World of Cultivation - Chapter Seven Hundred and Ninety One – The Power of Gluttons

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Chapter Seven Hundred and Ninety One – The Power of Gluttons

The mist ball suddenly exploded!

Howling waves enveloped everyone, countless tiny white figures leaping at the group.

Zuo Mo’s scalp pricked, the green strand in his hand vibrating relentlessly. When the white shadows were struck by the green strand, they immediately exploded.

Bam bam bam!

With every explosion, a strange power would pass to Zuo Mo’s wrist from the green strand. The frequent and eerie power battered at Zuo Mo like waves.

Zuo Mo’s heart shook. His physical body was so strong yet he felt as though he couldn’t keep a grip on the green strand!

These white shadows were the size of a thumb and shaped like tadpoles with unusually large heads. When they opened their mouths, they revealed two dense rows of scary teeth.

There were tens of thousands of them that furiously charged at the group.

Tenth Grade’s expression turned cold. The crescent blade around him suddenly attacked!

The flash from before was absent, but an indescribable bloodthirst replaced it!

[Hundred Sacrifice Soul Killing Sword]!

The sword scripture known to be the most vicious in the world lived up to the name. With this attack, a vicious and bloodthirsty energy formed as the sword moved! The little crescent blade suddenly lit up with a dark red color.

The crescent moon attacked!

After turning dark red, the crescent seemed to be a bloody shadow, that moved relentlessly. These grey shadows changed constantly as though they were moving about, forming and dissipating. Each shadow was filled with great killing energy.

As the shadows formed and dissipated, the vicious energy of the dark red crescent blade reached a peak.

Woo woo woo!

Like the cries of hundreds of ghosts, like the howls of tens of thousands of beasts!

In front of Tenth Grade the white shadows seemed to be frightened by such vicious energy. They screamed even more frequently, so sharp and high pitched it almost ruptured eardrums as they furiously fled in all directions.

The dark red crescent blade easily passed through the layers of white shadow as though they were intangible.

The silky blood shadow would turn the white figures into a water droplets upon contact, so quickly the white shadow didn’t even have time to shout.

In a flash, all the white shadows in front of Tenth Grade were swept clean, and only droplets of water fell down.

Lil’ Pagoda stretched out its head from behind Tenth Grade. It sucked in all the raindrops into its body.

Zuo Mo finally cleared out the white figures in front of him. His wrist gave off pangs of soreness and his heart was intimidated.

The white mist in the surroundings were still the same as though what had happened just now was just a dream.

Yet before Zuo Mo would sigh in relief, dozens of white arrows suddenly shot out of the white mist. Zuo Mo’s wrist instinctively shook, and the green strand shot towards the white arrows.

The green strand accurately hit the white arrows yet the explosions that Zuo Mo predicted did not occur. The straight arrows suddenly opened their mouths and bit the green strand!

Zuo Mo discovered that these were not white arrows but snakes!

The mist snakes held onto the green strands and would not let go.

At this time, the tails of the snake suddenly exploded. Starting from the tail, the snake exploded inch by inch! When the snake head exploded, an astounding power passed to Zuo Mo through the green strand.

Zuo Mo’s entire hand turned numb!

Such strong power!

Zuo Mo’s expression turned grave. Following this power, the green strand shook lightly. Woosh woosh, dozens of crescent energies immediately shot towards the other white snakes.

Half of the crescent energies hit a target. Seven white snakes nimbly dodged and then exploded in unison!

Zuo Mo’s expression changed dramatically.

The explosion of one white snake had been so strong just now. The power of these seven snakes would release when they exploded in unison, the power … …

He reacted quickly, his shen power rippling and gathering in his right hand.


A great power smashed out through the green strand in a furious wave.

Zuo Mo’s body lit up with bright golden light and he couldn’t help but take a step back.

Hiss hiss hiss!

The hissing within the white mist echoed in his ears.

Zuo Mo was astounded!

The monsters inside the white mist was so strong and they seemed to be endless. The white mist still moved slowly towards them. Zuo Mo knew if the white mist completely shrouded him, their situation would worsen.

What should he do?

The monsters made from the white mist seemed to be unable to go too far from the white mist. At most, they would fly two zhang from the white mist.

Zuo Mo thought of how he had used the magnetic bottles before to carve out this zone of safety. If he could expand the area….

He hurriedly searched in his ring. He had used most of the bottles already, and the remaining few were futile.

No, there had to be a way!

Zuo Mo turned his face and saw the Black Gold Seal Soldier. He couldn’t help but slap his forehead. How did he forget this guy?

Zuo Mo pulled over the Black Gold Seal Soldier and said emotionally, “Blacky, look, our situation is not very good!”

Hearing this, the Black Gold Seal Soldier excitedly made a fist and patted his chest. “Big Brother, should I go? No problem! Watch me beat them to pieces!”

“Beat them to pieces?” Zuo Mo shook his head and said mysteriously. “There is a way that you can easily defeat them!”

“What way?” The Black Gold Seal Soldier asked with a curious expression.

Zuo Mo patted the Black Gold Seal Soldier’s stomach. “Hei, eat them! Just like how you usually eat food. If you eat all of the white mist, wouldn’t they be defeated?”

