World of Cultivation - Chapter Seven Hundred and Fourteen – A God’s Descent

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Chapter Seven Hundred and Fourteen – A God’s Descent

The entire underground complex was trembling, large pieces of rock dislodging from the cave walls above them. It seemed to be like the apocalypse yet all those people that choose to remain were experts. They skillfully sidestepped the falling debris as they watched everything. Everyone’s gazes were locked onto the heaven tier mo weapon pool.

While they could not see the situation inside due to the layers of jinzhi, they could clearly feel how great and terrifying the power being created was inside! It was like an ancient monster slowly awakening from its deep slumber.

The guard leader of Rare Artifacts Hall felt his heart shudder. He was standing very close to the mo weapon pool, and this feeling of power grew even stronger. He had a strong feeling that the mo weapon taking form in the mo weapon pool was filled with danger!

“Retreat! Everyone, retreat!” he shouted at the top of his lungs.

The other guards stared at each other, and hesitated. The guard leader’s orders were in opposition to the orders from the higher-ups, but the status of the guard leader was extremely high in Rare Artifacts Hall and he had the final say on outside matters.

“All of you, retreat!” The guard leader shouted angrily.

The hesitation on the faces of the other guards swept away. They packed up the dark gold boxes on the ground and retreated like the tide.

Just as they retreated out fifty zhang, the mo weapon pool rang out, and a thick blue and white pillar of light shot into the sky!

Boom boom boom!

The pillar of light was ten zhang thick, and when it touched the rock overhead, the mo matrices that covered the rock layer disappeared like paper mache. The hard rock was cut like soft tofu in by the pillar of light. The pillar of light penetrated the thick rock layer without any effort.


Boom boom boom!

The ground shook. The crowds on the streets had astounded expressions as they flew into the sky.

“What happened?”

“Is it an earthquake?”

Just as they started a discussion, a thick blue and white pillar of light suddenly erupted from the ground and entered the sky.

The pillar of light stabbed into the cloud layer.

Boom boom boom!

The cloud layer seemed to be moved by an invisible hand. The clouds from all directions started to gather rapidly towards the pillar of light.

In a flash, the cloud layer became black and heavy. The sky started to darken at a visible rate. Only that thick pillar of blue and white light became even brighter and eye-catching!

The thick inky black clouds were so heavy they were suffocating. A wild wind rose, and swept up sand and rock.

People looked at the sky in fear .

Suddenly, a bright and thick bolt of lightning exploded in the sky!


The thunder seemed to explode in people’s minds. Those that were less courageous almost dropped out of the sky.

Plop plop, thick bean-sized droplets of rain poured down. In this moment, a wild wind and storm suddenly started gusting. The sky and earth was deluged in a heavy rain that impeded their vision!

Silver snakes danced above their heads, and the power of the world was displayed.

The terrified crowd did not have any attention to spare to marvel at the power of the world. Their gazes were all fixed in fear at the blinding blue and white pillar of light!


Inside the blue and white pillar of white, Zuo Mo was disheveled.

This was the first time he had merged mo matrices and seal scripts together so perfectly yet the power of the two together surpassed his imagination. When the blue and white mo matrices lit up, he had a bad feeling, but the light that charged upwards had immediately swallowed him.

The remnants of his clothing turned to ash. As his expression changed drastically, the grey dragon claw bracelet on his wrist suddenly lit up with a faint blood colored tinge.

This layer of blood suddenly shot out and wrapped around Zuo Mo like a ball of fire. The blue and white pillar of light was vicious but it could not defeat the thin layer of blood.

The Anti Dragon Claw!

Zuo Mo was astounded. Ever since the Anti Dragon Claw had been heavily damaged the last time he used it, it had lost its shine and its power. Its unusual state at this time caused Zuo Mo’s heart to beat uncontrollably.

Zuo Mo looked down. There seemed to be even brighter threads of blood mist wrapped around his hand. They were like tiny blood dragons that wrapped around him. Suddenly, a handful of the blood mist rose, and the dragon raised its head.


