World of Cultivation - Chapter Six Hundred and Thirty Three – Center Formation

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Chapter Six Hundred and Thirty Three – Center Formation

“Protect Daren!” Shu Long’s angry shout exploded like lightning among the panicked screaming. The other people around Zuo Mo seemed to wake up. They found to their shock that danger had snuck so close to them, and without realizing it, the Ming Bandits had charged and had arrived in front of them!

The Ming Bandits had gotten so close vicious and savage expressions of the Ming Bandits could be clearly seen. They could even see the pulsing muscles on these faces and the trembling whiskers

And that animalistic and bloodthirsty murderousness!

Zhu Ke’s head rang and his expression changed. He suddenly reacted and shouted at the top of his lungs, “Protect the Princess!”

The personal guards of each faction sprinted from where they had been. Leaving the formation belt a mess, in disarray with people falling back on every side. People turned and ran like crazy.

These people had been held together by Zuo Mo. Now that the enemy was heading straight for Zuo Mo, their weak cooperation was immediately exposed.

Terror and hopelessness furiously spread throughout their ranks!

The enormous battle formation belt immediately collapsed.

The guards of the princesses uncaringly abandoned all the other people. Their eyes were red as they sprinted to where the princess were! Guard Camp, and Celestial Plant Guard were also sprinting against the fleeing flood of people to fly to where Zuo Mo was!

Princess Xia’s face was covered in terror. Her complexion was white. The panicked crowds were running everywhere, the snarls of the Ming Bandits entered her eyes. All she could hear was the sound of killing, shouts and screams!

She was bewildered. How had it come to this?

Her gaze moved around blankly. Her gaze stopped on a thin figure.

Slowly, her eyes became focused and a thread of hope rose in her heart.

As usual his face was still indifferent and wore a cold expression but this time, inside the indifference, she noticed something that made her mind tremble.

He was not panicking.


Zuo Mo stood upright with an indifferent expression as though he did not see what was happening around him.

The Ming Bandits rushed forward extremely quickly. The first battalion that fell had shown the skill of the Ming Bandits. In only a blink, they breached the outer formations and reached the center formation!

Almost all the general levels and important personages were gathered in the center formation.

This Ming Bandit troop seemed to poke the hornet’s nest.

The battle immediately reached a high!

Mo that could cultivate to colonel and general level were experienced in battle. When they realized that it was their lives were on the line, the power they could produce was astounding.

They were not as well-trained as the Ming Bandits, nor could they work together like them. But the chaotic situation and the extremely short distance between them made it perfect for them to fight.

Zhu Ke, Xia, and the middle-aged attendant who were all near marshal level were unstoppable in this moment!

Zhu Ke moved like a ghost. Once he entered the Ming Bandit ranks, everywhere he passed, bloody mist sprouted up behind him. Xia was persistent and his steps were as heavy as mountains. No one could stop his advance. The long spear in his hand seemed to weigh three thousand catties. Blood and flesh flew when it came into contact with his spear. The middle-aged attendant formed a claw with her hands and grabbed at the air. Those Ming Bandits that were targeted were ripped into pieces like puppets and died before they could make a sound.

The other experts were also in a killing furry. Like countless roaming fish, they passed through the formation and engaged in close combat!

Almost eighty percent of the experts on the Great Peace Mo Rankings were here. Yu Shuang had not recovered from his wounds, but Chang Yuan Hao was still healthy. Adding on Qi Diao Yu and the others, this place held the elite of Great Peace City!

In almost a flash, this Ming Bandit troop died. Even its battle general was killed in five moves when Zhu Ke and Xia working together.

This result caused people to cheer and dance.

Ming Hui’s expression was normal. In his eyes, these people at the center formation were just fighting within a cage. Those experts were troublesome, but if he was willing to spend the time and effort, he had many ways to deal with them.

Even the strongest expert could not beat overwhelming numbers!

Battle generals focused the attacks of the entire battalion. Even though their attacks were not as varied as individual attacks, they were powerful and not something that an individual person could stop!

Even experts were unable to withstand the charge of a battalion, especially experts that could not work together.

A cold light flashed through Ming Hui’s eyes. “Old Tu, Da Hong, go scatter them!”

The two battle generals acknowledged the order. At this time, Great Peace City’s battle formation belt had scattered as people fled. The barriers defending the center formation had decreased greatly.

The two had burning gazes. The center formation that had lost its shielding was like a beauty who was undressed and perfectly displayed in front of them.

Looking at the determination and spirit on the faces of their subordinates, the two didn’t feel afraid at all.

They did not feel sorrow about the deaths of their compatriots. It was the opposite. When the battalion had scattered the crowds previously, and expended the power of the experts, it made the situation advantageous to them.

A group that could not work together was delusional to think it could withstand a battalion’s charge!

The two exchanged a look and found the fighting spirit in each other’s eyes.

