World of Cultivation - Chapter Seven Hundred and Seven – Mysteries

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Chapter Seven Hundred and Seven – Mysteries

“Don’t be so fierce!” The old man seemed to not be affected by Zuo Mo’s killing intent at all. The wave of killing intent rushed at him and then would quickly dissipate.

Zuo Mo’s gaze focused and his heart shook.

The old man suddenly seemed to detect something and threw out, “You have to be careful, many people have their eyes on you.”

In the next moment, his figure disappeared.

Zuo Mo stilled but his expression changed slightly. At this time, he found that someone was coming close.

This old man … … was really strong!

He thought back to what the old man had just said. The other didn’t seem to have malicious intent.

As he thought, he silently left. He had scouted out the nearby area a few times before entering and was familiar with it. Pu Yao and Wei’s specialized cultivation was clearly effective. Even though Zuo Mo was not a master at moving under concealment, he didn’t have problems fooling average experts.

When he returned to his residence, he was still thinking about that old man. Such a strong old man definitely wasn’t someone unknown figure. Yet what shocked Zuo Mo was that he didn’t even know what power the old man cultivated.

What did the old man mean in his words?

Many people had their eyes on him? This was clearly a reminder!

Had he exposed himself somehow? Zuo Mo shook his head. While he did not know the old man’s intentions, the other’s reminder did not seem to be baseless.

The old man said “many people.” That meant more than one. Why were those people keeping an eye on him?

Earth mo weapons? This was the most likely guess. Earth mo weapons were the top mo weapon in the present mo territories and there were naturally numerous people that wanted them.

But Zuo Mo who had struggled on the border of life and death had an unusually sensitive sense for danger. This most plausible cause was rejected first.

Other than the earth mo weapons, what could most likely attract attention was his identity as Xiao Mo Ge and the shen power inheritance. If other people knew this, then it would be trouble!

Zuo Mo’s brow furrowed and then he put the problem to one side. He would not panic just because of some words from a strange old man. What he needed to do now was to forge a new earth mo weapon.

It was not an accidental idea when he thought of using earth mo weapons to trade for the Reverse Shadow Soul Silkgrass. But now, he felt that this plan was far easier to realize than going to Nether Spring Jie himself.

He was not an unknown person. No matter if it was Xiao Mo Ge or Xiao Yun Hai, both had status.

If he could make a new earth mo weapon, there would be countless people that would search for Reverse Shadow Soul Silkgrass. The earth mo weapon that was peerless in value in the eyes of many people was just an object to Zuo Mo. It was profitable to trade it for Reverse Shadow Soul Silkgrass.

If he, who had just forged the Sky Snake Ten Manifestation Spear, could forge a new earth mo weapon, his fame would reach an unprecedented height. At that time, his promise would be enough to drive people mad.

After organizing his thoughts, the shadow over Zuo Mo’s mind dissipated.

Regardless if it was the old man or other people, his goal was the Reverse Shadow Soul Silkgrass. Other matters had nothing to do with him. He did not fear people finding him.


In the dark of night, Ceng Lian’er was dressed in bright red robes like a rose blooming in the night. Her movements were silent and she didn’t even cause a ripple in the air as she appeared like a ghost in front of Qinghua Xue.

“Who are you? Why are you here?” Ceng Lian’er who saw Qinghua Xue and asked serenely.

Qinghua Xue felt her vision blur and then a figure appeared without warning in front of her.

Her expression changed slightly. She was astounded but kept her expression calm. She asked back, “Who are you?”

Ceng Lian’er’s eyes became blurry like a mist that floated in.

“Come in to talk!” Zuo Mo’s voice suddenly came from the room.

Ceng Lian’er’s figure immediately disappeared from her spot.

Shock finally came onto Qinghua Xue’s face.


“This is Qinghua Xue, I defeated her in the past. She was in the yao envoy and she recognized me so I decided to have her follow me to prevent her from going out and talking,” Zuo Mo explained. Other people would not know but he was clear that Ceng Lian’er really intended to kill her just now. If he had been a moment later in speaking, Qinghua Xue would probably be a corpse right now.

“I would not squabble with a little girl.” An imperceptible smile flashed across Ceng Lian’er’s mouth.

She spun, the long red dress blossoming as she elegantly sat in front of Zuo Mo.

Ceng Lian’er was elegant and graceful in everything she did as though it was innate to her. A country bumpkin like himself could not copy it. Zuo Mo shook his head and threw this hilarious thought away. He then asked in concern, “How is it?”

“Success!” Ceng Lian’er said without any modesty. Her smile was like a flower, bright and eye-catching. “My bloodline has been perfected, and this would be of great benefit to my future cultivation. My shen power has grown by half!”

