World of Cultivation - Chapter Three Hundred and Eighty Three – You Should Die!

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Chapter Three Hundred and Eighty Three – You Should Die!

This palm struck the rings directly.

The Day Script on the center of Zuo Mo’s palm suddenly lit up. A vast and scorching power burst forth from the center of his palm. This power was extremely strange. It did not blow away the rings of light, instead like a tiger reaching out with its head from the cage, it bit and held its prey.

The sea of light rings were securely latched onto by Zuo Mo’s left palm.

The Day Script continuously released golden yellow light that corroded the rings of light. A golden boundary rippled through the rings of light as it moved towards the center of the barrier.

Yu Zi Zhou’s expression changed greatly. He felt a tyrannical presence corroding his Interconnected Jade Rings at an astounding speed!

What … … what was this? It was the first time he had encountered such a strange yao art!

This domineering power spread so quickly it almost exceeded Yu Zi Zhou’s imagination.

He had just managed to gather all of his consciousness, and his vision already turned to a golden yellow ocean. Yu Zi Zhou had never thought he would ever be pushed to such a sorry state one day. No, such a hopeless situation! This was only the second move the other had used. The second move, and it forced him to such a state!

A dancing clown … …

He suddenly thought of this phrase. A feeling of humiliation like never before instantly rushed every inch of his nerves.

How could a person as proud as him be defeated in two moves by a person he thought of as a dancing clown?

How could he!

Yu Zi Zhou glared. The elegance and relaxed face was now unusually twisted. Deep pride was mixed with unprecedented humiliation. He was like a gambler that had lost it all, and went all in with his life!

All of his consciousness and his strength was channeled into his arms. He held his arms as though he was embracing the oncoming golden light and slowly pushed forward like he was pushing a mountain. His face trembled fiercely and showed signs of instability.

“Jade … …”

Gritting through his teeth, Yu Zi Zhou slowly spoke while visibly trembling. Every part of his body was trembling. The two curved arms he held in front of his chest slowly moved forward amidst this shuddering. Every fraction he pushed forward, the vibrations in the space around him increased by a fraction.

“Born … …”

Just as the “born” was squeezed from his mouth, the golden light had spread to the last ring of light in front of Yu Zi Zhou.

The golden light collided with Yu Zi Zhou’s arms without any finesse. Yu Zi Zhou’s body froze and his pupils suddenly expanded.

Pia! Yu Zi Zhou’s palms popped!

Pia! The wrists exploded!

Pia! The forearms exploded!

Pia pia pia … …

After a string of noises like popcorn popping, the explosions spread along Yu Zi Zhou’s arms to his body. Yu Zi Zhou’s eyes were enormously wide. He looked in disbelief as his body exploded inch by inch.

An unwilling wail suddenly was stopped.

There was a dazzling golden ball of light that covered Zuo Mo’s left palm that was like a sun. He maintained his striking pose motionlessly. All the flames over his body suddenly burrowed into his body.

The red light faded from his crimson eyes and revealed golden yellow pupils.

The golden yellow pupils were indifferent like that of a deity gazing down on ants, but the expression of pain on his face did not fade but increased. The indifferent gaze contrasted with the pained and twisted expression forming an extremely strange image. The Midday Blade in his right hand was trembling. The golden ball of light on the left palm dissipated, and the Sun Script at the center of the palm faded.

“Hong, let another one in!”

The hoarse and deep voice contained threads of insanity as it came out of the formation.


“What Little Pu Pu has said is very wise!” The female warrior suddenly raised her head and looked smilingly at Pu Yao. She nodded heavily and said, “This stupid armor really shouldn’t be passed down any more.”

The gravestone shook fiercely as though it was very discontent with the female warrior’s words. The roiling black clouds looked as they were going to burst out.

“Shut up!” The female warrior’s expression cooled. She raised the enormous claw in one hand and heavily smashed it down on the gravestone. With a clang, the earth shook. The shaking gravestone froze. From the point it was smashed, a web of cracks snaked out.

Crack-woosh, a pile of broken rock fell off the gravestone. The black clouds that had just came out of the gravestone seemed to be hit with a body paralysis curse, and froze in the air.

Such … … such a powerful blow!

His presence almost at his peak, Pu Yao’s eyelids jumped. Pia pia pia, the black flames that had burrowed under his feet suddenly exploded simultaneously, and he was covered by a burst of black smoke. “Cough cough cough!” Pu Yao’s coughing passed out of the black smoke. When the black smoke dissipated, Pu Yao was singed and covered with ash.

He looked with unfriendliness at the female warrior.

The female warrior gave Pu Yao a flirtatious glance as though nothing had happened. She turned her face and when she looked at the gravestone, her tone was cold. “Clean it up.”

The gravestone shook. Woosh, the broken pieces that had broken off seemed to grow legs and climb into the place that had been smashed. Piece by piece, they went back to their original spot. In a blink, the gravestone seemed to be untouched again except for the web of cracks extending from the top of the gravestone.

The power was just as terrifying as it had been in the past … …

Pu Yao glanced at the female warrior and sat down. There were too much to consider about everything that had happened today. Hadn’t Daren died? How could she become alive again?

