World of Cultivation - Chapter Four Hundred and Twenty – Very Normal

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Chapter Four Hundred and Twenty – Very Normal

Once this crazy idea was formed, it securely took over Zuo Mo’s entire mind.

All stray thoughts were thrown to the side. Truthfully, at such a dangerous moment, finding a plausible idea was enough for him to gamble everything. There was just no other choice!

The five element glass bead was in great danger and could be swallowed by the Great Day Banded Flame at any moment. The five element glass bead was his last defense. If it was swallowed by the Great Day Banded Flame, the crazy Great Day Banded Flame would instantly consume him.

Zuo Mo’s eyes suddenly turned entirely red.

He gathered all the remaining power he had in his body and used all of the six transformations of the Great Day mo physique at the same time!

The Great Day Banded Flame was freed from its restraints and exploded to cover his entire body. The golden flame were clearly divided in concentric circles but flickered at the same rhythm. It was enchanting and appeared like golden rainbows.

But Zuo Mo was not in the mood to admire the beauty of the Great Day Banded Flame. His power was quickly being expended.

The consciousness and ling power that were mixed together suddenly separated into many portions and rained upon every corner of his body. Like raindrops, they quickly permeated into Zuo Mo’s flesh and blood.


Zuo Mo felt as though something inside his body had suddenly exploded. His mind was completely blank!

At the same time, the Great Day Banded Flame that shrouded Zuo Mo strangely stopped moving. The five element glass bead also stopped spinning. At this moment, all movement inside Zuo Mo’s body stopped. Time seemed to stopped.


A light explosion broke this strange calmness. His left foot exploded without warning, yet the blood seemed to be constrained by an invisible force transforming the spray into rice-sized beads of blood.

Pah pah pah!

A string of explosions. Many parts of Zuo Mo’s body continuously exploded. The string of blood beads extended up Zuo Mo’s legs and spread upwards.

Channels, joints, organs … …

Pah pah pah pah …. …

Zuo Mo’s spine popped like popcorn. His body shook fiercely but the Great Day Banded Flame seemed to be frozen and remained motionless.

When the last bead of the thirty six blood beads appeared at the center of Zuo Mo’s brows, his body quieted down again.

There was no expression of joy or grief on Zuo Mo’s face, just indifference.


The ferocious Great Day Banded Flame was quickly absorbed into the body. Once it entered the body, it was divided into thirty six flows that spread into the thirty six beads of blood.

The dark-red beads of blood seemed to be dyed with a layer of gold.

The six changes of the Great Day mo physique collapsed like an avalanche. The ling armor and talismans he wore on his body turned to dust. The only thing left on his body was the ring on his hand.

Inside the sandstorm, Zuo Mo was like a person that never cultivated before. There was no energy on his body. The only thing that caused fear was his eyes, that pair of indifferent and cold eyes.

The sandstorm was powerful but it was not able to go near one zhang around him.

The space of one zhang radius around him was deathly silent.

The strange corpse stared at Zuo Mo as though there was something on his face. That pair of grey eyes showed a rare thoughtful expression.


When Zuo Mo regained consciousness, an unknown amount of time later,, he saw was many concerned gazes.

“Why are you all looking at me?” Zuo Mo reflexively said. He suddenly felt that his body was cold. He looked down and he instantly blushed. With rapid speed, he took out a piece of clothing from the ring and covered his body with it.

What was the situation?

His brain was dazed. What happened? He suddenly recalled his memories; his expression changed. Sandstorm! Right! He had just been in the sandstorm!

Hadn’t he encountered trouble?

What was this?

Zuo Mo’s expression changed slightly as he hurriedly inspected his body.

The inside of his body was empty. It didn’t seem any different than usual, but when Zuo Mo tried to channel ling power, his expression couldn’t help but change!

Why was it like this?

His ling power, consciousness, and body had merged into one!

This … … this!

His ling power in the past was like the water that flowed in a stream and was easy to manipulate. But his ling power seemed to be a layer of oil on his flesh and blood. It was very viscous and flowed extremely slowly.

His spiritual power which had been like a mist before was now an enormous web that passed through his entire body. Countless branches spread into every piece of flesh.

The strangest was his body!

The peerlessly tyrannical Great Day Banded Flame did not float in the dantain like before but permeated into his flesh and blood. This caused his flesh and blood to have a golden sheen.

What … … what was this?

Zuo Mo was stunned!

“Shidi, are you alright?” Wei Sheng saw Zuo Mo’s shocked expression and hurriedly asked. All of them had benefited from this sandstorm, but Zuo Mo had seemed slightly off. Everyone had been very worried.

Zuo Mo refocused. Seeing the worry on all the faces, he forced a smile and said, “Nothing, nothing!”

Hearing Zuo Mo say he was alright, everyone released a breath.

