World of Cultivation - Chapter Three Hundred and Ninety One – Great Mo Physique

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Chapter Three Hundred and Ninety One – Great Mo Physique

The flame seed inside Zuo Mo’s body tinged with gold flickered. These golden flames had extremely unique shapes. They seemed to be like overlapping waves, layered together. There were more than five layers. The color of each layer was different. The innermost layer was almost transparent, and the outermost layer was pure dazzling golden yellow. They burned silently.

Zuo Mo suddenly recalled his Golden Crow Fire seed. He hurried to look and his expression changed slightly. The Golden Crow Fire had disappeared without a trace. Golden Crow Fire was a fourth-grade flame and it could completely fulfill any of his present demands. It could melt gold and iron easily, and was one of Zuo Mo’s greatest assistants. Its sudden disappearance instantly made Zuo Mo slightly panicked.

A thought suddenly jumped into his mind.

Had some new change happened to the Golden Crow Fire?

His thoughts shifted, and the layered flame changed as expected. Pew, large amounts of layered flame suddenly erupted out of Zuo Mo’s palm and formed a hand of fire. Zuo Mo curiously put his hand in front of him. The boundaries between the layers of the golden layered flame were extremely clear. It exuded an astonishing heat but his palm was as cold as ice.

Zuo Mo found it interesting and his counsciousness burrowed into the golden layered flame.


The golden layered flame suddenly erupted. A pressuring heat, with Zuo Mo at the center, exploded outwards. The defensive formations of the tent suddenly lit up with a red glow and stopped this wave of heat. Pia pia pia. The red light retreated. There was a crackling like glass breaking and Zuo Mo’s heart leapt when he heard this.

The last layer of formations forcibly stopped this terrifying wave of heat. Zuo Mo instantly released a breath. However, when he saw the mess inside the tent, his heart shivered. There was a layer of black glass on the ground. This was because the heat had melted the granite. Zuo Mo instantly judged that the golden layered flame was better than the Golden Crow Fire!

At least fifth-grade!

Zuo Mo thought to himself somewhat cheerfully. If it wasn’t that he knew the Golden Crow Macro Formation and could harvest Golden Crow Fire at will, obtaining the fourth-grade Golden Crow Fire would not be easy, much less obtaining this golden layered flame of a high grade. The golden layered flame had a higher grade, and was even more powerful. The requirement to control it was even higher. Zuo Mo thought to himself that he had to spend time studying this golden layered flame. Otherwise, it was shameful if he had a treasure and could not use it.

The changes to Zuo Mo’s body were not just limited to the golden layered flame. If he did not see it with his own eyes, Zuo Mo would not believe that this body was his!

Bones like crystal, the blood vessels that all glowed, and the patterns on them could be clearly seen. The blood inside the vessels was bright and fresh, filled with vitality and shining with a faint golden light. They circulated extremely slowly. If Zuo Mo’s consciousness was not extremely sensitive, he would have thought that the blood was unmoving. Zuo Mo quickly found the cause. The blood that was tinged with golden light was now much more viscous . Even the blood vessels were multiple times thicker and gave off the feeling of power.

Other than the channels and blood vessels, the muscles and tendons inside Zuo Mo’s body had completely transformed. The strong muscles had a faint gold sheen like it had been brushed with a layer of golden oil. The tendons inside his body were thinner and more slender than before but Zuo Mo could feel the astonishing power contained inside.

Zuo Mo had a strange feeling that he had become a weirdo.

A weirdo that had endless strength and an inhumanly strong body.

Slightly insecure, Zuo Mo instantly ran into the sea of consciousness. When he saw Pu Yao, he burst out, “Pu, what is with my body?”

Pu Yao’s eyes were closed in relaxation. He said lazily, “Don’t startle over nothing. Your Great Day mo physique advanced, that’s all.”

“Great Day mo physique advanced?” Zuo Mo realized and the stone inside his heart landed. He was instantly interested. “Haha! So it advanced! What are the benefits from advancing? Pu, tell me more!”

The corner of Pu Yao’s uncovered eye imperceptibly twitched and then he drawled. “An insignificant Great Day mo physique advancement, what else is there to say?”

Zuo Mo instantly was discontent. He smirked. “An insignificant Great Day mo physique advancement? If you have the skill, do this insignificant thing as well! Don’t hold the bread and say you don’t have food. Ge is relying on this to kill yao and mo. If we can’t walk out of this ghastly place, can you?”

Pu Yao was speechless.

Wei felt very good inside. Even though helping Zuo Mo in secret had been an action taken out of helplessness, but now he found that this guy was truly a weirdo! He had lost a few times to Pu Yao. He had a deep experience of Pu Yao’s cunning and maliciousness. Seeing Pu Yao defeated by Zuo Mo, he felt great no matter how he looked at it. If he wasn’t wary of Pu Yao, he wanted to clap his hands in pleasure.

However, he maintained his position and pretended to not overhear Zuo Mo and Pu Yao’s argument. Pu Yao was one to get even. Zuo Mo was unafraid, but he could not say the same. Unable to go back into the gravestone, his power was weaker than Pu Yao. Even more, Pu Yao was more cunning than him, more vicious than him, and dominated him in all aspects.

“Look at the time, you are still hiding things?” Zuo Mo was furious.

Pu Yao suddenly opened his eyes. “You can ask him about the Great Day mo physique.”

“Wei?” Zuo Mo was slightly puzzled. He turned to ask Wei, “You understand the Great Day mo physique?” He suddenly nodded in realization. “Right, right! You jumped out of the gravestone, you definitely understand the Great Day mo physique!”

