World of Cultivation - Chapter Six Hundred and Thirty Eight Mister Tong

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Chapter Six Hundred and Thirty Eight Mister Tong

The ferocious presence of the Yu Frontier Guards intimidated everyone.

The chariot with its billowing curtains felt like a great and ancient beast looking down at the world. The commanders surrounded it and the mo soldiers stood in formation like a dense forest. It was a murderous silence and the invisible pressure was like a lead cloud that made the air suffocating.

Zuo Mo’ gaze was as sharp as a sword and fearless.

“Present the Anti Dragon Claw to me, and you will be spared death!”

An authoritative voice came from within the chariot. The voice seemed to have a power to reach deep into the mind of a person.

“You will be spared death!”

The Yu Frontier Guards shouted deafeningly in unison. It was like everyone was struck on the head. At the same time, a great wave of murderous intent came like an avalanche that swept the entire region!

Even experts of Zhu Ke’s level changed expression. Ming Hui and the others were ashen-faced.

Zuo Mo’s gaze was bright and his expression indifferent as though he had not heard that great shout.

Silent. It became deathly silent.

Everyone couldn’t help but turn to look at Zuo Mo. Many people had expressions of schadenfreude. The Anti Dragon Claw was a sky mo weapon and a mo weapon that all mo dreamed of. Countless mo were jealous that Zuo Mo had obtained the Anti Dragon Claw.

Right now, Marshal Yu had come in person with the Yu Frontier Guards. No one believed that Xiao Mo Ge could make any more waves.

“Really?” Zuo Mo seemed to say to himself. His voice resonated all around even though it was not loud.

When the word came out, the other people stilled. Then expressions of disbelief came onto many people’s eyes. Was Xiao Mo Ge thinking of resisting?

Resist? Marshal Yu had come in person yet Xiao Mo Ge dared to resist?

Did this person not want to live?

Many members of the Yu Frontier Guard were shocked by Zuo Mo’s words as well but soon, their faces filled with anger.

Such daring!

He dared to disobey Marshal Yu!

Marshal Yu did not speak but those under his command could not resist. One person said coldly, “What? Even sparing your insignificant life is because Marshal Yu treasures talent! Be good and present the Anti Dragon Claw, swear your loyalty to Marshal Yu. Someone as lowly as you does not deserve a treasure like the Anti Dragon Claw!”

Anger rose on the faces of Shu Long and the others.

Zuo Mo was unaffected. His lips curled slightly in a disdainful smile as he spat out, “You want to die!”

Everyone was shocked.

Was Xiao Mo Ge mad? He dared to call Marshal Yu’s man the one who wanted to die!

Princess Xia paled. She pressed her lips together as her eyes became deeply worried.

Almost at the same time, a purple energy flashed through A Gui’s eyes. Her right hand suddenly moved towards that mo.


A crisp sound of a bone snapping was eerily clear against the deathly silence.

The eyes of the mo who had just spoken bulged suddenly and his neck tilted at a strange angle. Before he could make a sound, he fell from the sky like a rock.


Sharp inhales sounded. Everyone look in terror at A Gui who was standing next to Zuo Mo. This person who appeared extremely ugly and had been following Xiao Mo Ge all this time but it was rare to see her act. The only time she had fought was when she and Ceng Lian’er had defended Zou Mo from Lin Qian’s blow.

But this attack was even more powerful than the strike she blocked from Lin Qian.

Had she not used her full power previously?

Zhu Ke and the others also had uncertain expressions. They were astounded inside.

But what most people found even harder to understand was that Xiao Mo Ge didn’t seem to have any fear at all when facing Marshal Hu. He even dared to talk back to Marshal Yu. Did this person have some major power behind him?

This thought flashed through people’s minds but then they shook their heads. No matter what support they had, it was useless at the moment.

Marshal Yu had come with ten thousand Yu Frontier Guards. It was useless unless another marshal came with their own personal guard.

The death of their fellow enraged the Yu Frontier Guard. Even the calmest person was unable to maintain their calm.

A large full bearded man stepped out and bowed towards the chariot. He said angrily, “Lord! This subordinate is willing to go and fight this arrogant peon!”

Another person came out and shouted at the same time, “This subordinate is also willing to fight!”

Several others also came out to request to fight.

Zuo Mo’s arrogance and A Gui’s attack had completely enraged the people of Yu Frontier Guard who usually had their eyes looking at the sky.

“If one really has talent, there is nothing wrong in being proud.” Marshal Yu’s voice came from the chariot. “What is not good is when one doesn’t have the talent to match their arrogance. This seat has no patience for people like that. Since you have requested to fight, then go. You will be rewarded if you win. If you lose, you will belong under his command.”

When the words came out, the commanders stared at each other. They had requested to fight out of indignation, but they were not confident. They were still very wary of A Gui’s unfathomable attacks.

