World of Cultivation - Chapter Seven Hundred and Nineteen – That Set of Jinzhi

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Chapter Seven Hundred and Nineteen – That Set of Jinzhi

Everyone in Golden Crow Camp knew of the set of jinzhi that Master Sun Bao spoke of.

Influenced by their initial expansion strategy, the study of jinzhi had always been popular on the island. At that time Guard Camp had been having their mo matrices engraved and activating bloodlines, meaning this was the time when the study of mo matrices had been the most popular as well.

A person who usually was not very eye-catching suddenly suggested a crazy idea.

–Use seal scripts as the structure and fill it with mo matrices.

Many people had been studying the jinzhi of the mo, especially the large amounts of valuable jinzhi that Pu Yao and Wei had provided. That had broadened the vision of Golden Crow Camp. However, no one had thought of merging the two together.

This person had actually found an outstanding seal script framework.

So when he threw out his idea, it had attracted almost everyone in the camp. Interested, they had started to help him perfect this extra large jinzhi.

The creation of large scale jinzhi was an extremely complex and vast work. It was made from countless little seal formations. This number might be a hundred thousand, it might be a million. A person alone, even if it was an expert like Zuo Mo, would need many years to create something like this.

Yet when all of Golden Crow Camp started to work with the two masters managing, their progress was rapid. After spending two months of time, a super jinzhi of unprecedented complexity and size finally took form.

Because it had been created by everyone, and their preferences and skills had been different, it was possible to see the influence of a number of styles. However, its main framework was outstanding, and it was balanced.

After the jinzhi was finished, all of the camp was stunned by this jinzhi.

Theoretically, its power surpassed any kind of jinzhi they knew of.

This astounding conclusion excited the entire camp. Everyone agreed to actually create this jinzhi yet and at that time.

There were many places that needed jinzhi that they could use this at, but they quickly reached an obstacle. The found that the difficulty in forging the core seal formation far surpassed their abilities. No matter what they tried, they could not realize this fanciful dream.

After working multiple months on it, and not having success, this jinzhi was naturally placed to the side.

Daren wanted the most powerful jinzhi. Sun Bao’s first thought was this jinzhi.

“This basically is not realistic,” someone objected.

But when they finished speaking, someone argued, “We can’t do it, but it doesn’t mean that Daren cannot!”

People thought, yes, Daren was a freak that built a city with only his own power. Maybe this thing could finally be realized on Daren’s hands.

“Pass this to Daren, and let Daren decide if he will use it or not.” In the end, it was Master Ji Wei that made the decision.

Master Sun Bao nodded and agreed. “This set of jinzhi doesn’t have a name, everyone, give it a name.”

“Monkey Ming, you thought of the concept for the jinzhi, give it a name,” someone shouted from within the crowd. It caused a roar of laughter. Monkey Ming’s true name was Ming Guan Shan, but because he was short and thin, people called him Monkey Ming and he did not object.

Monkey Ming’s face flushed bright red. He stood up and said, “Everyone created this together … …”

“Ho, Brother Ming is trying to deflect the responsibility, as long as you don’t call it Ming Ge Jinzhi, it’s all fine … …” another person teased and everyone laughed.

Even Master Ji Wei smiled. “This jinzhi came from your creativity, you should name it, do not refuse.”

Then someone shouted, “But it has to be domineering and impressive!”

Monkey Ming did not refuse. He tilted his head and thought for a while before he said embarrassedly, “Then it will be called the [King’s Forbidden Firmament]!”

[King’s Forbidden Firmament]!


“How is it? Have you enjoyed your days?” Feng Xin Zi had a friendly smile on his face.

Qinghua Xue bowed slightly. “Many thanks, Daren, for indulging me!”

Feng Xin Zi looked at the composed Qinghua Xue. A hint of admiration couldn’t help but flash though his eyes. This really was a woman that could keep calm.

Yet this type of woman was usually hard to deal with. Feng Xin Zi grimaced inside.

“After some more time, the Council of Elders will send people over. Do you know why?” Feng Xin Zi said.

“[Angel Device Raiment].” Qinghua Xue was not stupid. She was also around Zuo Mo and understood the general situation.

“Yes.” Feng Xin Zi took a deep breath. He decided to be honest. “The [Angel Device Raiment] is a pseudo shen device, and in this era, up until now it is the first creation that is so close to a shen device. It is very important to us.”

Looking at Qinghua Xue who only smiled and didn’t respond, Feng Xin Zi felt a headache coming.

“I hope that you can help us. If you can give us aid, the Blue Flower Family will receive a higher status among the yao, and your brother will be able to receive the later stages of the yao art he is studying,” Feng Xin Zi said.

Feng Xin Zi smiled slightly. “My brother’s talents are limited, even if he has the knowledge, it will be difficult for him to advance. With his personality, this kind of calm and ordinary life is the best for him. As to the Qinghua Family, my family is a branch family, and have never refused our duty to the main family. I have heard a saying, the power that one enjoys should be paired with the appropriate responsibilities.”

