World of Cultivation - Chapter Seven Hundred and Twenty One – Swear By The Sword

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Chapter Seven Hundred and Twenty One Swear By The Sword

Wei Sheng’s body shook

The air around him immediately turned blood red, marks of blood appearing on the body of the God-Killing Blood Sword. A thick killing presence swept out!

A blood red curtain materialized with the sword swing.

The thick lightning sword energy smashed against the blood curtain with the destructive power of nature.

The blood curtain lit up. Howls of wild beasts roared from within, and threads of blood appeared on the blood red curtain.

Lei Yi’s expression changed slightly!

Both the blood curtain and the blood sword emanated a strong and savage presence! Lei Yi knew that people who cultivated sword scriptures like this would have their minds corroded over time to become bloodthirsty and cruel. This kind of sword xiu was extremely dangerous. They didn’t need any reason to kill people, and were true killing madman. However, those that cultivated a killing sword would have difficulty advancing the further they got. They easily got lost in the bloodlust of killing and would walk to their own destruction in the end.

Yet when he saw Wei Sheng clearly just now…

…under that terrifying curtain of blood, Wei Sheng’s eyes were filled with devotion to the sword, and his attachment to his belief. Even his presence was clear and honest without any hint of the insanity! With just a glance, Lei Yi detected Wei Sheng’s stone hard determination. In a flash, he thought of Lin Qian, and unconsciously compared the two.

Lin Qian was much better than this boy … …

Lei Yi instinctively thought this but at this moment, his gaze met Wei Sheng’s gaze. Behind the curtain of blood, there seemed to be something burning in that pair of eyes. Was it belief? Or stubbornness? It burned so hot, so determined, without any qualms, or concerns. Even the thick blood curtain could not hide it!

Lin Qian was much better than this boy, but in terms of attachment to the sword, he was slightly lacking … …

Lei Yi jumped in fright at the conclusion he had just made. How was it possible? The two shouldn’t be able to be compared at all! Who was Lin Qian? He was the disciple with the most outstanding in talent and personality from hundreds of thousands of Kun Lun disciples. He received the best mentorship, he was hardworking and never slacked off, he was born noble … …

Wei Sheng was from a rural little sect, starting as a low sword servant but … …

All of these thoughts flashed by like lightning. Lei Yi was paralyzed in shock at his own thoughts.

This boy could not be left alive!

This thought exploded lie thunder in his mind.

Killing intent immediately filled his entire body. Countless little bolts of lightning swam around his eyes. His hair danced in the wind. Lightning shrouded his body, and his presence reached a peak!

At this moment, he didn’t have any cares about exposing his identity. There was only one person in Lei Yi’s eyes, only one thought!

No matter how, no matter the price he had to pay, this boy had to die!

Blocking the other’s strike, the God-Killing Blood sword in Wei Sheng’s hand immediately became excited. It rang and hummed in Wei Sheng’s hand and tried to break free of his grip!

Wei Sheng’s hand seemed to be forged from steel and didn’t move a sliver. The battle spirit in his eyes burned even hotter.

Gripping the God-Killing Blood Sword, Wei Sheng’s body bowed slightly, curling inward into a ball. However, his slightly raised face was unparalleled in its determination.

“Swear… … by the … … sword!”

The words came from deep within his chest, spoken with great confidence and a steely determination. It was like a hammer smashing against their minds.

The ringing of the God-Killing Blood Sword in Wei Sheng’s hand suddenly stopped.

As the last word was said, Wei Sheng’s sword was slowly swung as though it was thousands of catties heavy!

The marks of blood on the sword seemed to be attracted by a great force, floating up from the sword and slowly spinning around the blade.

Lei Yi felt extreme danger. The lightning energy in his eyes grew. A silver and uniquely shaped flying sword appeared in front of him. This flying sword seemed to be a section of a lightning bolt, about one zhang long and irregularly shaped. There were many splits like branches of a tree, it twisted and turned. It was completely silver, and the material that it was made from was unknown.

Lei Yi’s famed flying sword [Sky Lightning Branch]!

When the [Sky Lightning Branch] was pointed to the sky, the cloud layer within hundreds of li suddenly gathered towards the space above his head like an avalanche. In a moment, there were black clouds gathered above Lei Yi’s head that stretched endlessly. The sky immediately became as dark as night.


The sky suddenly lit up with a twisted and burning bolt of lightning. The lightning landed on the [Sky Lightning Branch], and the sword lit up.

This was just a start. As the lightning continued to strike the Sky Lightning Branch, it became almost as bright as the sun. An astounding amount of lightning surrounded it. The lightning accumulated in the cloud layer within hundreds of li all gathered on it.

The Sky Lightning Branch seemed to be alive as it moved within a thick ball of lightning!

The entire city was disturbed by such a great noise.

“Stop!” a mo shouted angrily, “Are you crazy!”

“Careful, they are xiuzhe!”

Lei Yi ignored them. A cold smirk appeared at the corner of his mouth. His eyes that flashed with lightning were icy.

Some mo tried to come closer. Several bolts of lightning suddenly shot out of the gathering ball of lightning and struck them. The lightning flashed, and there was nothing left where the people had been floating there. The other mo all changed expression. No one dared to come close!

Jin Ran and Hua Shan looked excitedly at Lei Yi Shixhu. While they had known that Lei Yi Shishu was unfathomably powerful, they were still greatly amazed when they saw it with their own eyes.

