World of Cultivation - Chapter Six Hundred and Four – Peacock Eyespot Domain

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Chapter Six Hundred and Four – Peacock Eyespot Domain

As Zuo Mo raised his right hand, the vast fire inside his body flowed like lava. Any kind of collision of the flows of energy would create bright sparks.

A strong pain burned every one of Zuo Mo’s nerves.

The world twisted in his vision as though there were waves of heat. Shen Yu’s body became unstable.

His position looked extremely strange. His right hand was raised, his body leaning slightly forward as though he was preparing to run. He grinned, raised his right leg and then suddenly stomped on the ground.

Like an arrow leaving the bow, he charged.

His body was off balance as he was leaning forward to the point that he was almost parallel to the ground. His two legs rapidly alternating as he accelerated.


On the seventh step, with a sound like that of a whip, a white spherical ball of air suddenly exploded around him.

Sonic boom!

Zuo Mo’s body suddenly became blurry.

Other than the screams of some females, many in the audience hardly reacted as they had seen Zuo Mo’s fight with Miao Jun. They all knew that Zuo Mo could create a sonic boom, and the sonic boom was not a powerful move. It was only rare because it required a high degree of balance in all aspects.

In reality, many experts were shaking their heads inside. Using such an ordinary and uncreative attacking method was not enough against Shen Yu.

Zuo Mo did not know the thoughts of the audience. He only felt that his body was burning fiercely, and he was going to melt.

His legs moved even more quickly as though he wanted to vent the rampaging flood inside his body. With every step, he used all of his strength. His mind dazed, what was left was only his fighting instincts!

At this time, another clear bang sounded out!


A spherical ball of white mist suddenly exploded around Zuo Mo’s body!

This was the twelfth step!

There were five steps between the two spherical balls of mist!

Bam bam bam, many chairs fell to the floor. Many people who had been shaking their heads suddenly stood up with shocked expressions.

A second sonic boom!

It was a double sonic boom!

Achieving a sonic boom was very rare already, but a double sonic boom was so rare that it was the first time many people were seeing it. The first sonic boom meant that the body had broken free of the restraint of the air. The second sonic boom came from the body vibrating at such a rapid rate that they caused an implosion of the air around them.

A double sonic boom would form an area of empty space around the person’s body.

All movements would be at their fastest and not face any resistance.

Other than needing the balance of their entire body to create a sonic boom, it required a great power in the body in order to form the second.

In other words, every one of Zuo Mo’s muscles were quivering at an imperceptible rate.

So hot!

Within the crimson eyes, the scenery that passed seemed to slow down. He could not hear the noise from the outside. The rampaging fire seemed to roar inside and spread across his body.

He was like a wounded wild beast sprinting at full strength!

The mo matrix of the Ten Crow Celestial Apparatus was extremely bright at this moment. The three suns on his back and the sun at his chest were furiously absorbing the hot fire inside his body. But the vast fire seemed to be an endless ocean. Even if the four suns were like four enormous whirlpools and absorbed the hot fire, the raging fire did not lessen.

The Sun Crystal Seed spun even faster.

The entire sea of fire started to become restless, as it sensed a threat from the spinning Sun Crystal Seed!


The restlessness of the fire sea spread to every bone of Zuo Mo’s body, every muscle fibre. They vibrated simultaneously!

Suddenly, something indistinct seemed to float out in his mind!

Zuo Mo’s eyes widened suddenly like a wild beast.


Shen Yu looked coldly at Xiao Mo Ge that was charging at him. He was surprised at the double sonic boom but was only surprised.

For general level, the ultimate technique was Domain!

With the peacock crown materialized on his forehead, he looked like a legendary king whose authority looked down on the world.

The peacock king mo bloodline was noble just like how the five colored mo matrix on his body was grandiose and brilliant.

At this time, Shen Yu’s eyes were cold and dignified. His already handsome face now seemed like a mo god from the legends. The five colored feathers that were extremely beautiful were like a cape or a five colored waterfall that fell from his shoulders onto the ground.

He stood there silently. His presence was so noble that people could not move their gazes away.

All the females in the room could not stop themselves from staring at the prince-like Shen Yu. Even Princess Xia showed a thread of dazedness. However, she quickly regained her mental clarity and was very shocked.

Shen Yu had always tried to show off in front of her, but he had never used all his ability like he was today!

Shen Yu looked coldly at Zuo Mo that was rushing frantically at him and elegantly raised his right hand.

The bright five colored light was like paint. With him as the center, the colors spread into the surroundings. In a moment, the entire battlefield turned into a multicolored world.


“He actually reached Domain!”

People seemed to see something that was impossible to believe. If Zuo Mo’s double sonic boom had shocked them, then Shen Yu’s Domain that he created with a wave of his hand made them suspect that something was wrong with their eyes. Even Chang Yuan Hao and Yu Shuang had surprised expressions.

“It is a pity for Xiao Mo Ge. Shen Yu has cultivated a Domain … … the young people now really are … …” Yu Shuang shook his head emotionally.

