World of Cultivation - Chapter Seven Hundred and Fifty Two – The Little Ones

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Chapter Seven Hundred and Fifty Two – The Little Ones

Mo Cloud Sea started to secretly move.

This kind of movement was concealed from the outside world. Even in these years of peace, people had become used to the movements of battalions and the unusual focus on cultivation.

Silently, several battalions appeared at Black Wood Jie which was under the control of Rare Artifacts Hall.

Ever since Rare Artifacts Hall threw their lot in with Zuo Mo, they attracted the enmity of other mo factions. Out of consideration for safety, Mo Cloud Sea built large numbers of seal formation forts at their borders.

But Rare Artifacts Hall was founded in business, and the transportation of their inventory was not affected greatly. The events of Bu Zhou City had caused them to become famous. After that, with the support of Mo Cloud Sea, the quality of their wares increased greatly and their wares were welcomed on the market.

Even the Mo Marshal Alliance bought large amounts of mo weapons and supplies from Rare Artifacts Hall. Benefiting from this, their business avenues had always been smooth. Other than this, they continued to build blood pools to make the travel between the three jies of Rare Artifacts Hall and the other factions even more convenient.

Transporting through blood pools was expensive, especially with large volumes, but it could greatly shorten the time spent and was much safer. Adding on that Rare Artifacts Hall was wealthy, they did not care about the expense of building blood pools. In one go, they built dozens of blood pools connecting them to the outside world. This meant that the Mo Marshal Alliance was unable to cut off Rare Artifacts Hall from the outside, even if they wanted to.

Yi An, naturally, had to be present for such a great event, as the arrival of their battalions.

But when he saw Bie Han was in the lead, he was still shocked. He immediately understood the importance that the higher-ups placed on this battle campaign. Among Mo Cloud Sea’s battle generals, Gongsun Cha and Bie Han were of the same in status. While Bie Han never managed any matters, his status was not something that other people could shake.

Bie Han was personally here, it definitely would not be a small fight.

“Daren!” Yi An immediately went forward to give a greeting. He was a core member but he could not compare in status to Bie Han.

On the newest battle general ranking from the xiuzhe world, Bie Han was ranked tenth, an undoubted top battle general of the xiuzhe world.

The descriptions on the battle general ranking were detailed. The evaluators thought that Bie Han’s fighting abilities were astounding, his battle style dominant and fiery. He was strong offensively. The reason that he was ranked tenth was that his shortcomings in other areas were clear. For example, his soft skills were lacking and he did not take care or maintain relationships with his allies, or his reclusive personality.

In the conclusion, Bie Han was said to be a battle general with clear skills and shortcomings. He was strong offensively and weak defensively, and also, he was a battle general that needed strong support from the rear.

This was also the reason that many people thought that Gongsun Cha was better than Bie Han. Gongsun Cha’s overall strength was more outstanding. He wasn’t just strong at command, he was outstanding both offensively and defensively as well as having taught a group of talented battle generals. There was no argument about his position on the battle general ranking. Almost all of the people in the battle general circles found it reasonable.

But when the battle general ranking came out, the fact that Mo Cloud Sea possessed two top battle generals still caused a furor. However, when more of the details about Gongsun Cha and Bie Han’s battles were made public, the voices of dissent gradually dissipated. On the newest battle general ranking, Zhong De from Xi Xuan who had come back out of nowhere had directly stepped into second place, just under Kun Lun’s Xue Dong. The rankings which had not changed for a few years finally changed for the first time.

But even so, Bie Han still held on to the position of tenth.

Along with Bie Han’s Sin Battalion came:, Shi Dong and Ye Ling’s Grey Camp, Ma Fan and his Green Dragon Camp, A Zha Ge Battalion, and Tangzi Battalion.

