World of Cultivation - Chapter Seven Hundred and Ninety Six – Rain Commanding Banner

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Chapter Seven Hundred and Ninety Six – Rain Commanding Banner

Ruan You Xian’s presence suddenly changed. He seemed to become a tall mountain, vast and unmoving.

Ceng Lian’er’s eyes lit up. Naturally, she could see Ruan You Xian’s change. It had been so long since she encountered such an interesting opponent!

As a mo, Ceng Lian’er liked to fight. However, she usually suppressed the urge. It was rare to encounter such a strong opponent. This ignited her fighting spirit.

So what if it was a mountain!

Ceng Lian’er’s hands were spread open. The crescent moon behind her that was larger than she was tall spun in front of her. It twisted nimbly around her body.

“Moon, moon, strike!”

Ceng Lian’er’s unique voice that was both seductive and serene entered Ruan You Xian’s ears.

The moon was like a blade!

A sharp and icy presence came at Ruan You Xian’s head. Ruan You Xian did not have time to think, and chanted, “A mountain seen is not a mountain!”

The vast presence immediately changed to becoming something unpredictable like a mountain shrouded in the mist.

The moon accurately struck Ruan You Xian.


Ceng Lian’er’s eyebrow jumped up. She could see that the moon had hit its target but Ceng Lian’er could feel that the attack had hit empty space!

This was a masterful technique!

Ruan You Xian’s counterattack immediately came, his right hand grabbing for Ceng Lian’er

Ceng Lian’er felt her view darken as though a mountain was crashing down on her. She had the feeling that she could not dodge it. However, Ceng Lian’er shattered the feeling in an instant. So what if it was a mountain?

Her fingertip drew a curve along the inside crescent of the moon, and the inner curve of the crescent moon in front of her suddenly lit up.

She moved her hand, and a string of light appeared in her hand. The crescent moon was a bow!

Her hand pulling the bow open, the were small crescent moons on the bowstring. They were icy and glowing like wind chimes that gave off clear sounds.

“Ding ding ding … …”

The pleasing sounds of the bells were like an enchanting tune that caused people to sink into it.

Dozens of little moon crescents drew out dozens of eerie and cold curves as they flew towards Ruan You Xian.

Ruan You Xian’s expression was grave. The moment that Ceng Lian’er pulled the bowstring, dozens of waves of killing intent locked onto him. There was a strong feeling of danger. His hand that was in the air immediately moved away from Ceng Lian’er and slapped towards the little crescent moon flying in the air.

Yet these palm-sized crescent moon were strange. Their flight paths did not have any pattern to speak of!

Ruan You Xian’s blow landed on empty air.

However, Ruan You Xian was not so easily defeated. With a cold snort, his blow changed. It became a steep peak with precipitous cliffs that once again headed for Ceng Lian’er.

Ceng Lian’er ignored it. She raised her arm, her fingers spread.

The crescent moon in front of her started to spin like a fan. It spun faster and faster, turning into a curtain of light that covered Ceng Lian’er.

The curtain flew towards Ruan You Xian’s blow.

Ruan You Xian was overjoyed. This was a chance! He could not attend to anything else. All of his shen power was gathered, the shen glyph at his chest growing like young tendrils that spread along his arm.

The bright light followed the shen glyph into his right hand.

A hand imprint left his hand!

The hand imprint did not move fast, yet the entire space seemed to be moved by this hand. No matter how it struggled, it could not break free!

All of space was being pulled. It headed for Ceng Lian’er with an indescribable pressure!

From the start of the battle to now, Ruan You Xian’s presence reached its peak!

At this time, he was like a tall mountain unable to be moved by the power of mortals!

Ceng Lian’er’s eyes grew brighter. She did not retreat, the light covering her growing as she moved forward and bravely charged straight up. Her speed was like a meteor, the crescent moon spinning rapidly appearing as a curved shield of light that covered her.

The little crescent moons flying in the air hummed in unison. They drew out strange paths and seemed to be attracted to Ceng Lian’er.

From far away, Ceng Lian’er appeared like a meteor followed by dozens of streams of light.

With a soul-shaking roar, Ceng Lian’er charged at Ruan You Xian without any finesse!

The two collided face on!


Blinding light was released from where the two collided and immediately swallowed the two of them!

The rippling air currents were like sharp arrows that could not be stopped.


Having taken in the Ghost Mist Child, Zuo Mo felt very proud.

The Mist Eye Tablet was also a very good treasure. Zuo Mo had personally tasted its power. If not for the help of A Gui, him alone was definitely not a match.

However, the Mist Eye Tablet was seriously damaged by Zuo Mo and A Gui, and needed time to regain the significant power it lost.

It was dangerous to fight in as the weak side against strong opponents, but if they succeeded, then they could eat until they were full.

The Mist Eye Tablet immediately became one of the strongest weapons in Zuo Mo’s hands. Even though it was damaged to some degree, it was still powerful.

After taking the Mist Eye Tablet, the Mist Hall was like Zuo Mo’s backyard.

The pitiful Lil’ Pagoda and Black Gold Seal Soldier were still in the middle of their indigestion. However, according to the Ghost Mist Child, the mist that the two had consumed were not detrimental to them, and would be of benefit.

Zuo Mo finally put down his worries.

They did not encounter anyone in the entire Mist Hall. Was his luck so good? Zuo Mo couldn’t help but feel happy.