Zuo Mo’s expression changed. For mo, their bloodline was the core of their power, and the spring of all their power. Reinforcing their core was tempting for every cultivator, and Zuo Mo gaped at her shen power growing by half.

Even with his right hand that seemed to be a little shen crystal, he he would need about a year to grow half of his shen power without any other assistance.

“Worth! So worth it!” Zuo Mo couldn’t help but say excitedly.

Ceng Lian’er gave a small smile. Her eyes that seemed to forever be shrouded in mist flashed with emotion. Of course it was worth it. But what had been traded was an earth mo weapon!

When she had heard that it would take an earth mo weapon, Ceng Lian’er had given up on that set of White Ridge Snake Bones. That price was not something that she could afford. Even her father Ceng Yi, who was a jie master, would not be able to pay such a price.

The person in front of her did not hesitate.

This had nothing to do with love between man and woman. She suddenly understood why there would always be astounding geniuses gathered around Zuo Mo.

Wei Sheng, Gongsun Cha, Bie Han … …

Any of these people alone was a star, a blinding existence, but these outstanding geniuses were gathered closely around Zuo Mo. And for him, they were willing to die.

Zuo Mo did not notice Ceng Lian’er’s emotions. It was hard to disguise the joy on his face. “Great! You have come out of seclusion so I can rest my worries and forge earth mo weapons.”

“Forge earth mo weapons?” Ceng Lian’er had been in seclusion ever since she had gotten the White Ridge Snake Bones. She didn’t know anything about what had happened. When she heard that Zuo Mo said he was going to forge earth mo weapons again, she couldn’t help but be shocked.

“Yes.” Zuo Mo nodded. He grinned and said, “I thought of a wonderful idea. Use earth mo weapons to trade for Reverse Shadow Soul Silkgrass. This way, we don’t have to go to Nether Springs Jie.”

“Trade earth mo weapons for Reverse Shadow Soul Silkgrass?” Ceng Lian’er was stunned. She suspected that something was wrong with her hearing. “Do we have other earth mo weapons?”

Looking at the shock on Ceng Lian’er’s face, Zuo Mo was proud. He said with a snicker, “We can make more!”

Ceng Lian’er was speechless. A moment later, her mouth turned into a smile. Zuo Mo’s tone was casual when he spoke about forging earth mo weapons. While she was shocked, she did not doubt that Zuo Mo could accomplish this.

Her gaze silently landed on A Gui. For some reason, a serene sigh sounded inside her, like a wisp of mist rising up and covering her eyes.

“When are you going to start?” She smiled.

“Since you are out of seclusion, then there is no time to day.” Zuo Mo’s smile disappeared. His expression was solemn as he said, “Tomorrow!”


“I’m very disappointed that the brutish bull didn’t dare to fight me last time I visited.” The old man grinned, his gaping mouth full of yellow teeth hard to look at.

An youth appeared nearby, his tight clothing emphasizing the tall figure of the youth. He was lying in the air as though there was an invisible chair behind him. Half of his body was curled up in this invisible chair and his position looked strange.

One hand was holding a plate piled high with blood grapes. The other hand was throwing blood grapes idly into his mouth.

“I wouldn’t dare to fight Elder. I have come to eat and play.” The youth said through a full mouth, “However, Second Brother failed since Elder protected Xiao Mo Ge last time. This time, you seem to be interested in Xiao Yun Hai. Elder, leave us a path … …”

“Xiao Yun Hai? Haven’t you come for Xiao Mo Ge?” The old man picked at his ear. “While I am old, and my hearing isn’t as good, I am not immune to the nagging. Xiao Yun Hai is the crux to finding Xiao Mo Ge. My ears are getting callouses from hearing this.”

“Hey hey, Elder, don’t speak so straightforwardly. Let’s discuss. Why are you squabbling with us juniors. Elders, name a price … …” the youth’s tone was fast but his hands were even quicker yet the grapes on the plate seemed to be endless.

The old man looked dryly at the youth. “The Mo Shen Temple have really set their hearts this time.”

“So so.” The youth laughed. “Elder, you know that we are poor, don’t have anything good. Don’t ask too high of a price!”

“Don’t be modest. If I remember correctly, that Scab Fragrance Tree in your temple should be starting to scab now. This old man doesn’t want a lot, five!” The old man showed his yellowed teeth again with unscrupulousness.

The youth’s body imperceptibly froze. A cold rush rose. The scab fragrance was one of the core secrets in the Mo Shen Temple. It was planted in a restricted part of the temple. Even the guards of the temple did not know of it. But this dirty old man knew it!

“Elder, you really are wise and powerful! However, only five were produced, if you take all of them … …”

The old man snickered. “Tsk tsk, five? How come I heard it was eleven?”

The youth’s back immediately broke out in a cold sweat. He stared at the old man with a sharp gaze and said in a cold voice, “Elder, who are you?”

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