The crowd left. Zuo Mo suddenly saw the strange corpse out of the corner of his eyes. His mind shifted and he ran toward the strange corpse.

His feet seemed to be exerting the same force as usual but the scene in front of him blurred!

He had jumped forward. Before he understood what happened, he seemed to hit something with a bang, and his field of vision turned black.

Zuo Mo was dumbstruck!

Fine sand spilled into his mouth. He finally reacted as knew where he was!

He was inside a sand dune!

Without needing to use his consciousness, he was able to detect everyone in the surrounding. He really was in the sand! He had fallen headfirst into the sand!

What was going on?

He did not understand. His hand unconsciously moved to push himself out of the sand. Before his hands could even exert force, his body rocketed multiple zhang high into the air.

Midair, Zuo Mo allowed the Golden Crystal sand to fall from his body with a blank expression.

Who could tell him what was going on?

Face bewildered, Zuo Mo dropped like a rock. When he was about ten zhang from the ground, he still didn’t know what had happened but he knew it was definitely because of a change in his body.

He was thinking about it when he reached the ground.

When this thought appeared, Zuo Mo’s vision blurred again. When he could see clearly, he was already on the ground!

This was freaky!

Zuo Mo shook!


“Daren has gained greatly this time!” Xie Shan’s face was upraised and admiring.

“Daren is an outstanding genius!” Zong Ru’s hands were together, his expression pious. “I was not able to see Daren’s figure clearly just now! It is terrifying!”

“I didn’t neither!” Xie Shan felt great empathy. He turned and asked Wei Sheng. “Teacher Wei, did you see him clearly?”

Wei Sheng shook his head. He didn’t speak. Thinking back to Zuo Mo’s movements, a thread of shock flashed through his mind! In his field of view right now, there had only been a faint shadow!

That wasn’t possible!

Wei Sheng almost let out a sound of surprised. It had to be said that he did not locate others just by relying on his eyes, but instead used his sword essence! In his knowledge, nothing was faster than sword essence!

But just now … … his sword essence could not keep up with Shidi’s speed!

What did that mean? He was left in a cold sweat! If sword essence could not keep up with the other’s speed, that meant he would be unable to lock onto the other. If the target could not be located, then the attack would be ineffective!

What happened to Shidi? What had happened?


Zuo Mo bent his back as he carefully raised his foot, and then carefully put down his foot as though the sand under his feet were fragile treasures.

The gazes of everyone in the surroundings became strange. Daren looked like a duck walking with a limp foot!

Zuo Mo did not notice the gazes of other people. All of his attention was on his feet. He was so focused it was like he was embroidering.

While alternating between shallow and a deep steps, he walked in front of the strange corpse. Zuo Mo finally released a breath.

“What happened to me?” Zuo Mo asked baldly.

You fooled all of them, and pulled ye down as well. Now it was like this, you have to give an explanation!

The strange corpse tilted his head, “What do you mean what happened?”

Zuo Mo glared. “My body! What is going on with my body?”

The strange corpse swept him up and down. He said, “Your body is very normal.”

Zuo Mo almost spat blood. Normal? This was called normal? Then what was ye’s body in the past? Abnormal?

Looking at the strange corpse, Zuo Mo couldn’t help but sigh inside. He really was an idiot to put his hopes on an antique from tens of thousands of years ago! A few ten thousand years ago, it was enough for his brain to go wrong a few cycles!

But Zuo Mo thought about how he had two other antiques in his body. The antiques of a few thousand years ago should be more normal than one from tens of thousands of years ago!

He suddenly remembered that when he was burning up, he was unable to call Pu Yao. Thinking to there, his heart jumped. He hurriedly called for Pu Yao inside his sea of consciousness.

When Zuo Mo saw the terrible expression on Pu Yao’s face, he felt it was unspeakably close.

But Pu Yao’s next words instantly caused him to not be in the mood to be emotional.

“I know what you want to ask.” Pu Yao’s expression was grave. “The change inside your body is a rare one. It is the first time I’ve seen it. Consciousness, ling power, and flesh and blood can exist together, but I’ve never seen this kind of mixture.”

Zuo Mo’s heart instantly cooled.

Wei’s expression was also grave. “I’m very sorry. It is the first time I have seen this.”

Zuo Mo’s face was ashen.

However, Wei was an antique a bit older than Pu Yao. He hesitated and then said, “I suspect that your present state is somewhat similar to the ancient cultivators.”

Pu Yao stilled and then had an expression of realization. “Yes! Your state, isn’t this the state of ancient cultivators? Ancient cultivators didn’t have divisions of ling power, spiritual power, and mo physique!”

Ancient … …

Even though Wei and Pu Yao were only guessing, Zuo Mo instinctively thought about what the strange corpse had just said, and his face paled!

An old antique a few tens of thousands of years old said he was very normal … …

That meant—in the eyes of the strange corpse, Zuo Mo was like him!

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