World of Cultivation - Chapter Seven Hundred and Four – Take Into Control

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Chapter Seven Hundred and Four – Take Into Control

The black pool water gradually became clear. It was possible to see to the bottom. There wasn’t any impurity.

A blue dagger silently laid at the bottom of the pool. The surrounding mo weapon masters stretched out their necks in hope they could see the newly forged mo weapon. Everyone was very curious what the low-level materials could do in the hands of a mo weapon grandmaster.

Zuo Mo’s hand shook slightly. The dagger suddenly flew out of the pool and landed in his hand.

People found to their shock that there was an extremely thin grey shadow at the end of the dagger that was difficult to see with the naked eye. The smarter people immediately thought of the trait of the white wood bone that was easily missed – [Wood Thread]!

Zuo Mo had perfectly and carefully modified all the details of the dagger. The mo matrices on the surface of the dagger were exquisite and elegant. The dagger was as thin as a piece of paper. It was covered in blue mo matrices which made it seem like a work of art rather than a weapon to kill.

Zuo Mo did not use mo matrices of high level. These low level materials could not tolerate high level mo matrices. The mo weapon masters present almost all recognized every mo matrix on the dagger but Zuo Mo had spent some effort on choosing and matching the mo matrices.

The unique trait of the ice blue stone was completely expressed and gave the dagger the attribute of “ice.” However, Zuo Mo used a mo matrix that would conceal its energy to hide the “ice”. When the dagger left the user’s hand, it wouldn’t be possible to detect any icy presence.

The white wood bone increased the dagger’s flexibility. Its [Wood Thread] trait was the attribute that Zuo Mo had strengthened the most. The strong [Wood Threads] were treated with shadow fluid to make it even stronger and harder to detect.

The Concerted Shine Crystal was a material that was usually used during changes. It was used as the base to make the base even more suitable for transformation. The main body of the base was covered in shadow mo matrices that could cause it to turn to shadow. Zuo Mo had set down armor breaking mo matrices at the blade edge of the dagger. The armor breaking mo matrices and the ice mo matrices were connected, and they would touch the hand together. The mo matrix at the handle of the dagger was called [Interlink]. It could increase the synchronization between the mo weapon and the user.

When this dagger passed among the hands of the mo weapon masters, everyone was stunned by this work.

Brigadier level mo weapon!

This was a mo weapon suited for assassination. If it was sold at any auction, it could easily be sold for two million mobei yet the cost of the materials was just six hundred mobei.

As expected of the grandmaster!

These mo weapon masters were completely stunned by Zuo Mo’s ability to turn trash into treasure. Low level materials just worth six hundred mobei was able to forge a brigadier level mo weapon that was over two million mobei in value. Such skill was uncanny!

Yet they were able to understand the entire process and Zuo Mo had not hidden any of his thoughts. They even recognized the mo matrices, but they would still be unable to make one.

Even some intermediate and high level mo weapon masters would not be able to put so many mo matrices on the little dagger, much less these low level mo weapon masters.

But this little mo weapon gave them great inspiration. Zuo Mo’s way of thinking and his use of mo matrices were different than the traditional mo weapon masters.

“Good mo weapon!” Ji Li Yu suddenly gave a compliment. Her voice was soft and pleasing to hear.

“Miss Ji is too complimentary.” Zuo Mo nodded politely at the other. He still remembered Tang Chen’s introduction at the banquet.

In the sea of consciousness, Pu Yao asked Zuo Mo, “Do you still remember her?”

“Have we met before?” Zuo Mo stilled and asked.

“Then why do you remember the Qinghua Family female?” Pu Yao asked.

“Because of love!” Wei came over to say.

Zuo Mo rolled his eyes. “Of course I remember her after fighting her.”

Pu Yao was slightly excited. “Just like me in the past, not enchanted by beauty … …”

Wei interrupted with a sympathetic expression. “Now I know why you still yearned after Boss, and can’t forget her after thousands of years. How hard did Boss beat you up in the past! Haha!”

Pu Yao’s expression froze on his face, and quickly became twisted … …

These two were really lively now!

Zuo Mo came out of the sea of consciousness. However, he didn’t have any impression of Ji Li Yu.

Ji Li Yu was slightly discontent. From the start, this Xiao Yun Hai didn’t seem to have any patience for her. Even if she took the initiative, the other still had an indifferent wooden face. She questioned, did this person even have any other expression?

Her beauty that never failed didn’t seem to have any use on him. Ji Li Yu was very perceptive. While Zuo Mo did not say anything to Qinghua Xue but she detected that Zuo Mo had more of an interest in Qinghua Xue than in her!

She was not in a good mood. While she did not feel that Xiao Yun Hai was great, and there was nothing about him that attracted her, the other’s dismissal of her stirred her desire to win.

Did that Qinghua Xue qualify to steal the limelight from her?

“This mo weapon is very beautiful, can Mister give it to Li Yu?” Ji Li Yu controlled her performance to the perfect degree and looked hopefully at Zuo Mo.

Zuo Mo almost said, “Two million mobei, thanks for your patronage,” but managed to react. He forced a smile, and said, “My apologies, this mo weapon is an example for the public and will be placed at the market.”

