World of Cultivation - Chapter Four Hundred and Twenty Four – Frenzy of Forging

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Chapter Four Hundred and Twenty Four – Frenzy of Forging

With the addition of Zuo Mo, the forging rate of the big Golden Crystal ship shot up. The sixth-grade Great Day Banded Flame easily melted fifth-grade Golden Crystal sand. After Zuo Mo worked through the initial rawness from not forging for so long, he quickly recovered his skill of the past and his speed increased again!

Later on, all of Golden Crow Camp could only act as assistants to him!

Ten thousand tons of Gold Crystal was produced!

One hundred catties of Golden Crystal sand had to be processed to produce one catty of Gold Crystal. Ten thousand tons of Gold Crystal meant one million tons of Golden Crystal sand!

Originally, Zuo Mo had only planned on processing one thousand tons of Golden Crystal for the ship. But the strange corpse had shown unexpected interested upon observing Zuo Mo in processing Golden Crystal and copied him. With the strange corpse’s great cultivation, under the point of a finger, an entire sand dune collapsed and left behind pure Gold Crystal.

With three points, the strange corpse processed three sand dunes. Each sand dune was over fifty zhang high!

It left behind three enormous Gold Crystal balls!

Zuo Mo laughed with a wide mouth as he skipped over and carried the three Gold Crystal balls back! He now found that a mo physique with great power was the best partner when forging large talismans. Otherwise, he couldn’t even move these three Gold Crystal balls.

The Gold Crystal’s feel was between crystal and gold. It had the sheen and transparency of crystal, and also the dense metallic feel of the gold metal. When ten thousand tons of Gold Crystal was piled together, it was just a small sand dune about three zhang high.

All of Golden Crow Camp gaped. Boss’ fantastical forging skills caused them to feel great shock, and the strange corpse’s skill had left them collectively speechless.

No one had expected the most difficult and time-consuming step would be finished like this!

A long while later, Sun Bao and Ji Wei refocused and directed the other people to divide up the Golden Crystal.

Zuo Mo did not interfere with the remaining work. He knew Sun Bao and the others had their own plans. In forging, craftsmanship was important, but the ideas were the most important. If he interfered, Sun Bao and the others would be influenced by his ideas, and he wasn’t familiar with how Golden Crow Camp worked. If he imposed, it would produce a detrimental effect.

Having idle time, Zuo Mo decided to practice forging using Golden Crystal sand.

A short while later, there was a golden colored broadsword in his hand. He had copied design of the black sword Wei Sheng had to make this Gold Crystal sword. Its length was almost the height of a person, similar to a horse-chopping sword. The glimmering and half-transparent Gold Crystal made it appear like a piece of art rather than a weapon of slaughter.

Truthfully, Zuo Mo’s forging craftsmanship really couldn’t be said to be good, but the material was very high level. Due to being made completely from the Gold Crystal purified from fifth-grade Gold Crystal sand, its weight reached a terrifying three tons!

Other than himself, no one would be able to use this Gold Crystal sword.

His skill had decayed, decayed! He shook his head and sighed.

But as the material was extraordinary, this Golden Crystal broadsword was fifth-grade. What surprised Zuo Mo the most was that it had three formation techniques: [Thirty Thousand Catties], [Corruption Destroying], and [Sky Fire]. Of course, what Zuo Mo was surprised at was the number of formation techniques. He was not surprised at the three formation techniques themselves. But with these three formation techniques, this Gold Crystal sword could be ranked as intermediate fifth-grade.

Zuo Mo didn’t feel any joy at forging an intermediate fifth-grade broadsword. Instead, he shook his head. The Gold Crystal was made from purified Gold Crystal sand. It had the potential to be forged into a sixth-grade talisman. Intermediate fifth-grade was inside the normal limits.

There was an innate difference between sixth- and fifth-grade

What he did not know was that many pairs of eyes were staring at the broadsword in his hand, and sounds of swallowing occurred.

Lei Peng had the thickest skin and he rushed over, “Head, give this to an! Such a big one, Head will have to expend effort to carry it, an is strong and isn’t afraid of exhaustion!”

Zuo Mo was slightly surprised. “Don’t you use a sabre?”

“Ha, nothing, broadswords and sabres are about the same,” Lei Peng smiled honestly.

“Here, if you can move it, then take it,” Zuo Mo pointed at the Gold Crystal broadsword stuck upright in the sand and said.

Lei Peng was overjoyed and hurriedly ran over. He gathered all the energy in his body, breathed in, and then pulled the broadsword out of the sand. Without another word, he placed it on his shoulders like he was carrying a door. Like someone was chasing him, he dashed away.

Many people that were watching in the surroundings showed annoyance.

“The big blockhead got ahead of me!”

“Lei Peng’s face is invincible!”

“You can do that … …”

The broadsword now having a home, Zuo Mo thought for a while, and started to work again.

He hadn’t thought about the abnormal heaviness of the Gold Crystal so the flying sword that he had forged was too heavy. Having learned the lesson, he started to forge again.

A short while later, he had two flying swords, one long and one short, on his hand.

Zuo Mo had a satisfied expression this time. These two flying swords were a male and female sword. The male sword was just one chi, the female sword was nine cun. The sword sheathes had moving curves, and the swords themselves were naturally curved and nimble!

These flying swords had four formation techniques: [Sky Breaking], [Rainbow Mist], [Light Rush], and [Gold Strands]!