“You go left, I’ll go right!”


Without any delay, the two left on their own.


Guard Camp had assembled the quickest even though they were not skilled in speed. Before the charging Ming Bandit battalion had been exterminated, they had finished gathering and stood silently around Zuo Mo.

They were fully alert. The battle just now had not expended their power.

Guard Camp with calm expressions surrounded Zuo Mo, who wore an indifferent expression. People couldn’t resist looking again. In the middle of the chaotic battlefield, they were so eye-catching.

“Haha! The Ming Bandits are only worth this much!” In the middle formation, a brawny man couldn’t help but say.

“Yes, someone really exaggerated their abilities. What was the use in making such a fuss, I thought that they really had some skill!” Another man who had a hard face said disdainfully with narrowed eyes.

Shu Long and the others glared angrily.


The neck of the man who had just spoken suddenly bent at a strange angle. His eyes were wide, his face like a balloon!

Ceng Lian’er serenely spoke, “I do not like hearing this kind of posturing.”

Everyone inhaled and looked in shock at Ceng Lian’er. This mo female had fought Lin Qian head on and her power was deep and hard to predict!

Having finished gathering, the Celestial Planet Guards had slightly ashen faces. Miss’ power, skill, and thoughts were all hard to predict.

Zhu Ke was slightly displeased by Ceng Lian’er action. He was about to speak when his sleeve was pulled. Princess Wan was pulling him as she shook her head.

Zhu Ke stilled and became silent.

The center formation became silent.

“They are about to attack.”

Suddenly, Xiao Mo Ge’s cool voice interrupted this silence.

He seemed to not have noticed the movements behind him. He nodded at Shu Long who immediately understood. Guard Camp started to move.

Zuo Mo then turned and said to Miao Jun, “Go.”

Miao Jun did not speak and looked deeply at Zuo Mo before turning. A short while later, the Celestial Planet Guards and Tang Fei Battalion finished gathering.

“Do you need help?” Princess Xia asked worriedly.

Zuo Mo shook his head. “No, be careful, the other is about to attack.”

His voice was not loud but everyone heard it clearly. The crowd immediately shifted. They had all seen the power of the Ming Bandit’s charge. They might have just killed one thousand of the Ming Bandits, but everyone understood if all of the Ming Bandits all charged, they would be in danger!

Zhu Ke and the others were the strongest among this group, but even an expert of his level could not directly face the charge of a thousand-member battalion.

Two battalions separated from the the ranks of the Ming Bandits. They even reorganized themselves to guarantee that their charge would be powerful.

At this time, the crowds had not completely dissipated. However, there was no one in one li of the center formation.

This distance was enough for them to prepare a charge!


The two battle generals shouted angrily. The two battalions were like two floods bursting through the dam!


The unified shouts of two thousand people shook the surroundings. The sky full of killing intent rushed down at Zuo Mo and the others!

The two battalions worked well together, one on the right and one on the left. The enemy would not know whether to protect the head or the tail.

A howl that was soul-shaking once again filled the air.

At this moment, in the center formation where Zuo Mo was, a ball of grey mist suddenly rose. Almost at the same time, Shu Long and Miao Jun who were in the grey mist shouted at the same time, “Kill!”

“[Mist Hand Seat]!”

The people who were surrounded by the grey mist exclaimed. Even Zhu Ke, Yu Shuang and the others showed astonishment. They were knowledgeable and knew that such a practiced [Mist Hand Seat] would only come from a person with a mo physique!

However, their attention quickly shifted to the incoming collision between the two forces.

Zhu Ke and the others wondered. Xiao Mo Ge seemed to have prepared for this situation beforehand. Had he planned this? But no matter what, they did not have a chance at a breakthrough.

Did he have something else up his sleeve?


The two Ming Bandit troops clearly had absorbed the lesson of the battalion which had fallen before them. They made a loud ruckus but they held some strength back.

When the grey mist appeared without warning and covered the entire center formation, the two felt slightly wary.

From where Miao Jun was, an enormous blue blade energy broke through the mist and headed for the battalion opposite it!

“Good move!” Da Hong’s eyes flashed viciously. He was overjoyed as he attacked.

A faintly red wheel of light flew straight at the blade energy!


A great explosion occurred between the two battalions!

The battle generals on both sides had no intentions of holding back. In this moment, they also attacked!

No matter how strong the shock wave from the explosion was, the strange grey mist was not affected at all. Almost at the same time the explosion happened, from the grey mist, countless arm-length blue blade energies shot out like rain.

They zipped through the air and covered the sky.

Going against the air wave of the explosion, the blade energies were affected. Their paths became chaotic and hard to predict!

Da Hong’s expression suddenly changed. A phrase suddenly jumped out of his mind. Gold battle general! The other was definitely a gold battle general!

Such a practiced charge was something only a gold battle general could perform!

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