World of Cultivation - Chapter Six Hundred and Ninety Seven – The Domineering Tang Chen

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Chapter Six Hundred and Ninety Seven – The Domineering Tang Chen

Zuo Mo was used to scenes like this.

He did not speak and only gave a small smile. A short time later, the noisy crowd quickly quieted. The mo weapon masters looked in reverence and respect at Zuo Mo.

At this time, silence was more effective than speech.

But he still felt a small headache. He would only stay in Bu Zhou City for a short while and forging the Sky Snake Ten Manifestation Piek was just to trade for the White Ridge Snake Bones for Ceng Lian’er. He hadn’t thought that forging an earth mo weapon would create such a ruckus.

The reason that he had changed his appearance was because he did not want to draw attention to himself and he could reach Nether Springs Jie as fast as possible.

It would not be easy to leave after making such a spectacle.

These mo weapon masters that were looking him with fear and reverence were just a small problem. It would not be so easy to get rid of the prestigious families of Bu Zhou City. Zuo Mo had experienced the conduct of the prestigious families before.

If he revealed his identity, the other would not dare to do anything, but that way, his tracks would be exposed. What would occur would be endless trouble. It was not a secret that he had shen power. If people had doubted that shen power existed before, the mo gods that had killed the Xuan Kong Temple corps had displayed the great force of shen power.

Being in possession of a great treasure was a crime.

Zuo Mo knew this. The trio was not weak. If they secretly moved, they would not encounter any great trouble. The only strong enemies they would likely encounter would be lone experts. If their tracks were exposed, there would be prestigious clans that would use all of the power at this disposal to try to get the shen power inheritance from him.

It definitely would not be a good idea to reveal his identity.

Calming down, Zuo Mo’s mind started to turn furiously. He pushed his voice low to say to Ceng Lian’er. “How many people know of the use of the White Ridge Snake Bones?”

Ceng LIan’er stilled but she was smart and immediately understood what Zuo Mo meant. She replied in an imperceptible voice, “Few. Even in the clan only my father and I know.”

Zuo Mo was slightly relieved. Their only possible flaw was the White Ridge Snake Bones. If other people knew the use of the White Ridge Snake Bones for the White Fang Snake mo, it would be easy to suspect their identities. It was not a secret that he had a female companion that was a White Fang Snake mo.

He could only deal with the events as they came.

Zuo Mo decided as he smiled as usual.

Suddenly, the crowd behind shifted.

“Congratulations! Congratulations! I had not thought that Honored Sir would actually forge an earth level mo weapon!” The middle-aged mo had a joyous expression and there was a group of guards behind him.

Zuo Mo hadn’t expected the chief steward of the Rare Artifacts Hall to come directly to the mo weapon pool. He was slightly surprised but his expression did not change. He said coolly, “All due to Sir’s good luck, everything proceeded smoothly. This earth mo weapon is called the Sky Snake Ten Manifestation Pike, it can turn into ten different mo weapons, each with their own abilities.”

Finishing, he took out the Sky Snake Ten Manifestation Pike and performed some of the transformations.

The mo weapon masters in the surroundings had never seen a true earth level mo weapon before. They stretched out their necks, their eyes wide in fear they would miss a single detail. When they saw the ten transformations of the Sky Snake Ten Manifestation Pike, they gave gasps of shock.

The middle-aged mo’s gaze was burning hot as he started at the Sky Snake Ten Manifestation Spear in Zuo Mo’s hand. He wanted to take it immediately. As the main steward of Rare Artifacts Hall, he had better judgement than normal people. He had also touched a true earth mo weapon before.

With just a glance, her realized that this Sky Snake Ten Manifestation Pike was better than the earth mo weapon he had touched in the past.

His gaze became even hotter. However, he was a smart person. He said with a smile, “I have brought the White Ridge Snake Bones.”

According to Little Mo Ge’s personality, he would not be himself if he did not take the chance to profit enormously. However, this time, he was in a hurry to leave so he did not haggle. He nodded. “It is yours.”

The joy on the middle-aged mo’s face increased.

The complete set of White Ridge Snake Bones appeared in front of Zuo Mo. Sighs of shock rose in the surroundings again. It was extremely rare to see such a perfect set of White Ridge Snake Bones.

“Please wait!” A voice suddenly interrupted. It was Hua Ru Hai. The urgency on his face had disappeared and was replaced by calmness. “This one is Hua Ru Hai of North Bay’s Hua family. I wish to purchase this earth mo weapon … …”

Before he finished speaking, Zuo Mo grabbed the White Ridge Snake Bones and shoved the Sky Snake Ten Manifestation Pike into the hand of the middle-aged mo. Hua Ru Hai’s expression froze on his face.

Was something wrong with this person’s heard? Did he not understand this was chance to raise the price?

Hua Ru Hai’s blood rushed to his head and he glared angrily at Zuo Mo.

Zuo Mo ignored him. With the White Ridge Snake Bones in his hand, he gave a look to Ceng Lian’er He grabbed A Gui’s hand and quickly proceeded to leave.

The middle-aged mo was still immersed in the joy of obtaining the earth level mo weapon and did not notice the actions of the trio.

“Valued Guests, you leave in such a hurry. My Tang Family has not treated you properly, and slighted such valued guests. This is our crime. This one is Tang Chen and ask for forgiveness from you!”