Wei was shocked inside. He looked at Pu Yao who had closed his eyes again and was puzzled. After the gravestone had been sealed by Pu Yao, he had been forced into an agreement with Pu Yao and could not to pass mo skills onto Zuo Mo. This time, Pu Yao had actually suggested of his own initiative for Zuo Mo to ask him for help with the Great Day mo physique. Wasn’t this strange?

Out of caution, he shook his head. “I cannot teach you mo skills.”

“Why?” Zuo Mo stilled. His eyes widened and he suddenly showed realization. He said generously, “What do you want? Name a price!”

Wei closed his mouth and did not speak.

Pu Yao opened his eyes again and said to Wei, “This guy is right. If we cannot leave this ghastly place, no one will be well off. Since his Great Day mo physique has advanced, it is beneficial for everyone if you teach him a bit. This does not betray your oath.”

Wei’s bewilderment increased. Pu Yao’s words were righteous and appeared reasonable but the more it appeared so, the more Wei felt the other had a scheme. Wei pondered it momentarily inside and then made a decision. He nodded. “Alright.”

What he needed to do was not betray his oath and be able to pass mo skills to Zuo Mo. Even if Pu Yao had secret intentions, he decided to take the chance.

Seeing Wei agree, Zuo Mo was overjoyed. He hurriedly sat opposite Wei. Pu Yao closed his eye again. He might have been resting his mind or meditating.

Wei pushed aside his stray thoughts and slowly began, “The Great Day mo physique is an extremely rare mo physique, extremely yang and strong, unparalleled in dominance. You are familiar with the six transformations of the Great Day mo physique. Do you still remember when you had used all six transformations at the same time?”

“A bit.” Zuo Mo nodded.

“It has a name, Great mo physique,” Wei said faintly, and a strange look flashed through his eyes.

“Great mo physique?”

“The Great mo physique is the sign that amo physique has reached maturation, but this situation is very strange.” Wei said in a deep voice, “You are not a pure mo. Theoretically, the possibility of achieving Great mo physique is very low, but you managed to do it. Even now, I do not understand the cause of this.”

“Would there be any danger?” Zuo Mo hurried to ask. The Great Day mo physique did have great power, but if he lost his life in trade for this, then it was not profitable.

“There is no danger.” Wei said with a warm smile, “For you, there are only benefits and no harmful effects. You should have found the changes in your body. Those are traits unique to your Great mo physique. Your body right now is a body that cannot be unbroken. The flying swords controlled by ningmai xiuzhe cannot harm you. The dhyana xiu have similar techniques that create a body that cannot be damaged. Other than a few traits, there is no basic difference.”

Zuo Mo listened extremely carefully. Wei’s understanding of the mo physique seemed to be deeper than Pu Yao.

“The layered flame inside your body is called the Great Day Banded Flame. It is a kind of sixth-grade fire seed. Very few mo that cultivate the Great Day mo physique can form the Great Day Banded Flame. This must be related to the xiuzhe spells you cultivated before.” Wei said humbly, “The Great Day mo physique is very rarely seen. I do not know much about it and can only use some of what I know for you as reference.”

The Great Day Banded Flame was actually a sixth-grade fire seed. In this moment, Zuo Mo felt so happy he could faint!

Sixth-grade fire seed! This mean that his forging and dan-making would increase by two levels!

Zuo Mo wore a stupid smile.

Wei saw Zuo Mo’s expression and couldn’t help but grin. He did not hurry Zuo Mo along, and waited for Zuo Mo to come out of his daze. When Zuo Mo’s gaze became clear again, he continued, “After using the six changes of the Great Day mo physique to form the Great mo physique, it can open the deep mo levels.”

“How is it different?”

Wei smiled and then said seriously, “The six changes of the deep mo levels dramatically increase in power. Only then will you truly have the power to equal the top jindan xiuzhe.”

With an outstanding appearance, a humble presence, a serious expression, the cross-legged Wei was like the most devout preacher.

“How do you open the deep mo layer’s six transformations?” Zuo Mo asked.


“How do I gain comprehension?”

“Very sorry, I do not know that either.” Wei shook his head with a slight smile. “Let me tell you of an example of someone that comprehend the deep mo level. Maybe this will give you some help.”

The deep pupils lit up with the sheen of remembrance, the handsome face filled with reminisce.

“My previous master’s mo physique when entering the colonel stage was called Serene Python. It cannot compare to your Great Day mo physique. The Serene Python is a mo physique famed for its strength, and it only has three transformations.”

Wei’s tone was deep and carried an inexplicable charisma as he narrated.

“She was fourteen when she reached the Great mo physique of the Serene Python.” Wei raised his head to see the shock on Zuo Mo’s face and smiled. He then said, “However, it was only when she was seventeen that she opened the deep mo layer of the three Serene Python changes. In these three years, she journeyed through nine mo jies.”

Zuo Mo was stunned. He murmured, “Nine … …”

He could not imagine travelling over nine mo jies. Even if they were little jie like Sky Moon Jie, it wasn’t just a matter of one or two months to cross one of them. Zuo Mo felt that he had gone many places, but compared to this person, it was an embarrassing comparison.

Even more, at fourteen … …

“She fought four hundred and twenty seven times, killed fifty nine mo, wounded another thirty, and was wounded twenty four times.”

Zuo Mo froze in shock.

Translator Ramblings: There was just a very abrupt POV change between the last chapter and the one before it. It’s implied that Mo Ru Huo most likely did not end well. The way I thought was the grey thing was either a way to track him or to wound/kill him in some way.