World of Cultivation - Chapter Nine Hundred and One – How Have You Been?

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Chapter Nine Hundred and One – How Have You Been?

Youqin Lie stood respectfully.

After being in power for ten years, Ming Yue Ye seemed to be a different person. She was still beautiful, but there was authority at her brow, and that pair of spirited eyes had become as deep as the ocean.

No one cared about her age any longer. Everyone was fearful in front of her and didn’t dare to breathe.

Over the last ten years, Ming Yue Ye had successfully eliminated her political enemies. There was only one voice in the yao. The Council of Elders was had no power. All of the important departments and elite battalions were in her control.

After reading the reports, Ming Yue Ye’s brow furrowed. “Liang Wei?”

She had a reminiscing expression. This name clearly stirred many of her memories. “Liang Wei of the Ice Frost Corps?”

She had some recollection about this name. He was a silver battle general that had accomplished a great victory in the war against Kun Lun. Then he had been relieved of his duties and sent home. This had been an example of corruption she had used to attack the Council of Elders and it had created some big waves.

“Yes!” Youqin Lie said cleanly but certainly.

“How did he get to Nether Realm?”

“Don’t know.” Youqin Lie said calmly, “Should this be investigated?”

There was no flaw to be seen on his face. While he had buried the matter that he had interacted with Liang Wei in the past, he had not relaxed. As he hid in the shadows for long and longer, he became even more careful. He would not leave behind this one opening.

Therefore, Youqin Lie promoted all the subordinates that had participated in that meeting, and gave them more power.

In this past decade, the biggest mission carried out was the cleanse. Youqin Lie was the sharpest blade in Ming Yue Ye’s hands, and his subordinates naturally had to participate in these missions. Promotion meant that they needed to take harder and riskier missions.

Therefore, these people slowly decreased in number.

Liang Wei had been politically silent for ten years, and these people had forgotten him long ago. These people would never have thought that the matter of Liang Wei was the cause of their deaths.

Because they had died for the public good, their families were taken care of. They could enter the best yao arthouses, and they could get steady jobs.

Violent times was the best concealment. No one noticed the systematic sacrifice of these people. Even these people did not detect it.

Too many people had been sacrificed in these ten years. Even Youqin Lie had been heavily wounded multiple times and almost died a few times.

Youqin Lie rejoiced at his past cautiousness. If any of the people were still alive, he would be in trouble. If his past subordinates were still here, and Liang Wei suddenly appeared under the command of the Nether King, everyone would find it strange.

Ming Yue Ye did not respond and sighed in regret, “I misjudged. In the past, I thought that he was just an average silver battle general not worthy of recruitment. I hadn’t thought that his talent would rival Mi Xu. I missed recruiting such a famed general. It is a great mistake! Also, as a yao, he leads a mo battalion. It seems that us yao will also have a battle general like Bie Han!”

Ming Yue Ye was filled with regret. Based on Liang Wei’s status in the past, she only needed to show some attention, and he would be faithful.

A thousand soldiers was easy to obtain, one general was hard to find, especially a general like this.

In this battle, Liang Wei formally made it into the ranks of top battle generals.

Shaking her head, Ming Yue Ye threw away her vexation. “How is the fighting between Kun Lun and Mo Cloud Sea?”

“The two have started an all-out war.” Youqin Lie paid extra attention to Mo Cloud Sea and knew it well. “From the intelligence reports we have received, the two sides have not prepared for the final battle. Mo Cloud Sea’s intentions at the beginning was to use North Tian Huan as a lure to attract Kun Lun so they could ambush from the back and expend Kun Lun’s military power. Kun Lun wanted to first take Tian Huan and get rid of weaknesses as it strengthen their holdings and then use the four Minor Dhyana Sects or Gu Liang Dao as a target to initiate the final fight with Mo Cloud Sea.”

Ming Yue ye nodded. “Li Xian Er’s move was beautiful. Mo Cloud Sea had to accept her proposal, and Kun Lun had to fight.”

She showed a smile. “The two titans will fight for a long time. We need to take this chance to rest and recover. When both sides are wounded, it will be the time for my yao to rise!”

The yao who had just recovered slightly from the cleanse could not move. No one knew better than Ming Yue Ye how much the yao had exhausted themselves in the ten years of internal conflict. In her view, the internal fighting in the xiuzhe and the mo world was a blessing from the heavens for the yao to recover.

“Daren is wise!” Youqin Lie said with an expression of agreement.

Inside, he smirked coldly.

He had gotten in contact with Pu. While Pu had not said it, he could hear from Pu’s tone that Pu had other plans!

Youqin Lie was extremely smart, and he had worked in the intelligence field for many years. He was skilled in finding the truth from hints. Liang Wei had appeared in the command of the Nether King. Thinking about Pu’s certainty, the return of Wei Sheng and the others to Mo Cloud Sea, and Zuo Mo’s impeding return, he reached an absurd conclusion, the Nether King was possibly Zuo Mo!

In reality, he frightened himself with his conclusion.

But he quickly calmed down. If this was true, then Zuo Mo was unprecedentedly powerful. This was a nightmare to the other factions.

In his view, the Mo Shen Temple could not withstand for long. The difference in power was too great.

The mo uniting could not be stopped.

If his guess was true … …

Once Zuo Mo defeated Mo Shen Temple, he would possess Hundred Savage Realm, Nether Realm, and Mo Cloud Sea. He would become the strongest in the world. The only chance to resist would be for the yao and Kun Lun to ally together.