Lei Yi was like a lightning god on earth. He looked on coolly, his index and middle finger pointing out together. His eyes were wide as he shouted, “Die!”

The Sky Lightning Branch within the ball of lightning suddenly turned into an unusually thick bolt of lightning that dove towards Wei Sheng with an unstoppable presence!

The lightning was like a great enormous silver sword with a terrifying presence as it split the sky!

The blinding silver light illuminated the world, reflected in countless pairs of terrified eyes. The power of nature amazed everyone.

This sword strike contained the power of the lightning in the world!

People were unable to make out if it was lightning or sword essence.

Yet in this patch of silver white lightning, a blood curtain seemed to slowly, yet determinedly spread.

The deep voice from within the blood curtain was so clear, and so determined. Even in front of the power of nature, it did not submit at all, and did not tremble.

“By the offering of Kun Lun blood!”

By the offering of Kun Lun blood?

Lei Yi’s eyes turned even colder. All the ling power in his blood flooded out without any regard for consequences.

The Sky Lightning Branch at the tip of that curving twisted lightning bolt trembled. The surrounding lightning became even denser. It pierced the air, and shot at Wei Sheng at a speed hard to detect with the naked eye

A hint of joy flashed across Lei Yi’s cold eyes. An indescribable understanding appeared in his mind. With this sword strike, he had touched fanxu, and touched the fundamental rules of the world.

His cultivation that had not improved for a long time broke through at this time!

He was so happy he wanted to howl at the sky!

At this time, he suddenly saw out of the corner of his eyes an unusually bright and thin blood line follow the path of Wei Sheng’s sword strike. It penetrated the blood curtain and headed straight for the lightning striking down out of the sky!

The blood line wasn’t any slower than Lei Yi’s strike.

Lei Yi’s eyes widened. How was that possible?

Compared to the thick lightning created by the Sky Lightning Branch, the blood line was so thin it was almost overlooked. Compared to the astoundingly destructive presence of the Sky Lightning Branch, the thin line of blood didn’t have any presence.

It appeared in front of the sky lightning branch seemingly without any warning.

Both attacks were extremely fast, so fast that both sides could not react at all.


A strange dissonant howl rang out.

The blood line was like an extremely sharp knife that cut across tofu. The strangely shaped and seemingly alive flying sword, Sky Lightning Branch, which caused the thick lightning and changed the color of the sky was split apart by this nondescript thin line of blood!

Split into two!

The blood line that sliced through the lightning disappeared from Lei Yi’s vision.

Before he could react, he suddenly felt as though a slippery thing flashed through his mind. He had never felt something so strange.

A ruler-straight mark appeared on the small embryo that had started to form in his body. An embryo that now faded into nothingness.

Lei Yi’s eyes went wide. His expression was slightly puzzled. An extremely small and straight mark of blood slowly appeared on his face and body.

This … … this … …

The puzzlement in Lei Yi’s eyes gradually turned into great terror

–This was shen power!

The blood which contained ling power sprouted from that blood mark that traversed his body. His vision turned bloody red.

His remaining ling power could feel the presence of his two nearby disciples who were now just like him.

Bewildered, endless darkness came at him. He seemed to hear a noise and then he lost consciousness. What he didn’t know was that their fresh blood had turned into three blood arrows that was absorbed by the God-Killing Blood Sword.

The world was covered by silver light!

The lightning that lost control was a savage power. It exploded!

The bright light forced people’s eyes closed. All of their senses were useless in front of such a savage explosion. Everyone’s minds were blank and they were like branches swept up in a flood.

Wei Sheng’s face was pale and bloodless. He held the God-Killing Blood Sword with a death grip and allowed it to carry him among the turbulence.

In the moment he touched ground, his legs gave out and he almost fell over.

After killing such a strong enemy, there was no joy on his face. There was faint sorrow in his mind.

However, his mind was strong and he quickly broke free of his sorrow. There was a bitter smile on his face. This God-Killing Blood Sword was powerful, but with his power, he only had enough for one strike. After that one strike, he would be exhausted and wouldn’t have any power to fight back.

That strike just now didn’t just take all the ling and shen power in his body, it had also used almost one fifth of the blood in his body.

Wei Sheng had never cultivated a mo physique. His body was not on a level comparable with Zuo Mo.

One fifth of all his blood was enough to almost kill him.

Right now, he had no power, and he didn’t know when he could recover. For xiuhe, the blood in their bodies was their purest source of power. If it was used it, it was difficult to recover.

Shaking his head, Wei Sheng did not feel any regret. The sword oath he had vowed was set in his heart!

Not just one fifth of his blood, even if he lost his life, he would not regret it at all.

However, he could not go on like this to Bu Zhou City. Wouldn’t he become a burden to Shidi?

At this time, the God-Killing Blood Sword in his hand suddenly moved and started to pull him down into the ground. Wei Sheng was shocked. He felt as though he was sinking into water without any sluggishness, and quickly sank down into the earth.

The God-Killing Blood Sword continued to pull him downwards!

Translator Ramblings: The sword is almost an object of worship in fantasy novels, especially Chinese ones. I feel that authors lavish more words and content on the sword, the moves, the comprehension than they do on the main character’s friends or romantic partner in stories. We could probably call it the cult of the sword.