World of Cultivation - Chapter Nine Hundred and Eleven – Lin Qian’s Counterattack

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Chapter Nine Hundred and Eleven – Lin Qian’s Counterattack

Wei Sheng gazed at Kun Lun behind him and then turned around without looking back.

Gongsun Cha, Bie Han, and Yang Yuan Hao had met up. The three top battalions were the top fighting force of Mo Cloud Sea. He needed to hurry back to prevent Lin Qian from targeting them. That loss would be too great.

While there was no news of a new god-level appearing in Kun Lun’s ranks, Wei Sheng did not dare to be careless. These three top battle generals were the foundation of Mo Cloud Sea.

Gu Liang Dao being killed by Lin Qian taught everyone the partnership of top battle general and god-level was the best strategy right now.

The god-level was unstoppable and could create chaos in an army as well as kill the leader. However, they could not take over and hold an entire region with only their power. A battalion must come in and then consolidate their control.

And if a top battle general didn’t have the protection of a god-level, they would become choice targets for the enemy god-level.

Right now, the three battle generals were together. Wei Sheng didn’t dare to be careless. He had to be the one in charge of protecting them.

Wei Sheng also knew that he could not eliminate all of Kun Lun by himself.

An enormous being like this had such resilience and vitality that normal people couldn’t imagine.

When Lin Qian looked at the remnants of Kun Lun’s main peak, his tears flowed down. His face was pale, he was soulless as he allowed the tears to flow. He was like a stump of wood that did not move for a long time.

Nothing could describe the pain he felt at this time. From a very young age, protecting Kun Lun was his dream. He had grown up, but this goal had never changed.

The sacrifices of the elders, Master sending his soul into the sword, they all caused his belief to deepen.

Ever since he took control of Kun Lun from his master, he did all he could and didn’t dare to slack off. Yet, in his hands, Kun Lun had endured unprecedented humiliation.

Even the main peak of Kun Lun had been cut down.

He looked around. What he saw was the wooden and sorrowful gazes of the disciples and heard their cries.

Lin Qian felt as though there was a knife stabbing his heart.

Xue Dong, Mu Xuan, and the others that hurried back sighed in relief as they saw Lin Qian. All of the higher ups of Kun Lun gathered for the first time after their defeat.

All of their faces were filled with fury and sorrow.

Their gazes all looked towards Lin Qian. This man that had led them to victory again and again. Their eyes had not lost hope. As long as this man was still alive, they had not lost their hope of victory.

All of Kun Lun was looking at their leader, their banner.

“In the history of Kun Lun, we have never been humiliated like this.” Lin Qian’s deep voice was filled with sorrow. It passed through the sound tablets to every corner of Kun Lun.

“This my mistake, my responsibility. After this war, regardless of the result, I will abdicate the position of sect leader.”

Exclamations of disbelief echoed in every corner of Kun Lun. Their eyes were wide and filled with shock. Xue Dong, Mu Xuan and the others changed expression. Lin Qian had not discussed this decision with them.

“A failure like myself does not qualify to be the sect leader of Kun Lun.”

Everyone could hear the guilt in Lin Qian’s voice. Many people’s eyes turned red. Kun Lun’s main peak had been cut down. Many people had felt some anger towards Lin Qian.

But no one blamed him right now.

This was a man that placed Kun Lun’s wellbeing above his own life!

Who would bear to blame him?

“But before that, I still have a battle to finish. No, us, we still have an unfinished battle! In the history of Kun Lun, there has never been a humiliation like this! This is Kun Lun’s humiliation, it is our humiliation! Only the sword, blood, and victory can wash away this humiliation!

“Disciples of Kun Lun, people of Kun Lun, this is our home, this place with our kin. But now, we have been humiliated, our kin massacred, our homes burned! Our Kun Lun has reached a precarious time! We have no place to flee, we have nowhere to retreat, we will not be spared!

“Please of Kun Lun, draw your swords!

“For the glory of Kun Lun, for our kin, for our homes!

“As Kun Lun’s Sect Leader, I am ordering complete conscription of all able bodied warriors of Kun Lun!

“No matter the gender, no matter the age, anyone above mortal rank is conscripted!

“All businesses regardless of size are restricted from selling any merchandise. All resources will be directed towards the army.

“All battalions, gather and wait for orders!

“I, Lin Qian, will lead you on the battlefield!

“In the name of Kun Lun, victory or death!

“In the name of Kun Lun, we march to our final battle!

“Battle to the end!”

Listening to Lin Qian’s decisive voice in the sound tablet, the entire tent was silent.

Everyone had extremely ugly expressions. No one had thought that Kun Lun’s counterattack, no, Lin Qian’s counterattack would be so decisive and reckless.

Even Gongsun Cha hadn’t expected Lin Qian’s move. He was like a gambler that had lost greatly, and went all in on the next hand.

The advantage that Gongsun Cha and the others had accumulated had immediately vanished.

Shen power had developed for ten years, how many of Kun Lun’s sword xiu had reached mortal level? No one knew, but everyone knew that this number would be enormous.

