World of Cultivation - Chapter Seven Hundred and Thirty Nine – Someone From The Past

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Chapter Seven Hundred and Thirty Nine – Someone From The Past

A large man with rough features stood up. He had a dry smile and his presence spread.

Gu Liang Dao!

Gasps immediately ran out among the crowd. As one of the best battle generals of the present, era the reputation of Xi Xuan’s Tiger General Gu Liang Dao was known far and wide. Many people had wary expressions but their enmity decreased. Gu Liang Dao had left Xi Xuan and controlled a region. In the eyes of these people, he was just a small local power. Without the titan that was Xi Xuan behind him, the resources that Gu Liang Dao could muster were limited. He was not as much a threat as he had been when he had been acting as the vanguard for Xi Xuan.

Zuo Mo saw Gu Liang Dao and a expression of joyful surprise appeared on his face. “Brother Gu!”

Gu Liang Dao raised his folded hands in a smile and laughed brightly. “Brother, do not blame me for not notifying you I would be coming. It really is that we have come in a hurry, and I only recently discovered that it was you, Brother.”

It was the first time the great majority of people here saw this past Xi Xuan Tiger. They instantly felt that he was as the rumors said. Gu Liang Dao’s voice was like a bell, and his actions as fierce as that of a tiger. His presence naturally formed and caused people to unconsciously submit.

Zuo Mo said apologetically, “If it isn’t that this young brother needs treasures that can nurture the soul urgently, I should gift this to Brother Gu.”

Last time, Gu Liang Dao had and fought alongside Gongsun Cha to hold Great Peace City. Zuo Mo remembered this favor.

Hearing the sincerity in Zuo Mo’s voice, Gu Liang Dao laughed. “We are brothers, there’s no need to be so courteous. Old Gu is satisfied that Brother is willing to sell it to me. If Brother gives this to me, Old Gu doesn’t dare to accept it.” Finishing, he raised his hand, and a jade box flew towards Zuo Mo.

Zuo Mo took the jade box. The jade box was of extremely high grade, and was thin and transparent as cicada wings. It was possible to clearly see a five colored lingdan within that was the size of a longan. The five colored light swirled.

Zuo Mo didn’t waste words. With a raise of his hand, the rainbow mist carried the [Angel Device Raiment] to fly towards Gu Liang Dao.

Gu Liang Dao’s expression became joyed as he took it. At this time, a voice suddenly interrupted. “Wait!”

Ming Yue Ye stood out. “Can Mister Gu let go of this item, this one is Ming Yue Ye.”

Gu Liang Dao turned around and his expression was slightly affected. “So it is Elder Ming, this one has heard of you. However, sorry, this item is extremely important to Old Gu.”

Ming Yue Ye said coolly, “If Brother Gu is willing to part with them, the yao is willing to ally with Brother Gu and fully support Brother Gu. With Brother Gu’s abilities, and the abilities of the yao, I believe that you will accomplish great things.”

The expressions of some people present immediately changed, especially the factions that were close to Gu Liang Dao’s territory. If the yao really did ally with Gu Liang Dao, they would be the first to suffer.

Gu Liang Dao only smiled upon hearing this. His weathered face carried a thread of pride and disdain. “Many thanks, Miss Ming, for you good intentions. Old Gu is a rough person, but knows that while one is poor, they must not lack ambitions. I, Gu Liang Dao, will take for myself what I want. Hm, I will not sell myself to become a slave!”

“You dare!” An elder was furious upon hearing this. He leapt out and shouted as he pointed at Gu Liang Dao.

A sharp ripple shot out his finger.

Zuo Mo’s expression suddenly changed. He hadn’t thought that the people from the Yao Council of Elders dared to commit a sneak attack under the eyes of so many people. Gu Liang Dao was a battle general and not skilled for his individual power. He would not be able to dodge such a sudden attack from a shen power expert.

Damn it!

There wasn’t enough time!

Zuo Mo was extremely frustrated, and his killing intent rose. The entire King’s Forbidden City suddenly shook. If one was outside the palace, they would be able to see the rainbow clouds that hung over the city suddenly move. The water formed from yin energy in the lakes suddenly boiled.

In this moment, Zuo Mo decided that if something happened to Gu Liang Dao, he would have all of these yao accompany his burial!

In a flash, a person standing beside Gu Liang Dao silently appeared in front of Gu Liang Dao.

The person’s right hand was slightly open, five different kinds of light suddenly lighting up on his hands. Gold, wood, water, fire, and earth; the light seemed to ripple like water.

The yao council elder suddenly changed expression. Before he was able to react, the sharp needle-like ripple he had just released suddenly turned and appeared a handwidth from his face.


He spat out blood and fell forward. His expression was as white as paper, and his breathing weak.

All of the yao council elders changed expression. Another elder hurriedly took out a pill and shoved it into the injured elder’s mouth.

“Sir is?” Ming Yue Ye’s pupils shrank slightly.

Everyone finally saw the person who had acted. This was a delicate and quiet youth. He had an average expression and his present wasn’t special in any way. From the start, he had silently stay by Gu Liang Dao’s side, Including Zuo Mo, everyone had missed his existence.

“I am Shuang Yu.”

Everyone was puzzled at this unfamiliar name. It was clearly the first time they heard this name.

Ming Yue Ye had a thoughtful expression. Moments later, her pupils contracted again, “Shuang Yu who eight years ago went into seclusion in the Five Element Universe.”