They had heard the reputation of the genius of Shen Yu a long time ago. People had to sigh and praise him for entering general level in his teens.

But all the praise was so insignificant in front of the multicolored world in front of them.


This was a line that separated the experts from the masses, and a dividing line for whether one could level up further.

He was so young yet he had crossed this benchmark. His future was unlimited and he had a great hope of entering marshal level.

Many people were adjusting their judgment of the Shen Family.

Lan Rong’s face was ashen as he watched from outside the battlefield.

Shen Yu had actually obtained Domain! Xiao Mo Ge was in danger!

There was no change of expression on Shen Yu’s face which was as cold and indifferent like the peacock crown that was on his forehead.

[Peacock Eyespot Domain’!


As the other seemed to come closer, Zuo Mo suddenly felt the surroundings became difficult to move as though he had entered a quagmire.

Shen Yu seemed to grow distant in his vision.

The distance between the two increased. In a blink, Shen Yu was a hundred zhang away.

He did not notice that dashes of circular marks like the eyespots on peacock feathers appeared on the ground. They were like strange eyes, or slowly spinning whirlpools.

The sticky feeling caused Zuo Mo to feel unusually uncomfortable.

He was like a wild beast that had charged into a net and was instinctively thrashing about! At this time, something slid across his head and caused him to give a shocking roar. He was like a wounded beast. His body suddenly jumped up, and when he reached the apex, his body shook and became blurry!

At the same time, a burning streak of fire pierced the ground from the sky.

Zuo Mo’s fist punched out, causing a long flickering fist of fire to smash into a peacock eyespot on the ground.


The ground shook and the eyes instantly shattered into countless flows of color. But quickly, they flowed back together from all directions like water and reformed back into the eyespots.

Shen Yu looked indifferently at Zuo Mo and was not affected.

This kind of damage was ineffective against his [Peacock Eyespot Domain].


When Zuo Mo’s fist hit the ground, the sea of fire inside his body suddenly roared. Already savage, Zuo Mo felt very good.

He did not feel the resistance that came from striking with his fist.

He did not hesitate and lifted his fist again. As though he was mad, he punched again and again!

Boom boom boom!

The ground continued to tremble, the eyespots shattering under the punches and then reforming.

Zuo Mo did not seem to realize it. He was immersed in an indescribable feeling of pleasure. With every punch, the fire inside seemed to vent into the ground from his body. Everything in his body seemed to be burning furiously.

In the stands, Yu Shuang could not stop himself. “This guy really is drunk!”

“Sixteen jars of Ghost Wine.” Chang Yuan Hao was of few words, but the meaning did not need to be said.

“This guy is a freak as well. He drank sixteen jars of Granny Meng Ghost Wine and can still fight. How come I wasn’t this strong when I was young?” Yu Shuang sighed.

“He will give us a surprise.” Shen Yue Yi suddenly laughed lightly.

Yu Shuang and Chang Yuan Hao stilled simultaneously. Shi Yue Yi who had always been indifferent seemed to have eyes which were now flashing with another kind of light as he stared at Xiao Mo Ge.

The two exchanged a look and could see the shock in each other’s eyes.

City Master never spoke without basis. Did this little guy really have something special?

Both felt some anticipation.

Their gazes moved towards the battlefield landing on Xiao Mo Ge who was punching the ground in rapid succession.

“En?” Chang Yuan Hao seemed to have noticed something.

Hm?” Yu Shuang couldn’t help but give a slight sound of surprise.


Zuo Mo furiously punched the ground. He seemed to not know exhaustion and he used full power in every punch. The ground of the battlefield continued to tremble and even the guests in the stands could feel it.

He completely forgot about Shen Yu.

In his eyes, there were only the peacock eye spots that repeatedly shattered and reformed.

The spinning of the Sun Crystal Seed inside his body reached a shocking rate. It gave off threads of magnetism and even the three suns on his back were slowly pulling at the rampaging sea of fire inside Zuo Mo’s body.

The thing that appeared in Zuo Mo’s mind slowly became clear.

Zuo Mo who had lost the ability to think a long time ago did not think at all. He instinctively changed according to what the thing in his mind said.

He punched again and again!

But without knowing it, each punch had started to vary in minute changes.

The speed that Zuo Mo punched was very quick. It was a storm that was so rapid, people could not catch it.

The tiny changes accumulated under this shocking speed. In a blink, people detected the change in his punches!

Translator Ramblings: Peacocks … … important animal in Chinese mythology, especially in the Investiture of the Gods. The first peacock, Kong Xuan is a child of the phoenix and extremely powerful. He ate Siddhartha before he became Buddha and when Siddhartha achieved Buddhahood, Kong Xuan was called “the mother of Buddha” as a Buddha came out of his body. So peacocks … … noble bloodline.

Actually, based on bloodline alone, I’m not sure who is more noble. In more mordern Chinese mythology … … the peacock is the child of the phoenix which comes before the yao in history. However, Di Qun, the father of the 10 golden crows, was the Emperor of Heaven.