World of Cultivation - Chapter Seven Hundred and Fifty One – Zong Ru Leaving Seclusion

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Chapter Seven Hundred and Fifty One – Zong Ru Leaving Seclusion

“Shixiong! This is Cloud Sea Jie!” Yi Zheng said with a slight tone pride.

Shixiong heard the pride in Yi Zheng’s tone and was slightly surprised. A faint smile appeared on his pale face. This showed that Shidi had been living well these past years.

Along the way, they encountered people who would stop and bow towards Yi Zheng. Each time, Yi Zheng would stop and seriously return the bow.

Shixiong could see that these people’s respect of Yi Zheng came from their hearts. This made him even more happy and comforted. Thinking back to the past, the image of that mischievous and stubborn youth was still in front of him.

Ever since Master had passed away, he had brought up Shidi. After his cultivation had been destroyed, Shidi had seemed to become a completely different person who was hardworking. He had been happy at Shidi’s change but felt guilt and self-blame. When Shidi had disappeared and his fate was unclear, the blame had chewed on his heart.

He could only used meditation everyday to comfort his mind. Even though his cultivation was gone, his Samadhi had grown.

When Shidi had suddenly reappeared in front of him, his dhyana heart had been lost.

“I had passed onto them some dhyana cultivation advice, their power at the time was terrible. At that time, I was an assistant to Master Zong. While I was busy, I was still very happy. Shixiong was on my mind all that time, but I didn’t have a lot of money and I couldn’t save to commission Shixiong’s lingdan.”

Yi Zheng was full of nostalgia and regret. He had gotten the lingdan and given it to Shixiong but there was no effect so they had come to Mo Cloud Sea. In reality, when he saw the state of Shixiong’s old temple where it sat half collapsed, the fury and discomfort he felt almost caused himself to lose control.

Shixiong knew Yi Zheng well. Seeing the guilt on Yi Zheng’s face, he knew, and changed the topic subtly. “Master Zhong? Is he also a dhyana xiu?”

When Master Zong was mentioned, Yi Zheng became alert. “Yes! Master Zong might be of an unorthodox background but no one in Great Buddha Temple can compare to him.”

“Oh, so strong?” Shixiong said with a smile. He could see that Shidi was full of respect towards this Master Zong.

“Yes, Master Zong has reached wish power. There are not many in the temple that have achieved wish power.” Yi Zhen looked around, and then said in a low voice, “It is even the Buddhahood Abandonment Death Wish.”

Shixiong shook in shock. Buddhahood Abandonment Death Wish. These four words caused him to unconsciously stop breathing.

While ling power had transformed to shen power, with the changing times, the Buddhahood Abandonment Death Wish still caused people to change expression.

“Where is he now?” A hopeful light suddenly appeared in Shixiong’s eyes. If he could obtain guidance from this kind of master, maybe his injury would have hope.

Yi Zheng was slightly dispirited. “Eight years ago, Master Zong went into death seclusion and hasn’t come out.”

“Death seclusion!” Shixiong’s eyes were wide and his expression changed. The two phrases, Buddhahood Abandonment Death Wish and death seclusion caused him to imagine a fearless dhyana xiu, stubborn and not willing to give himself any other choices on his path for advancement.

“Yes, it would be good if Master Zong came out. Master Zong would definitely have a solution for Shixiong’s injury. Fortunately, Master Zong’s Buddha Lantern has not extinguished,” Yi Zheng said with slight regret and joy.

Just as he finished speaking, a bright light appeared on the horizon.

Everyone in the sky stopped moving and looked with shock into the distance. The light was blinding but there wasn’t any sound.

A vast presence suddenly exploded!

The cloud sea around the cloud island suddenly roiled and formed cloud waves of dozens of zhang each. The cloud sea roiled, the presence booming like thousands of snowy white monsters howling and snarling as they spread in all directions.

“Not good!” Yi Zhen’s expression changed slightly. In a flash, the cloud wave was coming at them like a collapsing wall, giving off a crushing feeling of being unstoppable.

A light suddenly appeared on Yi Zheng’s body.

Faint golden scaled armor rippled and covered his body. At some time, a Vajra scepter appeared on his hand. The golden mask on his face held imperceptible mirth like that of a Buddha.

Shen equipment!

Shixiong’s pupils suddenly expanded. While the place he had been residing in had been isolated and closed off from the world, he had heard of shen equipment.

Yi Zheng lightly tapped the Vajra scepter towards his feet, his left hand held straight up as he chanted!

Faint golden light rippled from below his feet and began to slowly cover the two of them. In a flash, a golden shield took form. Countless sutra characters swam like tadpoles on the surface of the golden shield.

This was … …

Shixiong was filled with shock. Shidi’s power was extremely strange. He could not name it, but he was certain that it definitely was not something from Great Buddha Temple.

Suddenly, two words flashed in his mind like lightning to illuminate his mind.

—Shen power!

He did not notice that shen equipment had also appeared on the bodies of the people around them because the astounding cloud wave was now right in front of them!


The two were instantly drowned by the tall cloud wave.

The golden light shield trembled, the sutra characters swimming even faster. Yi Zheng’s eyes were wide and he was clearly fighting back with all his power.

