World of Cultivation - Chapter Seven Hundred and Ninety Three – Ghost Mist Child

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Chapter Seven Hundred and Ninety Three – Ghost Mist Child

It was the first time Zuo Mo fought someone so strong.

The other seemed to possess an undying body. The endless mist sea would heal his injuries. Compared to him, the mist monsters that Zuo Mo and the others encountered in the Mist Hall weren’t worth a mention. Every Ghost Mist Head was like a heavy little mountain. Their shifting faces were filled with an eerie power.

It the sun shen power wasn’t their bane, Zuo Mo doubted that he could have managed to survive until now.

However, at this time, Zuo Mo didn’t have any stray thoughts in his head.

The green strand in his hand floated uncontrollably. The light at the tip of Zuo Mo’s finger suddenly gave off an ancient and desolate power. It was like the vast primal plain where everything grew naturally. There were no signs of civilization, only the vitality of nature.

This shen glyph he did not know the name of, this shen glyph that he had not yet completely comprehended flooded into his mind as Zuo Mo was forced to a precipice.

The green strand suddenly rolled back as though it was summoned.

The hair-thin strand tore through the air with a piercing shriek.

Zuo Mo’s attention was completely focused as he searched for the feeling from that day. The light at his fingertip gradually grew brighter.

Suddenly, his fingertip felt heavy. Joy flashed through Zuo Mo’s eyes. This was the feeling!


A heart-shaking low roar came as though it was like a tide coming closer.

The dancing green strand started to give off eerie light. It was like a luminescent seagrass dancing in the air.

Any ghost mist head that was touched by the green strand would pop. The hair-thin green strand seemed to contain astounding power. With just light blows, even the largest ghost mist heads would turn to dust!

This scene was amazing to see.

Pop pop pop!

The ghost mist heads rushing towards Zuo Mo were destroyed. Before their destruction, the sorrowful wails of the ghost mist heads would send chills to anyone listening.

Yet Zuo Mo who was immersed in the shen glyph did not seem to feel it. In a blink, the space in front of Zuo Mo was clear.

The mist giant saw the glowing green strand and exclaimed after a moment of stillness, “Green Pulse String!”

Green Pulse String?

Zuo Mo did not have time to think. The feeling coming from his fingertips was not one of heaviness but a dull burning pain as though he had rubbed the skin on his finger raw.

Zuo Mo gave a muffled grunt but ignored the pain. He continued to draw the shen glyph that appeared in his mind.


The green strand suddenly untied itself from Zuo Mo’s wrist.

The green stand danced in front of Zuo Mo, one end flying into the sky, and the other end under Zuo Mo.

In a flash, the green strand was pulled tight like a piano wire made from light connecting the sky and earth!

The mist giant was clearly panicked. His body sank and he was about to flee into the mist sea. As long as he fled into the mist sea, he would be safe.

Suddenly, his figure froze. The lower half of his body did not listen to him.

Watching as the light of the green strand grew, he panicked even more.

What was going on?

He bent his neck and found to his shock that the lower half of his body had, at some time, become a dull grey.

Only now he did suddenly recall the woman who had dodged before had channeled something into his body. His body could change at will, was immune to all toxins. As long as he was in the mist sea, he was immortal!

Ever since he began guarding the Mist Eye Tablet, after fighting so many totem warriors, there was only a handful of warriors that he felt threatened by.

How could these two worms threaten him, an entity who had lived for tens of thousands of years and was peerlessly powerful?

But … ..

The initial spread of the grey color hadn’t attracted his attention. In the moments before this, he had dismissed it.

What was this?

The mist giant was slightly shocked but he did not lose his composure. This was probably a great poison! He pondered. This was not a challenge to him. He was experienced.

Poison was useless against him!

The mist giant recovered his calm and smirked inside. This endless mist sea was his greatest support. He had experience in dealing with poisons. If he collapsed his body and then reconstructed it again, even the greatest poison was useless.

Just like usual, he prepared to destroy his body.

Yet, in the next moment, his expression changed. He was unable to break down his body!

How was this possible!

How was this possible!

The mist giant was both shocked and angry. Suddenly, an eerie green light entered his vision.

He couldn’t help but turn his head. His soul was scared out of him.

The ruler-straight green thread energy was so thick it was almost tangible from afar. This piano string that connected the earth to the sky was giving off a blinding and intense light.

When the mist giant’s eyes landed on Zuo Mo’s finger that was drawing in the air, he was motionless as though he had been struck by lightning!



The burning sensation from his fingertip grew stronger. Zuo Mo had reached the end of what he could draw. His attention was focused and tense, so focused he had no other thoughts. He feared that if he slacked off slightly, all of this work would go to waste.

As Zuo Mo drew the shen glyph, the green strand that was like a chord of light in front of him seemed to be drawn back by invisible hands.

As the green thread was drawn out, the green lights quickly gathered at the point where the green strand was being pulled.

The light marks increased. In a flash, a small green twister of light formed on the green strand.

The enormous body of the mist giant was the best target at this time.


The string twanged!

The twisting green light drew out a blinding green streak in the air before striking the mist giant.

