World of Cultivation - Chapter Seven Hundred and Seventy Six – Wei Sheng’s Sword

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Chapter Seven Hundred and Seventy Six – Wei Sheng’s Sword

The green sword essence wave and the sun shen axe collided together in a show of brute force.


Terrifying power exploded. The light was blinding like the sun and illuminated the world.

When the light faded, Zuo Mo’s great figure appeared. He held the axe of light in his hand, his pressuring gaze was almost tangible as he slowly swept his gaze across the battlefield.

He held Xiao Ru Jian’s body in his left hand. Xiao Ru Jian had no signs of life.

The light in Zuo Mo’s eyes gradually faded, the axe of light disappearing. The powerful presence he gave off also disappeared. He once again appeared like a common person. He breathed out lightly and shook his head. The [Sun Shen Axe] was still a struggle for him. It was not as easy to use as the [Sun Shen Thorn].

He could manifest the [Sun Shen Thorn] to the point that it seemed to be engraved with scripts, but he could only form the basic shape of the [Sun Shen Axe]. Even the shape was lacking, not to mention the sun scripts.

The shen techniques of the ancient era were so simple. The more complete the technique, the more exquisite their shape was, and the more powerful they were.

He was just starting out. Shaking his head, he looked towards everyone else.

An ambush. Those prepared against those unprepared, He Zi, An Hai and the others were just normal Kun Lun disciples. They didn’t have any ability to fight against Wei Sheng and Zong Ru. An Hai’s killing move, the Hundred Fiend Soul Destroying Pill, had been used already. Zong Ru’s wish power wrapped around him and An Hai immediately lost his soul. He Zi’s Circular Fiend Sword Formation just been activated as it was easily defeated by Wei Sheng’s sword strike.

Before they acted, Zuo Mo had decided to not leave even one alive.

Naturally, the Kun Lun disciple’s things were cleaned out. However, Zuo Mo did not have the time to inspect them now. His attention was all on this ancient octopus.

“Eldest Shixiong, you try.”

Wei Sheng nodded. The fight just now couldn’t even be considered a warm-up to him. This mountainous octopus monster made him feel pressure and excited his fighting spirit.

The God-Killing Blood Sword in his hand, he flew in front of the octopus, and stood gravely.

Lightly raising the blood-red sword, Wei Sheng’s expression was solemn. His presence changed, and the air around him seemed to ripple in an indescribable manner.

Marks of blood appeared on the sword. Wei Sheng’s presence continued to rise. He narrowed his eyes. He was like an unsheathed sword, full of edges, and soul-shaking.

Thick sword essence gathered around him. The sky above his head quickly became dark. The black sea under his feet rippled outwards, as if escaping from the danger, . A deep hole formed in the water underneath Wei Sheng.

Standing as straight as a sword, Wei Sheng suddenly opened his eyes.


An indescribable hiss, the void sword essence around Wei Sheng gathered quickly towards him. He seemed to be the eye of the storm.

Hiss hiss hiss!

The sharp sword essence was like countless little swords that flew and howled around Wei Sheng’s body. The humming rose in volume and surged like the tide.

Wei Sheng lightly flicked the sword in his hand.


Like streams and rivers flowing into the ocean, the sword essence flooded towards Wei Sheng’s blood sword furiously.

The blood sword hummed in excitement, the marks of blood suddenly growing bright, and filled with an eerie power.

Wei Sheng did not seem to detect the excitement of his blood sword. His expression was determined, and his eyes like bloodied pure glass. He inherited the power of the God-Killing Blood Sword, but he had not been assimilated by the God-Killing Blood Sword.

His steel-like resolve allowed him to control this terrifyingly large power.

A strange layer of red tinged Wei Sheng’s view. In his eyes, the blood sword in his hand was like an unwilling beast that constantly struggled.


