World of Cultivation - Chapter Seven Hundred and Sixty Nine Test

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Chapter Seven Hundred and Sixty Nine Test

Everyone’s eyes gathered on Zuo Mo.

“How about we move a battalion and destroy them?” Eldest Shixiong’s tone suddenly became domineering.

Lao De Guang shuddered. It really was intimidating to hear these words! That was Thunder Sound Temple, the first of the Nine Great Dhyana Sects!

Where were these people from?

Lao De Guang felt more and more anxious.

Zuo Mo thought and then said, “It is not difficult to defeat Thunder Sound Temple, and only that Yang Yuan Hao will be slightly troublesome. But it will not be easy for us after doing that.”

Eldest Shixiong was just casually mentioning it. He usually did not participate in Mo Cloud Sea’s strategy meetings. He was not interested in these matters, and was obsessed with his sword path. Also, he trusted Zuo Mo’s abilities in this area, not to mention that Zuo Mo also had a freak like Lil’ Miss.

The reason that he had even spoken up was out of worry for Zuo Mo’s safety.

He naturally did not think much of the Black Sea Flight Route. He believed that as long as he had his sword nothing could impede him. But Zuo Mo was not the same as him. While he knew that Zuo Mo was not weaker than himself, and was even stronger in shen power, he still did not want to see Shidi be placed in danger.

Zuo Mo’s gaze swept across the Thunder Sound Battalions around the transportation formations. Just like Eldest Shixiong had said, other than getting a battalion to come, there really was no good solution. It was not difficult to publicly break through the battalion, but opening a closed transportation formation was a difficult matter.

There were only some things that could only be carried out in secret. They could not be seen breaking their ties in public.

If they really broke ties publicly with Thunder Sound Temple, then Zuo Mo’s strategy of the relying on the Nine Great Dhyana Sect resisting Tian Huan and Kun Lun would be over. While a shen device raiment was something rare, but Mo Cloud Sea already possessed three shen device raiments, and having one more did not affect Mo Cloud Sea’s development and strategy. Thunder Sound Temple was the head of the Nine Great Dhyana Sect and had great influence amongst them. It could sway the decisions of the Nine Great Dhyana Sects.

In a few moments, Zuo Mo made a decision.

The group was quickly noticed by the disciples of Thunder Sound Temple. They had received orders to close the transportation formation and search for suspicious people. This group in front of them was suspicious!

Zuo Mo saw the others about to surround them. He did not want to strain relations with the Thunder Sound Temple and said in a low voice, “Head for the Black Sea Flight Route!”

The steward’s face paled but he did not make a sound. He gritted his teeth and flew in the direction of the Black Sea Flight Route. Lao De Guang’s face was completely void of color as he said in a trembling voice, “We … … we really have to go the Black Sea Flight Route? Please no, that is a path to death, that … …”

Lao De Guang’s voice trailed off in a sob.

Everyone ignored him. Wei Sheng smiled and said, “After your warning, I’m more interested in this Black Sea Flight Route.”

Wei Sheng had been worried about any threat to Zuo Mo’s life, but since Zuo Mo had decided, he stopped all other thoughts. He only decided that all he had to do was protect Shidi.

Everyone else had anticipatory expressions. For elites like them that had slaughtered their way out of mountains of corpses, not even the most dangerous path could cause their minds to waver. It aroused their fighting spirit.

“Fanxu! Even fanxu will die!” Lao De Guang wailed.


Everyone exchanged looks and smiled. Even a person as calm and silent as Zong Ru couldn’t help but grin.

“What are you crying about!” Ceng Lian’er gave the other a kic, “You are a man, have some courage!”

The competition among the mo was fierce and mo females mostly liked masculine and dominant men. So when Ceng Lian’er saw Lao De Guang act like this, she immediately felt displeased.

Seeing the people around him, Zuo Mo felt some spirit rise. Some of his worry disappeared. He said with a smile, “We will explore this Black Sea Flight Route that is said to be peerlessly dangerous, and see just how dangerous it is!”

The disciples of Thunder Sound Temple gaped.

This troop actually … … flew in the direction of the Black Sea Flight Route … …


East Spring Jie was lost, all of Quan Pei’s troops were lost!

These two events shook the Mo Marshal Alliance. If people had just felt threatened before, then the two successive defeats caused them to feel as though there was a blade pointing at their hearts. Bone-aching coldness caused them to have goosebumps.

Hai Jin Yun finally saw Shang Yu sheng arrive. This news caused the higher ups in the Mo Marshal Alliance to feel uplifted.

The meet up of the two great battle generals was like an anchor. It caused them to be filled with hope about the victory of the fight.

This war had come so suddenly without any warning. Even the Mo Marshal Alliance did not know even now why Mo Cloud Sea had started this war.

Theoretically, the two sides did not have any conflicts. In truth, before the war started, the two had many business ties.

Why had Mo Cloud Sea started this fight? What was their goal?

These riddles caused them to become the reactive party during decision-making. Bie Han was also cunning and he did not expose their goal.

