World of Cultivation - Chapter Seven Hundred and Eighty Seven – The Anger of Lotus Sutra Temple

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Chapter Seven Hundred and Eighty Seven – The Anger of Lotus Sutra Temple

Bie Han fought one against two and had killed top two battle generals, Hai Jin Yun and Shang Yu Sheng, by trading for the lives of half of Sin Battalion.

The world shook!

Even Xue Dong that was ranked first among xiuzhe battle generals had never had such glorious results. Bie Han’s last cold and domineering gesture caused numerous hot-blooded youths to copy him.

Mo Cloud Sea’s powerful strength once again attracted the attention of the world.

Bie Han could only be considered second in Mo Cloud Sea. People’s opinions of him were far lower than Gongsun Cha. This could be seen from the rankings. Yet after this battle, everyone saw Bie Han in a completely new light.

His moves had become more varied and well-rounded. He had two fighting styles. This kind of Bie Han posed a much greater threat. Bie Han had commanded the entire campaign. From the starting set up to the final battle with its layers, Bie Han displayed his stunning talent.

In people’s previous opinions, Bie Han was strong but he was lacking greatly compared to Gongsun Cha, especially in his planning.

Right now, no one would think this.

What people feared even more was Bie Han’s coldness, a cold-blooded ruthlessness. For victory, he could do anything. In the minds of many people, Bie Han had become a cold-blooded battle general.

His challenging throat-slash at the end made people feel a wave of murderousness.

Mo Cloud Sea’s enemies felt a blade at their backs.

However, unexpectedly, Bie Han’s ranking did not rise greatly.

This was because of Sin Battalion’s large number of casualties. This number of fatalities was a great injury to any battalion, much less a battalion like Sin Battalion that could not be replenished.

Through this battle, Bie Han proved his great individual strength. The shen device raiment also was revealed. The infamy of [Arsonist] spread through the world.

Just by the results of this battle was enough for him to go forward a few places in the rankings.

Yet everyone also knew that Bie Han’s strength had weakened rather than increased. Bie Han was skilled in two fighting styles, and Sin Battalion was the only one that could channel his full power.

But Sin Battalion could not be replenished!

If there was fighting, there would be fatalities. With result of not having any replenishment meant that Sin Battalion fighters would grow fewer in number, and the battalion was weaker. Bie Han would become weaker as a result.

Right now was Bie Han’s weakest moment.

But even so, Mo Cloud Sea’s great power alarmed people. The second strongest battle general of Mo Cloud Sea, Bie Han, was already so terrifying. Then the one called the top battle general, Gongsun Cha, how strong was he?

This shocking campaign had too many things worthy of discussion, and many people forgot about identifying why Mo Cloud Sea had started this campaign.

But inside Mo Cloud Sea, the higher ranks understood with Hundred Energy Jie in hand, they now had wings.


News of Bie Han’s victory quickly reached Zuo Mo. Little Mo Ge was excited and wanted to howl into the sky. Hundred Energy Jie! Shen Crystals!

They were rich!

Thinking about returning and laying in the mountains of shen crystals, that would definitely be the best experience in life!


You are still playing with jingshi, ge has started playing shen crystals!

Unusually content, Zuo Mo’s spirit rose. He was filled with anticipation towards the trip to the ancient ruins about to begin.

At this time, the sect leader of Lotus Sutra Temple hurriedly rushed in.

When Zuo Mo noticed the grief on the face of the Lotus Sutra Temple sect leader, and on the faces of the disciples around her, he knew that something happened. He hurriedly asked, “What happened?”

“Just now, Yuan Tong Shixiong of Surangama Heart Sect perished.” The eyes of Lotus Sutra Temple’s sect leader was slightly swollen. She had clearly cried just now.

The White Lotus Reverend explained, “Yuan Tong Shishu and Master had a good relationship. However, just now, someone attempted an assassination and he unfortunately was killed.” He glanced at Zuo Mo and said, “The token of Surangama Heart Sect was with Yuan Tong Shishu.”

Zuo Mo’s heart sank. “Did they come for the token?”

“The token is gone.” The White Lotus Reverend nodded with murderousness on his face. “Only a small few knew that the token of Surangama Heart Sect was with Shishu. Even Master did not know. There definitely are spies in Surangama Heart Sect!”

“Did you find who did it?” Zuo Mo asked. The situation was more complex than he had imagined. The ruins had not opened yet the killing had started.

“It’s Kun Lun!” The eyes of the Lotus Sutra Temple sect leader flashed. She said hatefully, “While they have disguised it well, but they did not know that Shixiong has an ability called [Empty Heart Thought]. Usually, he would leave behind a thread of his consciousness in the Dhyana tower when he cultivates. If not for this thread of consciousness, we would not have discovered it.”

“Kun Lun!” Zuo Mo’s expression became serious. He hadn’t thought that Kun Lun wanted the shen device nucleus so desperately.

Zuo Mo immediately recognized the severity of the situation. It probably wasn’t just one Kun Lun xiuzhe that would enter the ancient ruins, and these people were well concealed. If they were the least bit careless, they would easily fall for the trap.

At this moment, the lotus flower at the forehead of the sect leader lit up minutely. Her expression changed. She closed her eyes and focused while breathing calmly. When she opened her eyes again, her face was murderousness. “Yuan Hao was attacked on his return trip! Good, very good!”