Feeling the world spread, Wei Sheng’s expression was devout and focused. No matter how the blood sword in his hand struggled, he did not seem to feel it. The eerie and frantic power battered him along the sword hilt. Its bloodthirst and madness made it unusually powerful. Wei Sheng knew that if he let go at this time, the blood sword would definitely release an astounding strike.

It had drank the blood of countless warriors, it had consumed innumerable fiend souls, it had grown through tens of thousands of years, it was powerful on its own!

The frantic power battered Wei Sheng’s mind in waves. Wei Sheng’s blood and shen power came from the blood sword, and was restless as well.

It was a terrifying monster. If it was discontent, it would cause a backlash.

Wei Sheng did not let go. His expression was still devout and focused. Under the increased mental battering and emotional assault that came with each wave, he guarded his sword heart!

Countless scenes flashed through his eyes. He saw the motivating gazes of Sect Leader and the shishu, he saw the Wu Kong Mountain of the past, he saw his own hardship as a sword servant, he saw himself drinking under the moon with Zuo Mo … …

He moved through the scenes, they became dimmer and dimmer and he seemed to be walking in a dark empty space.

Alone, without direction, without any light.

Was that his future?

A strong feeling of loneliness rose. His mind became puzzled and blank. Yet when his gaze landed on the sword that the figure held, all of the emptiness, loneliness, and bewilderment immediately disappeared. His body filled with power.

The figure moving forward in the darkness used his sword to strike apart the darkness and void, used his sword to cut out a path. The darkness and empty space retreated like the tide. Friendly and warm figures appeared around him.

Wei Sheng seemed to wake up. A warm smile unconsciously rose on his mouth. The mental assault of the blood sword seemed to instantly became much weaker. No matter how it struggled, Wei Sheng’s sword heart was like an unmoving rock.

Just like that figure in the dream state, Wei Sheng raised the blood sword in his hand and moved it downwards.

A red sword energy flashed.

Vast sword essence charged!


The sky seemed to shake. The water in front of Wei Sheng immediately disappeared, and a ruler-straight passage that was dozens of li long appeared.

In the five zhang wide chasm, there wasn’t a drop of water. The black rock at the bottom of the ocean was exposed to the air. The walls of water on the two sides of the passageway were five hundred zhang tall and as smooth as glass.

The chasm stretched into the distance. The octopus was fully exposed. There was a straight red blood line through the middle of its body.


The enormous body of the octopus fell from the air to the bottom of the chasm in two pieces. Poof, the blood that should have gushed and sprayed instead exploded into a mist.

Wei Sheng’s blood sword shook. The blood mist was drawn into the blood sword and turned into a pillar of blood as it was absorbed.

There wasn’t a drop of blood left in the octopus.

At this time, the walls of water started to crumble. The ruckus was like tens of thousands of horses galloping at once.

Everyone, including Zuo Mo, was stunned by Wei Sheng’s strike!

Eldest Shixiong … … really … … really … … was too much of a freak!

Suddenly, Zuo Mo shook, the octopus!

Little Mo Ge’s eyes were immediately taken over by countless jingshi. He appeared like lightning next to the octopus corpse. Without a second word, each of his hands pulled on one half of the octopus. Golden scripts appeared on his body, his shen power rippling, his eyes wide, his muscles tensing, he breathed and shouted, “Ah ah ah aaaaaaaaah! Rise!”

Under the motivation of jingshi, the power that Zuo Mo displayed far surpassed his power when he had been fighting Xiao Ru Jian. Zuo Mo seemed to be possessed by a god, an ancient monster. His tendons bulged, he panted as he pulled the two enormous pieces and slowly rose. He finally pulled them up onto the transportation ship before the water passageway collapsed.

Wei Sheng who had just finished his strike saw this, and the devoutness and concentration on his face disappeared. His mouth was open wide, the muscles in his face frozen, he looked dazedly at Zuo Mo’s superhuman action.

The blood sword in his hand couldn’t help but tremble.

Everyone was stunned.

