World of Cultivation - Chapter Seven Hundred and Eighty Eight – Divide

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Chapter Seven Hundred and Eighty Eight – Divide

“Congratulations for finishing the exam.”

Cang Ling Xue looked at Youqin Lie who stood in front of her with an expressionless face. She was filled with terror. This youth that was just a bit older than she was was the manifestation of a demon.

Beside her was another female about thirty years old. Her appearance was ordinary and her attire simple. If she was not standing beside Cang Ling Xue, Cang Ling Xue would think that she was a servant girl.

Youqin Lie looked at the two and said to himself expressionlessly, “You two had the best results. Starting from today, you will each become responsible for them.”

“Each?” Cang Ling Xue perceptively caught the crux of Youqin Lie’s words.

Youqin Lie nodded. “Yes, twenty people in total. They will be divided to two teams, ten on each team. You will each be responsible for a team. Cang Ling Xue, Hong Xiao, you will be competitors. Your status will be determined by your results.”

Cang Ling Xue and Hong Xiao turned their faces at the same moment and their gazes met.

With a short glance, Cang Ling Xue could see experience flashing in Hong Xiao’s eyes. Her heart trembled. However, she was filled with confidence in herself and did not fear competition.

“You will be sent to a completely new place. There, you will start your work. Your family, clansmen, they will meet up with you in three months.”

“Good luck.”


The Nine Great Dhyana Sects was in chaos.

Kun Lun’s force pointed directly at Lotus Sutra Temple and they informed all the sects that their target was only Lotus Sutra Temple. They requested that Lotus Sutra Temple produce the criminals that killed the Kun Lun disciples and for the other sects to remain neutral.

Thunder Sound Temple, Karma Temple, Laughing Maitreya Temple, and Surangama Temple immediately expressed their support for Lotus Sutra Temple. They started to move their battalions. Yang Yuan Hai announced that he had been the subject of an ambush and accused Kun Lun of planning it.

The situation immediately became a powder keg.

Great Buddha Temple, Karma Temple, Skanda Temple and Heart Leaf Dhyana Sect did not make a sound. Inside the Nine Great Dhyana Sects, all kinds of rumors quickly spread. Many people thought that Lotus Sutra Temple had caused this incident and should resolve it themselves rather than drag everyone down.

The divides in the Nine Great Dhyana Sect finally appeared in public.

Kun Lun’s immediately response seemed to say that Lotus Sutra Temple’s actions this time truly angered them.

Xue Dong Battalion moved out and pointed straight at Thunder Sound Temple. The Nine Great Dhyana Sects became nervous. Yang Yuan Hao’s battalion completely moved, and guarded against Xue Dong Battalion’s advance.

In the time of a day, the situation changed so quickly people could not keep up.

The faceoff between the two top battle generals immediately attracted the eyes of the world. Xue Dong was the best battle general in the world. He was well-rounded, had strategic vision, and had never lost. Xue Dong who was born in Kun Lun had always been the most accomplished battle general among the Kun Lun disciples from childhood.

Yang Yuan Hao was a new talent but his strength was also stunning. He was ranked fifth, just below Gongsun Cha. In the great banquet to divide Xuan Kong Temple, Yang Yuan Hao showed his outstanding talent. If not for him, the present Nine Great Dhyana Sect probably could not stop the advance of Kun Lun and Tian Huan.

Just now, Bie Han had killed two top battle generals by himself and stunned the world. The importance of the conflict in front of them rivalled Bie Han’s battle.

Kun Lun seemed determined to destroy Lotus Sutra Temple. Then Mu Xuan Battalion started to advance towards Lotus Sutra Temple.

Mu Xuan was the only female battle general in the top ten of the xiuzhe battle generals. She was ranked eighth. She was much older than Xue Dong, and experienced. Even in Kun Lun, not many dared to provoke her.

Compared to Xue Dong’s light, Mu Xuan was much more low-key and people rarely knew of her accomplishments.

No one knew why her ranking was so high. However, no one doubted her abilities but she was one of the rare elders that did not decrease in status after Lin Qian ascended and had become even more important.

Lin Qian’s eyes were usually very accurate.

It was a shock to people that the usually low-key Mu Xuan moved.

Yang Yuan Hao could not divide himself. Xue Dong was enough to keep him engaged and he did not dare to move. He could only watch as Mu Xuan moved closer to Lotus Sutra Temple.

Two top battle generals attacked at the same time. In this time, Lotus Sutra Temple was in great danger.

Yet another battalion suddenly appeared at Lotus Sutra Temple and shocked the world.

Gongsun Cha! Vermillion Bird Camp!

The top battle general of Mo Cloud Sea with the strongest battalion of Mo Cloud Sea appeared in Lotus Sutra Temple’s territory without any warning. When the news came out, everyone that paid attention to this battle finally understood.

No wonder Lotus Sutra Temple dared to challenge Kun Lun. So Mo Cloud Sea was supporting them!

However, no one dared to dismiss the name of Gongsun Lil’ Miss.

Almost the moment Gongsun Lil’ Miss’ Vermillion Bird Camp arrived at Lotus Sutra Temple, Mu Xuan’s battalion stopped advancing.

The situation seemed to enter a standoff again, Yang Yuan Hao against Xue Dong, Gongsun Cha against Mu Xian. Four top battle generals ranked in the top ten facing off gave off a suffocating pressure.

The entire world became nervous.