But if they were really defeated and had to swear allegiance to Xiao Mo Ge, the consequences would be too severe. Also, they could hear that Master’s fondness for talent had been stirred. In the end, Xiao Mo Ge might end up under the command of Master.

They knew Master’s fondness for talent. He liked to recruit young talents. If Xiao Mo Ge really had some talent, Master would not care about a few slight offenses.

If they really had to swear allegiance to him, then it would be worse than being killed.

Their gazes unconsciously moved towards a man beside the chariot in a plea for help.

This large man was very tall and had short hair. There was nothing outstanding about his appearance but his gaze was serene and his presence steady. Under the pleading gazes of the crowd, he smiled helplessly. Then he turned and bowed towards the carriage. He said in a respectful voice, “Master, this subordinate feels an itch to see Xiao Mo Ge’s skill. Please, Master, allow this subordinate to fight.”

“Oh, Mister Tong is rarely interested in the ability of others. Interesting, interesting.” Light laughter came from the chariot. This Mister Tong was someone that Marshal Yu trusted highly and so Marshal Yu said, “Then this seat will wait and see.”

“Thanks, Master.” Mister Tong bowed slightly towards the chariot.

He turned around. Noticing the joy on the faces of the commanders, he shook his head helplessly. He had a good reputation among the commanders and could not refuse their request for help. When he turned to face Xiao Mo Ge, and saw the Anti Dragon Claw on his back, heat suddenly flashed through his eyes.

He raised his right leg and lightly stepped forward. Under the eyes of everyone present, his figure disappeared as though he was teleporting through space.

Woosh. He appeared out of thin air.

With this light jump, inhales sounded.

One could see the skill of an expert when they acted.

No one had detected any vibrations from the seemingly simple step that Mister Tong took. There were those that cultivated mo eyes among the people present but no one had managed to observe his step.

Zhu Ke, Chang Yuan Hao, and the others changed expression. Only experts who had reached [Domain] could faintly discern that Mister Tong’s step was closely related to [Domain].

Zuo Mo’s pupils contracted.

He did not understand the mysteries behind this step.

But Zuo Mo did not feel fear as he faced the challenging gaze.

His nerves had been highly tense after the battles of the past few days. The pairs of anticipating eyes were on him. He felt that he was like a rope that was being pulled apart and would snap at any moment. He had silently planned and calculated everything, holding up under the pressure these people placed on him.

He was silent, his mind was tired, he was struggling to remain upright.

But he finally made it through. Actually, ever since the battle with the Ming Bandits started, his mind calmed down and he entered new state.

The test of the past few days was like whetstone that had polished him. However, this time, what was being polished was not his mo physique, but his mind and his heart!

Unknowingly, his mind had completely transformed, become even stronger and resilient!

He did not have any stray thoughts, confusion, or terror. Even if he was facing an enemy he could not get the measure of, his mind was not affected at all.

Zuo Mo’s Three Thousand Threads of Worry tightened. He was about to step out when a figure suddenly disappeared like a ghost from beside him.

Ceng Lian’er!

Zuo Mo was slightly surprised. Ceng Lian’er seemed to be unusually eager for a fight today.

The two faced off in the air.

Mister Tong’s step was ethereal and Ceng Lian’er’s figure was seductive. Two completely different styles but both were filled with danger.

Mister Tong smiled. “Miss is very good. However, this one wants to fight Xiao Mo Ge, can Miss make way?”

Even though he said it politely, the meaning of his words were clear: you aren’t my match, have Xiao Mo Ge come.

Ceng Lian’er stood her ground, her long red dress was like a rose blooming in the air. Her features were exquisite and her gaze dazzling while her presence was misty and ghostly. When the two distinct traits mixed together, it was a beauty that did not seem realistic.

Her opal black eyes were deep. Her lips moved and her voice was as light as smoke, “That is not up to you.”

Finishing her statement, her wrists moved and turned slightly. Her long sleeves rippled in waves.

Seriousness came onto Mister Tong’s face. He raised his right hand and directed a blow at Ceng Lian’er!

Both had movements that seemed slow and without any killing intent as though they were dancing.

Yet the sky between the combatants suddenly twisted. Then, ripples formed and started to move into the surroundings.

Ceng Lian’ers gaze became even more blurry. Under her long red dress, the white mo matrix was like flowers upon her beautiful smooth skin as it expanded. Her body was soft and flexible like a snake as she danced to a strange rhythm.

There was no ease on Mister Tong’s face. His hair stood up on end, energy brimming from all parts of his body. His right palm seemed to be holding something extremely heavy. The edge of his palm was disappearing at a very slow rate as though his hand was slowly sinking into a void.

The sky which had been rippling in waves suddenly started to boil. The vibrations became even more violent.

Bubbles of various sizes appear out of the thin air.

In a flash, the space between the combatants was filled with these bubbles. The largest of these bubbles were the size of a fist, and the smallest the size of a pinhead. Once they came out, they floated motionlessly in the air.

They were like the most normal bubbles. Under the sunlight, they reflected the world.

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