World of Cultivation - Chapter Seven Hundred and Seventeen – The Mysterious Old Man

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Chapter Seven Hundred and Seventeen – The Mysterious Old Man

Zuo Mo was optimistic about forging, but the reality of the situation was not so sunny. The water level of the Underground Nether River had been drastically lowered, and for the first time, it was lowered almost to the riverbed. The heaven tier mo weapon pool had completely crystallized and it was unusable for forging mo weapons.

On this matter, the party who lost was the Tang Family. Zuo Mo had almost dried up the entirety of the Underground Nether River, and it would be many years for the mo weapon pools to recover to their previous state. However, there was no way they could ask for reparations from Zuo Mo. In the eyes of other people, the Tang Family had benefited greatly.

An endless stream of visitors had caused the Underground Nether River to become a tourist spot.

It was not so easy for Zuo Mo to find another high level mo weapon pool.

Also, before he found a new mo weapon pool, he needed to deal with another problem—the [Angle Device Raiment]! There were many people who had used all kinds of methods and connections to inform him that they hoped to see the [Angel Device Raiment].

Look at the background of these people.

The Tang Family patriarch Tang Cheng, Gongzi Xi, Feng Xin Zi of the yao envoys, Ji Li Yu, Mo God Youxi Ya Ke of the Mo Shen Temple.

Any of them were influential on their own, and what was most unexpected to Zuo Mo was that the Mo Shen Temple would send in such a request.

Zuo Mo had a deep impression of the great power of the rhinoceros mo god of the Mo Shen Temple. At that time, Zuo Mo finally saw the power of shen power. Even though he had cultivated shen power for such a long time, he had never seen such astounding shen power.

It would not be easy for Zuo Mo to refuse any of the requests.

Their demand was not outrageous. They only wanted to see the mysterious [Angel Device Raiment].

After some thought, Zuo Mo decided to hold a small public demonstration to show off the [Angel Device Raiment]. There were many parts to the [Angel Device Raiment] that Zuo Mo had a hard time understanding, and he also hoped that these experts would give him some ideas.

Numerous invitations were sent out.

Yet what followed surprised Zuo Mo. More requests and inquiries came in. He had to increase the number of invitations.


The Underground Nether River wasn’t the only spot filled with people. All of Bu Zhou City was filled with people in every corner. It was the first time so many people were visiting Bu Zhou City since it was built. Unlike the Tang Family who was worried about maintaining their control, the other factions were excited. This was such a good opportunity to make money.

The busiest and most populous place in Bu Zhou City was still the Rare Artifacts Hall.

If Zuo Mo came to visit the Rare Artifacts Hall again, his jaw would drop in shock. The outer wall of Rare Artifact Hall had been taken down. Other than the heavy jinzhi that were kept, everything else was cleared out, and there were only four crystal shelves inside.

There was an earth mo weapon floating inside each crystal case.

The four newly created earth mo weapons were like four vicious beasts silently hibernating as they showed off their beauty and power.

Every mo that came to visit showed intoxication when they saw these four top mo weapons. The perfect merging of beauty and power. The mo who revered strength didn’t have any immunity towards them.

It was the lifelong wish of many people to see the grandeur of the legendary earth mo weapons at a close distance.

If it wasn’t for the heavy jinzhi on the crystal cases, and the great jinzhi that curved to cover the entire place, many people would have instinctively reach out. Inhales, swallows, and gasps of shock rang out. Every shopkeeper of Rare Artifacts Hall straightened their backs, their faces covered in professional smiles. They felt peerlessly proud and excited at the scene in front of them.

Cui An was among the crowd.

His gaze was burning and desirous as it fixated on the four earth mo weapons. However, what he felt more of was anxiousness. One Reverse Shadow Soul Silkgrass to trade for an earth mo weapon, was this true?

Gritting his teeth, he walked in front of a shopkeeper, “May I ask if it is possible to trade a Reverse Shadow Soul Silkgrass for an earth mo weapon now?”

The shopkeeper who had a small smile on his face all this time immediately turned grave. “Yes, it can be traded! Sir has a Reverse Shadow Soul Silkgrass?”

The words were heaven to Cui An’s ears. He was overjoyed but kept his expression calm. “Yes.”

The shopkeeper did not dare to slight him and hurriedly said, “Please come with me.”

The shopkeeper quickly guided Cui An towards a heavily guarded inner room. The shops surrounding Rare Artifacts Hall had been bought, borrowed, or rented at a high price by Rare Artifacts Hall.

An experienced appraiser had been waiting in the room.

Cui An took a deep breath and carefully took out the Reverse Shadow Soul Silkgrass.

The assessor carefully made his assessment. About fifteen minutes later, he wiped the fine sweat off his forehead, nodded, and said, “It is Reverse Shadow Soul Silkgrass, the quality is good, it can be traded.”

Cui An’s heart uncontrollably jumped, and a feeling of great fortune flooded his body and mind.

The shopkeeper was also slightly excited when he heard this but he kept his composure. He said, “Congratulations, Sir! Other than [Blue Horsefly], you can choose any of the other three.”

It was not a surprise that [Blue Horsefly] belonged to Rare Artifacts Hall. [Blue Horsefly] had been the only weapon marked with the insignia of Rare Artifacts Hall among the four earth mo weapons displayed.

Cui An inhaled deeply, and calmed his excitement. “I want the [Yin Clear Li Chakrams]!”

