World of Cultivation - Chapter Seven Hundred and Eighty Six – Arsonist

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Chapter Seven Hundred and Eighty Six – Arsonist

The two burning balls of light, the two battle generals faced off in the sky.

Bie Han’s aura gave off furious red flames, Shang Yu Sheng’s aura gave off deep blue waves.

This battle had progressed unexpectedly to all, Bie Han and Shang Yu Sheng being the greatest surprises. Bie Han was ranked tenth of the top battle generals in the xiuzhe world. No one would underestimate his strength. Yet Sin Battalion’s changes, and Bie Han’s mo fighting method, as well as the angry flaming [Arsonist] he wore was a great shock to people. Just as people thought that Bie Han’s last trump card was played, Bie Han would then play another, each a better card.

Shang Yu Sheng’s strength had been underestimated until now. His display up to this point was outstanding. He definitely had the strength of a top battle general. The reason that he was in such a sorry state was just because he fought Bie Han.

He was in a sorry state, but it did not mean that he did not have a chance.

Bie Han had the advantage but this did not mean that he had victory in his grasp.

The final battle!

Shang Yu Sheng was the first to act. His figure flashed and he appeared near Bie Han. Blinding blue energies vented out and seemed as though they were about to drown Bie Han.

Bie Han seemed to have expected this and reached out with a swat of his hand.

The red energy of his hand formed an enormous flaming hand that slammed against the blue flood.


Countless fragments of energy swirled and fell from the sky, raining down to the ground.

The two were fast like bolts of lightning, red and blue. They continued to collide at a speed hard to follow with the naked eye. They would immediately separate after each collision.

Boom boom boom!

The ear-deafening explosions were like thunder.

Sparks would fly each time the two met. Sprays of dazzling red and blue energies shot into the sky.


“Such great power!” Li Xian Er couldn’t resist sighing in shock. The two people in the mirage were inhuman. They were like two meteors crashing into each other repeatedly.

The mo battle generals that gathered the power of the entire battalion were so strong they outshone all experts.

She had seen mo battle generals before, and mo fighting was like this. However, the power coming from these two people still shocked her.

As one of the strongest of Tian Huan, she was individually strong but she still felt intimidated by the strength the two displayed.

So battle generals could be this strong!

Gongye Xiao Rong’s expression was grave. “In terms of savagery, the fighting of the mo is first. However, the strength of these two is rare even among the mo.”

In the mirage, the attacking rhythm of the two accelerated. It was so fast one could only see a red and blue bolt of lightning flashing across the sky.

Li Xian Er made a soft sound of surprise. “They are improving.”

“Improving?” Gongye Xiao Rong stilled.

“Yes, both of them are improving.” Li Xian Er was powerful and she could see the changes in this level of battle more clearly.

Gongye Xiao Rong quickly understood. “They are adjusting to this kind of fighting. Both Bie Han and Shang Yu Sheng do not usually fight like this. After this battle, Bie Han will be more terrifying. The Mo Marshal Alliance has suffered great losses this time with the death of two top battle generals at once. Even we would not be able to afford such a price.”

Tian Huan and the Mo Marshal Alliance were on good terms. While there was no open relations , there was close contact in secret. Gongzi Xi still felt great affection for Li Xian Er but the present Li Xian Er was not the Li Xian Er from when they had first met.

Li Xian Er was now one of the core members of Tian Huan. She didn’t need to help Tian Huan through a method like a marriage alliance.

Li Xian Er thought and then said, “Mo Cloud Sea’s losses this time are also heavy. After this fight, Sin Battalion loses at least half their numbers.”

“It is worth it to use half of Sin Battalion in exchange for two top battle generals,” Gongye Xiao Rong said without hesitation.

Li Xian Er suddenly thought of a problem. “Sin Battalion is a strange battalion. If there are losses, how is it supposed to be replenished?”

Gongye Xiao Rong stilled and then had an expression of joy. “Yes! Sin Battalion cannot be replenished, it is pretty much crippled now. Even if Bie Han has the shen device raiment, he cannot make another Sin Battalion! Without Sin Battalion, Bie Han’s strength is greatly reduced. Bie Han’s fighting method means that only a strange battalion like Sin Battalion is suitable for him.”

“In other words, does this meant that Mo Cloud Sea did not have any gains?” Li Xian Er’s expression was puzzled. “Then why did they start this campaign? Also, wouldn’t Bie Han think of this problem?”

Gongye Xiao Rong’s smile froze on his face.


“They definitely have ways to replenish Sin Battalion.” Lin Qian’s tone was full of confidence. The attention he paid towards Zuo Mo and his understanding of the other far surpassed other people. In his impression, Zuo Mo definitely would not approve a plan that resulted in such a loss.

Xue Dong frowned. “Would they dare to capture mo to reforge Sin Battalion? That is something taboo. If it is discovered, there will be endless consequences. Mo Cloud Sea has so many mo, they definitely cannot accept such a matter.”

“Not that.” Lin Qian shook his head. “In my understanding, Zuo Mo definitely would not make such a fatal mistake. He definitely has other methods.”

