World of Cultivation - Chapter Six Hundred and Fifty Three – A Gui’s Attack

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Chapter Six Hundred and Fifty Three – A Gui’s Attack

Rain Domain of No Return!

The smaller Rain Domain of No Return was just thirty zhang in diameter did not span a large range like it had previously. Yet the area it enveloped a strange and powerful repulsive power. This strange power was not large in expanse but it was frighteningly powerful. Zuo Mo had never thought that even with such a fast attack, he was still forced off his mark.

He was surprised that the domain could be used like this.

It really was wondrous!

The reason he had chosen close-quarter combat was so that he could avoid Marshal Yu’s Rain Domain of No Return. He hadn’t thought that he would end up colliding with the Rain Domain of No Return anyway! Had never expected that Marshal Yu could use the Rain Domain of No Return in close-quarters.

Zuo Mo was too fast. When he was pulled astray by the field of power, he was not able to react in time and could only watch as he darted passed Marshal Yu.

Marshal Yu was prepared and his hand lightly reached towards Zuo Mo.

If his hand landed, Zuo Mo would be seriously injured if not killed! Marshal Yu’s movements were mighty and forceful. Just a glancing blow would result in a serious injury.

Facing at a life and death situation, Zuo Mo’s response was quick.

Woosh, the space around him suddenly became dark red. A wave of hot air spread into the surroundings.

Ten Crow Celestial Domain!

Zuo Mo used what he had just learned and activated the Ten Crow Celestial Domain!

Marshal Yu laughed coldly. His hand did not shift from its path.

The hand seemed to be weak but Zuo Mo felt his breathing stop in his throat. Little Mo Ge’s expression changed drastically. His Ten Crow Celestial Domain was channeled to its limits but he didn’t have any confidence he could stop this blow.

At this time, a figure suddenly charged out.


A clear sound of a collision rang out and the figure that rushed forward flew backwards.

Marshal Yu’s blow was forced slightly astray by this figure. The air pressure of the blow brushed Zuo Mo’s body and passed into the empty space behind him. It created a deep hole over twenty zhang in the ground.

It was the black gold seal soldier that was thrown backwards. He bared his teeth and hissed. His expression indicated the pain he felt and the seal scripts on his body became dimmer.

Zuo Mo was calm. He found that while his Ten Crow Celestial Domain was suppressed by Marshal Yu’s Rain Domain of No Return, he could still cancel out the strange effects the repulsive field had on him. While Marshal Yu overbearing in his movements and blows, he clearly was not skilled in close physical combat.

This was an opportunity!

Zuo Mo’s body twisted. Like a slippery fish, he followed the path the strange field of power flowed in and suddenly appeared below Marshal Yu’s right.

His right hand formed a fist that suddenly exploded with blinding golden light and furiously dancing golden flames

[Fire Fist of the First Heavenly Stem]!

Ten transformations, ranking first in dominance, the first fire! [1]

Marshal Yu snorted coldly. His left arm raised the five fingers of his hand extended towards Zuo .

Bam bam bam bam bam!

Like heavy beats of a drum, five terrifying gusts of air hit Zuo Mo’s Fire Fist of the First Heavenly Stem!

Zuo Mo was struck heavily. His body shook and the flames dancing on his right fist were forcibly extinguished. Even more terrifying was that when the five gusts of air hit his fist, one half of his body was left numb and unable to move.

At this time, countless black chains appeared out of the air and burrowed into the Rain Domain of No Return.

Wo Li had attacked!

These chains were like the sharpest of sword essences. In a blink, they pierced the Rain Domain of No Return.

The Rain Domain of No Return had a strange field of power in the thirty zhang it covered but it was too small of an area. It stopped the great majority of the chains but two still managed to pierce through it!

The two chains twisted in strange positions within the Rain Domain of No Return!

Marshal Yu who had been calm until now changed expression!

The twisting chains caused the invisible field of power to appear.

Suddenly, a ghostly figure ran alongside the chain and entered the field of power to silently appear behind Marshal Yu.

A Gui!

Her eyes were filled with purple energy. Her hand pressed in the empty air three cun from Marshal Yu’s back!

There was no sound!

Marshal Yu’s body suddenly shook.

His expression froze on his face, his eyes filled with disbelief.

Why was it like this?

… … why was it like this … …

He stood woodenly.

He wanted to turn around but no matter how hard he tried, his body did not listen to him.

The light in his eyes retreated like the tide and in a blink, the light was gone.


The Yu Frontier Guards had incurred heavy losses!

Bie Han’s Sin Battalion harvested life with an indifferent attitude. They did not have pity, feel sympathy, or know exhaustion! They continuously charged at the Yu Frontier Guard’s ranks. Even though they were had fewer members, they held the advantage.

They were strong and vicious. They never feared engagements where they were outnumbered. They continuously shifted their positions. Each tactic was unexpected. From the initial charge, they held the advantage.

The Yu Frontier Guards having a very difficult time and were exhausted. They lacked a powerful battle general to lead them.

In Bie Han’s eyes, a battalion like this was full of holes to exploit.

