reckless as before.

He desperately desired any information about the Battle of Sealed Extinction. This desire surpassed his thirst for Golden Souls!

He didn’t know how to use the Ten Finger Prison to get information about the Battle of Sealed Extinction, but still he stepped into the Wasteland Beast Chessboard.

When the light faded, when the chessboard was laid out, he inhaled deeply.

A new battlefield, a new battle.


Translator Ramblings: Zuo Mo finally learns about Lin Qian. Accidentally being transported into this place really was fortunate for him.