Nether King’s five hundred thousand elite astounded the world, but when the enormous being that was Kun Lun sent out all of their members, their potential was something that even Gongsun Cha and the others didn’t dare to imagine! Kun Lun’s battalions were astounding in scale to being with. They had large territories and each of them required battalions stationed there.

Lin Qian’s conscription order didn’t just apply to the battalions, but also to the citizenry. They could easily create an army of over a million people. Gongsun Cha and the others would not be surprised if they could gather two million people. Even if these people were not trained, even if these people didn’t even have the training of the lowest ranked battalions, this was still a terror-inducing number of people!

No one had ever done this before!

With his back to the wall, Lin Qian had completely messed up Mo Cloud Sea’s plans.

Mo Cloud Sea’s jinzhi forts that they had rushed to built were meaningless in front of such overwhelming numbers.

“He is a mad man!”

Someone said this. Everyone felt agreement. Such an action disregarded all consequences. Even if Kun Lun won, they would be greatly wounded taking years if not decades to recover.

But everyone had to admit that Lin Qian’s move was extremely skilled.

Mo Cloud Sea’s battalions had poked countless holes in Kun Lun’s territory. Kun Lun had suffered great losses. Their plan had been to drag out the fighting and as time went on, Kun Lun would grow weaker. By that time, they wouldn’t even have the ability to fight back.

Lin Qian decided to take out all of his assets and rush their final battle. At this time, Kun Lun had just suffered a great loss and were like a group of grieving soldiers. Lin Qian displayed his zealous attitude. victory or death. The power that they could muster would be great.

Those heroic tales of victory by angry and grieving soldiers were of this situation.

“How about we hold out. If we can hold for long enough, their morale would be blunted and their untrained conscripts would collapse … …” Yang Yuan Hao glanced at Gongsun Cha.

“We cannot hold!!” Gongsun Cha shook his head, his expression solemn. “None of our defense lines can hold.”

Yang Yuan Hao did not feel surprised. Truthfully, even he didn’t believe there would be a defense line like that.

Mo Cloud Sea had always relied on elite soldiers. They didn’t have many battalions but their training and equipment were all of the highest quality. There was no problem with this strategy usually, but in front of Lin Qian’s overwhelming numbers, they immediately became lacking.

“How about we circle to Kun Lun’s rear? Kun Lun’s rear is completely undefended!” Tang Fei frowned as she thought hard.

“Lin Qian is coming at us with everything. Attack the rear? He doesn’t care if the rear is destroyed,” Gongsun Cha refused.

“How about Teacher Wei … …” Ma Fan said with a snicker.

Everyone turned to look at Wei Sheng.

Wei Sheng said honestly, “Lin Qian and I are evenly matched. The reason that I was able to win last time was mostly due to Gu Liang Dao and Shuang Yu injuring Lin Qian before they died. Lin Qian was wounded and I had an epiphany. But I hear from his voice that he seemed to also have a breakthrough. If I attack, he will have the advantage of territory. Meaning he will likely have the help of a few pseudo god-level, and he would have the upper hand.”

“We also have pseudo god-level … …” Ma Fan muttered. Mo Cloud Sea had more pseudo god-level than Kun Lun. People heard this and their eyes went bright.

“Pseudo god-level, cannot travel through the void,” Wei Sheng explained.

People finally reacted. Yes, god-level could enter the places no one could, by travelling through the void, but pseudo god-level couldn’t.

People looked at each other with ugly expressions.

When Zuo Mo saw the message that Mo Cloud Sea passed over, he was given a fright. He hadn’t thought that Lin Qian would do the same thing as the Chief Mo God. But he had to admit the strength of this move.

Compared to Lin Qian, the Chief Mo God was lacking.

When Lin Qian did this, and there were no objecting voices in Kun Lun. All of Kun Lun were with him in gambling on this battle! When Chief Mo God tried this, there were many voices within the Mo Shen Temple that objected. Even if Shui Yue didn’t do anything, the Chief Mo God wouldn’t have had an easy time.

Even though Zuo Mo had seen so many powerful opponents, no one was stronger than Lin Qian. This person was top in both strength and skill, and he almost had no weaknesses.

It was troublesome now!

Once a final battle like this was started, the weakness of Mo Cloud Sea’s shallow foundation was exposed. If this was the Mo Cloud Sea of the past, Zuo Mo would have also dared to give a conscription order like this. While Mo Cloud Sea had expanded greatly now, the composition was more complex, and they were not united. This was related to Zuo Mo being missing for ten years. If they didn’t have enough unity, playing a card like this was akin to burning oneself with fire.

In other worlds, Lin Qian could afford to do this, he couldn’t.

But Zuo Mo’s plans had also reached a crucial time. If this side wasn’t resolved, he didn’t dare to announce his identity as Nether King.

Time once again became the deciding factor in victory and defeat.

Zuo Mo thought for a night before sending his conclusion back to Mo Cloud Sea.

Zuo Mo’s order was very simple.

One word, delay, use all methods to delay the enemy.

To delay the final battle!

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