“Oh, you even know that?” Shuang Yu stilled. Many people in Xi Xuan didn’t know his name, yet the other was able to point him out immediately.

Ming Yue Ye was intimidated. If her memory wasn’t so good, she definitely would not have remembered. Out of the talented disciples in Xi Xuan, Shuang Yue was not outstanding, considered to be somewhere in the upper quartile. His birth was ordinary, and the sect did not pay great attention to him. The only thing that Ming Yue Ye remembered about him was because he had chosen to seclude himself in the Five Element Universe.

The Five Element Universe was a place that almost everyone in Xi Xuan had forgotten. It was a marvelous place that the Xi Xuan Founding Ancestor had found. It was a location where an extremely small jie was beginning to form, the five elements slowly manifesting inside. The Xi Xuan Founding Ancestor used great powers to seal it, and left only an entrance behind. He also said that only those that came out of the Five Element Universe would be the ones that had truly comprehended the true meaning of the five elements.

It seemed to be a great place to gain experience. When Xi Xuan had first been founded, many disciples chose to enter there to cultivate. Yet the reality was much crueler than they had imagined. If they could not comprehend the true meaning of the five elements, they could not come out. In history, there wasn’t more than five disciples that had managed to come out.

As Xi Xuan gradually turned to enjoyment and luxury, the disciples forgot about the Five Element Universe. Shuang Yu was the only disciple that entered the Five Element Universe in the last thirty years, and it was only due to this that Ming Yue Ye had some impression of the name.

She hadn’t thought that Shuang Yue had managed to come out of the Five Element Universe! And he had also thrown his lot in with Gu Liang Dao!

Sharp inhales sounded in the crowd, Many people had shocked expressions.

They had never heard the name Shuang Yu before, but all of them knew of Xi Xuan’s Five Element Universe. Including Shuang Yu, there had been five disciples that had come out of the Five Element Universe. The previous four had all been the strongest of their era!

Those that came out of the Five Element Universe were qualified to stand at the peak of their era.

No one dared to dismiss him any longer, even if this youth appeared normal.

Their gazes towards Gu Liang Dao became filled with wariness as well. No matter what, the upper level of Xi Xuan would not be so stupid to push away a disciple that had survived the Five Element Universe. But Shuang Yu had still chosen to support Gu Liang Dao.

Gu Liang Dao himself was a fierce tiger, and this was giving him a pair of wings.

Zuo Mo was slightly surprised. However, after he asked Pu Yao about the origins of the Five Element Universe, he was filled with admiration towards Shuang Yu and felt happy on Gu Liang Dao’s behalf. Gu Liang Dao was a top battle general. Adding on a top expert like Shuang Yu, his power could be said to have completely transformed.

Gu Liang Dao ignored the wary and hostile gazes of the other people. He patted Shuang Yu’s shoulder and shoved the [Angel Device Raiment] into Shuang Yu’s hands. His movements were natural as he was doing something normal.

Everyone finally realized. So the Angel Device Raiment was for Shuang Yu.

Shuang Yu stilled. “Big Brother … …”

“I originally planned to give it to you, but I am poor, and only had one lingdan that was acceptable. I was afraid that you would be disappointed if we didn’t get it so I didn’t tell you beforehand.” Gu Liang Dao explained unconcernedly.

Shuang Yu felt his nose turn sour. He knew how poor Gu Liang Dao was. That [Five Element Soul Dan] was the only top level treasure Gu Liang Dao had.

Everyone was solemn and their gazes when they looked at Gu Liang Dao were filled with respect. Anyone that could do this was worth of respect. People finally understood that Gu Liang Dao’s accomplishment had not been due to luck.

“Big Brother … …” Shuang Yu’s eyes turned red.

Gu Liang Dao frowned and scolded impatiently, “After so many years, why are still you such a nag?”

Shuang Yu had a sheepish expression as he caressed the [Angel Device Raiment] in his hand. His expression was like that of a child that had received the toy of his dreams.

Ming Yue Ye saw this and was even more intimidated inside. She felt deeply wary at Gu Liang Dao’s actions, no matter if it really was sincere or an act.

If this person was not a hero, he was an ambitious person!

Just now, she had felt a thread of shen power from Shuang Yu’s attack, even if it had not fully taken form … …

With the [Angel Device Raiment] in Shuang Yu’s possession, Shuang Yu’s power would probably advance and become completed.

It was safest to kill people like Gu Liang Dao who could grow to become an enemy of the Yao Council of Elders! Ming Yue Ye felt murderous. Shuang Yu was strong, but if they did not care about the price, they would be able to kill him on the way.

If he perfected his shen power, he would become a great threat!

In Ming Yue Ye’s mind, only Kun Lun, Tian Huan, and the Mo Shen Temple could become enemies of the Yao Council of Elders. The declining and rotting Xi Xuan was of benefit to the elders. Yet Gu Liang Dao was the person most likely to inherit Xi Xuan’s wealth! If he inherited Xi Xuan’s wealth, then his strength would grow to a terrifying level!

She had to eliminated a hidden and dangerous enemy like this.

Her expression did not change as though nothing had happened. The wounded elder was helped up. His face was pale white as he glared poisonously at Shuang Yu.

Yet Ming Yue Ye forgot that there was still a person here, and this person was the true master of this place!

“Little Girl, you wound my guests in front of ge, did you forget whose territory this is?”

Zuo Mo’s low-class tone was murderous and glacial. The temperature in the palace suddenly dropped.

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