But now, Ming Yue Ye decided to wait until the two sides finished fighting. Youqin Lie smirked inside.

Once Zuo Mo finished uniting the mo, he would be stronger than Kun Lun. More importantly, Kun Lun would never imagine that the Nether King was the king of Mo Cloud Sea.

With Zuo Mo’s plans, Kun Lun would suffer a great loss!

Youqin Lie understood Pu well. With Pu’s style, he might not move, but if he did, it would be a fatal blow. He would not give Kun Lun a chance to come back.

At that time … …

Would the yao be a match for Zuo Mo?

No one had expected that after all the fighting, the most outstanding general under the Nether King’s command was not An Mo but Liang Wei. In the past, everyone thought that the Nether King’s weakness was that he had the soldiers but lacked capable generals. This lack of generals referred to the top ranked battle generals.

Hundred Savage Realm had always been fighting, and the battalions had been reduced, but they had a group of top battle generals. Mo Shen Temple, the Mo Marshals Alliance and Heroes Alliance all had top battle generals.

While they were much weaker than the xiuzhe alliance, they were much stronger than the Nether Realm. Nether Realm had been relatively peaceful, especially after the Nether Realm had been united, there had been no more fighting.

Without the experience of battle, it was difficult for top battle generals to mature, even for large sects like Kun Lun with their outstanding battle general training systems and enormous number of battle generals. A true top battle general would only come out of battle.

Now, Nether King’s shortcoming was made up. Other than Liang Wei’s appearance out of nowhere there was now Qi Xing, formerly of the Heroes Alliance.

Qi Xing was a large reason why the Heroes Alliance was able to survive while being squeezed between the Mo Shen Temple and the Mo Marshals Alliance. He was the most outstanding battle general of the Heroes Alliance and the only top battle general the Heroes Alliance had.

But Qi Xing had terrible luck. Liang Wei cleverly avoided his position and pushed into the core of Heroes Alliance. He had immediately recognized the situation and hurried back to save the higher-ups but he was a step late. All of the Heroes Alliance higher-ups had surrendered. He didn’t even have the time to fight back, he could only surrender.

Qi Xing was much weaker as a warrior compared to An Mo. This could be seen from the scale of the two battalions. With Qi Xing’s strength, he could only lead six thousand elites. But An Mo could easily lead ten thousand without a problem. While in terms of strategic ability and perception, An Mo was lacking.

Zuo Mo selected the elite of each battalion for Qi Xing to assemble a troop from.

In Zuo Mo’s view, top tier battle generals need top tier battalions. Qi Xing wasn’t bad, but his original battalion wasn’t great. What Zuo Mo had the most of right now were battalions. Liang Wei had accomplished a great victory in capturing all the higher-ups of Heroes Alliance. The collective surrender of Heroes Alliance mean the number of battalions under Zuo Mo swelled again.

So many battalions. There definitely were enough to create a top battalions for Qi Xing.

He did not worry about Qi Xing. He believed that Qi Xing was not so dumb.

Right now, he had the two spears, Liang Wei and Qi Xing. He also had An Mo in charge, the experienced and reliable general. There almost wasn’t anything for him to do.

On the other side, all the jies under the rule of the Mo Sheng Temple moved.

The development of the war robbed people of hope. The advancement of the Nether King’s army was almost unimaginably fast. Once Heroes Alliance had surrendered, it left Mo Shen Temple to fight alone. They had no place to retreat.

The Mo Shen Temple had expanded greatly in the past years, and had conquered almost half of Hundred Savage Realm. It was still the largest faction of Hundred Savage Realm. Of the five mo gods, there were top experts and top battle generals.

However, they were lacking compared to the Nether King.

Especially after the god-level Nether King’s attack on Sky Wood Jie shook the world.

People had seen the strength of a god-level through the battle at Nether King River. However, experiencing it in person was completely different.

An Mo was the main commander, Liang Wei and Qi Xing were the second-in-commands. A three-pronged attack formed. An Mo was not the strongest, but he was reliable and he had the respect of the troops. Zuo Mo did not worry with him in charge of the army. Nothing more needed to be said of Liang Wei. He was the rising star of the moment. Zuo Mo also put great hopes on Qi Xing. He wanted to see Qi Xing’s abilities.

Zuo Mo was organizing the territories of Hundred Savage Realm they had conquered. He needed to first set up the political structure before he would be able to attack the Mo Shen Temple without any worries. Once they swept the Mo Shen Temple away, it was time for them to turn and pincer Kun Lun.

By that time, there would be no time to deal with all of this.

The battle against Kun Lun might continued for a long time. At that time, a steady rear was important.

Also, managing Hundred Savage Realm was not suitable for the mo of Nether Realm to do. He needed the mo of Hundred Savage Realm. Only then would he stabilize Hundred Savage Realm as quickly as possible.

Zuo Mo had met the higher-ups of Heroes Alliance but he didn’t have a good feeling about them. Those people were too average in ability and would not able to fulfill their duties to his satisfaction.

Others thought that Zuo Mo had no one to use, but didn’t know that Zuo Mo had selected candidates a long time ago.

He thought back to the time at Great Peace City with a reminiscing expression on his face.

Princess Xia. The Lan Brothers, I wonder how have you been?

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