Death could not be reversed. This had no connection to cultivation.

Unless Daren did not die!

If Daren had not died in the past, then there were too many possibilities in this … … Golden Soul? That was very possible!

So Daren hadn’t died then … …

Wait a moment!

Pu Yao’s head was lowered. His bloody pupil unconsciously narrowed into icicles.

Daren died in his arms. Even if it had been three thousand years, he still remembered that scene clearly! He was familiar with Daren, her personality, her temper, he was familiar with everything!

The Daren in front of him was so familiar, as familiar as she was three thousand years ago.

But … … Daren had died … … she had really died … …

There seemed to be a silent sigh in the cold pupil. The pain seemed to have been washed away by time, so faint there was almost no trace, but … …

Pu Yao suddenly raised his head.

“Daren is already dead.”

The female warrior furrowed her brow and was slightly discontent.

Pu Yao seemed to not see it, and said to himself in a light voice, “Daren is dead, both her soul and body destroyed, there was nothing left.” His right hand came out of its wide sleeve and spread its fingers, feeling the air rush past them.

He looked directly at the female warrior and said calmly, “I know it, Daren died.”

The blood red pupil was so cold there was not a shred of warmth. He raised his hand, and a black flame jumped in his hand. His black hair started to dance again, and the silk-like black clothing moved despite the lack of wind.

The entire sea of consciousness seemed to slow down. Gradually, only one rhythm could be heard, only one sound.

Dong dong … … dong dong … … dong dong … …

The female warrior’s expression changed slightly. Her eyes locked onto the thread of black yao fire on Pu Yao’s hands. The strange rhythm in the space was the exact same as the rhythmic flickering flame on Pu Yao’s hand.

“The Golden Soul really is a good thing. It seems you’ve recovered a fair bit.” Pu Yao’s expression was indifferent. The bottomless crimson pupil slowly revolved and a scornful smile that was as cold and sharp as a knife’s edge suddenly jerked at the corner of his mouth. “You also recovered your usual idiocy.”

The female warrior suddenly spoke. But the voice changed from the sweetness and flirtatiousness of just now and became as simple and wizened as an old person. “How did you find out?”

Before the sound landed, the female warrior’s body collapsed into fine black powder. The black dust danced and gathered in the air to turn into a ball of black smoke. Inside the black smoke, the figure of a male was discernable.

“You want me to tell you how idiotic you are? Ha!” The scorn on Pu Yao’s face grew. “Tsk tsk, three thousand years, you finally showed your face, it really wasn’t easy.”

“Haven’t you wanted to force me out all along?” The male inside the black smoke glanced at the black fire on Pu Yao’s hands. He said in a deep voice, “I think we need to have a good discussion.”

“Discussion?” Pu Yao raised an eyebrow ambiguously. He took away the black fire in his hand and said unconcernedly. “Fine, discuss! Who are you?”

“Gravestone armor, called Protection, you can call me Wei.” The black smoke covering his body disappeared, and revealed Wei’s true appearance. He was wearing a body of black armor and seemed to have great bearing. His brow was straight and his eyes bright, he seemed full of righteousness. He was not as old as his voice seemed, and he bowed towards Pu Yao respectfully.

“Wei? Oh, not a bad name.” Pu Yao narrowed his eye.

“Due to the previous owner, your heart is filled with hatred towards me. I am able to understand this,” Wei slowly said. His voice was calm and neutral. It had a power that reached straight into the heart. “What she protected seemed to be idiocy to you but her resolve to protect was the source of her power.”

Pu Yao smirked coldly. “Tsk tsk, so high-sounding!”

Wei’s gaze looked into the distance as he was reminiscing on something. His voice became distant. “Every soul has something they are willing to give their life for.” His gaze came back and looked at Pu Yao. “Isn’t it also the same for you?”

Pu Yao still had a cold smirk. “Don’t spout these little pretenses in front of me.”

“Alright, you say.” Wei did not argue, nodding and saying without hesitation.

“I say?” Pu Yao narrowed his eye that was like a bloody red blade. He said lightly, “I say … … you should die!”

Wei’s expression changed greatly. His figure turned to rolls of black smoke and flew towards the gravestone.


Black flames sprouted from under the gravestone and completely enveloped the gravestone!

Wei hurriedly stopped his body. He seemed to be extremely wary of this kind of black flame.

“You should die!” Pu Yao stalked towards Pu Yao, a jumping flame being held in the air above his hand. The beautiful and dark face was filled with murderousness, his voice so cold there was no thread of warmth. “For pretending to be her, you should die!”

“Pu, you cannot kill me.” Wei stared at Pu Yao with a calm expression.

“I know.” The murderousness on Pu Yao’s face suddenly disappeared and he said with a strange and dark smile, “However, after three thousand years, how can I not have spent any of my thoughts on you?”

Wei’s expression really changed this time.

A dazzling light lit up on Pu Yao’s hands and illuminated the entire sea of consciousness!

Translator Ramblings: Lies, lies, lies all around! Well, Pu Yao’s grief is real but he didn’t let it stop himself from thinking clearly. Also, I know a lot of you were excited about the female character but Fang Xiang has made this person male. It’s not going to be a fake again.