The green light easily entered the body of the mist giant.

The mist giant’s body was frozen as though it was a statue. Suddenly, blinding green light came from inside the mist giant. Immediately after, rays of light broke through the mist giant like swords. The mist giant seemed like a hedgehog.


Green tongues of flame suddenly shot out of the mist giant. Moments later, the mist giant was completely enveloped in flames and burned.

Zuo Mo finally came out of his strange state. There was nothing under his feet, and his body twisted as it instinctively maintained his position in the air. He finally found to his shock that all of his shen power had been used up.

Looking at the enormous ball of fire in the distance, Zuo Mo finally sighed in relief. His gaze landed on the green strand that had lost all of its light.

With a wave of his hand, the green strand flew back into his hands.

Green Pulse String. That seemed to be the three words that the mist giant had just said.

Suddenly, a tiny white shadow flew out of the flames and was attempting to break into the air. Zuo Mo could clearly see that the white shadow was a snowy white child.

What was that?

Seeing him about to flee, a hand appeared out of nowhere and grabbed his neck.

The child’s body froze. He didn’t dare to move, but he grimaced inside.

Holding the naked child, A Gui flew next to Zuo Mo.

“Ghost Mist Child! He’s the Ghost Mist Child of the Ghost Mist Tribe!” Wei said with wonder.

“Ghost Mist Child?” Zuo Mo was clueless.

“They say that when the totem warriors of the Ghost Mist Tribe reach the end of their cultivation, they would rejuvenate back to a child, with their bodies becoming completely white. That is a ghost mist child,” Wei explained.

“It seems very powerful.” Zuo Mo muttered.

“I am very powerful!” The child on A Gui’s hand couldn’t resist speaking.

Zuo Mo, Wei and Pu Yao were completely stunned. The Ghost Mist Child could hear them talking?

“I’m telling you, this old man was the strongest in the tribe in the past!” The Ghost Mist Child said in a wizened tone. However, when paired with his young voice, it was strange to hear.

Pu Yao’s bloody pupil suddenly flashed. “You can hear us talk?”

“Of course!” The Ghost Mist Child said impatiently. “You two are souls, here in my territory, how can I not hear you? You are very weak to not know such a minor skill. You definitely cannot even leave the body of this boy.”

“You know how to make your soul manifest outside your body?” Pu Yao’s bloody pupil flashed again.

“Soul manifest outside the body? I haven’t heard of that. However, it is very simple to walk out of this boy’s body,” the ghost mist child said offhandedly.

“How?” Pu Yao asked shamelessly.

The ghost mist child suddenly stopped talking, knowing he had something of value now. He wasn’t dumb. He had talked so much because he wanted to bargain with Zuo Mo.

Zuo Mo was experienced. Seeing the other like this, he knew what the other’s plan was. He smirked and said, “Cooperate, and save yourself some physical pain.”

The ghost mist child said dismissively, “What can you do to this old man? If you kill this old man, you will never be able to leave the mist eye tablet.”

“Do I need to kill you?” Zuo Mo was a vicious person and the ghost mist child couldn’t compare to him. He said coolly, “I only need to put a wisp of sun shen fire into your body, hmph hmph!”

He remembered what Wei said. The sun shen power he cultivated was the bane of the Ghost Mist Tribe. The sun shen fire should also be effective against the ghost mist child.

The ghost mist child’s expression immediately turned ill as he shrieked, “You are so evil!”

“Scared by just this?” Zuo Mo continued to smile coldly. “Ge has all kinds of ways, this is nothing. Resist, keep resisting, ge is waiting. You brought ge in here, we need to settle this debt. Otherwise, heh, this is only the start?”

The ghost mist child was about to cry. He had slept for tens of thousands of years and encountered such a freakish guy after waking up.

Pu Yao said coldly, “Careful, do not let him near the mist sea below.”

The ghost mist child wanted to kill himself by hitting his head on the wall. How come every one of the enemy was so cunning? The mist hall that he had guarded for so many years. He really missed it. The people of the ancient era were so honest … …

“I’ll talk, I’ll talk!” The ghost mist child could not care for anything else now that the situation was like this. These people were clearly not friendly, and he could only be unfortunate to have landed in the hands of these people.

The ghost mist child presented a chant.

A black and white figure quickly broke free of Zuo Mo’s sea of consciousness.

“Hahahaha!” Pu Yao laughed into the sky with pleasure. He had been searching all this time for a way to leave Zuo Mo’s sea of consciousness. Only today was his wish fulfilled.

This feeling was too good!

Wei also had an expression of joy and novelty. No one could imagine the desire a person who was trapped for so many years felt towards freedom.

A Gui was unaffected by Pu Yao and Wei’s suddenly appearances.

Zuo Mo looked at Pu Yao and Wei who were flying back and forth in the sky. He couldn’t help but gave a sincere smile.

These two antiques … …

The ghost mist child saw no one was paying attention to him and was about to attempt to break free. However, the girl who was grabbing his neck seemed to detect his intentions and her grip tightened.

The ghost mist child’s neck felt a burst of pain.

He immediately became docile.

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