The sect leader of Lotus Sutra Temple was clearly angered greatly. If she could maintain her calm at Yuan Tong’s death, then Yang Yuan Hao being ambushed enraged her! Yang Yuan Hao wasn’t just related to the future of the Nine Great Dhyana Sects, he was also her nephew. The location where he had been ambushed was in her territory. The other was arrogant and unscrupulous to the limit!

“They really think that Lotus Sutra Temple is easy to bully!” She was a sect leader however, and quickly calmed down. However, the darkness in her eyes grew. She bowed and warned Zuo Mo and the others, “I have come to remind everyone to pay attention to your safety and be careful.”

Finishing, she turned and left with her disciples.

This was Lotus Sutra Temple’s territory. They had lived here for thousands of years, and the depth of their foundation far surpassed people’s imagination. When all of Lotus Sutra Temple moved, several groups of suspicious people quickly came to the surface.

Truly angered, Lotus Sutra Temple clearly did not intend to maintain the illusion of peace. Also, the sect leader of Lotus Sutra Temple knew that her one sect did not have the power to fight against these disciples of Tian Huan and Kun Lun.

The death of Yuan Tong stirred the Nine Great Dhyana Sects into facing a common enemy. Under the leadership of Lotus Sutra Temple’s sect leader, Thunder Sound Temple, Karma Temple, Surangama Temple, Laughing Maitreya Temple and the others sent their outstanding disciples to reinforce Lotus Sutra Temple.

Troops made from three hundred elite disciples carried out ambushes during the night.

These Kun Lun and Tian Huan disciples hidden in the shadows hadn’t expected that the others would dare to come to their door. They hurried to respond. The disciples of Kun Lun and Tian Huan were stronger, but the disciples of the Nine Great Dhyana Sects had the advantage of numbers.

The fighting was intense.

Both sides suffered great losses. Of the four reverends of Lotus Sutra Temple, one was killed and two wounded. The other sects also received heavy losses. More than half of the three hundred disciples were dead or wounded.

Kun Lun and Tian Huan also had heavy losses. Many of the hidden disciples were plucked out. The Nine Great Dhyana Sects had the advantage. Even though the Kun Lun and Tian Huan disciples were stronger, there was no advantage when they were out numbered in melee combat.

Other than several powerful disciples that broke through, the other disciples were all killed.

In the end, they found more than sixty corpses of people from Kun Lun and Tian Huan.

The restless area around the ruins immediately became much quieter.


Chao Xin had an expression of pain. “Stupid! One shen device nucleus ruined this great situation! Now, our previous plan cannot be used. The Nine Great Dhyana Sect is going to be more united after this fight!”

Lin Qian had a grimace. “This matter is my mistake.”

Previously, the value of one shen device raiment could not compare to a greatly beneficial strategy against the Nine Great Dhyana Sect. But since Bie Han’s [Arsonist] appeared, a completely new concept of battle general shen device raiment, every sect increased their value of the nucleus.

Suddenly, every faction’s desire towards shen device raiments increased drastically.

Lin Qian regretted greatly that the first shen device raiment of Kun Lun had been given to him. With his strength and status, there was nothing to criticize that he possess a shen device raiment. However, he would not fight on the front lines, and the shen device raiment was not of much strategic value.

For Kun Lun and the others, shen device raiments were strategic treasures. Since they were of strategic value, they actually would not be easily used. For example, Lin Qian. He had the shen device raiment. While he would rarely meet someone that was a match for him, he was not invulnerable. If he was swarmed by many, he would also die.

Kun Lun could not tolerate this kind of loss.

Yet Mo Cloud Sea’s battle general shen device raiment was designed around a completely different concept. Battle generals of Bie Han’s level were heavily protected and had many experts around him. After being outfitted with the shen device raiment, he was even stronger, and he was able to increase the strength of the entire battalion.

Both were shen device raiments, yet it was clear which had greater use.

Kun Lun and Tian Huan were inspired and had an even greater desire for shen device raiments. However, even with their wealth, it was not an easy matter to forge a new shen device raiment.

The attraction of a complete shen device nucleus for Kun Lun could be imagined.

Also, Kun Lun did not think anything of the Nine Great Dhyana Sects. That was not just the sects within the lower ranks. Actually, Lin Qian knew that he thought the same inside. In his eyes, the biggest enemy was Tian Huan, the most dangerous enemy was Mo Cloud Sea. Other than Yang Yuan Hao, the Nine Great Dhyana Sects were not worth a mention.

This was the same with the other Kun Lun discples. They might be wary of Xuan Kong Temple, but Lotus Sutra Temple, what was that?

Lin Qian was a responsible person. He knew that he held great blame this time, and immediately admitted his mistake.

Chao Xin sighed inside. Lin Qian had already given him enough face by admitting to his mistake. He thought and said, “This may not be a bad thing.”

“How so?” Lin Qian was an open-minded and humble person.

“Lotus Sutra Temple led the way, then we will make an example of Lotus Sutra Temple.” Chao Xin’s eyes flashed. “There are many conflicts between the Nine Great Dhyana Sects, and they all want different things. We can use this matter to single out Lotus Sutra Temple, and no other sects.”

Lin Qian’s eyes lit up. “Great plan!”

This matter was a great excuse. If they put out a strong attitude of only making trouble for Lotus Sutra Temple, what would the other sects do? This was something to think over!

Within the Nine Great Dhyana Sects there were numerous conflicts between themselves. No one was willing to provoke an enemy like Kun Lun. Adding on the spies fanning the flames from the shadows … …

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