If it wasn’t for the Yu Frontier Guard’s flexibility, they would have crumbled a long time ago. But if this continued, the defeat of the Yu Frontier Guards would just be a matter of time.


“This battle general is too powerful!” Ming Yu Wei was shocked she almost couldn’t speak.

She was not the only one, Ming Hui and the others were stunned. At this time, they finally understood just how powerful this battle general they had fought was!

In the beginning, they had thought of taking advantage of the chaos and to attack Sin Battalion from behind.

But after seeing the entire battle, their lips trembled and their limbs felt cold. They couldn’t muster up those thoughts any longer. They saw with their own eyes how Sin Battalion dismembered the Yu Frontier Guards. The comparatively slow responses of the Yu Frontier Guards could not stop the predation by Sin Battalion at all.

At times they were as sly as wolves, and at others as ferocious as tigers.

The battle general of Sin Battalion was unbelievably powerful. His control of the entire battlefield reached a frightening level.

But what shocked people even more was Bie Han’s unrelenting style of fighting.

They would aim at the enemy’s weakness with strong attacks. A minor weakness would quickly worsen. Then this weakness would become more significant until it affected the entire battle!

And if the enemy managed to surround them, they would find an opening at the most opportune time and fight their way out before turning around and slaughtering the pursuers.

In this short battle, the Yu Frontier Guards had suffered great losses.

Their advantage was slowly growing because the battle formation of the Yu Frontier Guards broke down under their repeated charges!

If they managed to completely destroy the battle formation of the Yu Frontier Guards, then no matter how many people the Yu Frontier Guards had, they would become lambs waiting for slaughter!

It really … … was powerful!

Ming Hui and the others accepted their loss. They had lost for reason!


The death of Marshal Yu became the straw that broke the camel’s back.

Many of the Yu Frontier Guards that were fighting saw Marshal Yu’s body fall from the sky and were left dumbstruck. Some had even started to cry.

Terror and hopelessness spread like the plague across the battlefield.

The Yu Frontier Guard’s morale had almost been broken by the charges of Sin Battalion had complete collapsed.

Everywhere Sin Battalion passed, blood and flesh flew. Bie Han was like a bloodthirsty blade as he directed Sin Battalion.

The outcome of the battle was set but Bie Han did not relent. He continued to slaughter the Yu Frontier Guards!

He was like a meat grinder on full power.

A killing machine!


There were no words that could describe what everyone felt right now.

They saw the death of Marshal Yu with their own eyes. This was the marshal to died of unnatural causes in hundreds of years!

There was a saying in the mo territories, only marshals could kill marshals. However, they saw a marshal die at the hands of some unknown people. Among them, the most famous was Xiao Mo Ge. While Xiao Mo Ge seemed to have some fame in Great Peace City, but in the entire Hundred Savage of the Dark, he was a nobody compared to Marshal Yu, someone who had been famed for decades.

What was even harder to accept was that there wasn’t a marshal among them!

Everyone had believed that Marshal Yu would ultimately win in the end. Even when the Anti Dragon Claw had been dominating, no one thought that Marshal Yu would fall in battle.

But Marshal Yu had died.

Felled by the hand of an unknown female.

That female was the maid standing next to Xiao Mo Ge. No one present even knew her name!

The great Marshal Yu fell to a woman like this.

If they hadn’t seen it with their own eyes, no one would have believed it.

Even now, they did not understand why Marshal Yu died.


Zuo Mo panted heavily. His fight with Marshal Yu had been short but it was a dance with death.

Zuo Mo felt very surprised that A Gui had killed Marshal Yu.

But when he saw the burning purple energy in A Gui’s eyes, he suddenly understood why she succeeded and his expression changed.

He didn’t feel any joy. With a flash, he appeared next to A Gui and grabbed her hand.

What he didn’t notice was a thread of warmth flashed through her purple eyes when he grabbed A Gui’s hand.

Zuo Mo’s heart sank.

The purple energy in A Gui’s body was now many times stronger than it had ever been!

This was not good!

The purple energy was a very eerie power. It could make A Gui very powerful but at the same time, it would corrode A Gui’s body, destroy her vitality and seal her six senses.

Zuo Mo understood that A Gui had definitely suffered extremely serious injuries in exchange for the victory just now!

The purple energy was unique in that it would become stronger after injury. But even so, it could not be so strong! Zuo Mo looked at A Gui. He knew that something had happened to her just now.

Zuo Mo didn’t feel the joy of victory.

The purple energy in A Gui’s body was so strong. Her condition would quickly worsen and her connection with the outside world would be completely blocked.

Damn it!

Zuo Mo’s expression was dark.

A Gui silently stood next to him as he held her hand. Her eyes filled with purple energy were gentle.

Looking around, Zuo Mo knew he finally won!

However, what he did not know that a similarity intense battle was occurring in another place. .

Translator Ramblings: WanderingGummiOfDoom said this was a bit of an anti-climax. But really, this is just the pattern now. Clear Sky Forefather, A Gui. Yuanying from Xuan Kong Temple, A Gui. Marshal Yu, A Gui.