The Black Gold Seal Soldier had a dumbstruck gaze. A moment later, he stammered out, “Big Brother, the white mist isn’t tasty … …”

“Blacky! Look, this is the best time for you to display our talents. As long as you show your talents, we will all look at you differently. Your A Gui sister will bring you good things to eat. Didn’t you want to eat some cloud steeds? If you suck dry all of the white mist, this might be considered … …” Zuo Mo had a deep expression.

“Really?” The simple-minded Black Gold Seal Soldier immediately widened his eyes and was excited and spirited. “Alright! See how I suck them dry!”

He opened his mouth. As expected, the white mist burrowed into his mouth like a whale inhaling.

Zuo Mo’s eyes turned. Just one wasn’t enough. His eyes swept across the other little ones. The little ones retreated in fright. Zuo Mo’s gaze landed on Lil’ Pagoda and his eyes lit up.

He felt very proud. Fortunately, ge had taken along enough gluttons!

“Lil’ Pagoda, come here!”

Lil’ Pagoda came over with a timid expression.

“Good son, go suck in. This mist is a good thing! Think about it, the mist of the ancient era, with just a mouthful, you will be immune to all ills. With two mouthfuls, you will have your youth forever, with three mouthfuls … … oh. In conclusion, this is something good! Ancient era mist that could trouble even those totem warriors. At present, they would be sold in by the drop or as single strands! Good son, you cannot miss this opportunity, it will never come again!”

Zuo Mo spoke cleverly.

Lil’ Pagoda’s eyes were down, its expression hurt as it slowly moved its fleshy body forward.

The yinyang fish at its forehead started to spin. Hiss, the surrounding white mist started to stream into the yinyang fish at an even faster rate than the Black Gold Seal Soldier.

The Black Gold Seal Soldier glanced sneakily at Lil’ Pagoda and gave out a rebellious snort. His mouth widened, his eyes widening, and his inhalation rate of the white mist suddenly increased

Zuo Mo looked around in pride.

People were short-sighted and could not understand that it would always be the gluttons that would conquer the world!

With two great gluttons in his hand, he could vie for the world!


Rain Hall.

Tan Xu coldly inspected the corpses on the ground. Without raising his head, he said, “It is people from Karma Temple, they didn’t even put up a good fight.”

His tone was filled with dismissiveness. He had enough cause for this. From the moment he discovered them to killing them, he had only used two moves. He felt slightly disappointed. In his view, Karma Temple’s shen power was not acceptable. This kind of shen power was actually able to become the cornerstone of a big sect.

Tan Xu had been full of anticipation towards the mission. Other than the importance of the mission itself, he was excited about the opponents he would encounter.

Tan Xu was outstanding among the Kun Lun disciples. Otherwise, he would not have been chosen to become a Child of Kun Lun. There were other disciples in Kun Lun that were about the same as him in strength. For example, Nie Chen and Zhen Meng Ling were not weaker than he was. However, sect competitions could not compare to true fighting outside.

However, up until now, he had not encountered an opponent that could last for three moves. He felt bored by this.

Nie Chen held an exquisite disk in his hand. If experts saw this, they would exclaim—[Determination Compass]!

[Determination Compass] was one of the most famous Kun Lun talismans. It was ninth-grade, and it had been high up on the treasure rankings for a long time.

While shen devices were stronger and better treasures now, ninth-grade talismans were still rare and had wondrous abilities.

Nie Chen raised his head. “Left side, three people.”

Tan Xu’s expression became murderous. Snap snap, he cracked his joints. “Don’t interfere!”

Nie Chen ignored him and said directly, “Ling Meng, attack as well. Finish as fast as possible, we do not have much time.” He raised his head to look at the endless rain coming down the sky. He murmured to himself, “Totem Coliseum, interesting.”

Tan Xu’s expression became displeased but he did not make a sound. It was alright that he spoke towards Nie Chen in an defiant manner on a daily basis, but this time, Nie Chen was the leader for this mission. Tan Xu was a rebellious person but he cared about discipline. This was the conduct of Kun Lun at present. As Lin Qian continued to govern, Kun Lun’s discipline tightened. What people usually did was not controlled, but once they entered battle, they had to be disciplined.

Tan Xu only thought inside that he had to be faster in attacking than last time.

The three silently hid in the curtain of the rain without any presence.

Their understanding of this ruin far surpassed everyone else. People had to admit defeat to Kun Lun’s great wealth. Kun Lun had quickly found the previous incarnation of the ruins from its ocean of records, the Totem Coliseum.

Kun Lun truly had too many records. Their dominant status for thousands of years allowed them to collect innumerable precious records. The number of secrets unknown to people could not be counted.

They found many details concerning the Totem Coliseum and prepared well. They knew each obstacle, they had taken along talismans to counter each obstacle. For example, the [Rain Disguise Cape] that could hide them in the curtain of rain.

Adding on three strong Children of Kun Lun, it was clear how much Kun Lun wanted the shen device nucleus.

In the curtain of rain, the three figures appeared. They were careful yet they did not detect that there were people hiding in the rain already.

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