World of Cultivation - Chapter Seven Hundred and Seventy One – Treasure Seeking

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Chapter Seven Hundred and Seventy One – Treasure Seeking

“Sect Leader, these are three of my good friends, Fairy Lin Ying, Long Guang, Ruan You Xian. With their help, I believe that there will be no problems with our trip to the ruins this time!” Elder Xu said respectfully.

The sect leader’s gaze swept across the trio.

In front of him, the female and two males stood together. The female was beautiful with bright eyes, white teeth, and fine pale skin. One of the males was brawny, and had skin as black as coal with bright eyes. The other was dressed like a middle-aged scholar. His hand held a fan, and his eyes flashed with light.

The sect leader nodded inwardly. These three were strong, especially that middle-aged scholar who was the strongest of the trio. The other was probably just a sliver weaker than himself. Heart Leaf Dhyana Temple had pitifully few experts. Other than himself and Elder Xu, the others were not of any renowned. But with these three strong reinforcements, he couldn’t help but have more hope about the trip to the ruins this time.

“We will trouble you on this trip! If there are any gains on this trip, our sect will have other methods of compensation!” the sect leader said seriously.

“Sect Leader is too polite.” The one that spoke was Ruan You Xian. He waved his fan. His voice was light as he said, “Brother Xu and I have been friends for decades and are like brothers. We will not refuse Brother Xu’s request. Also, we cannot turn down the offer that Sect Leader has made!”

Lin Ying smiled. Long Guang was motionless like granite.

The sect leader laughed upon hearing this. He had a good impression of Ruan You Xian. He said, “Brother Yuan is charming! We are early, your residences have been arranged. If you have anything you need, please speak. If I am absent, find Elder Xu. You are good friends, do not be courteous.”

Ruan You Xian and the others stated their thanks.

A disciple quickly ushered the three away.

When there was only the sect leader and Elder Xu left in the hall, the sect leader nodded in praise. “You did good regarding this matter. With the help of these three people. Maybe we can come back with one or two treasures.”

Elder Xu said respectfully, “This is because Sect Leader is decisive that this matter is successful. These three usually are proud. If they did not see Sect Leader’s courage and wisdom, would they have agreed?”

The sect leader was in a good mood. He said with a smile, “I know how hard you worked.” Then his expression became stern. He said in a grave voice, “This time is an opportunity to us. This will decide if our Heart Leaf Dhyana Sect can rise! We must keep this a secret.”

An imperceptible light flashed through Elder Xu’s eyes. He hurriedly said, “Sect Leader is wise!”


Zuo Mo curiously played with the green strand in his hand. The green strand was extremely thin. When the seven li strand was wrapped around his wrist, it was just a thin line, and appeared like a green bracelet.

After the green strand begged for mercy, A Gui’s grey mist retreated back into the [Undying Ghost].

The green strand docilely landed in Zuo Mo’s hand. After playing with it for a long time, Zuo Mo still didn’t know what it was. It was extremely thin and light, but strong. No matter how hard he pulled, it would not snap. What was most unique was the green crescent energy it could release.

This kind of green crescent energy was powerful and unstoppable. It could match Wei Sheng’s sword energy.

While he did not know what it really was, it was clear that this was a rare treasure.

Its consciousness which begged for mercy shocked Zuo Mo. This immediately caused him to think of another thing he had, the Three Thousand Threads of Worry. The Three Thousand Threads of Worry could also communicate mentally.

Zuo Mo tried to use his consciousness to communicate but the effect was not visible.

Yet when he switched to using shen power, he seemed to see countless miniscule characters. This scene only happened once. Afterwards, no matter how much shen power he channeled, it never appeared again.

Even though it was just an instant, Zuo Mo still was able to memorize those characters.

Zuo Mo then found that the green strand contained faint shen power that allowed it to channel shen power. Zuo Mo tried. The green strand could tolerate as much shen power as he could put in.

It had to be said that anything that could hold up under such pure shen power was a treasure at present. This kind of treasure was suitable to forging shen device raiments.

Zuo Mo also suspected that this green strand was something from the ancient era.

Zuo Mo’s thoughts moved. A thread of shen power was channeled in, and the green strand bracelet on his wrist suddenly released a string of green energies. They flew into the black sea.

The green energy was an offensive shen technique. While it was not a perfect shen technique, Zuo Mo was certain of this.

When the green strand was completely uncoiled to its seven li length and its body floated in the air, an unique feeling came from the green strand on his hand. As its body continued to tremble, it was like an invisible hand that constantly absorbed power from the surroundings. Then through an unique transformation, the power was released as the green energy.

