World of Cultivation - Chapter Seven Hundred and Ninety Eight – Comprehension

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Chapter Seven Hundred and Ninety Eight – Comprehension

Wo Li’s cold eyes showed a rare ripple of emotion.

Peerless sword essence covered the sky above them. She raised her face, her crystal-like eyes quietly changed.

Luo Li’s heart stilled. A strange feeling rose. He and Wo Li were two sides of one body. The connection between them was the most unique existence in the world. Both Luo Li and Wo Li existed between life and death.

The two’s minds were connected and were like one.

However, there were slight differences between them

Wo Li was a sword spirit manifested from Luo Li’s sword essence, from intangible to tangible. Luo Li had comprehended [Life-Death Lock], from life going into death, from tangible to intangible.

These slight changes caused the two of them to have different abilities.

Detecting Wo Li’s change, Luo Li became slightly nervous.

Wo Li’s personality was cold and distant. When she had been a sword spirit, Luo Li had known her strength well. Yet the present Wo Li was like a completely new lifeform. While the two were of the same mind and from the same origin, two aspects of one body.

Luo Li did not know what abilities that Wo Li had. Wo Li’s personality was cold and she would never speak of her own accord.

Luo Li was not as sensitive to sword essence as Wo Li. His skill was his unique understanding of life and death. This was a comprehension that [Life-Death Lock] gave him.

Sword essence … …

Luo Li looked into the sky and then turned to stare nervously at Wo Li.

Suddenly, Luo Li’s expression changed slightly.

Wo Lil’s presence was changing!

How come it was like this?

Luo Li was astounded. A strange feeling rose. He knew that this was because Wo Li’s changes were reflected on him.

Wo Li … …

He became slightly dazed.


In order to become a sect leader, he naturally was strong. Heart Leaf Dhyana Sect was not a top sect like Kun Lun and Tian Huan but it was still not something that any little sect could compare to.

The Heart Leaf Dhyana Sect leader immediately detected Wo Li’s change.

He saw this seemingly beautiful, icy, and lifeless female changing in front of him. It was as though she was shedding her soft and gentle appearance to reveal a cold sword edge!

The edges were like water!

A vast blue body of water.

Yet the edges disappeared after appearing. The female suddenly became ethereal and unpredictable. She was clearly in front of him, but in his perception, the space seemed empty.

This strange feeling was so uncomfortable that he wanted to spit blood.

It felt as though suddenly, the feeling of having everything within his grasp disappeared.

Having fought innumerable times, this was the first time the leader of Heart Leaf Dhyana Sect had such a strange feeling.

This woman was strange!

Countless thoughts flashed through his mind but the sect leader could not attend to them. While he did not understand what was going on with the changes of the female, this kind of change was not something good for him.

Murderousness rose.

Any person that cultivated the Heart Leaf Dhyana Sect’s shen power would have a leaf-shaped mark on their palm that indicated their strength. The Heart Leaf Dhyana Sect leader was the only one in the sect that had reached a level of seven branches and seven leaves.

Without any hesitation, the sect leader attacked with a killing move.

His expression devout and serious, seven verdant tree leaves flew out of his palm. They danced softly in the air with concealed murderousness. The seven green lives drew out seven green streaks of light that criss-crossed.

[Seven Leaf Dhyana Heart]!

Wo Li did not seem to see it. Her gaze was still looking into the distance but her presence became increasingly ethereal.

Luo Li’s eyes became disbelieving.

She was comprehending sword essence!


“It’s Kun Lun.” The sect leader of Tian Huan said. His face was filled with shock and anxiousness. In the history of the xiuzhe world, such strong sword essence had never appeared, and he had never even heard of it.

Kun Lun and Tian Huan seemed to be comparable in strength, but all this time, Kun Lun had been suppressing Tian Huan. If Tian Huan and Kun Lun could be said to have been on good terms during the era of the Four Realms, then Kun Lun was Tian Huan’s strongest enemy and most important opponent.

Now, this great enemy suddenly possessed a terrifyingly powerful secret weapon. Tian Huan was alarmed.

There was a old person sitting in front of the sect leader. This old person was the mysterious chief elder of Tian Huan who had found the secret of the shen glyphs.

The chief elder’s expression was serious. The sword essence just now had been too powerful, so powerful it almost surpassed the limits of their imagination. He asked gravely, “We need to investigate this matter. Kun Lun … … Kun Lun!”

The sect leader said, “Shizhi will remember!”

The chief elder’s status was above everyone in the sect. He was a generation older than the sect leader. Adding on that he had found the secret of the shen glyph and pushed Tian Huan into the era of shen power with just his power. His achievement and service was so great that even the sect leader was willing to be commanded by him.

Chief Elder was obsessed with shen glyphs and didn’t like to interfere with sect matters. However, Kun Lun’s sword essence was too astounding. Chief Elder had seen worldly apparitions before, yet being able to detect it from Kun Lun meant that it was an almost unimaginably powerful existence. For Kun Lun, this was the worst news.

He was worried but he stilled maintained a calm expression. Suddenly, the bracelet on his hand suddenly lit up.

He thought of something, and hurriedly activated a spell.

A mirage cloud came out of the bracelet. The cloud changed and the scene of an intense fight appeared in front of them.