They could only constantly send more battalions to the front lines. What was fortunate was that Mo Cloud Sea had not started an all-out war. Many battalions had come, but for the Mo Marshal Alliance, the only advantage they were sure of was the number of battalions.

Also, when they studied carefully, they quickly found that Bie Han did have weaknesses.

The battalions under his command had been sent to different places. Other than the Tangzi Battalion which had been sent to take Eastern Spring Jie, the goals of the others were unknown. However, everyone in the Mo Marshal Alliance believed that the other battalions were not as strong as Sin Battalion.

Without realizing it, Bie Han was now alone.

No matter how strong he was, he was alone.

If a lone army like this was surrounded, it was a death sentence. Without the ability to move, without reinforcement, the lone army was like a fish on the chopping block.

The Mo Marshal Alliance had many battalions. Just with sheer numbers, they could grind Bie Han to death.

This suddenly discovery caused all of the higher ups in the Mo Marshal Alliance to become excited. Compared to killing a top battle general like Bie Han, losing Eastern Spring and the death of Quan Pei battalion was nothing.

Everyone believed that if Hai Jin Yun and Shang Yu Sheng managed to grapple with Bie Han, then what waited for Bie Han was death on the battlefield!

The disappearance of Bie Han after defeating Quan Pei did not caused them to be at a loss. Almost everyone thought that after Bie Han struck opening blow, he would have to attack them one by one. The merging of forces between the two battle generals allowed the Mo Marshal Alliance to gain the strategic initiative, they could force Bei Han to fight them together.

Right now, they only had to advance step by step. They could not give Bie Han the chance to make an ambush and they would not lose this initiative.

Hai Jin Yun and Shang Yu Sheng were also full of confidence.

Bie Han’s disappearance in their view implied that Bie Han was not confident enough to fight them openly. He wanted to avoid their forces, and search for opportunities. They would immediately attack Ma Fan Battalion when Bie Han appeared somewhere else to completely cut off Bie Han’s retreat.

If Bie Han’s retreat was cut off, he would truly become a trapped beast. Any of his struggles would be futile. In front of an ocean of cannon fodder, the elite Sin Battalion would be like a lion tied up and would fall to a pack of wolves.

Yet Bie Han was more composed and patient than they imagined.

Up until now, they still hadn’t found any races of Bie Han and Sin Battalion.

Hai Jin Yun had a fiery temper but he was not in a rush right now. Shang Yu Sheng was methodically eating the delicious food in front of him with a serious expression. Shang Yue Sheng had pale skin. Supposedly, he had always been laughed at by the mo battalions that admired strength for this trait. He had been called a boy-toy. He was also a slow speaker. This was because he had a stuttering ailment in childhood. He had also been laughed at due to this.

But no one dared to laugh at him now.

Unlike Hai Jin Yun’s fiery temple, Shang Yu Sheng was slow and gentle in personality, methodical in everything he did, and appeared as though he would not care if the sky was falling.

Due to this, Hai Jin Yun would never had a temper when he encountered Shang Yu Sheng. Because no matter how he raged, Shang Yu Sheng would only smile at him, never argue, and then occasionally say a few words.

The two had a good relationship. Unlike Gongzi Xi, they were not famous before shen power’s appearance, and had not been content. Their similar backgrounds and their experiences caused them to be close friends.

“I don’t believe that Bie Han cannot see his weakness,” Hai Jin Yun said gravely. His faint gold face was slightly serious. “He definitely has other plans. He should not have made a mistake like this.”

Even though they appeared to have the strategic initiative, they were not as excited as the higher ups. The other was not a normal battle general. They were the ones directly feeling the pressure of Bie Han, and they were more careful.

Shang Yu Sheng had finished eating this time. He used a cloth to wipe the corner of his mouth before speaking. “Of course he would not make a mistake like this.”

“Then what are his intentions?” Hai Jin Yun asked in a deep voice.

“I don’t know.” Shang Yu Sheng was docile like a goldfish blowing bubbles. “Maybe he will head directly for the center, or he is trying to confuse us. Who knows?”

Hai Jin Yun immediately glared and increased his volume. “Can you not take this seriously?”

“I am taking this serious.” Shang Yu Sheng spoke so slow that Hai Jin Yun almost went crazy. He was slow that every word was said by itself. “But there is no use in just taking it serious. He is Bie Han. If we try to guess his thoughts, we will lose.”

Hai Jin Yun’s furious expression quickly dissipated. The two were close and he immediately understood Shang Yu Sheng’s meaning. “You mean that we will be unchanging to face all changes?”

“Yes.” Shang Yu Sheng said. He paused. A cunning light flashed through his eyes before he said slowly. “However, we can test him.”

“How?” Hai Jin Yun’s eyes lit up. He felt as though he didn’t have any place to expend his energy since he could not find Bie Hnan.

“Ma Fan Battalion.” Shang Yu Sheng slowly said.

Hai Jin Yun immediately reacted, a smile on his face. “Yes! How can Bie Han not know the danger of his retreat being cut off? He will definitely have other intentions. Then we will go test him. There are two people who are idle. We can let them try.”

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