Upper fifth-grade!

These flying swords were definitely top among fifth-grade flying swords! Fifth-grade talismans would have four formation techniques at maximum, and these formation techniques were very good, and could be called the best!

The people that had been staring at Zuo Mo instantly became restless when they saw Zuo Mo’s expression. Before they were able to move, a figure appeared in front of Zuo Mo. It was Xie Shan!

“Late again!” Many sighs of disappointment sounded in unison.

Xie Shan was very smug inside, but when he turned to Zuo Mo, he gravely and respectfully made a bow. “Daren, can these swords be bestowed to Xie Shan?”

Zuo Mo thought for a moment and then nodded. “This flying sword is suited for you.” He handed the flying swords to Xie Shan after speaking.

Xie Shan carefully took the flying swords. After a slight examination, he suddenly became excited. These swords seemed to have been custom-made for him, and was a match for his Aurora sword essence! For any sword xiu, a flying sword suited for them was a fortuitous encounter!

Many sword forging masters provided custom services, but that price tag was so high it was only possible to dream. Xie Shan had dreamed countless times of finding a sword that was suited for him, but when these flying swords were truly in front of him, he didn’t quite dare to believe it.

He suddenly bowed. “Daren, please bestow a name!”

Zuo Mo wanted to say Xie Shan could name it, but when he saw Xie Shan’s serious expression, he could only say, “Then it can be the Paired Mirage Sword!”

“Paired Mirage Sword … … Paired Mirage Sword!” Xie Shan recited inside. He bowed towards Zuo Mo. “Daren, thank you for the name!”

Zuo Mo was very satisfied with the Paired Mirage Sword but this also reminded him. He could not forge so freely, and had to forge to specifications. If the talismans he forged were not suited for someone to use, then what was the use?

Thinking about this, he shouted casually, “Who still needs a flying sword?”

The entire camp suddenly exploded!

The members of Vermillion Bird Camp flooded towards Zuo Mo. Many raised their hands in the air as they furiously shouted, “Daren, I need one!”

“I need!”

“Daren, give it to me!”

Zuo Mo realized that he had just poked the hornet’s nest.


“Haa, Daren is really hard-working!” Sun Bao glanced at Zuo Mo who was almost drowning in the crowd and said with a bright laugh.

Ji Wei also laughed. “Forging more is good!”

After the two conversed a few words, they put their attention back on the forging of the big ship. This unprecedentedly large ship was also an unprecedented test for Golden Crow Camp.

In order to hold everyone meant that the inside of the ship had to have enough space. If this ship was built using normal methods, then this ship would need to be three times the size of the current slave transporting boats. But the bigger the ship, the more jingshi they would need to use, it required setting up more formations, and the target it presented would be bigger.

Sun Bao and the others did not plan to use normal methods to forge this ship.

Daren’s date seed ship had given them great inspiration. They decided to use the same method to forge the big ship. Space formations required highly of the materials. That was the reason that the price of the space rings on the market never dropped. Rarely would there be people that would use space formations on ships. The price of construction would be too high, and often the ship would not be as good as ones built using normal methods.

But for Sun Bao and the others, the materials were not a problem they needed to consider at all.

The Gold Crystal that was just a thread from being a sixth-grade material had great potential and could hold the space formations. Golden Crystal sand was one of the materials that was used to forge high level space rings.

And they had ten thousand tons of even higher-grade Gold Crystal!

Sun Bao and Ji Wei’s enthusiasm grew, the enthusiasm of Golden Crow Camp grew. Everyone knew that after this, there wouldn’t be another chance to waste materials like this!

An enormous formation belt spread out. At the center was the Crimson Fiend Cauldron. The Crimson Fiend Cauldron was smaller in size. Since the day it was forged, there wasn’t a day when it wasn’t being tempered.

They methodically activated the formations. Dashes of light lit up, and the Crimson Fiend Cauldron spat out astounding red black flames.

Ji Wei and Sun Bao directly threw a tenth of the Gold Crystal into the Crimson Fiend Cauldron.

A whole one thousand tons of Gold Crystal!

The red-black flames instantly swallowed the Gold Crystal.

Everyone instantly showed nervousness. The people that were standing beside the formation started to continuously release spells. Lights continuously entered the Crimson Fiend Cauldron!

Threads of golden light started to creep into the cauldron.

The red-black flames also seemed to be dyed with a layer of gold, and the sound was not as fierce as it had been.

The first wave of xiuzhe had pale faces after a short time as their ling power was used up. Behind them, another wave of people came forward and took over their positions to continuously release spells.

Everyone had grave expressions. No one spoke, no one daydreamed. Even the most exhausted xiuzhe widened their eyes to stare at the Crimson Fiend Cauldron at the center of the formation.

Out of everyone present, Sun Bao and Ji Wei were the most nervous.

When they had first designed the Crimson Fiend Cauldron, they had allowed for the possibility that the Crimson Fiend Cauldron could level up. Today was the time to prove if their design was right or not.

The gold light inside the cauldron grew. It became restless as though there was golden liquid flowing restlessly inside the cauldron.

Suddenly, a formation script on the body of the cauldron lit up!

It was like a brush coated in golden liquid drew along the formation script. A gold formation script slowly formed. Golden formation scripts lit up one after one.

When the last formation script was complete, the flame bursting from the cauldron suddenly paused.

The big formation seemed to suddenly become deathly silent!

The air solidified!

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