World of Cultivation - Chapter Seven Hundred and Sixteen – Angel Device Raiment

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Chapter Seven Hundred and Sixteen – Angel Device Raiment

Zuo Mo was also slightly uncertain.

The appraisers were not the only ones puzzled, Zuo Mo was also very puzzled. The formation of this mo raiment had been accidental. At the time, the black gold seal soldier and the Anti Dragon Claw had consumed five earth mo weapons which had caused his anger to shoot to his head. He had thrown everything he prepared for those five weapons into the last ball. It had wondrously not exploded and formed this strange thing.

In reality, the earth fire and cold current that this freak rudiment had absorbed surpassed the sum of the other four earth mo weapons.

Even if it was strange, it was a powerfully strange one.

Zuo Mo tried to manipulate it using normal mo weapon methods, but there was always a feeling of being blocked. This puzzled him. While mo weapons might have slightly different methods of use, they were not different at the core. Mo’s strongest power was their physical body, their body was the source they derived their power from. The mo weapons were formed from this unique trait of the mo.

But no matter how Zuo Mo channeled his mo art, while he was able to use it, there was always a feeling of being hampered.

Zuo Mo thought of the seal scripts that he had sent out during the forging process. Was it more like a talisman? Zuo Mo tried to use ling power to activate it. Strangely, it was also able to be used, but there were still places where it was sluggish.

It really was strange!

Zuo Mo had seen so many talismans and mo weapons, but had never seen such a strange item before. This strange thing was also something that he had forged.

Yet while this mo raiment seemed to be a thin layer, it was impervious to damage by water and fire. Even Zuo Mo’s sun shen fire didn’t affect it at all. This astounded Zuo Mo. He knew the power of the sun shen fire. It was able to melt almost everything.

When this mo raiment was put on, it would automatically tighten around the body to become a thin skin. That pair of wings would move according to one’s thoughts. They looked soft but they were difficult to damage with mo weapons. Strangely, when Zuo Mo used the sabre of the [Iceblood Three Hound Seat] to chop out a cut, after one night, it managed to heal itself and not leave a mark behind.

Everyone gaped at this.

Zuo Mo could only grimace and spread his hand. “I don’t know either.”

The middle-aged mo’s gaze was hot. He couldn’t resist saying, “Grandmaster, no matter what the price is, please state it, this mo raiment … …”

Zuo Mo waved his hand. “There’s no need to say more, I won’t sell this mo raiment.”

Even if he knew this would be the answer, the middle-aged mo was still slightly disappointed. He quickly adjusted his mood and said with a smile, “Then, Grandmaster, give it a name. The only thing left is that it doesn’t have a name.”

“This thing is slightly strange.” Zuo Mo thought for a moment before saying, “Then it will be the [Angel Device Raiment].”

“A good name!” the middle-aged mo praised but his expression was slightly strange.

Zuo Mo glanced at the middle-aged mo. The other had done everything to help him. While there were other reasons, it was clear the two were in alliance at the moment. He said, “Pick one of the four earth mo weapons. The remaining three will be traded for the Reverse Shadow Soul Silkgrass.”

The middle-aged mo was overjoyed and hurriedly said, “I want [Blue Horsefly]!”

Zuo Mo smiled and said, “You have good eyes.”

[Blue Horsefly] was the only long-range weapon among all four earth mo weapons. These four mo weapons all had a unique characteristic, they all had two attributes. This was because they had been forged using earth fire and the cold currents of the Underground Nether River. [Blue Horsefly] was the only single piece mo weapon of the group. While it was a single item, it had both fire and ice attributes, and was the best among the four mo weapons.

The middle-aged mo smiled freely, “However, I will not take this from you for free. That batch of materials was valued at just two billion mobei, it is far below the worth of this. Since the materials in the dark gold boxes have been delivered, it will be troublesome to return them, so I will gift them all to Grandmaster. If Grandmaster has any new works, please give one or two to my Rare Artifacts Hall.”

Zuo Mo changed expression. Every one of the materials in the dark gold boxes were rare, and each was of equivalent value to cities. The other was so generous to give all of them to him. This present was astounding.

Zuo Mo thought and then said, “If I have new works in the future, you can have the first choice of two for free.”

The middle-aged mo smiled brightly. “Many thanks, Grandmaster, many thanks!”

The materials had been accumulated by Rare Artifacts Hall over time, and he also felt heartache at giving them out. However, it was still profitable exchange if it cemented their relationship with the strongest mo weapon master. He had not thought that Zuo Mo would actually give two more earth mo weapons. These two earth mo weapons were more than enough to trade for these materials!

Zuo Mo smiled and said, “If I have a need for the help of your hall, Boss Yi, please take care of me.”

Zuo Mo had only learned the middle-aged mo name not long ago, Yi An.

Yi An hurriedly said, “Grandmaster is too courteous! Grandmaster’s reputation is so great right now that no one would dare to offend you!”

Yi An’s words were pointed. He had seen the attitude of the Tang Family to Zuo Mo. However, with Zuo Mo’s present fame, the Tang family would not dare to treat him like they did before. Even as a marshal, Tang Chen would not dare to commit such a great crime.

With Zuo Mo’s present status, even Tang Chen would have to call him “Grandmaster” if they met.

Tang Chen was a marshal but he was not the strongest marshal, much less ranking in history. Yet the name Xiao Yun Hai had reached an unprecedented height that left all others looking up to him.

This was Zuo Mo’s present status!