Such a strange thing!

Zuo Mo couldn’t help but tsk in wonder. It was the first time he saw something so unique.

The Black Sea Flight Route had such a dangerous thing. No wonder even fanxu xiuzhe would die. It was not hard to understand how a fanxu xiuzhe of the past that cultivated ling power would be killed if they were the least bit careless.

Zuo Mo’s interest in the Black Sea grew.

This unique and unfathomable black colored sea was endless. Its environment was terrible and filled with danger. But from the opposite viewpoint, if it wasn’t for this dangerous environment and those mysterious dangerous beings, this place would have been searched from top to bottom by those large sects.

Dangerous things like the green strand that could release shen techniques were an impossible obstacle to the xiuzhe of the ling power era. In other words, this meant that the Black Sea was a treasure trove that had not yet been opened. It was likely that other things like the green strand still existed.

Those were all treasures!

He also had a treasure-seeker like Lil’ Black, a group of powerful sidekicks. If he missed this chance, it would be a great pity.


Lao De Guang who was restrained by jinzhi was completely docile.

There was only one question rolling around in his mind: What were the origins of this terrifying group?

He gaped when seeing the power of these people when they fought the green strand. He who had been able to earn the moniker [Shadowless Ghost Hand] and was definitely not a country bumpkin.

But he only had one feeling now as he watched these people, he truly was an ignorant country bumpkin.

When Wei Sheng’s sword strike appeared, his mind became completely blank. He almost suffocated under the pressure. Even now, when he thought of that astounding blow, his heart couldn’t help but tremble.

Kun Lun!

The first thought through his mind was that only Kun Lun had such terrifying sword xiu!

Yet what puzzled him was Zong Ru’s shout. He lived in the Nine Great Dhyana Sects and was as familiar as one could be with the Dhyana cultivation. He knew the name of every Dhyana xiu that was slightly famous.

When did such a great Dhyana xiu appear?

After living so long in the Nine Great Dhyana Sects, just his shout was enough to prove that this withered man was unfathomably powerful!

No matter how hard he thought, he could not find this person. Had such a great Dhyana xiu just appeared out of nowhere?

As to that brute-force woman that had knocked him unconscious … ..

He only had one thought: How fortunate he had not struggled back then!

Lao De Guang carefully inspected the fleet. He found that all of the people who had not participated had calm expressions and maintained their calm from beginning to end during the encounter.

They appeared to be experts. Thinking about his prideful expression when he had given his nickname, Lao De Guang felt embarrassed.

Any of the people who had fought was enough to make the Nine Great Dhyana Sects shake. Now a whole group had appeared. He didn’t know to describe them … … in any case, his thoughts of fleeing immediately dissipated. He did not feel that he could escape from this group of freaks with his measly skills.

Alright … … he had never thought there would be a day that he would admit his skills were measly … …

Crying on the inside, Lao De Guang had to consider an even more pragmatic question. How could he keep himself life while in the hands of these freaks.

A person who could receive the name [Shadowless Ghost Hand] might not be strong, but his mind was not lacking.

Did these people come for the ruins from the start?

The idea flashed through his mind, and he grabbed it. Such a group of freakishly powerful people was enough to destroy smaller sects. They would not appear at the Nine Great Dhyana Sects without any reason.

The more he thought, he more he felt this was right. This definitely was the reason!

He felt slightly reassured. To speak of nothing else, he believed not many could compare to him in terms of information. He was still valuable to this group.

As long as he was valuable, he would have a chance of staying alive.

Lao De Guang decided to find a chance to display his value. He had been secretly gathering intelligence on the ruins. They had not questioned him in detail last time and he had kept many secrets.

Come ask me! Come ask me! I have a lot of information!

Lao De Guang screamed inside.

One day passed, two days … … three days … ..

This group of people seemed to forget him. No one payed any attention to him. Lao De Guang felt puzzled. Had these people not come for the ruins?

He found that Zuo Mo seemed to be search for something on the Black Sea every day. Was their goal the Black Sea Flying Route?

The pitiful Lao De Guang would never expect that the fleet with Zuo Mo as its leader had entered a state of treasure-hunting.

Zuo Mo’s greedy and desirous gaze wanted to sweep through all of the Black Sea.

If he could find a few more treasures like the green strand, maybe he could gather the materials to forge a shen device raiment.

Lil’ Black’s antennae finally started to wave furiously in one direction.

Cheers immediately sounded through the entire fleet. Everyone was spirited. Even a person as calm as Zong Ru became excited.

The fleet quickly flew in the direction pointed out by Lil’ Black.

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