World of Cultivation - Chapter Seven Hundred and Five – All Sides

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Chapter Seven Hundred and Five – All Sides

Feng Xin Zi listened to the sound of dishes being smashed inside the room and smiled dismissively before turning and leaving.

In his eyes, Ji Li Yu might be beautiful, but she was proud like a peacock displaying himself. Other than those few grand feathers, her intelligence was not enough to rival her beauty. In comparison, Feng Xin Zi admired Qinghua Xue’s coldness and composure more.

He was not sure if it was a good move to arrange for Qinghua Xue to be with Xiao Yun Hai.

He couldn’t see through this girl.

If he hadn’t seen the fight with his own eyes, Feng Xin Zi definitely would have never expected that the silent Qinghua Xue would possess such great power. Feng Xin Zi who had always prided himself on his eyes had to admit that his judgment had been wrong this time.

However, he did not worry that Qinghua Xue would do anything stupid. The Blue Flower Family had some political power, but they could not oppose the Council of Elders. Qinghua Xue would not disregard the rest of the Blue Flower Family.

He actually hoped that Qinghua Xue would give an even better performance. The yao did not need a mo weapon grandmaster, but if they had one, the council of elders would undoubtedly have a bargaining chip on their side during negotiations with the mo. This would be a very effective bargaining chip as it had a fatal attraction to any mo faction.

Feng Xin Zi entered the Ten Finger Prison like usual.

When he saw Ming Yue Ye’s back, he unconsciously lightened his steps. It was her peerlessly beautiful figure that caused Feng Xin Zi to willingly serve her.

Ming Yue Yi turned around. That heavenly beautiful face entered Feng Xin Zi’s vision. Feng Xin Zi’s heart imperceptibly quickened.

“Thank you.” Ming Yue Ye smiled slightly.

Feng Xin Zi tried to let himself relax. He said teasingly, “It’s actually relaxing. We have good food and beautiful women on this journey. It would have been wonderful if my journey in the past were so comfortable.”

Ming Yue Ye’s lips curved slightly as a smile flashed. Her finger flickered and a ball of light left her hand.

“Oh, it seems that there have been new developments.” Feng Xin Zi muttered as he received the ball of light. The information flowed across his mind.

Moments later, his expression became surprised. “Xiao Mo Ge is at Bu Zhou City? This is confirmed?”

“Confirmed.” Ming Yue Ye nodded and was unusually sure.

Feng Xin Zi did not ask any more questions. Ming Yue Ye Daren was sure. Then this was definitely true. He continued to read. When he saw the next line, he exclaimed in shock. “Xiao Yun Hai?”

“Yes, we have not discovered Xiao Yun Hai’s origins now, but his identity as a mo weapon grandmaster can be used. If Xiao Mo Ge is at Bu Zhou City, he would definitely find Xiao Yun Hai to repair the Anti Dragon Claw. The Anti Dragon Claw is a sky mo weapon. If there is even the slightest possibility of repairing it, there is no reason that Xiao Mo Ge would pass up this chance.”

When Ming Yue Ye spoke of these matters, she would give off an intimidating and authoritative presence. Her eyes were as bright as stars.

Some people were born to be leaders.

Countless experts had submitted to Ming Yue Ye’s powerful presence. There were already rumors in the higher levels that it was likely she would replace the Chief Elder and become the next leader of the council of elders.

Her intelligence had won the praise of the great majority of elders. No one in her generation could compare to her.

“Speaking of this, I have just become interested with Xiao Yun Hai today,” Feng Xin Zi said solemnly.

“Oh, how is this person?” Ming Yue Ye’s beautiful eyes flashed in interest.

“I cannot see through him,” Feng Xin Zi said with a smile, “Li Yu was rejected by him. However, what was really surprising today was the girl from the Blue Flower Family.”

“Blue Flower Family? I remember she is called Qinghua Xue.” Ming Yue Ye had an eidetic memory and quickly found a match after some thought.

“Yes, her. I really felt ashamed, even I made a wrong judgement regarding her. This female is secretive, and her [Blue Flower] is definitely the strongest of the younger generation of the Blue Flower Family. I speculate that the Blue Flower Family also have not realized her potential. Otherwise, they definitely would not have sent her on this trip.” Feng Xin Zi had an expression of self-mockery.

“I was the one who failed to fulfill my duties and did not discover this before.” Ming Yue Ye honestly admitted her mistake.

“Who could have thought of this? She was hidden very well. If it wasn’t that she fought today, I wouldn’t have seen it.” Feng Xin Zi hurriedly said, “This female is daring and careful, calm and composed. However, she seems to have good feelings towards Xiao Yun Hai and tried to do all she could to get near him. I had her follow Xiao Yun Hai for now. This may be a blessing in disguise.”

“You need to pay more attention to Xiao Yun Hai. Ii suspect that Tang Chen may also know that Xiao Yun Hai is the best way to find Xiao Mo Ge,” Ming Yue Ye warned. “Your safety is first, do not pursue Xiao Mo Ge too hard. The Mo Shen Temple has given ups great inspiration. We have some hints of understanding shen power. When you return, there should be results.”