If the conflict between Kun Lun and Lotus Sutra Temple was a simple conflict before, then Mo Cloud Sea with the five sects of the Nine Great Dhyana Sect had even strength to fight Kun Lun.

If the two sides really fought, the scale of the conflict would be so great it would most likely affect the entire world.

Tian Huan seemed unwilling to be silent. The battalions at the borders shifted as though they wanted to fan the flames. However, they never expected that Zhong De’s battalion would suddenly appear at the border of Xi Xuan and Tian Huan.

All of Tian Huan became nervous!

What did Zhong De want to do?

In terms of power, Xi Xuan could not compare to Tian Huan now. However, Zhong De was not a reasonable person. He was powerful, among the top one or two of the top ten battle generals.

The situation came to a standstill again.


Zuo Mo had been paying close attention to the situation. He had ordered Gongsun Cha to reinforce Lotus Sutra Temple. Lotus Sutra Temple was his ally. If it was killed by Kun Lun, it would be a detriment to him.

Zuo Mo didn’t believe that Kun Lun would truly fight after Gongsun Cha appeared.

If a war of such scale started, it would not end so easily. Even if Kun Lun could defeat them, they would suffer heavy losses that would benefit Tian Huan.

Kun Lun just wanted to cause a rift between the Nine Great Dhyana Sects and had achieved their goal. Heart Leaf Dhyana Sect and the other three sect’s silence had planted the seeds of the divide.

Fighting now was not of any benefit to Kun Lun.

It was not good for Zuo Mo to interfere too deeply into the matters of the Nine Great Dhyana Sects. However, after this matter, the relationship between Lotus Sutra Temple and Mo Cloud Sea would grow much closer.

The sect leader of Lotus Sutra Temple was a vicious person. Since they had burned their ties to Kun Lun, without another word, she sent a battalion into the region of the ruins and repeatedly made sweeps. Any person that was the least bit suspicious would be asked to leave.

While Lotus Sutra Temple’s battalion was lacking in comparison to a top battalion such as Vermillion Bird Camp, it was much stronger than an average sect’s battalion.

The enormous battalion swept through the region of the ruins like comb. If any person resisted, they would be killed.

After this, the number of people around the ruins decreased immediately.

Everyone saw Lotus Sutra Temple’s determination!

Did Lotus Sutra Temple want to take the ruins for themselves? This kind of rumor spread through the Nine Great Dhyana Sects but Lotus Sutra Temple still did as they wished. Thunder Sound Temple and other allies strangely did not have any opinions.

Heart Leave Dhyana Sect and the others were talkative but Lotus Sutra Temple was determined and didn’t even listen.

After this matter, the sect leader of Lotus Sutra Temple finally saw that the Nine Great Dhyana Sects would not be a successful. Yang Yuan Hao was strong in battle but he did not have the ability to sort out the Nine Great Dhyana Sect. Without a strong person coming up, the Nine Great Dhyana Sects that was made from many factions would fall to infighting.

A divided Nine Great Dhyana Sect would die quickly.

Since that was the case, why didn’t they prepare?

Lotus Sutra Temple’s only choice was Mo Cloud Sea.

This time, they had completely burned ties to Kun Lun and Tian Huan. Xi Xuan was in its old age, and only Mo Cloud Sea was filled with life and signs that it was growing stronger.

She had a good outlook for Mo Cloud Sea’s prospects.

Everyone had already agreed to using the shen device nucleus in exchange for shen equipment. What she was doing now was within the limits of the agreement. She was just acting a bit more vicious.

Also, the safety of Lotus Sutra Temple was reliant on Gongsun Cha’s Vermillion Bird Camp.,

“There are no more factions in this area,” Lotus Sutra Temple’s sect leader introduced. “We have eliminated some suspicious people. Please accept these tokens.”

“This is?” Zuo Mo was slightly shocked.

“The tokens of Thunder Sound Temple, my sect, Laughing Maitreya Temple, and Splendid Buddha Temple are all here. Four in total. We had originally planned to send experts to help you but we are worried that spies will ruin the matter. So we are giving this to you. You can take in more subordinates. We have not managed to get back Surangama Sect’s token. It must already be in Kun Lun’s hands. The other four sects … …”

She sighed softly, her expression dispirited.

The Nine Great Dhyana Sects were of different minds and values. They had already divided into two factions. Yang Yuan Hao’s transaction with Mo Cloud Sea had been objected to by Heart Leaf Dhyana Sect, Karma Sect, Skanda Sect, and Great Buddha Sect. The two sides had fought fiercely numerous times over this.

Zuo Mo understood when he heard this. He bowed seriously. “Many thanks for your trust! The shen equipment will be delivered as soon as possible!”

The sect leader quickly sorted out her emotions. She knew that the situation could not be fought against. The alliance of the Nine Great Dhyana Sects had fatal weaknesses from the start. She had just always anticipated a charismatic leader would appear. However, while Yang Yuan Hao was a top battle general, he did not have the traits to be a leader.

Yet she found those traits in Zuo Mo.

To be able to command a sect as a female, she naturally had her attributes. Seeing the situation clearly, she did not hesitate. She could not save the Nine Great Dhyana Sects but she had to consider the lives of those in the Lotus Sutra Temple.

“Sir, please be careful and take along more people,” she cautioned.

“I understand.” Zuo Mo nodded gravely.

Translator Rambling: Once you get to a certain level, individuals start to become powerless. The momentum of the factions behind them is so great it’s hard to shift course.