In this moment, the entire place was silent. There was only the sound of Zuo Mo panting like the bellows of a furnace. He collapsed and leaned against the two mountains of meat, completely out of energy, with a dumb smile on his face.


“Did you find their origins?” The sect leader of Thunder Sound Temple said.

“We are not sure.” The disciple responsible sweated. Looking at the unhappy expression of the sect leader, the disciple hurriedly added, “From the present clues, it is very likely they come from Mo Cloud Sea.”

“Mo Cloud Sea!” The sect leader’s expression turned grave.

“But it is not easy to determine their true identity. They did not fight, and we could not prove that Lao De Guang was on their ships. We searched through their fleet and did not find him. But then when we closed the transportation formation, they flew into the Black Sea Flying Route, they are highly suspicious.”

The sect leader remained silent.

A long time later, the sect leader spoke, “This matter will end here.”

The disciple responsible stilled, and then had a surprised expression. The sect leader seemed to not see it and said, “You may leave.”

The disciple shook and reacted, bowing hurriedly. “This disciple bids farewell!”

After the disciple left the hall, a youth with an impressive presence walked out from behind the drapes. If the disciple that had been here before saw this, they would have been greatly surprised.

Yang Yuan Hao!

The best battle general of the Nine Great Dhyana Sects, Yang Yuan Hao!

No one knew that Yang Yuan Hao had sneaked back to the sect without anyone’s knowledge.

“Sect Leader, are you worried about Mo Cloud Sea?” Yang Yuan Hao also had some surprise on his face and asked.

The sect leader’s gaze was deep. Seeing Yang Yuan Hao, he had a small smile. “Yuan Hao, you do not understand?”

Yang Yuan Hao shook his head. “Mo Cloud Sea will be our ally for a long time. However, we have not discovered if they are from Mo Cloud Sea or not … …”

“They could go through the Black Sea Flight Route, ha!” The sect leader huffed a laugh. “They aren’t just Mo Cloud Sea, they are most likely Wei Sheng’s group.”

Yang Yuan Hao thought of another problem. He frowned. “Mo Cloud Sea knows our situation very well, how long has it been since the ruins appeared? They have already learned the news!”

For any battle general, it was a taboo for one’s enemies to know too much about one’s situation. [1]

The sect leader shook his head. “It may not be the case. Do not forget the matter regarding Heart Leaf Dhyana Sect, Mo Cloud Sea are not timid people.”

Yang Yuan Hao nodded. “Heart Leaf Dhyana Sect did a stupid thing.”

The sect leader said, “What is the situation on the front lines?”

“Kun Lun has been very silent recently, it is slightly unusual.” A hint of worry flashed through Yang Yuan Hao’s eyes.

A hint of cold flashed through the sect leader’s eyes. “Silent? It probably was them in the shadows creating the storm right now. Some people are always short-sighted. When they see that there is nothing to be worried about at the moment, they will want to make a fuss. I summoned you back here because I wanted to ask your opinion.”

Yang Yuan Hao had been thinking on the way back. The sects had been very active recently which had affect the unity of the Nine Great Dhyana Sect. A divided Nine Great Dhyana Sects would not even hold against one enemy attack.

He suddenly thought of Mo Cloud Sea that was just mentioned. His eyes lit up. “Maybe we could borrow some power.”

Editor’s note:

[1] Yang Yuan Hao is implying Mo Cloud Sea discovered information about the ruin through an established information network. This implies that Yang Yuan Hao has made a mistake by assuming Zuo Mo’s group did not discover the ruins by coincidence. This in turn suggests that Mo Cloud Sea’s spy network as infiltrated the Nine Great Dhyana Sects to a large extent.

Also, has anyone else noticed how FX has already subtly introduced the 3rd faction in the Yao Elder Council?

Translator Ramblings: Even a sword tens of thousands of years old is intimidated by Zuo Mo’s lust for jingshi.