A dragon’s roar sounded in Zuo Mo’s mind without warning. The blood mist opened, like a dragon stretching its great maw and howling angrily!

The ball of light that was closest to Zuo Mo immediately shook and then started to fly shakily towards Zuo Mo.

This was … …

Zuo Mo gaped at this scene. Before he could react, the blood mist on his wrist acted like a real dragon and accurately struck the ball of light floating over.

When the blood mist hit the light ball, it turned into a ball of bloody mist and tightly surrounded the ball of light.

The ball of light continued to struggle in the bloody mist, but its struggles quickly weakened until it became motionless.

The blood mist roiled as it swallowed the ball of light. The blood mist soon became denser, and there was some more light on the dragon claw bracelet on Zuo Mo’s wrist.

After feeding, the blood mist became multiple times stronger and immediately headed to another ball of light.

The interior of the pillar of light turned to chaos. The remaining nine balls of light flew frantically to avoid this terrifying ball of blood mist. These balls of light were intelligent, and nimble in movement. The blood mist leapt around for a while but didn’t manage to get even one.

Suddenly, the blood mist stopped and formed into a blurry dragon’s head. It suddenly opened its mouth and gave a furious roar.


The dragon’s roar exploded in Zuo Mo’s mind. His mind immediately blanked. The nine balls of light that had been fleeing all simultaneously froze. The blood mist immediately took this chance and swallowed another ball of light.

The dragon claw bracelet on Zuo Mo’s hand became even brighter.

At this time, a dark gold little figure suddenly appeared within the pillar of light. A mirror image of Zuo Mo, it was the Black Gold Seal Soldier! He greedily licked his lips. He suddenly lunged at a ball of light and tried to chomp on it with his mouth. His body was small to begin with, and when he consumed the ball of light, his hands were locked around the ball of light as his legs kicked in the air. He clearly was using all of his strength.

The blood mist acted just as it had before. It swallowed three balls of light in total before contently flicking its tail and burrowing back into the dragon claw bracelet. The dragon claw on Zuo Mo’s wrist had changed from its withered state. It became lifelike, its flesh and muscles filled out, and its claws crimson red.

A feeling rose in Zuo Mo’s mind. He was able to discern the thoughts that the dragon claw was passing to him.

The efficiency of the Black Gold Seal Soldier was much lower. He only had time to chew on two balls of light. He looked yearningly at the remaining balls of light. He then carefully looked at Zuo Mo. Taking advantage of the fact that Zuo Mo was distracted, he escaped burrowing back into the ring.

Zuo Mo gaped at everything that had occurred.

He hadn’t expected that the Anti Dragon Claw and the Black Gold Seal Soldier would come out midway during crafting and before he could get a grasp of the situation, he lost half of his balls of light.

The Anti Dragon Claw looked more energetic, but it had not recovered to its past state. The Black Gold Seal Soldier started to sleep again … …

Each ball of light was an earth mo weapon … …

In a flash, there were five fewer earth mo weapons … …

Five earth mo weapons!

Realizing this after the fact, Zuo Mo’s mind exploded. How many mobei was that? He seemed to see an ocean of mobei disappearing in a flash. Anger rose!

There was nothing more hateful than stealing jingshi and mobei from ge!

Zuo Mo’s eyes filled with blood, an extremely dangerous presence coming off him. The remaining five balls of light trembled like the sheep trembling under the claws and fangs of a demon king.

Yet the last bit of remaining reason suppressed Zuo Mo’s anger. After losing five of the balls of light, the concentration of power in the blue pillar of light skyrocketed!

The forging of the mo weapons had reached the most important step. If he was the least bit careless, it would all be for nothing.

The blue pillar of light was a dan cauldron made from the earth fire and the cold currents!

Zuo Mo took a deep breath and, with the anger suppressed inside, he furiously shot mo matrices into the five mo weapons. With every mo matrix that was put into the balls of light, there would be a thread of pure earth fire and cold current that would burrow into the ball of light.

