World of Cultivation - Chapter Seven Hundred and Thirty Five – Kun Lun’s Spirit

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Chapter Seven Hundred and Thirty Five – Kun Lun’s Spirit

A perfect body slowly floated up from the medicine pool.

On the tall figure, every muscle was clearly defined and balanced. The eyes on the handsome face were lightly closed. As his eyelids slowly opened they revealed eyes that were deep like the vast stars, and would cause people to get lost in.

He sat up and the water droplets on his body were like the dew on the lily pads, rolling off.

He was flawless, a work of the heavens. All of the elders had satisfied expressions.

“How do you feel?” the snowy-haired sect leader asked. Lin Qian could hear the concern in the sect leader’s words.

He did not immediately answer. He tried to move his body and his expression was slightly puzzled.

The sect leader saw this and unhesitatingly said, “To the Sword Testing Field.”

Sword Testing Field.

When Lin Qian effortlessly cut a sword testing stone with a single blow as thought it was tofu, all of the elders inhaled sharply.

The sword testing shone was one of the hardest stones in the world. This sword testing stone was Kun Lun’s largest piece and was over a zhang tall. Even the sect leader, using all his ling power, would be unable to cut this sword testing stone into two.

Lin Qian did not notice the expressions of the elders. He was immersed in a wondrous state.

This slightly unfamiliar body contained astounding power. As he moved, shen power would naturally flow, and it moved to his thoughts. He tried to merge sword essence into it. There was no obstruction and its power skyrocketed.

Yet the flying sword in his hand could not tolerate the great shen power, melting into liquid metal that dripped down.

This caused Lin Qian to show a surprised expression. The flying sword in his hand was one of the famed swords of Kun Lun, called [Heaven’s Death]. It was seventh-grade, and he hadn’t thought it would be unable to tolerate shen power.

All of the elders frowned. Shen power was powerful, but if even seventh-grade flying swords could not withstand it, then it was slightly troublesome.

“It seems that we need to carry out our journeys to the ancient ruins earlier,” an elder said gravely.

“Yes, a seventh-grade flying sword actually melted, it is most likely that even an eighth-grade sword would be unable to express the power of shen power,” another elder said with a sigh. “It would be great if we had the [Angel Device Raiment]. I don’t know how powerful the two of them combined would be.”

“Why should we sacrifice what is near for what is far? There are so many ruins, there definitely would be one or two shen devices. It is just that we did not pay such attention to them in the past.”

The sect leader’s gaze was thoughtful. He suddenly said, “Elder Ming, you try.”

“Alright!” An elder with snowy-white hair nodded. He went in front of the bisected sword testing stone. He channeled his shen power and made a slice. The sword went halfway into the stone.

All of the elders were intelligent and immediately showed thoughtful expressions.

“As I expected!” The sect leader’s authoritative eyes flashed as he said gravely, “If one is in fanxu and starts to cultivate shen power, their power will increase, but it will be much weaker compared to those who are not in fanxu.”

Elder Ming’s expression turned stern upon hearing this. He closed his eyes and thought for a while. “The sect leader is right. After entering fanxu, one can communicate with the world and be one with them. It is hard to change paths, and the increase in power is limited.”

He looked at the flying sword in his hand and his expression was slightly dim. The flying sword in his hand was also seventh grade yet it was unharmed. It could be seen from this that his shen power was much weaker than Lin Qian’s shen power.

“Is it better to cultivate this shen power as early as possible?” an elder couldn’t resist saying.

“Lin Qian, say what you think,” the sect leader suddenly said.

Lin Qian thought for a moment before slowly speaking, “This disciple does not feel that. Our shen power is actually too different from the shen power of the ancient ear. Our shen power comes from ling power, and it is possible to see it as a new power with ling power and sword essence as the foundation. It is its own system. Ling power is the foundation. Before jindan, ling power will be unstable. After entering fanxu, it will be completed. This disciple thinks that it should be the disciples that are in jindan and yuanying that study shen power first. It is likely that those at the peak of yuanying will be affected. However, we will only know the result after trying.”

“This is reasonable.”

All of the elders nodded. Each of them was profound in cultivation and had a deeper understanding of cultivation than Lin Qian. After Lin Qian pointed this out, each of them realized it. Many elders had dim expressions. Those that were able to become elders were either fanxu, or pseudo-fanxu that were at the peak of yuanying.

The shen power they cultivated could not transform as purely as the young disciples. It meant that their potential in shen power was fated to be limited. They had never thought that the cultivation they had worked so hard for became the obstacle in stopping them from progressing.

The mood became slightly low.

“Lin Qian!” the sect leader suddenly spoke.

“This disciple is listening!” Lin Qian hurriedly went forward and acknowledged.

“You comprehended shen power. While the other shishu have helped you perfect it, you cannot slack off. You need to study it everyday.”

“Starting from today, you are the Pavilion Master of Sword Pavilion, and can form the Sword Pavilion.”

Lin Qian’s body shook. The entire place was silent.

All of the elders couldn’t help but show surprise. The Sword Pavilion was an unique existence in Kun Lun. Every pavilion master of Sword Pavilion was the next sect leader. He needed to create his own Sword Pavilion. Including the pavilion master, there would be nine members of the Sword Pavilion. These would be his support after he ascended to the role of sect leader.