“It’s You Xian.” The sect leader was slightly shocked. He recognized Ruan You Xian at a glance. Ruan You Xian was the leader of the mission this time. The sect leader did not look away. The fighting was intense and it could seen that Rou Xian was losing.

“Hm, you recognize this person?” The Chief Elder pointed at Ruan You Xian’s opponent and asked.

The sect leader thought for a moment and found the answer. “It’s Mo Cloud Sea’s Ceng Lian’er. She cultivates moon shen power, supposedly, it is a complete inheritance.”

Hearing this, Chief Elder’s eyes became brighter and he murmured to himself, “No wonder, no wonder!”

The sect leader was curious yet he did not dare to disturb the Chief Elder in fear of interrupting his thinking. His gaze landed on the mirage. After watching for a while, his expression became grave.

Ruan You Xian could maintain his composure in an emergency, far more than the other disciples, which was why he had been given such an important task. However, he was not weak. Even though he only cultivated one shen glyph, his skill was solid.

Tian Huan had not paid great attention to the mission this time. The ruins were in Lotus Sutra Temple’s territory and it was not easy to move there. Li Xian Er and the other disciples were all at important points in their cultivation and could not travel. Through different methods, Tian Huan had divined that the journey of the ruins would be dangerous this time.

However, under the suggestion of Chief Elder, he still sent Ruan You Xian and a few others to sneak in.

He had originally thought that Chief Elder had other considerations until Chief Elder told him directly and he realized. Chief Elder had reached a bottleneck on his comprehension of shen glyphs, and he wanted to obtain inspiration from the other paths.

The opening of the ancient ruins would attract many experts. Chief Elder only had do a few things in order to see the fights of the disciples. He had not concealed this from Ruan You Xian and the others. The sect leader also said that if they could not win, they did not need to fight to the death.

Ruan You Xian and the others were not opposed to this arrangement. The benefit to Tian Huan, if they could help Chief Elder, was clear.

Chief Elder’s setup was effective.

After watching for a while, the sect leader’s face became ugly.

Ceng Lian’er was strong as they said!

He knew long ago about Ceng Lian’ers strength. However, he was still surprised at how easily Ceng Lian’er suppressed Ruan You Xian. He unconsciously compared Ceng Lian’er and Li Xian Er but he quickly found that he could not come to any specific conclusions.

This caused his expression to turn uglier.

According to the intelligence reports, Cen Lian’er was not the strongest fighter under Zuo Mo’s command. All of the reports showed that Ceng Lian’er was ranked third among Zuo Mo’s various fighters.

The first was Wei Sheng, the second was A Gui. They were even more terrifyingly strong existences.

Yet Xian Er was the most accomplished of the younger generation of Tian Huan disciples.

When comparing the best genius of Tian Huan and the third ranked fighter of Mo Cloud Sea there was an inconclusive comparison. This indicated many problems already.

When he thought of Kun Lun’s peerless sword essence just now, the sect leader felt even more worried. Tian Huan was falling behind in terms of top experts.

“Do not worry.” The chief elder seemed to know what the sect leader thought and said, “Tian Huan is on a different path from Kun Lun and we are slightly similar to Mo Cloud Sea. An individual fights using their individual methods, a battalion fights with a battalions methods. If we can advance a step on the shen glyphs, our shen equipment would grow in strength. At that time, our battalions would become unprecedentedly powerful.”

Chief Elder’s words were filled with confidence.

The sect leader felt better and his thoughts turned. He had to admit that Chief Elder was right. Before Mo Cloud Sea appeared, Tian Huan had been the strongest faction in forging. Tian Huan’s battalions had been the best outfitted of all the factions.

However, Mo Cloud Sea’s sudden rise had caused them to surpass Tian Huan in shen equipment.

Chief Elder’s gaze was clear. “Mo Cloud Sea is extraordinary and Ceng Lian’er is strong. However, she has allowed me to see some ancient secrets! At most a few months, at minimum one or two, new shen glyphs will take form. Tian Huan’s new shen equipment will show their light!”

The sect leader said joyfully, “Great! What does this shizhi have to prepare?”

Chief Elder glanced at the sect leader before saying, “I do not want to interfere in some matters. However, as the sect leader of Tian Huan, you have to see clearly. The greatest enemy to us is not Kun Lun but Mo Cloud Sea!”

The sect leader stilled.

“What is Tian Huan strongest in? Seal formations, forging! In the past, anyone that wanted to buy a talisman will chose Tian Huan first. But right now, even Xi Xuan went to Mo Cloud Sea to order shen equipment.” Chief Elder’s tone suddenly became harsh. “I should not need to say more of Tian Huan’s business. One more piece of shen equipment sold is one more portion of jingshi we make and one more friend. But right now, even I know that the best on the market is not our Tian Huan’s shen equipment. You are the sect leader, you need to see this clearly.”

The sect leader broke out in a cold sweat.

“Mo Cloud Sea is the biggest enemy to Tian Huan! Remember!” Chief Elder shouted. “The era is different! Stop your posturing as Tian Huan! Go compete with them, steal back the lost business and allies! Only then will Tian Huan prosper! Understand?”

The sect leader kowtowed sincerely. “Yes! Mo Cloud Sea is the greatest enemy to Tian Huan!”

His last words were murderous.

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