World of Cultivation - Chapter Nine Hundred and Seven – The Dawn is Near

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Chapter Nine Hundred and Seven – The Dawn is Near

Yang Yuan Hao looked at the message on his hand. Frozen like a statue, he stood motionless for a while.

He felt shock that Gu Liang Dao had died in combat. Before they had acted, no one had thought that full-out war between Kun Lun and Mo Cloud Sea would start like this. Even now, he was slightly dazed.

An arrow that left the bow could not turn back. Even if he could go back, he did not have many choices. He believed that Gu Liang Dao would make the same choices.

Kun Lun … … haha!

Pity. Gu Liang Dai died!

His situation was extremely similar to Gu Liang Dao’s. The only difference was that Gu Liang Dao had been given more responsibilities. While Yang Yuan Hao was the sword and shield for the Four Minor Dhyana Sects, there were still people above him shielding him from the wind and rain of internal politics. But Gu Liang Dao didn’t have anyone to support him. He didn’t from the beginning. He betrayed Xi Xian, afterwards he became the leader of Xi Xian with Zhong De’s support, but lost that support in the battle of the Central Plains.

But he wasn’t Zuo Mo.

As a battle general, Gu Liang Dao was outstanding. He had both the bravery and the cleverness. His defeat to Xue Dong was more a defeat to Kun Lun than to Xue Dong.

From the start, Gu Liang Dao had been burdened with too many responsibilities. He had no choices and no escape. For example, betraying Xi Xuan. If he was not forced to the precipice, who was willing to betray their sect? Just like that, he became the leader of an area. Yang Yuan Hao felt that those things were the true burden that had crushed this spirit as a top battle general.

Not every person was Zuo Mo. Yang Yuan Hao thought of the phrase again.

Yang Yuan Hao had a clear measure of himself just like his combat style. He would also make the rational choice. It might not be the best, but it would never be the worst.

Yang Yuan Hao did not charge blindly into Kun Lun. While the battalions stationed here were not a match for him, he did not feel it was rational to enter too deeply. He would lack both supplies and reinforcements. The strategic value he could produce here would be limited, but there would be little danger. The present situation was unlike in the past. Mo Cloud Sea and Kun Lun had started an all-out war. He needed to reconsider the situation.

Zuo Mo had not returned, Gongsun Cha and Bie Han were mobilized. Now, he needed to think for himself.

When Wei Sheng’s message came. He almost didn’t believe it. He looked dazedly at it for a long time.

Wei Sheng had defeated Lin Qian!

Lin Qian had ran away!

This this this … …

The result of any battle at the front lines, even Gongsun Cha defeating Xue Dong, would not give Yang Yuan Hao a deeper shock than this news.

Illogical! It was illogical!

That was Lin Qian! The sect leader of Kun Lun, Lin Qian!

After a long daze, Yang Yuan Hao started to recover. He started to think of the effect this matter would produce.

He had to admit that this news was a enormous blow to the morale of Kun Lun. Lin Qian’s status in Kun Lun was unparalleled. He was publicly thought to be the most outstanding of all the sect leaders in Kun Lun’s history. Even in this revolutionary era, he was flawless. Kun Lun had been constantly strengthening themselves.

If one had to talk about his only mistake, it would have been not having stopped Mo Cloud Sea from developing.

But who could have stopped Mo Cloud Sea?

Lin Qian was the manifestation of perfection. He was humble and refined, his loyalty towards Kun Lun deeply engraved into his bones. Even the most rebellious sect disciples listened to his every word. He had ventured deep into the mo realms and defeated them all with his own power. He had been the one to comprehend shen power and lead Kun Lun into the era of shen power. He had brought great change to Kun Lun, using Chao Xin and the other young disciples. Kun Lun became the only one of the four great sects to have not declined and fractured. He had never been defeated, he led the group, he was a born leader.

But a person like this had been defeated!

Yang Yuan Hao suddenly realized that Kun Lun was pushed to the edge of the cliff.

He had never expected Lin Qian’s defeat.

The war between Kun Lun and Mo Cloud Sea had just started and the situation had changed unexpectedly. In Yang Yuan Hao’s eyes, Lin Qian was undoubtedly Kun Lun’s strongest point, and also the one that could not fail at all. Even though Wei Sheng and the others had returned, Yang Yuan Hao had felt it would be good if they could match Lin Qian.

Defeating Mu Xuan or Xue Dong would not shake the foundations of Kun Lun. Only the defeat of Lin Qian would truly cause Kun Lun to panic.

Lin Qian had been defeated!

Kun Lun was in danger.

Yet the development of events still surprised Yang Yuan Hao’s predictions.

The news that Lin Qian had been defeated by Wei Sheng shook the world!

Yang Yuan Hao had not spread the news. Wei Sheng had not been able to track down Lin Qian and decided to go to Kun Lun.

Wei Sheng raced forth with his sword and attacked Kun Lun.

He did not conceal himself or sneak in. He moved towards the main peak of Tian Huan in broad daylight.

Everywhere he passed, he razed cities when he encountered them, he killed enemies when he encountered them, no one could stop him. Kun Lun’s battalions, and experts flooded towards Wei Sheng yet no one could stop them.

No one withstood even one of his attacks.

Wei Sheng used his sword to tell the world how strong a god-level was.

All of the world was astounded by Wei Sheng’s strength and unreasonableness!