“That really is a regret!” Ji Li Yu’s enchanting smile did not fade. “Does Mister Xiao have time tonight?”

“Very sorry, this one has other matters to attend to tonight.” Zuo Mo shook his head and refused directly.

Disappointment finally appeared on Ji Li Yu’s face. Her brow creased and she looked pitifully at Zuo Mo. The surrounding people all had expressions of conflict. They all felt that Grandmaster treating Ji Li Yu like this was cruel. They didn’t dare to speak up because of Grandmaster’s high status. If this was any other person, they would have rushed in to beat the person up.

Zuo Mo’s mo skill was high and his mind strong. Unless it was against freaks like Eldest Shixiong, Zuo Mo thought he would not be weaker than anyone.

Ji Li Yu’s [Charm Clothing] had negligible effects on Zuo Mo.

Ji Li Yu was now actually slightly angry. She had almost never begged like this, and hadn’t thought that she would encounter resistance today.

The proud Ji Li Yu said coldly, “Then this one will not delay Grandmaster!”

Finished, she turned to leave. Feng Xin Zi had a grimace on his face as he raised his hand in farewell to Zuo Mo. “Grandmaster, do not be angry, her temper is like this. This one will bid farewell, if there is time, let’s go drinking together.”

Then he turned to say to Qinghua Xue, “There is nothing going on recently. If you are interest in mo weapons, why don’t you assist Grandmaster. You have to listen to Grandmaster’s orders.”

Qinghua Xue’s expression was not too surprised or joyed. She coolly bowed and said, “Yes.”

Feng Xin Zi looked deeply at Qinghua Xue. For the first time, he felt as though he could not see through this little girl from the branch family of the Blue Flower Family.

This was not a woman that would follow the herd.

However, it fit into Feng Xin Zi’s aims that she was interested in Xiao Yun Hai. Feng Xin Zi had been frustrated over being unable to get close to Xiao Yun Hai. While there were no clues that Xiao Yun Hai and Xiao Mo Ge were related, Feng Xin Zi had a feeling that the two definitely had a connection.

When Zuo Mo heard Feng Xin Zi’s words, he frowned.

In his view, Qinghua Xue was big trouble. This person who knew his identity was a bomb that could explode at any time.

He hadn’t expected Feng Xin Zi to have her follow him around. He was just about to speak but Feng Xin Zi did not give him a chance to speak and disappeared.

“Qinghua Xue greets Grandmaster. Grandmaster, please tell me if there is something to be done,” Qinghua Xue said with a faint smile. For some unknown reason, she felt as though the dark clouds had dissipated, and the sun was so bright!

Qinghua Xue, … … so she was called Qinghua Xue!

The more he looked at her, the more Zuo Mo felt that the words “The scheme was successful” was written on her face. He immediately had a headache.

But he could not kill her!

“What do you think we should do?” Zuo Mo could only find Pu Yao and Wei to discuss.

“Sacrifice yourself, Little Mo Mo! This will take care of everything!” Wei said determinedly.

If Zuo Mo had a knife in his hand, he would throw it towards Wei.

“Hm, A Zuo, you have to think of a way to get her on your side!” Pu Yao said seriously.

“It seems that we have to first discuss the problem of rent!” Zuo Mo gritted his teeth.

Wei immediately slipped away. Pu Yao’s expression froze but then he said with concern as though nothing had happened, “You know that it is very likely she will expose you. The best way to deal with such a threat is to kill such a dangerous woman. Dead people cannot speak. However, you cannot do this now, but you can go for the alternative. Bring her on your side, let her say within your control, this will lower the risk that you will be exposed!”

This … … seemed reasonable!

Zuo Mo thought. He had to admit that Pu Yao’s words were reasonable.

“Then how can I get her on my side?” Zuo Mo asked.

Pu Yao thought and said, “Two ways, I see that Qinghua Xue has intentions of coming to your side, this shouldn’t be a big problem. However, you have to consider the yao envoy. She is a member of the envoy and you need the agreement of the envoy.”

“The agreement of the envoy?” Zuo Mo felt the matter was far more troublesome than he had imagined. He was full of regret. Why did he fight Qinghua Xue in the past?

“On the surface, the leader of the envoy is Ji Li Yu but I think the true commander is Feng Xin Zi!” Pu Yao said solemnly. “You have to be careful, this person is cunning, and powerful. He is not easy to deal with.”

“We’ll deal with Feng Xin Zi later.” Zuo Mo also felt that Feng Xin Zi would be difficult to deal with. He decided to put this problem to the side and asked a more practical question. “What can I do to get her completely in my control?”

“Have her look after your daily matters.” Pu Yao darkly said.

This idea was pretty good … …

“Looking at Qinghua Xue that was waiting for him to speak, Zuo Mo threw away his thoughts of getting her as far away as possible. His tone changed, “Then from today, you can take of my daily matters. Bean Sprout is responsible for the duties related for mo weapon forging.”

A smile appeared at the corner of Qinghua Xue’s mouth. “Many thanks, Grandmaster!”

Bean Sprout also bowed. “I will definitely work hard!”

He had to get her in his control!

Zuo Mo gritted his teeth and reminded himself!

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