Zuo Mo smiled unconcernedly. He was wary of Tang Chen but he did not fear the other. In terms of strength, Ji Zheng who he killed was even more powerful. Right now, he just didn’t want to cause any waves, and everything could wait until he got the Reverse Shadow Soul Silkgrass.

“Put everything aside, Boss Yi, please spend more effort on the Reverse Shadow Soul Silkgrass!” Zuo Mo said.

“Of course! Of course!” Yi An hurriedly said.

His face was filled with joy. This time, he had gambled rightly! This mo weapon miracle would leave a great mark on history. And Rare Artifacts Hall that had played such a great role in this event would benefit for many years from this!

The four earth mo weapons were placed in Rare Artifacts Hall and he would be in complete charge of exchanging the earth mo weapons for Reverse Shadow Soul SIlkgrass. Not long in the future, the name of Rare Artifacts Hall would pass into all of the mo territories.

Yet Zuo Mo who was only focused on obtaining the Reverse Shadow Soul Silkgrass didn’t know what kind of whirlwind he had created!


Mo Shen Temple.

The eyes of the two mo gods were locked onto the mirage on the table, it was the [Angel Device Raiment]!

They had gotten the mirage from other avenues and the fidelity of the image to the event was high. Every single detail was clear. There was also a segment after on Zuo Mo landing from the sky.

Their expressions were filled with surprise. Without blinking, they had stared at the mirage for a whole night.

“It is not a sky mo weapon,” the rhinoceros mo god rumbled out. There was a rare blush on his calm face, and his excitement could be seen.

“It is a shen device!” The eldest mo god’s gaze didn’t move at all. It was possible to hear a thread of insuppressible excitement from his cold tone. On his thin face, the sickle shaped mark was completely exposed.

“Shen device?” The rhinoceros mo stilled. While that [Angel Device Raiment] was unlike any mo weapon he had seen before, he hadn’t thought that it would be a shen weapon.

“Old Three said that the mysterious old man said that Xiao Yun Hai might be able to forge shen devices. I hadn’t thought that he would actually forge something so close to a shen device,” The eldest mo god slowly said. The sickle red mark on his face moved and appeared unspeakably terrifying.

“Close to shen device, I understand.” The rhinoceros mo god’s shock lessened slightly and nodded. He could accept this.

“It is very close.” There was surprise and admiration on the eldest mo god’s face. He stood and drawled, “If a shen device appears, the era of shen power will come even more quickly.”

The rhinoceros mo said gravely, “We do not need to change anything.”

“No!” The eldest mo god narrowed his eyes and his tone was sharp. “We need to quickly resolve our fatal weakness, expand even more quickly to get the most advantage before our enemies have grown up. While their relative power has fallen, they have strong foundations and this means that they will be stronger in the long run.”

“What should we do?” The rhinoceros mo gold’s expression did not change as he rumbled out a question.

“We need the [Angel Device Raiment], this is the mo weapon that is closest to a shen device right now. We need to study this.” The eldest mo god narrowed his eyes and said methodically, “Also, if Xiao yun Hai is on our hands, we do not have to worry that Xiao Mo Ge will not come.”

“But this way, wouldn’t we make too much of a fuss?” The rhinoceros mo god looked at the eldest mo god. His tone was calm. “Xiao Yun Hai is a star right now, it will be troublesome if we move against him.”

“In the end, we can only have a say in this world based on power,” the eldest mo god said coolly. “In front of absolute power, everything else is as fragile as paper.”

“The Tang Family will have qualms, but we do not need to worry.”

The eldest mo god said proudly.


Zuo Mo did not go out and show off. While he would receive numerous exquisitely crafted invitations everyday, he ignored them all. He had gained much this time. Other than his mo weapons crafting ability, he felt as though his spell level had also skyrocketed.

Forging was able to increase control of ling power so the xiuzhe that were skilled in forging would usually have outstanding control of ling power. This could be seen from how many sects mandated forging as an essential class to take.

The control of ling power had always been Zuo Mo’s shortcoming, but after forging in this time, and with the gravestone oath’s boost, he had progressed rapidly.

Other than the earth mo weapon he gave Rare Artifacts Hall, according to the promise he had given before, he would only be able to get three Reverse Shadow Soul Silkgrasses.

He didn’t know if three Reverse Shadow Soul Silkgrasses would be enough but he decided to use the time to forge some more earth mo weapons to change for more Reverse Shadow Soul Silkgrass.

Also, he had gained greatly from forging earth mo weapons. If he did it again, his ling power control would go up a level, and his strength would grow stronger.

The rare thousand year old collection of Rare Artifacts Hall was on his hand right now. These materials stimulated him, and he kept on having new ideas.

The previous forging process had also given him many inspirations, especially that strange [Angel Device Raiment].

He had a strong impulse to forge new mo weapons.

Editor’s note: I hate the armor’s name. But the running joke with Zuo Mo’s naming sense has to be left in. Even the middle aged mo has a reaction…

Translator Ramblings: Just to clarify, the Gravestone Armor is not the same thing as the shen device. A shen device can be in the shape of anything, not just armor. It’s a tool, a weapon, something that acts as a medium for shen power. The Gravestone Armor is an entity, a devil that you sign a contract with, more of a parasite than anything else. It has a spiritual aspect and Wei is the present armor spirit but there are ones before him. Really powerful stuff can become “intelligent” like the Anti Dragon Claw but that’s not on the same level as what the Gravestone Armor is.