Shi Dong and Ye Ling had been partnered together for a long time and worked well together . Shi Dong who had once had a difficult time progressing in cultivation due to his birth had been selected by Gongsun Cha to the first group of battle generals to cultivate shen power. He had treasured this chance. The strength and diligence he had shown won admiration from all the people around him. He had also improved rapidly and shockingly had moved into the ranks of gold battle generals.

And a battle general like Ye Ling who was skilled in understanding the larger picture was a person that all the camps wanted.

There was nothing to be said of the trio of Ma Fan, Lei Peng, and Nian Lu. They were also people that Gongsun Cha had paid great attention to grooming. The three that had come from Vermillion Bird Camp did not fail Gongsun Cha’s efforts. Ma Fan was skilled in directing battle and successively advanced to become a gold battle general. Lei Peng was strong, and was the one that lead troops from the front. Nian Lu was detail-oriented, and full of cunning. The three of them worked well together. Every time they fought in mock combat, they caused other people headaches.

A Zha Ge had been a gold battle general to start with, and he was experienced in leading troops. As his clan set down roots in Mo Cloud Sea, and their lives continued to change, he could finally throw himself completely into matters of war. The style that A Zha Ge showed was frequently praised by Lil’ Miss.

The main commander of Tangzi Battalion was Tang Fei with Miao Jun as the vice commander. Tang Fei was talented and Miao Jun taught her all he knew. Adding on Gongsun Cha’s occasional guidance, she grew up extremely quickly as she fought against other battle generals to become a gold battle general herself. While she was female, her fighting style was strong and tenacious. Influenced by her the battle style of Tangzi Battalion was also very steadfast, and they never feared going toe-to-toe with the enemy.

After the nurturing and training of these years, all of the battalions with names in Mo Cloud Sea had good strength.

Bie Han was not skilled in being the commander-in-chief but his insight into strategy and his perception when fighting was unrivalled by all in Mo Cloud Sea, except by Gongsun Cha. He had thought deeply about the battalions he had picked to come with him this time.

Grey Camp, A Zha Ge Battalion, and Tangzi Battalion were all battalions who had originated from the mo territories. This was advantageous for their optics if they had them to attack the mo territories.

Green Dragon Camp was skilled in defense. They were selected in preparation for after taking down Hundred Energy Jie and having to turn to defense.

Such a large number of battalions entering Black Wood Jie could not be disguised from people. All kinds of news quickly spread. Many factions were like alarmed birds. They shut their blood pools that were connected with Black Wood Jie. Rare Artifact Hall’s business was greatly affected.

All the major factions of the mo territories went on their guard.

Yet what they hadn’t expected was that Bie Han was faster than they had imagined.

Before the news even reached the Mo Marshal Alliance, Bie Han’s group of battalions had already stepped onto the border of the Mo Marshal Alliance.


The heavy iron door was pushed open a crack. Lil’ Pagoda leaned against the door and panted heavily. It was clearly exhausted. Lil’ Fire flew around its head as though it was trying to motivate the other. Lil’ Black stood up on its hind legs, its antenna waving furiously as it tried to cheer on Lil’ Pagod. However, Lil’ Black clearly was staying back. As it waved its antennae, it turned around to look. If something happened, it would immediately flee.

Lil’ Pagoda rested for a moment and recovered. It climbed up and sneakily looked inside. Seeing that no one was inside, it immediately became happy, its eaves opening and closing like an umbrella. Then it sucked in its belly and tried to squeeze through the crack.

Lil’ Pagoda’s body was even rounder than before. Its body which had been five colored before was now black and white. Adding on its round and soft body, it appeared very much like a panda crouching there.

This change had occurred the first time that Zuo Mo’s shen power had made a great advancement.

Yet Zuo Mo found to his chagrin that this guy became even fatter and more gluttonous after that. The things it liked to eat were far beyond the scope of the five elements. It ate everything and liked things that were rare and strange.

Zuo Mo found, after inspection, that Lil’ Pagoda’s attributes had shifted from the five elements to the dual attribute of yin and yang. The scope covered by yinyang was much greater than the five elements. This was an unique progression.


