World of Cultivation - Chapter Seven Hundred and Ninety Seven – Kun Lun Soul

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Chapter Seven Hundred and Ninety Seven – Kun Lun Soul

Lin Qian carefully pushed open the door. The blinding light from the seal formations in the room caused his heart to hurt. A hunched figure sat cross-legged in the middle of the room. If people saw this scene, they would be astonished. This hunched figure was the sect leader of Kun Lun.

Yet his arms had disappeared, and only half of his snowy white brows were light. He would occasionally cough and with every cough, his hunched figure would heave and shudder.

Lin Qian’s nose felt sore. Thinking about Master’s presence in the past, his heart twisted.


He called lightly.

The sect leader heard him and he straightened in difficulty. He said gently, “Qian’er has come.”

His face was covered in wrinkles, his eyes blurry, his voice hoarse like an elderly person at the last days of his life.

“Yes.” Lin Qian was afraid that he would be overwhelmed and cry, he only answered with one word. He quickly walked next to master and started to take Master’s pulse to check his wounds.

Master had been injured when he had been exploring the ancient ruins. His arms were cut off, his body completely void of ling power, his organs null of all life. Lin Qian thought of all the ways he could but he could just barely manage to keep Master breathing.

This grey presence didn’t have any life at all.

Lin Qian’s heart twisted in pain. He knew that Master had wanted to forge a shen device that truly belonged to him. Kun Lun’s [Capable Person] was the first shen device of Kun Lun yet there were many parts about it that were not perfect. Master had not been content.

“You do not need to worry for me.” The sect leader knew that his disciple was sad and comforted him, “I have lived for so long, I’ve lived enough.”

“Master … …” Lin Qian heard this and his tears could not be held back any longer.

“Child, you are a sect leader, you cannot be childish like this,” the sect leader smiled. His grey-white face was lifeless. “You have done well. I’m not worried handing Kun Lun to you.”

Lin Qian sobbed soundlessly.

“I only reached a clear mind a few days ago, and realized many things. Mo Cloud Sea’s shen power is unique, and completely different from Kun Lun. We cannot just copy it. What Kun Lun cultivates is the sword, the sword is the truth. What we need is a shen sword, not a raiment. The shen device is good, but it is not suited to Kun Lun. One sword defeats all, that is the way of Kun Lun!”

The sect leader’s hoarse voice echoed in the room.

Lin Qian could hear that Master was warning him, and felt even more pained.

“I am satisfied at completing my greatest wish before death. You should not feel sad for me,” the sect leader said gently. “The sword that I found for you has great origins, it is one of the strongest shen swords in the ancient era. While it has been sealed for a long time, it still has its power. Do not fail to live up to its reputation.”

“This disciple will not fail you!” Lin Qian stopped his tears and gave a sword oath.

The sect leader nodded. “I only have one wish left.”

“Master, please speak!” Lin Qian’s gaze was determined. He decided inside that no matter what, he had to complete Master’s wish!

The sect leader raised his head. “My arms and ling power are gone, my life is gone, the only thing left is my soul. I wish to throw my soul into the Immemorial Shen Sword, and strengthen the sword soul.”

Lin Qian’s tears that had just stopped began streaming down again. He shook his head. “Master, no!”

Nurturing the sword with the soul was a cruel affair. The soul would experience endless pain and hardship, unable to ever reincarnate!

“This is Master’s last wish.” The sect leader’s blurred eyes suddenly became sharp. “We have been raised by Kun Lun. I, as the sect leader, will use my blood and soul to repay Kun Lun. If you do not promise, I will not die in peace!”

“Master!” Lin Qian lost his voice as he sobbed.

“I have decided!” the sect leader said steely. He closed his eyes and did not speak.


The light of the formation flashed, shen power flooding outwards. In the center, an ancient sword floated in the air.

All of the Kun Lun elders, all of the core disciples were gathered here. Everyone had sorrowful expressions.

When Lin Qian appeared carrying the sect leader on his back, everyone knelt in unspoken agreement. The sect leader had great authority in the sect, and was revered by everyone. Seeing the sect leader wither to this state, everyone felt a great pain.

“Kun Lun is now in your hands.” The sect leader’s voice was hoarse and quiet.

Those that heard cried. Someone said sorrowfully, “We do not dare to begrudge our bodies.”

The sect leader nodded, comforted.

Lin Qian’s tears rained down and he could not speak. He could only carry the sect leader forward.

The sect leader did not say much. His soul came out of his body and he stepped into the seal formation. The sect leader had great cultivation, and his sword soul was pure.

The Immemorial Sword in the center of the seal formation suddenly pulled at him. The sword soul of the sect leader turned into a stream of light and entered the sword.

The surrounding Kun Lun elders and disciples stared to cry.

Inside the sword, a soul endured astounding pain as it murmured.

“Qian’er, Master can only guide you up to here.”


Inside Kun Lun Realm, a sword essence pierced the sky, and all swords hummed together!

The world was astounded.


Wei Sheng was completely covered in blood, his clothing torn. He held the blood sword in his hand. In front of him, Wu Le’s expression was ashen.

“There is such a strong person in the world!” Wu Le murmured to himself. After saying this, he fell face forward without any presence left.