When the [Yin Clear Li Chakrams] disappeared suddenly from the crystal cases, the people who had been looking at it immediately gasped. Nearby shopkeepers hurriedly explained. The news that someone had used Reverse Shadow Soul Silkgrass to trade for the [Yin Clear Li Chakrams] spread through the entire city.

Reverse Shadow Soul Silkgrass could be traded for earth mo weapons!

This was true!

The world immediately went crazy!


Zuo Mo looked warily at the old man in front of him. A Gui stood woodenly by his side. Ceng Lian’er narrowed her eyes as her long sleeve that touched the floor remained still as though she was prepared to attack at any moment.

Zuo Mo was astounded when the old man had materialized like a ghost. The guard outside was tight yet the old man had managed to make his way in without being detected.

Yet what surprised him was that the old man was looking at A Gui. His gaze was complex, mixed with pity, tenderness, and guilt.

Zuo Mo unconsciously shielded A Gui and face the old man guardedly.

“She has the Undying Shen Punishment,” the old man suddenly asked. His eyes were full of a complicated emotion.

Zuo Mo’s body suddenly shook and he abruptly raised his head. He asked gravely as his murderousness came out, “Who are you?”

The old man ignored Zuo Mo. His brow creased with slight dissatisfaction. “Haven’t you found that her Undying Shen Power has a problem?”

“The Undying Shen power has a problem?” Zuo Mo’s expression changed slightly as he rushed to hold A Gui’s wrist.

The purple chain had become even thicker. There seemed to be something that was barely taking form inside A Gui’s soul.

“What is going on?” Zuo Mo’s tone changed. No matter how he tried, he could not see what was being formed inside A Gui’s soul. He was slightly terrified. He could not do anything to the Undying shen power and his greatest fear was a problem occurring.

And as expected, his greatest fear was occurring.

“The Undying Shen Punishment has not changed much,” the old man mused to himself, “other than … …”

“Other than what?” Zuo Mo unconsciously blurted out.

“Unless she formed the Undying Shen Seal.” The old man suddenly raised his head. “Yes, it definitely is the Undying Shen Seal!”

Seeing the blankness on Zuo Mo’s face, the old man explained in a cold voice, “The Undying Shen Punishment is the cruelest shen punishment but it is not without hope. The only solution in legend is to form the Undying Shen Seal and search for life in death! I had not thought the legends were true. The Undying Shen Seal, it definitely is the Undying Shen Seal!”

“So this means that A Gui can break free of the Undying Shen Punishment?” Zuo Mo said joyfully.

“It is not so easy.” The old man smiled coldly. He looked at Zuo Mo, narrowed his eyes that dimmed and brightened. His gaze caused Zuo Mo’s hairs to stand on end. He felt a strong feeling of danger and he was on his guard.

Suddenly, the old man’s expression returned to normal as though the enmity he had just exuded was an illusion. He said lightly, “The Undying Shen Seal is the one in ten thousand chance of life in death. While there is the legend, no one knows how it can formed. It is difficult to say whether she has the Undying Shen Power or not. Even if she does, the danger she faces far surpasses your imagination.”

“If you have Reverse Shadow Soul Silkgrass, you may want to try.” The old man looked deeply at Zuo Mo. “You want to know your origins, but it will also help her. Those memories can help her understand her own heart and not get lost in the pain of the Undying Shen Punishment.”

Zuo Mo seemed to understand. He thought of the peaceful A Gui within the purple chains and shook his head. “A Gui will not lose herself.”

The old man stilled slightly when he heard this. His expression quickly recovered and he threw a small bag to Zuo Mo.

“This is Scab Fragrance, feed it to her, it is also of benefit,” the old man said coolly. “Don’t keep your [Angel Device Raiment], it will only bring calamity.”

Zuo Mo received the little bag but noticed the old man’s words. He asked in response, “Bring calamity?”

“You poked the hornet’s nest,” the old man said impatiently. “Also, no matter what, do not expose your identity as Xiao Mo Ge.”

Zuo Mo’s expression changed dramatically. Even Ceng Lian’er’s expression changed and she almost attacked from the side.

The other knew his identity as Xiao Mo Ge!

Zuo Mo’s expression wavered and he was shocked inside.

The old man glanced at Ceng Lian’er and then he was clearly unfriendly when he looked at Zuo Mo. “Hmph, so young, but you have many women.”

Ceng Lian’er was like a cat who had its tail that was stepped on. Her narrowed eyes immediately froze over.

The old man didn’t even look at Zuo Mo. He said, “The yao are a good partner to trade with; ask for [Reincarnation Feather], [Soul Execution Yao Light], [Death Thought Bead]. They are all beneficial for her. If it is Tian Huan, trade for the [Tian Huan Case]. If it is Kun Lun, trade for the [Kun Lun Sword Soul], jade level, and get three! Xi Xuan’s [Five Element Soul Dan], Xuan Kong’s [Great Compassion Great Sorrow Life Sutra]. The mo don’t have anything good for healing the soul.”

Zuo Mo was confused but he had a general grasp. He was even more puzzled and couldn’t help but ask, “What is the [Angel Device Raiment?”

“Shen device.”

“Shen device!” Zuo Mo’s eyes widened.

“Just close to it.” The old man added, “Do your best.”

Finishing, the old man disappeared right in front of Zuo Mo’s eyes.

Zuo Mo and Ceng Lian’er changed expression. Zuo Mo suddenly thought of a shen method from the ancient era called the [Shen Void Pass]!

Shen power!

The old man cultivated shen power!

Who was he?

Translator Ramblings: Zuo Mo’s path to riches has been cut off, and now he has even more things he needs to buy. Little Mo Ge is going to go bankrupt.