Lil’ Pagoda was like a rubber ball that squeezed through the crack in the door. The moment it did so, its soft and bouncy body bounced through the air. It flipped over a few times in the air before it managed to steady itself.

Lil’ Fire happily flew a few circles in celebration before it followed. It turned into a thread of flame and then turned back to its round figure after burrowing through the crack.

Lil’ Black also sneaked in.

The three Lil’ Ones formed a triangle as they tiptoed like thieves.

Suddenly, the light of a jinzhi appeared under the feet of the trio.

The three little bodies immediately froze.

A figure walked out of the jinzhi’s light. It was Zuo Mo.

“I finally caught you in the act!” Zuo Mo had a vicious expression. These three little guys liked to eat the most and would never learn! Thinking about the jingshi he had lost, Zuo Mo felt great pain.

“Arrrrow!” Lil’ Pagoda raised its chubby eaves to cover its face.

Lil’ Fire shook. It turned and wanted to feel but was caught by Zuo Mo. Then Zuo Mo started to squeeze it. It could only spit out threads of fire in humiliation and grievous anger according to Zuo Mo’s rhythm.

With one hand gripping Lil’ Fire, a snarling Zuo Mo was like a demon king in the eyes of Lil’ Black.

Its antennae trembled. Pia, it fell back on the ground and pretended to be dead.

Having caught the three little ones at the scene of the act, Zuo Mo was smug. He took the three little ones over to Chun Yu Cheng’s place.

“Chun Shidi, here, help me take a look and see if there are any ways to help them get stronger.”

Chun Yu Cheng’s eyes were bright and he was interested by the idea. The three little ones all had different abilities and were much more interesting than his cloud steeds.

Under Chun Yu Cheng’s strange gaze, the three little ones had ashen expressions. The least courageous one, Lil’ Black trembled as though it was about to face torture.

“Let’s go in and see,” Chun Yu Chen said briskly.

Chun Yu Cheng’s place to study husbandry was astounding in scale now. He took over a large sized cloud island. Other than him, there were also his assistants that were also interested in husbandry. Some of them were xiuzhe and some were yaomo.

They quickly came to a twin pool.

The two pools were set up together and connected in the middle. The liquid in one pool was white and the other black. Mist floated off the white pool and turned into a cloud that supported a little white person. It was Sunshine. There was a black lotus growing out of the black pool. On the inky black lotus. Tenth Grade dressed in black robes was sitting with his legs in lotus position, his little face solemn.

They went deeper and flew to the entrance of a volcano.

Inside the volcano, a large bird was completely immersed in the lava within. Silly Bird seemed to detect people coming in and opened her eyelids. Seeing Zuo Mo, she closed her eyes with a safe and relaxed expression.

Silly Bird!

“She was originally a Grey Beak Goose and then evolved into a Blue Beaked Snow Goose. Theoretically, the probability of her evolution is not high but I found there is an unique power inside her. This power had been continuously strengthening her body. She is already completely different from normal Blue Beak Snow Geese. She is fierce, and much more savage in personality than before. This allowed her to have more room to improve.

When speaking of his field, Chun Yu Cheng immediately became energized and would endlessly talk.

“The quality of the earth fire here isn’t bad, but it wasn’t enough. I asked the people from Golden Crow Camp to come and remake the fire formation. The earth fire here is over eighth grade and contains shen power. If it could finish its nirvana regeneration, uh, while that is only for phoenixes, but I don’t feel that only phoenixes can regenerate, you know that all birds … …”

Seeing Chun Yu Cheng wasn’t going to stop, Zuo Mo’s head swelled. He handed the three little ones to Shidi. “Here, they are in your care.”

“No problem!” Chun Yu Chen’s eyes lit up.

Translator Ramblings: We see the little ones, finally. Just as gluttonous as always.