Shixiong’s mind was roaming. He suddenly thought of how he had protected Shidi in the past. But now Shidi was able to protect him.

It was a short moment of reminiscing but time seemed to stretch as he watched Shidi.

Yi Zheng’s lack of expression showed that he was fighting with all of his power. Shixiong quickly refocused and closed his eyes. He had had high in cultivation before, once being one of the geniuses of Great Buddha Temple’s younger generation. While he had lost his cultivation, he had spent all of his time on his Samadhi, and his perception had become even more sensitive.

Once he focused, he was slightly shocked. Shidi’s present strength was even stronger than he had been in the past.

This astonished him.

He knew Shidi’s talent, he did not have great talent. He himself in the past had been one of the most talented in the temple. Even in the present Great Buddha Temple, there were not many young people that had reached his past skill level.

Shidi had grown to be so strong!

A strange yet powerful power. Suddenly, he was filled with curiosity about Mo Cloud Sea.

The cloud waves came endlessly. The two were like a wooden boat desperately swaying in the tsunami unable to stay still. After making it through several cloud waves, Yi Zheng’s body started to tremble, dense sweat appearing on Yi Zheng’s forehead.

Shixiong’s expression became stern as he started to chant a sutra.

His chanting was not loud, but each word was clear among the roaring of the cloud waves. Shixiong’s chanting seemed to have an unique power to calm people’s minds. Yi Zheng felt his mind calm down, his body stopped trembling. Threads of power suddenly appeared from deep within his body, and he became re-energized.

At this time, a voice suddenly sounded in the sky.

The howling roaring immediately disappeared.


The white cloud sea in the surroundings seemed to collapse and disappear like snow. In a flash, a figure with their palms together appeared in the sky.

Behind him, there was the figure of a bald Buddha hundreds of zhang tall who also had their hands in a praying position with a solemn expression.

Seeing that familiar figure, Yi Zheng’s body shook, uncontrollable joy appearing on his face, “Master Zong!”

Shixiong raised his face to look dazedly at the giant Buddha true form behind Zong Ru, his mind completely blank.

When his gaze met with the gaze of the Buddha’s true form, his body couldn’t help but tremble.

The pupils of the Buddha were grey!

Zong Ru had came out of seclusion, the cloud sea shook!


“It has been so long since we came back to the yao world, I really miss it,” Cang Ze said wistfully. Most of the youthfulness on his face had disappeared, and he had become a much calmer person.

Ming Jue Zi shook his head. “I still feel that Cloud Sea Jie is better.”

“I’m just remarking.” Cang Ze laughed at himself. “Of course Cloud Sea Jie is better. I heard that the yao are in chaos right now, the infighting among the Council of Elders is great. While everyone is polite on the surface, it is a mess down in the lower ranks.”

Nan Yue did not make a sound. Listening to the conversation of the pair, her thoughts wandered. Were her friends from the yao art house still alright?

However, her thoughts were quickly interrupted by the noise coming from behind her.

“I’m telling you all, this time, you cannot block this genius’ road! Finally get a mission, whoahaha, it is time for this genius’ light to shine on the bodies of minuscule beings like you!”

The orange-haired yao laughed heartlessly.

A Wen shot back with a cold expression, “Idiot!”

The black smoke yao perceptively took two steps back to get further from the two.

“Trash, who are you calling an idiot?” The orange-haired yao glared angrily at A Wen but then smiled smugly. “I know this is because you are jealous. You lost to me last time, whoahaha, your small and fragile heart received a destructive blow, I’m too strong!”

“You only caught up and evened the score.” A Wen smiled coldly. “If you don’t believe me, ask Old Smoke.”

The orange-haired yao stilled and then turned to ask the black smoke yao. “Old Yao, did I only catch up?”

The black smoke yao gave a prepared answer. “En, before, he had won six hundred and twenty two times, you had won six hundred and twenty one times.”

The orange-haired yao immediately howled, “Ahahah! How can it be so! How can it be so! Come, trash, let’s fight now and see who is stronger!”

“Let’s go! Who’s afraid of who!” A Wen did not retreat and stared back angrily.

Nan Yue felt exasperated. How many times was it now on this trip alone?

She turned her head. “Boss said if you fight during the mission, you will be put under house arrest for three months.”

The two froze.

The orange-haired yao muttered. “I’ll let you off this time. If Boss didn’t protect you, I would let you taste your six hundred and twenty third defeat!”

A Wen responded, “If Boss didn’t protect you, I will take your small life as easily as reaching into my pocket!”

The orange-haired yao stilled. “Who did you learn that line from? It seems very strong!”

A Wen forced himself to not show his smugness but his tone still exposed it. “Old Smoke!”

The black smoke yao immediately knew it was not good. As expected, before he could react, the orange-haired yao shot in front of him like a gust of wind. “Old Yao, Old Yao, quick, think of a line better than that one … …”

Suddenly, the group stopped and stared warily at the group in front of them.

At the head was a youth that gave off a dark and cold presence. He stood silently.

“I have been eagerly waiting for your arrival, I am Youqin Lie.”

Translator Ramblings: Fang Xiang did not forget about Yi Zheng’s shixiong. For some reason, Yi Zheng’s shixiong also remains nameless in this chapter.