Kun Lun panicked. Just like Yang Yuan Hao had expected, Lin Qian’s defeat caused all of Kun Lun to feel anxious. Wei Sheng’s actions seemed to poke the hornet’s nest. All of Kun Lun’s battalions and experts furiously raced to reinforce the main peak of Kun Lun.

The main mountain peak of Kun Lun was the core of Kun Lun. This was where the core of Kun Lun was at, this was the holy land for the people of Kun Lun.

It held unparalleled status, and it had never experienced the fires of war. It was the greatest pride for all of Kun Lun!

Protect the main peak!

Protect the sect leader!

Like moths to a flame, they fearlessly charged and tried to stop Wei Sheng

Kun Lun went mad.

The world went mad.

Xue Dong’s eyes were bloodshot. He completely ignored Vermillion Bird Camp that was following closely after him.

He did not care so much. Eldest Shixiong had been defeated?

How was it possible?

When he had received the news, he almost laughed. How could Eldest Shixiong be defeated? He had been in the midst of enjoying his battle with Gongsun Cha. The two were evenly matched. Yet, not long after starting, the news that Wei Sheng was making his way to the main peak of Kun Lun arrived, he finally understood. Eldest Shixiong had really been defeated.

Xue Dong did not hesitate. He immediately led his battalion to charge back towards Kun Lun!

He felt as though he was in a nightmare. Suddenly, Kun Lun was placed in such a precarious position.

Protect the main peak!

Protect the sect leader!

It could be seen how badly Kun Lun’s position was from this kind of slogan. Mu Xuan was trapped by Bie Han’s Sin Battalion and was unable to leave. But he still ordered Mu Xuan to return to Kun Lun no matter the price!

Even if she died!

Xue Dong’s mind was unusually clear at the moment. Everyone in Kun Lun could be sacrificed, even himself. Only Eldest Shixiong could not die!

He had already started to consider the problem of defeat. The situation was even more urgent but he became even calmer. Defeat was not something to be scared of. As long as Eldest Shixiong was not dead, even if they lost some territory, they could reverse this situation eventually.

No matter what the price, they had to stop Wei Sheng!

Xue Dong Battalion travelled as though they did not care for their lives. They truly didn’t. They quickly left Vermillion Bird Camp in the dust.

Compared to Kun Lun’s panic, Mo Cloud Sea was overjoyed.

“Teacher Wei is too strong! He was able to defeat Lin Qian! Heavens!”

“Teacher Wei really returned at the best time. I just knew that Teacher Wei was god-level!”

“Please, you only knew after the fact!”

“Just with his own power, he made his way onto the main peak of Kun Lun. I can feel my blood boil just thinking about it!”

Gongsun Cha also had a faint smile on his face. His fight with Xue Dong had been interrupted in the probing stage. Both sides seemed to know that this was not the time for their final fight so they did not use all of their strength.

But in the probing attacks, both sides found the other side troublesome.

Gongsun Cha still gaped when he learned Wei Sheng was making his way in such an astounding and domineering manner to Kun Lun’s main peak.

The terrifying power of a god-level was completely displayed in this battle. Wei Sheng managed to disrupt all of Kun Lun by himself.

Gongsun Cha and the others quickly recovered from their joy. People immediately started to discuss strategies on how to face god-level. After half a day of discussion, the arrived at the same conclusion as before.Only a god-level expert could match a god-level expert. Otherwise, they would need to wait ten more years after everyone’s average strength went up two more ranks, top level battalions might have the power to match a god-level.

The discussion was fruitless and the discussion turned to discussing the good chance in front of them.

If they missed such a great opportunity, they were asking to be struck by lightning.

For these people who were full of deviousness, this topic was like the greatest feast. Everyone immediately started a heated discussion.

Evil malicious plans quickly took form.

When Zuo Mo received the news Wei Sheng defeated Lin Qian, he was also astounded. But soon, the details came and his happiness was diluted.

Gu Liang Dao was dead. Shuang Yu was dead.

The spirited and open Gu Liang Dao, the gentle and pure Shuang Yu. Thinking of how they had met and interacted those years ago, Zuo Mo’s spirits were low. He had thought that everyone would drink together after he returned to Mo Cloud Sea. That would have been a happy occasion.

He hadn’t expected … …

Zuo Mo looked motionlessly at the night sky. A Gui looked with worry at Zuo Mo. She didn’t speak. She knew that Young Master needed silence at this time.

A long time later, Zuo Mo regain his composure and pushed aside his sorrow and grief. There was a line of light on the horizon. Without realizing it, the night had passed, the dawn was near.

The dawn was near … …

The last remnants of grief and sorrow were swept out of Zuo Mo’s eyes. What replaced them was determination.

He turned around and suddenly said to A Gui, “A Gui, we need to end this war as soon as possible!”

A Gui looked at Zuo Mo’s determined face, and her gaze moved across his snowy-white hair. She felt a pain in her heart and then she nodded seriously, “Yes!”

Zuo Mo’s gaze turned gentle and warm as he stared at A Gui.

But soon, he became steely-eyed again as though the mountains of blades and seas of fire in front of him could not stop his steps. The framework for Hundred Savage Realm’s command structure had been built. Princess Xia and the Lan Brothers were familiarizing themselves with their work. The effect of recruiting Princess Xia and the others was outstanding. The regions of Hundred Savage Realm that Zuo Mo had conquered quickly stabilized.

“Everything has been arranged.”

“It’s time to take care of the Mo Shen Temple.”