Yet, stimulated by the disappearance of an astounding amount of mobei, Zuo Mo clearly was sent into a rage, and the mo matrices that left his hands became more and more ridiculous!

With the first ball of light, he was still trying to control himself, and the mo matrices he had used were within the range of normality.

By the last ball of light, his restraint was completely gone. The mo matrices rained down like a waterfall, and there were numerous complex seal scripts mixed within them.

On this last mo weapon, he smashed mo matrices and seal scripts for two hours. He seemed to vent his anger into this ball of light.

The balls of light trembled, the Anti Dragon Claw was docile, and the Black Gold Seal Soldier was silent.

When an astounding amount of cold currents and earth fire flooded into the last ball of light, the ball of light seemed as though it would burst at any moment.

Only now did Zuo Mo suddenly recover his calm and jumped in fright.

The last ball of light was twice the size of the other four balls of light. It was like an over-inflated balloon that swayed.

Zuo Mo immediately felt his scalp prickle!

If this guy exploded … …

The result caused him to shudder. He saw this and hurriedly stopped.

The rudiments within the five balls of light were like five balls of metal liquid. They started to take shape. Zuo Mo widened his eyes and didn’t dare to miss even a detail. Seeing the growth of these rudiments was very beneficial for him.

A three part weapon: sword, sabre, and shield combo; a blood coloured spear with an icicle tassel; a sun and moon chakram; a pair of thirteen-chain linked whips … …

Only the largest ball constantly changed but did not fully take form. It was like a ball of liquid metal with mo matrices and seal scripts constantly flowing on it. Zuo Mo widened his eyes to look closely but felt dizzy. He was astounded, and his anticipation of this mo weapon grew slightly higher.

Twelve whole hours!

An unexpected mo weapon finally took form–

–a set of battle armor!

The icy blue battle armor had beautiful curves. Its dark red helm was had a murderous appearance. Every armor piece were thin and ice blue. If one looked closely, they would see that every scale was covered in countless complex and beautiful lines. There was a pair of snowy white wings attached to the back that gave it an aura of holiness.

Even Zuo Mo who had forged countless treasures couldn’t help but be enchanted by this set of battle armor.

When the battle armor took form, the entire pillar of light suddenly grew.

Zuo Mo felt a great power suddenly erupt from under the ground.

Before he could react, he was like a little stone that was shot out. He shot upwards and when he passed by the five mo weapons, the five mo weapons turned into five streaks of light that tightly spun around him.

When he passed through the dozens of li of rock and flew out of the earth into the sky, everyone in Bu Zhou City couldn’t help but raise their heads.


Zuo Mo left a long cry tailing after him. He had never flown so high before!

Through the cloud layer, through the atmosphere, Zuo Mo was above the clouds and didn’t know how long he flew for.

Suddenly, he felt his body start to fall. He panicked even more, and an even more piteous wail started. “Ahhhh … …”

In a panic, Zuo Mo grabbed the battle armor spinning around him!

Zuo Mo only had one though in his mind.

The armor had wings!

At this time, the black clouds that filled the sky suddenly dissipated. A blinding light suddenly shone out from the thick cloud layer!

Within this great beam of light, under the upraised gazes from all of Bu Zhou City, an glittering perfect figure with large snowy wings and radiating sparks, surrounded by four glowing mo weapons, dove down like a meteor.

A shocking hum filled the air.


The legs wrapped in icy blue armor were slightly bent as they heavily stepped onto the ground. Air currents on the ground carried dust and soil as they moved outwards. The snowy white wings moved fanned upwards and outwards, and Zuo Mo seemed to be a statue.

Pew pew pew pew!

Four streaks of light heavily embedded themselves into the ground around him. The four mo weapons showed their true appearance with a murderous air.

Everyone suddenly felt the same words appear in their minds–

A god’s descent to earth!

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