“After the Wind, Rain, Thunder, Mist and Snow Halls are the four palaces: Spring, Summer, Autumn, and Winter.” While the Ghost Mist Child was not acquainted with other people, he was from here, and knew more than Zuo Mo who came in blind.

“Then we will enter now? Which palace is the easiest to pass?” Zuo Mo rubbed his hands.

“They are all difficult.” The Ghost Mist Child shook his head. “The four palaces are for the four seasons. The sun tribe warrior that defeated me in the past was defeated in the Winter Palace. I had thought that he would be able to make it, and it was unexpected he failed at the last step. He was the strongest I’ve ever seen.”

The Ghost Mist Child couldn’t help but lament.

Hearing this, Zuo Mo immediately put away the smile on his face. Zuo Mo knew very well how strong the Sun Tribe had been in the past. The other was able to defeat the Ghost Mist Child in a true battle, the other’s strength would definitely be great. Yet such a strong person was defeated in the four palaces. The dangers of the four palaces could be imagined.

“I have other comrades that came in with me, can we find them?” Zuo Mo thought of his guards and couldn’t help but worry.

The Ghost Mist child said, “It is not difficult to find them. I guard the Mist Hall, I can still use some of the Totem Coliseum’s abilities. However, there is no way to get to them. The five halls are not connected. However, if they pass through the five halls, Daren will be able to see them before they enter the four palaces.”

Zuo Mo was worried and hurriedly described everyone’s appearances.

The Ghost Mist Child had some abilities. With a wave of his hand, a mist mirror appeared with everyone’s surroundings.

Zuo Mo saw that while everyone was fighting, they were not in danger. His worries were eased.

After watching a while, Zuo Mo suddenly asked, “Why are there no hall masters to be seen in the other halls?”

The Ghost Mild Child sighed. “The other four hall masters existed before, and they were all very strong. But who can last through tens of thousands of years? If I was not a yin soul, and had the Mist Eye Tablet that forms its own world, I would have dissipated as well.”

Zuo Mo thought about it and found it was right. Those that could survive from the ancient era were basically not the normal ones. He suddenly thought of an important question. “I heard there is a shen device nucleus here, do you know where it is?”

The Ghost Mist Child stilled and then understood. “So Master has come for that!”

Zuo Mo was full of anticipation. “You know where it is?”

The Ghost Mist Child nodded. “The item exists. The previous master gathered treasures from all over, desiring to forge a shen device. This was something that the previous master was preparing to leave behind for those later. But before it could be forged, the previous master disappeared, and the Totem Coliseum was closed.”

“Where is it?” Zuo Mo’s eyes were bright as he listened. A thing from such a powerful person that was to be left behind for those after them, it definitely was something good!

The Ghost Mist Child thought. “It should be at the previous master’s residence. We need to pass through the four palaces.”

Zuo Mo did not find that strange when he heard it. “Where do we go now?”

“We will wait for your comrades outside the gates of the four palaces,” The Ghost Mist Child said.

Under the Ghost Mist Child’s guidance, Zuo Mo’s group quickly left the Mist Hall. The Ghost Mist Child’s original jinzhi had disappeared long ago. Adding on the jinzhi that Zuo Mo put in using the Soul Setting Divine Light, he actually benefited and the ghost mist changed again. He was familiar with the Totem Coliseum, and the group quickly came to the gates of the four palaces of Spring, Summer, Autumn, and Winter.

Four bronze gates stood, carved with diagrams representing the four seasons.


“The rumors say the five halls of the coliseum each have their own wonders!” Nie Chen said emotionally. “Even after being sealed for more than ten thousand years, it is still so magnificent. How great would have the scene back then!”

A few hints of yearning flashed through Zhen Ling Meng’s eyes but she quickly recovered. “The records say that the five halls of the Totem Coliseum all have a hall master. We did not encounter a hall master on our way, it must have died already.”

“What does Shimei mean?” Nie Chen said thoughtfully.

“While the hall master of the Rain Hall is dead, the presence of the hall has not decreased. There should be a treasure sustaining the area here,” Zhen Ling Meng said.

“Then what are we chattering about, go find it!” Tan Xu said impatiently. “I had thought that those yao would have some skill, who knew they were so weak. We haven’t encountered one hard fight up until now. I think that the reputation of this Totem Coliseum is exaggerated.”

The three had encountered three yao experts just now, but the difference in power had been clear. They had quickly won.

Nie Chen was not as battle-thirsty as Tan Xu. He shook his head and said, “Getting the item is the right thing. As to killing, other than Tian Huan and Mo Cloud Sea, the others are not interesting.”

Tan Xu’s eyes suddenly lit up. “I wonder if Mo Cloud Sea’s Wei Sheng has come. Eldest Shixiong always praises this person. Hmph, if I encounter him, I will kill him.”

“Let’s see when we meet him.” Nie Chen agreed with Tan Xu’s words. If they had to choose the person that Kun Lun disliked the most, it was definitely Wei Sheng. Kun Lun was the holy ground of sword xiu. Every Kun Lun disciple was proud of this. Yet Wei Sheng now showed signs of surpassing this, and every Kun Lun disciple disliked it.

“There!” Zhen Ling Meng suddenly pointed in a direction.

The other two hurriedly looked over and saw a corpse. There was a cloth banner swaying in the wind next to the corpse. Written on the banner was an ancient “Rain” character.

Zhen Ling Meng was widely read and joyfully surprised. “The Rain Commanding Banner!”

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