Feng Xin Zi’s heart warmed but it was overtaken by joy. “Congratulations, Daren!”

He knew that Ming Yue Ye had an extremely secretive team of powerful elders who did not care for politics. The goal of this small team was to solve the mysteries of shen power. It seemed now that there were tangible developments.

This was a deed that no one could shake!

Ming Yue Ye who now had the mysteries of shen power had another strong bargaining chip on her side. This greatly increased the chance of her coming to power.

Feng Xin Zi decided inside that even if he had to kidnap Xiao Mo Ge and bring him back to the yao, he would do it.

As though she could read Feng Xin Zi’s mind, Ming Yue Ye said with a smile, “Do not feel urgent, the situation is very advantageous to us. The Mo Shen Temple is powerful, but their cultivation method has flaws.”

“Ah!” Feng Xin Zi was shocked but then he had a realization. “I was wondering why they didn’t take the chance to expand after killing the elders of Xuan Kong temple. So it is because their cultivation method has flaws! No wonder!”

Ming Yue Ye’s eyes flashed. She was like the crescent moon in the sky whose light caused the surrounding stars to lose color.

“Our cultivation method will not have this kind of flaw.”

Ming Yue Ye’s voice was filled with unquestionable confidence.

“We have time!”


Li Xian Er’s expression was filled with shock. The paper crane in her hand seemed to burn her hand.

A long time later, her shock slowly faded. She recovered her usual calm. A thread of fire came out of her hand and swallowed the paper crane.

Watching as the paper crane in her hand turn to ash, Li Xian Er’s mind was not as calm as her expression.

It was just that the news that paper crane had delivered was too astonishing!

Kun Lun had already mastered shen power!

This was a great blow to her. When Xiao Mo Ge had used shen power, everyone had marveled as spectators. However, when the mo gods had massacred the elder corps of Xuan Kong Temple, people were shocked, and also realized a new era had arrived.

But when she learned that Kun Lun had already obtained shen power, Li Xian Er felt as though there was a sword pointed at her back. She could clearly feel the cold bite.

Only three of Tian Huan’s shen glyphs had been solved.

The stable equilibrium of the Four Realms had turned to only Kun Lun and Tian Huan with the collapse of Xuan Kong Temple and the decline of Xi Xuan.

Always in history, an equilibrium could only be reached with three factions or more. If there were two factions, there was only one result, one would eventually swallow the other.

What was terrible was that Kun Lun was one step ahead!

Grandpa’s paper crane had been full of worry. He told her to do all she could to find a complete shen power inheritance.

Tian Huan was retreating on almost all fronts, all of their power put into the comprehension of shen scripts.

Shen power inheritance!

Li Xian Er took a deep breath. Her mind was filled with these three words. The first thing she thought about was Xiao Mo Ge. She did not dare to provoke the Mo Shen Temple. They had easily killed the elite of Xuan Kong Temple, and they would be able to do the same to Tian Huan.

Up until now, the three people that everyone knew who had shen power inheritances were all related to Xiao Mo Ge.

Where did this damned Xiao Mo Ge run to?


Zuo Mo hid under the eaves and watched Li Xian Er in her room. His mind became alert. The other was a xiuzhe!

While he had felt that the other’s presence was one that he had once knew, he had never thought the other was a xiuzhe. It had to be said that Li Xian Er’s disguise was very good. Because Zuo Mo had not even thought about the possibility of xiuzhe, he hadn’t detected her at all.

However, the flame in Li Xian Er’s hand had revealed her identity.

Tian Huan?

Zuo Mo was even more puzzled.

Had he had some entanglement with Tian Huan before his memories had been erased and his appearance changed?

Zuo Mo shook his head. He felt that this was not as likely as Tian Huan using some secret method to spy on him. He and Tian Huan had been on bad terms for a long time. Maybe this girl had been hidden in some corner as an observer during his conflict against Tian Huan.

That fight in the Sun Shen Temple had been so chaotic that Zuo Mo wasn’t sure if this girl had been present. If she was, then this feeling of familiarity could be explained.

Li Xian Er’s face was disguised and Zuo Mo could not see her true face. This seemed to make his speculation more likely.

Zuo Mo did not stay and left silently. He carefully avoided the defenses and did not cause any trouble.

He only sighed when he returned to his room. He had used everything he had recently learned in his sneaking just now, spells, mo skills, and yao arts. All of them had been techniques in concealment. The effects were unimaginably good. Even Qinghua Xue outside the door hadn’t detected anything.

How come people from Tian Huan were together with Gongzi Xi?

Zuo Mo did not believe this was a coincidence at all. Was it, a daring idea rose out of his mind.

The two were going to ally together!

Once this idea came out, Zuo Mo was almost certain he was right.

Marshal Di did qualify to ally with Tian Huan. This woman probably wasn’t a normal Tian Huan disciple.

Thinking about the feud he had with Tian Huan, Zuo Mo smirked coldly inside.

How could he pass on such a good chance to con Tian Huan?

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