World of Cultivation - Chapter Six Hundred and Ninety Six – Sky Snake Ten Manifestation Pike

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Chapter Six Hundred and Ninety Six – Sky Snake Ten Manifestation Pike

The appearance of the blood colored pillar of light lasted for an hour.

Bu Zhou City was completely overturned. It was possible to see the eye-catching pillar of light from any corner of the city. The pillar of light that reached into the sky, and the terrifying presence it emanated all showed the power of its source!

The great majority people suspected that it was a mo weapon appearing. Only the most well-informed people knew that someone had created an earth level mo weapon!

This news was much more of a shock than the previous guess and more valuable!

A mo weapon master that could forge an earth level mo weapon was definitely among the top mo weapon masters of this era. Every one of them had a significant position in the mo territories, and they were targets that all the factions pursued with all of their power.

Earth mo weapons were in practice the top level of mo weapons. The sky mo weapons might be more powerful, but that did not mean that the craftsmanship techniques were more advanced, but that there was a difference in the materials used.

Take the Anti-Dragon Claw as an example. The Anti Dragon Claw was made from the foreclaw of a vicious dragon. This dragon was savage and vicious, and had killed innumerable number of people. Supposedly, its foreclaw had turned red because it had been dyed in the blood of its victims. But this was not enough to make it possible to forge it into a sky mo weapon. What caused it to qualify to become a sky mo weapon was that in the dragon’s final battle, this foreclaw had penetrated the heart of another powerful dragon.

A mo weapon master had coincidentally passed by and cut down this foreclaw. When they had done this, the other dragon’s heart had been hanging from the foreclaw. Supposedly, this heart had been beating at that time.

That had created the materials for the Anti-Dragon Claw.

Putting aside the requirement of rare materials seen once in a millennium, earth mo weapons were the peak of mo weapons.

Each earth mo weapon forged represented the true and great skill of a mo weapon master.

They were truly grandmasters. Grandmaster, this great and honored appellation.

Their value was not because they might be able to forge a second earth mo weapon. In truth, the great majority of grandmaster were never able to forge a second earth mo weapon. However, they were still respected and the targets of every faction.

That was because they could greatly increase the skill of other mo weapon masters.

This kind of improvement was decisive and fundament to any faction.

Therefore, Bu Zhou City was in a frenzy!


Ceng Lian’er was standing guard by the door. She was filled with shock. That stunning blood colored pillar of light had astounded everyone at the Underground Nether River and also caused her to gape in shock.

Earth mo weapon!

He had actually forged an earth mo weapon!

Up until now, Ceng Lian’er’s expression was slightly dazed. This was an earth mo weapon! She possessed the Green Carp Tongue Sword. She was not skilled with swords so she had been surprised when Zuo Mo had given the Green Carp Tongue Sword to her so easily. She treasured the Green Carp Tongue Sword.

Because this was an earth mo weapon!

Only one hundred and eight earth mo weapons had ever existed in the mo territories!

When she heard the quote from the Rare Artifacts Hall, she had given up. It was not because the complete set of White Ridge Snake Bones was not worth so much but because it was too expensive.

The value of an earth mo weapon could not be accounted for using mo bei because there had never been an earth mo weapon on the market.

When the pillar of light had erupted, her mind turned blank.

She looked with slight admiration at A Gui. From beginning to end, A Gui had been unusually calm. The noise hadn’t caused her expression to change at all.

Suddenly, A Gui suddenly raised her head. Her lifeless eyes suddenly lit up with purple energy.

Ceng Lian’er paused but she reacted quickly. A sharp light flashed across her eyes as she shouted, “Come out!”

A figure appeared like a ghost.

“Haha, the little girl is very strong … …”

Before the other finished speaking, A Gui’s figure disappeared from her spot. She did not hesitate to attack.

Ceng Lian’er grimaced. A Gui had attacked too quickly! While she was pretty, she was not a hesitant person. Her eyes flashed and she attacked as well!

They had been together for some time. She knew that A Gui was very sensitive to enmity. If the other had attacked immediately, she definitely had detected the other’s enmity!

However, she did not forget that they could not expose their identities. She did not use shen power but mo skills.

Her mo skills were not weak, and had improved greatly after cultivating with Zuo Mo in recent days.

Her right hand raised slightly. White mo matrices appeared on her arm like tattoos. They quickly covered her entire arm. Her fingers were slightly spread as she grabbed at the other.


A thin but sharp sound of the air breaking was like the hisses of a group of snakes that caused hairs to stand on end.

The air rippled.

White shadows lashed out like coiled white snakes.

The enemy clearly was wary of these white shadows. His figure twisted strangely in the air and he managed to break free of these shadows.

But before he could rejoice, he felt a strong feeling of danger. His expression changed slightly. His arms were suddenly shrouded in green light. His body twisted like a braid and his arms went behind his back.


A small sound of a crash. However, it was like he was whipped. His body shook, and an astounding power pierced through the green light on his hand.