Feng Xin Zi’s admiration rose.

“Yes, power and responsibility should be equal. Then have the other people of the Blue Flower worry about that. However, I hope that, when it does not harm Grandmaster Xiao Yun Hai, you can give us some conveniences.”

Qinghua Xue bowed and said, “Many thanks for your understanding.”

“Pay attention to your safety. It will not be peaceful in the next while,” Feng Xin Zi reminded.

Qinghua Xue nodded. “I will, I need to return.” Finishing, she bid farewell to Feng Xin Zi, turned and walked inside.

Returning to the inner compound, worry finally came up into her eyes. She knew Xiao Yun Hai’s identity, and knew that if his identity was exposed, it would be terrible.

Focused on her thoughts, she did not notice her surroundings. When she noticed there was someone in front of her, she seemed to wake up from a dream. She lifted her head and saw Xiao Mo Ge gazing at her.

Qinghua Xue was strangely alarmed but she quickly recovered her calm. She bowed and said, “Daren!”

Zuo Mo waved his hand and set up jinzhi around to stop people from eavesdropping. After doing this, he finally spoke.

“Hey, we only fought once in the past, you don’t have to chase me all the way here.”

Qinghua Xue stilled. She knew that Xiao Mo Ge recognized her. She smiled. “I’m just curious about you.”

“Curious?” Zuo Mo felt this explanation was too … … he didn’t know how to describe it. He asked helplessly, “Because of curiosity, you ran to the mo territories?”

“I had nothing else to do,” Qinghua Xue said in a deliberately relaxed tone.

Zuo Mo covered his forehead and sighed sorrowfully. He was completely defeated by this invincible reason. “Aren’t you afraid that I will kill you? Don’t you know how dangerous … …”

“Will you?”

Zuo Mo’s expression froze on his face. A moment later, he snorted coldly and said, “Maybe! Do you know ge’s nickname in the past? They called me the Bloody Hand Butcher, if I haven’t killed ten thousand, I’ve killed at least eight thousand … …”

Qinghua Xue listened with a small smile and didn’t interrupt.

Was this woman’s mind rusty? Zuo Mo felt for the first time that he didn’t know how to keep talking. He shook his head and decided to put this problem to the side. From his observations in the past few days, this woman’s mind wasn’t normal, but she was still a reliable person.

“Since you have come, ge will not waste labor.” Zuo Mo muttered, “Go to the Ten Finger Prison, someone will find you.”

Ten Finger Prison? Someone will find her?

Qinghua Xue was slightly puzzled but she didn’t ask. She nodded briskly. “Alright!”

Zuo Mo was completely defeated. This girl was not normal, she didn’t even ask.


If the [Angel Device Raiment] caused the entire world to have currents flowing under the surface, then the hot tide caused by the earth mo weapons was something that every person could feel.

If one had to say who was in the worst mood right now, it was the merchants of Nether Spring Jie. For them, the Reverse Shadow Soul Silkgrass was rare, but they had one or two in stock. But Bu Zhou City was many jie away and they could only stare.

Those were earth mo weapons!

When Cui An traded for the [Yin Clear Li Chakrams], people felt even more regret.

At this time, inside a sky shark, a yellow- faced man stood silently in the corner. His appearance was ordinary, and his presence was not very strong, but his back was straight and his spirit could not be disguised.

If Zuo Mo was here and saw this figure, he would definitely blurt out “Eldest Shixiong!”

Wei Sheng!

When the news that one could use Reverse Shadow Soul Silkgrass to trade for earth mo weapons spread, Wei Sheng instantly concluded that Xiao Yun Hai was Zuo Mo. He did not hesitate. After disguising himself, he started to travel day and night towards Bu Zhou City.

Fighting in order to elevate himself had caused him to become a pond brimming with water. The content concerning shen power that Zuo Mo had sent him using paper cranes was the hand that brushed away the clouds and mist to show him a completely new path of the sword.

On his journey, he had synthesized Zuo Mo’s knowledge, and comprehended a new method to use his mind to refine the God-Killing Blood Sword.

His presence became even more concealed, his sword essence more ethereal and his past sharp edges had dissipated.

He had gotten onto a sky shark. This way, he had more time to comprehend and meditate! While he could only just stand and there wasn’t a place to sit, he quickly adjusted. If people in the surroundings noticed him, they would find to their surprise that Wei Sheng’s presence was becoming even more ordinary. Even his spirit became fainter.

This sky shark passed through many stops with people getting on and off. However, there were more getting on than getting off. The already tight quarters became even more crowded. While there were mo matrices that filtered the air, it was still crowded and humid inside.

Sound of complains occasionally sounded. Wei Sheng leaned against the way, his eyes half-lidded as though he was asleep.

Suddenly, an imperceptible light flashed across his half-lidded eyes but then disappeared.

Several sharp gazes swept across him and he didn’t seem to detect them.

The other’s’ gaze quickly moved away from him.

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