A deep and pleasant voice echoed in everyone’s ears. The noisy scene suddenly became silent. Everyone had speculated that the Tang Family would not stop and watch with a mo weapon grandmaster represent, but when Tang Chen asked for forgiveness, it caused everyone to be speechless.

Then sound spread in a wave.

Tang Chen was the present patriarch of the Tang Family. He rarely was seen in public. They hadn’t thought that he would personally come. This really was giving a great honor to this grandmaster!

Zuo Mo’s expression was the same but he grimaced. Now it would not be easy to leave.

The other was polite in speech but his position perfectly blocked off their path. Zuo Mo stopped walking and then casually bowed. He said, “I do not dare to accept this. We have matters to attend to and are in a hurry to travel. Mister Tang, please forgive us.”

Tang Chen smiled when he heard this. He drawled, “Grandmaster is too polite. Please tell us what the matter is. The Tang Family will be honoured to serve Grandmaster. It is the good fortunate of Bu Zhou City that Grandmaster has come here. Please, Grandmaster, stay for a few days, and let us act as good hosts.”

As expected, a difficult person!

Zuo Mo cursed this Tang Chen a few hundred times. He wanted to take out Little Mo Treasure Cup and let it go. It seemed from Tang Chen’s posture that Zuo Mo definitely would not be able to leave today. The other most likely would force them to stay.

Zuo Mo’s mind moved rapidly and decided to pretend to agree. Later, he would find a chance to sneak away.

Having decided this, he pretended to be reluctant and replied, “Then we will disturb Patriarch Tang for a few days.”

Tang Chen gave a satisfied smile. “Grandmaster, please!”

Tang Chen’s gaze swept across the Sky Snake Ten Manifestation Pike in the hand of the Rare Artifact Hall Chief Steward. He praised, “A good earth mo weapon!”

The middle-aged mo did not avoid Tang Chen’s gaze. He smiled calmly and said, “The mo weapon is good, the grandmaster is even better.”

Tang Chen naturally understood the other’s double meaning but pretended not to hear it. He smiled slightly and said, “The Tang Family coincidentally needs an earth mo weapon, please, state a price.”

His tone was cool but an aura of dominance formed.

The middle-aged mo was not frightened and said slyly, “This one does not dare to overstep this one’s authority. If Daren wants to ask about the price, this one will report to the owner.”

“You’re pretty good.” Tang Chen turned and left after saying this.

Zuo Mo showed a thoughtful expression.

It seemed that the support behind this Rare Artifacts Hall wasn’t weak.


The trio were set up in one compound. This was a very large compound in a great environment. It had all the equipment needed and there were more than a hundreds of servants. There was only the trio living in this enormous compound.

The compound was heavily guard on the outside. There were more than twenty of the Tang Family elite general level and above acting as guards and sentries. There also many mo matrices set up in the surroundings. It was impossible to set up seal formations like transportation formations.

This caused Zuo Mo to grimace. The other was clearly more experienced. After “inviting” them to the Tang Family, they were put under house arrest. The present situation was no different than house arrest even though the other did not restrict their movement.

Zuo Mo had also learned the domineering style of this Tang Family patriarch.

It was impossible to sneak away without being detected while under such heavy guard. If they tried to force their way, then all of their secrets would be exposed and the Tang Family would pay any price to keep them here.

There was great apology and guilt on Ceng Lian’er’s face. “If it wasn’t for the White Ridge Snake Bones … …”

Zuo Mo shook his head and interrupted her. “This isn’t your fault. Who would think that the earth level mo weapon would cause such a great disturbance.”

Zuo Mo looked at A Gui and felt urgency. If they were trapped here, when would they be able to reach Nether Springs Jie.

At this time, his mind suddenly moved.

He thought of a great idea.


“He is going to forge earth mo weapons?” Tang Chen asked gravely.

“Yes! He said that he wants to forge a new earth mo weapon.” The subordinate’s tone was filled with joyful surprise.

“Earth mo weapon!” Tang Chen’s expression changed but then he frowned. He naturally knew of the difficulty in forging an earth mo weapon. This grandmaster had just finished forging an earth mo weapon and now wanted to forge a second one. He felt incredulous at this.

Any earth mo weapon could be said to be the masterpiece of a mo weapon master’s life.

The great majority of mo weapon grandmasters only ever forged one earth mo weapon and those that had forged two could be counted on the fingers. He had never heard of one that had forged three.

Tang Chen had not captured Zuo Mo forcibly because of the earth mo weapon but was in hope that he would be willing to help take the role of the teacher for the Mo Weapon Camp.

Bu Zhou City was rich in resources, but the skill level of the mo weapon masters was not high. If the level of these mo weapon masters could be increased, the resources could be turned into an endless flow of fine mo weapons. The Tang Family’s power would increase another level in a short period of time.

Had he gotten new ideas from forging the earth mo weapon last time?

While he did not believe that Zuo Mo could forge a second earth mo weapon, Tang Cheng was naturally happy for Zuo Mo to throw himself into the forging of mo weapons.

“En, cooperate fully with him,” Tang Chen said without hesitation. “Satisfy his needs to the best of our abilities.”

“Yes!” The subordinate acknowledges. However, his expression turned strange. “But Grandmaster had a strange request … …”

“Strange request … … “ Tang Chen stilled.

Translator Ramblings: I’m not quite sure but is this the first time Zuo Mo is being honored for his forging skills? By people other than his subordinates.