The positions of the Sword Pavilion were left vacant most of the time and would only be activated when the sect leader thought that there was a need for a clear successor.

Almost everyone knew that the next sect leader of Kun Lun was Lin Qian, but no one had expected that the day would come so soon. The sect leader’s cultivation was unfathomably deep, his authority great, and he was trusted widely.

“Elders, are there any objections?” The sect leader look around at the elders.

“No objections!”

“No objections!”

All of the elders had solemn expressions and the same attitude. Everyone knew that Lin Qian becoming the Sword Pavilion Master was the hope of all and could not be stopped.

“This disciple will not fail Master.” Lin Qian did not refuse. His expression became calm again without any excitement. However, the sect leader heard the determination in his voice, and a hint of comfort flashed through his eyes.

The sect leader’s expression was authoritative, his eyes so bright people could not look directly at him. His snowy-white hair moved despite the lack of wind, his voice as strong as the sword.

“The old balance has been broken, the new era has started. The future of our Kun Lun is the hands in youths like them. If they can grasp victory in this chaotic world, Kun Lun will win! We will not use the lives of the disciples to conquer those ancient ruins, every disciple is the hope of Kun Lun. It is time for us old people to create paths for them. Everyone, our light is about to dim, our era has passed, the only thing we can do now is to use our still-sharp swords, use our remaining light, our remaining life to increase the probability of success of their future!”

The wind blew past. Above the Sword Testing Field, the sect leader’s voice echoed. Every elder listened with concentration. They instinctively straightened, a holy and excited expression on their faces. Their low spirits due to not being able to advance their shen power disappeared.

“We are Kun Lun, this is our responsibility, this is our destiny. We are bound by duty. If this new era demands there be sacrifices, it should be us, the old people! Starting from today, all materials for the [Body Cultivation Pool] and for core formation will not be provided to elders and the sect leader. We have found clues to seven ancient ruins. Three elders will explore each ruin. My sword should move once again. All the remaining elders will go to the front lines to replace all disciples jindan and above. All jindan disciples are to be summoned back to the sect to cultivate shen power! We need to find those that are talented among them and groom them.”

“We will trade our lives for the time they need to grow! When they have grown up, Kun Lun’s future will be bright!”

The authoritative voice was filled with focused presence.

“Everyone, please! For Kun Lun!” the sect leader bowed, his own brows and hair touching the ground.

All the elders had stern yet heated expressions. They all bowed with great respect, and hard to suppress excitement. They shouted together, “We will abide by Sect Leader’s orders! For Kun Lun!”

Lin Qian’s nose felt sore, his eyes blurring. He hurriedly bowed his head, both his hands unconsciously balling into fists.

For Kun Lun!


Shu Long had a tired expression. At his side, the hardship guards were lying askew as they slept. The camp was silent and there was only the sound was the rising and fall of of breaths. With the hardship guard’s strong bodies, a scene like this would only occur when they were completely exhausted. He raised his head to look at the sky that was gradually growing brighter. The ruins and rubble around them indicated that an intense fight had just occurred here.

The travelling speed of Guard Camp had always been a problem. Even though Golden Crow Camp thought of all the ways they could and used all kinds of talismans on them, the effects were not great. They cultivated mo skills, and were not skilled in using talismans. In the end, it was the ling beasts that Chun Yu Cheng Daren raised that had solved this problem.

However, they were still lacking compared to Vermillion Bird Camp.

Therefore, the mission that Gongsun Cha had given him was to protect the flank, an important resource jie, Sand Jie. It had not taken much effort to conquer Sand Jie. At this time, Xuan Kong Temple did not have much power left to defend Sand Jie.

However, many factions desired the resource rich Sand Jie. Up until now, Shu Long had led Guard Camp in defeating eight battalions from different powers!

After the successive hard-fought battles, even the determined Guard Camp felt deathly exhausted.

Suddenly, a paper crane flew over and landed in Shu Long’s hand. Shu Long became alert. When he opened the paper crane, an expression of joy came onto his face.

The people from Golden Crow Camp were finally arriving!

Soon, every soldier in Guard Camp was woken up. Large numbers of scouts and patrols were sent out to prevent small groups of enemies from penetrating their defensive line and harming Golden Crow Camp.

Soon after, a vast fleet of boats appeared. Numerous black dots appeared on the horizon, each dot a treasure ship.

As the treasure ship fleet neared, it was possible to hear the urgent shouts, and howls coming from the sound amplifying seal formation. It was extremely hectic on board the treasure ships.

“Quick quick quick! Prepare the material boxes! Prepare to unload the ship! Each time, remain organized, be quick!”

“Everyone pay attention, if any one of you dares to make a mistake, don’t blame me for being impolite!”

“Find the marked sites, set up the main seal formation, we have to finish before evening!”

Just as the fleet stopped, a numerous crowd and innumerable boxes burst out of each treasure ship like numerous floods. The hardship guards on the ground felt the sky darken. In a flash, it was as if the sky and the rising sun’s light was blocked out!

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