Wei Sheng looked disheveled but his expression was normal The God-Killing Blood Sword in his hand had just finished drinking blood and was unusually eerie.

Suddenly, Wei Sheng seemed to feel something and raised his head. Almost at the same moment, the God-Killing Blood Sword in his hand seemed to be excited. The blood light erupted and shot into the sky.

A blood pillar dozens of zhang thick erupted!

Inside the pillar of light, Wei Sheng was like a gold of killing ascending!

Wei Sheng raised his head and gazed at the sky. He felt the furious fighting spirit coming from the God-Killing Blood Sword in his hand. He took a deep breath and pushed down the almost boiling fighting spirit he felt. His clear glassy eyes of blood were filled with shock.

–There was such a strong and powerful sword essence in the world!

A sword essence that ruled the world!

His excitement at beating his opponent just now completely disappeared. Wei Sheng looked dazedly at the sky, his shock slowly disappearing from his eyes. What replaced it was strong fighting spirit and murderousness!

“Kun Lun!”

Wei Sheng murmured to himself as his hand unconsciously gripped the God-Killing Blood Sword in his hand.

Only one place would have such a strong sword essence that it would cause hopelessness. That was Kun Lun!

Wei Sheng felt his spirit rise in his chest.

Suddenly, nearby, the lightning was astoundingly thick as though something was stimulated by the sword essence that came down.

Wei Sheng’s mind moved and he hurriedly flew towards where the lightning was gathered.

The closer he flew, the more surprised he was. The lightning was shooting into the sky from the ground.

Was there some treasure here?

He quickly flew to the origin of the lightning.

There was a bronze mirror laying on the ground. The word “Thunder” was engraved on the bronze mirror. The copper mirror flashed with light and electrical snakes swam over it.

Hiss- crack!

A lightning snake suddenly shot into the sky.

When the lightning snake left the bronze mirror, it would grow rapidly until it was the thickness of an arm and tear apart the sky.


Zuo Mo raised his head and looked into the sky.

The Ghost Mist Child also looked in shock at the sky. He murmured to himself, “Such strong sword essence! So there is such a strong person in the present era?” He had yielded to Zuo Mo yet he could still see that the strongest of this era was much weaker compared to the ancient era.

Yet this sword essence that seemed to conquer the world and was undefeatable shocked him.

How could such a strong sword essence appear in this era.

Suddenly, he felt something familiar within the sword essence that caused him to shake and unconsciously blurt out, “Immemorial!”

“Immemorial?” Zuo Mo moved his gaze to look at the Ghost Mist Child.

The Ghost Mist Child said in a dream-like fashion, “Immemorial is the most famous shen sword in the our legends. They say that the wielder of this sword will become an Emperor Sky.”

Familiar with the sun gold leaf, Zuo Mo knew what Emperor Sky meant. In the ancient era, the strongest of each era would become the leader of all the tribes, and be called Emperor Sky.

“Emperor Sky?” Zuo Mo showed a cold smirk, murder undisguised in his eyes. “If he wants to be Emperor Sky, he needs to see if I agree or not!”

The Ghost Mist Child stilled and then suddenly reacted. He stammered out, “Is this Master’s enemy … …”

Zuo Mo glanced at him and said uncaringly, “Yes, enemies to the death! What, you’re afraid?”

The ghost mist child quickly reacted. He looked at Zuo Mo’s unfriendly face and hurriedly expressed his attitude. “Master, what are you saying, Master’s enemies are my enemies!”

Zuo Mo moved his gaze away but his face turned dark.

Such a strong sword essence that could be felt even hear. It was most likely because of the Immemorial Shen Sword that the Ghost Mist Child spoke of.

Lin Qian’s individual strength was unparalleled. In the past, Zuo Mo and a few others had to work together to stop one of his blows.

Supposedly, Lin Qian had been the one to create Kun Lun’s shen methodology. No one knew what level his strength was at but Zuo Mo knew that it was definitely strong, very strong!

If Zuo Mo had to pick another person in the world that could stand shoulder-to-shoulder with Wei Sheng Shixiong, he would definitely pick Lin Qian.

And now, with this Immemorial Shen Sword, Lin Qian’s strength probably reached a terrifying level.

It could possibly be a height that no one in the world could reach!

While Zuo Mo did not fear the other, when he thought that his worst enemy had obtained such a shen device, Zuo Mo felt as uncomfortable as he had swallowed a fly.

Kun Lun!

Let’s wait and see!


Swow Hall.

Luo Li had an expression of helplessness.

There was a group of guards behind him. The great majority of the guards were with him.

However, when he encountered the people from Heart Leaf Dhyana Sect, they had charged forward without a second world. The sect leader of Heart Leaf Dhyana Sect hadn’t thought that the enemy would fight without even a greeting. He lost the round.

There were many guards in this group, a dozen that formed a battle formation. They were an even match for the elders of Heart Leaf Dhyana Sect.

The sect leader had some skill, and the two sides were at a deadlock.

The Heart Leaf Dhyana sect leader’s shen power was vast while Luo Li’s fighting method was eerie. Wo Li was skilled in strange and unorthodox methods that made great trouble for the other.

The peerless sword essence of the Immemorial came from the sky without any warning.

Wo Li opened her breath-stealing beautiful eyes.

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