“Other methods?” Xue Dong had a curious expression. He was strong in war, but he understood very little of these things.

“I don’t know.” Lin Qian shook his head honestly. “But I know that they definitely have a way.”

“If that’s true, then Bie Han is terrifying!” Xue Dong looked at the mirage, brimming with fighting spirit. It was so enjoyable to watch a battle of this level. How great would it be if he was participating in this battle?


Bei Han and Shang Yu Sheng’s fighting reached a white-hot level.

The two maintained their furious pace as though they did not know exhaustion. They abandoned all finesse, and would collide fully each time.

They had continued to attack at such a mad tempo for four whole hours!

People could not see their figures clearly.

There was only the endless explosion and eruptions of light. The scouts watching from far had ashen expressions. For safety, they had already retreated far away but they could still feel the tremors of the ground and the shockwaves of air.

Two freaks!

Everyone was filled with terror.

It was the first time Bie Han was using this fighting method in actual battle. The enjoyable feeling made his blood almost boil.

Without any technique, without any thoughts, only the simplest and crudest collisions!

The [Arsonist] was like a burning flame that continue to stimulate the shen power inside him. His shen power became even hotter. It turned into explosive flames when it was channeled into the [Arsonist]. It flowed along the armor and became even hotter. Then it would gather on Bie Han’s hands and turn into attacks.

This was the [Arsonist] that Zuo Mo had designed for Bie Han.

Zuo Mo’s thinking had been simple. The abilities of [Arsonist] were also simple. It would burn Bie Han’s shen power and amplify it to be even more furious, increasing its strength.

Bie Han was not truly a top expert. His power came from his battalion. Exquisite shen techniques were not of great value to Bie Han. He only needed to use the simplest and most straightforward attacking methods. There was only one aim. For him to have enough power to deal a fatal attack at the crucial moment.

The burning shen power was unusually savage and most suited for such simple and straightforward attacks.

Yet furious shen power demanded greatly of one’s mental resilience. Bie Han’s almost obsessive absolute calm was the best for using [Arsonist].

When equipment was at the shen device raiment level, even the simplest of abilities would become unusually terrifying in strength.

[Arsonist] was like its name, furious and rebellious. Only Bie Han could control it.

Bie Han’s almost obsessive calm showed its power. Even in such a high attacking tempo, and when his body felt as though it was burning, he still detected that Shang Yu Sheng’s attacks were slowly weakening.

Without any hesitation, Bie Han increased his attacking rhythm again.

In this kind of battle, there was no room to dodge. Other than attack, there was no other choice. When Bie Han sped up his attack rate, Shang Yu Sheng had to increase as well.

The collisions of the two became even stronger.

There were already experts watching the mirages that detected the battle was reaching its end. They unconsciously straightened.

The collisions that abandoned all technique were crude and direct. If one side could not keep up, the momentum would quickly tilt.

Shang Yu Sheng’s speed clearly slowed down. The light around him grew much dimmer. His shen equipment was already in pieces. The skin exposed to the air was filled with small wounds.

Bie Han’s attacks became even stronger.

He bombarded Shang Yu Sheng from different angles and Shang Yu Sheng quickly seemed to be wavering.

With every collision, Shang Yu Sheng’s ball of light would tremble and grow a fraction dimmer.

When it reach this moment, anyone with eyes could see that victory and defeat had been determined.

A cold light flashed through Bie Han’s eyes, and his speed increased again!

Completely unable to keep up with the rhythm, Shang Yu Sheng seemed to be hit head on by a meteor.


The blue energies flew!

Shang Yu Sheng smashed into the ground and created a large crater in the ground.

Bie Han flew into the large crater like a streak of fire.

When Bie Han’s fiery figure appeared in the sky again, there was a person gripped in his hand.

Shang Yu Sheng was dead. His expression before death was calm.

In front of the mirages, everyone lost the interest in talking. Seeing two top battle generals fall in such a short span of time was a great blow to everyone.

Bi Han silently floated in the air. The bright red flames wrapped around his body, but his eyes were so cold they were still.

After making sure that Shang Yu Sheng was dead, he once again landed beside the crater and placed Shang Yu Sheng’s body into the crater. His hands waved lightly towards the sides of the crater and the earth on the two sides of the crater exploded. Soil rained down and buried Shang Yu Sheng.

After doing all this, Bie Han stood and looked towards the battlefield.

There was less than half of Sin Battalion standing on the battlefield.

Bie Han suddenly reached out with his right hand. Countless wisps of flame flew out and landed on the corpses of Sin Battalion members on the ground. In a flash, the corpses turned to dust. There was a red bead within each mound of dust.

Bie Han beckoned with his hand. The red beads in the mounds of ash seemed to receive a summons, flying into his hands and disappearing.

After cleaning up, Bie Han suddenly looked around to the edge of the battlefield. His cold eyes caused everyone in front of the mirages to feel great killing intent.

He suddenly made a gesture that no one had expected.

Looking coldly into the mirage, he raised his hand and drew a finger lightly over his neck.

A throat slash!

Translator Ramblings: Zuo Mo’s greed is so famous everyone knows he will only accept profit and not loss.