Before he could react, his vision blurred and his body smashed into the ground!

The instant of enormous pain caused his mind to turn blank.

An unknown amount of time later, he recovered from his daze. His bones felt like they were about to fall apart and he had no strength.

They hadn’t killed him!

This caused his mind to scatter and be filled with disbelief. The other’s attack was strong, and unpredictable. He hadn’t even managed to survive one move before he lost the ability to fight.

When he thought of this, his face flushed. He had always been proud of his own strength, and had never thought … …

He struggled to climb out of the hole. The attack had crushed him into the ground.

If his mo physique was not strong, he would have died just now.

Ceng Lian’er looked with interest at the other. She had stopped attacking because A Gui had stepped back. This surprised her. A Gui was usually as wooden as a puppet but when she started to kill, she never had mercy.

It was rare to see her not kill the enemy. Had the other’s enmity disappeared?

Since A Gui had moved back, she was happy to do the same. She knew of Zuo Mo’s intentions. It would be a troublesome matter to kill someone here.

This male here was slightly interesting.


Zuo Mo looked at the mo weapon on his hand with excitement.

This was a long pike. More accurately, this was a double-bladed pike. The body of the pike seemed to be made from multicolored snakes winding around each other. The body of the snakes were clearly divided into different color patterns. If one counted closely, they would find ten completely different colors and patterns on the pike. There was a spot of red in the middle of the snake heads that was extremely eye-catching. What was most unique was the two snake heads at the ends could become ten different weapons.

Zuo Mo had used ten different mo weapons. These ten transformations were the true expression of Zuo Mo’s skill.

The Weapon Layering Craftsmanship could forge earth mo weapons but their original attributes would be erase. However, Zuo Mo had melded together some seal script and mo matrix techniques to successfully keep the unique traits of the ten mo weapons.

He decided to name this the [Sky Snake Ten Manifestation Pike]

The Sky Snake Ten Manifestation Pike was the first earth level mo weapon that he had forged. There hadn’t been any flaws in the entire process. It was so perfect it surpassed his expectations. The power of the Sky Snake Ten Manifestation Pike also surpassed his predictions.

Even among the earth mo weapons, the Sky Snake Ten Manifestation Pike was higher quality.

For a moment, he could not bear to sell it.

But Zuo Mo quickly calmed down. He shook his head and laughed. He had gained greatly in this process. He hadn’t just learned the Weapon Layering Craftsmanship, he had gained an even greater understanding of forging mo weapons. He also had many new understandings of mo matrices. In the future, he would be able to forge even more powerful mo weapons.

Also, he had peerless weapons like the Anti Dragon Claw and the Three Thousand Threads of Worry. He was coveting everything, and may, as a result, lose everything.

After thinking, he reorganized what he learned and passed the information back to Cloud Sea Jie through Pu Yao. This was habit he had now developed. Whenever he had new understandings, he would organize them and share them with Golden Crow Camp.

He only wanted to make his paltry contribution to Cloud Sea Jie.

After doing all this, he walked out of the mo weapon pool with the Sky Snake Ten Manifestation Pike.

When he walked out, he saw Hua Ru Hai who was furiously trying to ingratiate himself with Ceng Lian’er.

Ceng Lian’er’s eyes lit up when she saw Zuo Mo. A figure flashed out of the corner of the eye. It was A Gui suddenly appearing beside Zuo Mo. Zuo Mo lovingly rubbed A Gui’s head and said gently, “A Gui worked hard.”

A Gui’s expression was wooden.

Zuo Mo turned to look at Ceng Lian’er and Hua Ru Hai with a questioning gaze.

“This guy was sneaking around, we found him.” Ceng Lian’er gave a small smile. Her gaze lingered on the Sky Snake Ten Manifestation Pike.

Zuo Mo handed the Sky Snake Ten Manifestation Pike to her.

When it entered her hand, Ceng Lian’er uncontrollably burst out, “Earth mo weapon!”

She had the Green Carp Tongue Sword and was familiar with earth mo weapons. When this entered her hand, she made an accurate estimate. While she knew that it would be an earth mo weapon from the apparition alone, but she still felt excited when she saw it. She waved it a few times and praised, “A good mo weapon! What is its name?”

Hua Ru Hai looked with bright eyes at the Sky Snake Ten Manifestation Pike in Ceng Lian’er’s hand. He was almost drooling.

“Sky Snake Ten Manifestation Pike,” Zuo Mo said with a smile. His body relaxed.

“A good name!” Ceng Lian’er smiled and handed the mo weapon to Zuo Mo.

Zuo Mo suddenly detected countless gazes gathered on him and was slightly surprised. He raised his head and saw there were many people floating in the air above the Underground Nether River and the surrounding mo weapon pools.

This was … …

Before he could react, the entire sky exploded.

These people suddenly flew madly in his direction. They fought to be first with excited expressions, shouts coming like a tsunami.

“Grandmaster! Grandmaster!”

“Grandmaster, accept me! Accept me as a student!”

The scene became chaotic.

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