World of Cultivation - Chapter Four Hundred and Twenty Five – Super Monster Ship!

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Chapter Four Hundred and Twenty Five – Super Monster Ship!

The air had become solid!

Everyone unconsciously stopped their breathing. The surroundings were deathly silent.

Suddenly, there was a muffled explosion, and deep crimson gold flames sprouted from the Crimson Fiend Cauldron. A thick pillar of fire shot into the clouds! The wave of heat released in that instant was destructive and the tightly packed formation scripts that it passed by instantly turned to ash.

There were several muffled grunts. It was some of the xiuzhe of Golden Crow Camp that could not stand this wave of hot heat and stumbled backwards!

At this moment, everyone’s expressions changed!

The formation scripts alight on the cauldron had a simple and heavy presence, yet the dark red gold flames held an unspeakable dominance!

All of Golden Crow Camp was excited. They looked with intoxication at the almost completely transformed Crimson Fiend Cauldron. They all knew it. The terrifying pressure of the new Crimson Fiend Cauldron proved it was not an ordinary one!

The formation scripts on the cauldron gradually dimmed. The Crimson Fiend Cauldron once again became cold and simple. The Crimson Fiend Cauldron was much smaller than before, about two-thirds of its previous size. The Golden Crow Camp xiuzhe that had been spectating couldn’t resist any longer and ran over.

“So heavy! It is much heavier than before!”

“We used that much Gold Crystal, how can it not be heavy?”

“We added more than one thousand tons of Gold Crystal and it shrank. Tsk tsk, that’s amazing!”

“This is nothing! Fewer impurities! The grade of the flame also increased. Any weaker material naturally was burned away. How can it not get smaller?”

Everyone went over and touched around with wonderment on their faces. The high temperature that could melt Gold Crystal seemed to be a delusion. There was only a slight warmth when they touched the body of the cauldron.

After the Crimson Fiend Cauldron was forged, it had continuously changed, and became more powerful. It also became more mysterious to everyone. Most of them hadn’t had the chance to see much before, and they had never seen many high level talismans, much less forged one. But even so, they still felt great pride.

Sun Bao and Ji Wei exchanged a look, their eyes flashed with great joy!

Levelling up!

That shocking presence just now could only have one cause, leveling up!

The Crimson Fiend Cauldron had shown signs of leveling up before, but it had not completed it in the past. After merging in one thousand tons of Gold Crystal, it finally leveled up!


This was a true sixth-grade talisman!

In the great majority of talisman shops, it would become their ultimate work!

This was a talismans they had created with their own hands! Sixth-grade talisman!

What made them feel even happier was that the leveling up of the Crimson Fiend Cauldron meant that they were halfway completed! Because in their plans, the Crimson Fiend Cauldron was the heart of the Gold Crystal ship.


Zuo Mo raised his face and felt slightly strange as he looked at the big ship in front of him.

The ship wasn’t too big, and was small compared to the slave transporting boats. A dozen zhang long, two zhang wide, it gleamed with a black light, and did not look eye-catching. Put anywhere, this was a very non-descript little ship.

Who could imagine that this little boat was completely made from Gold Crystal, its value immeasurable!

“Gold Crystal is too eye-catching!” Sun Bao said with a smile, “To conceal it, we used Black Stalk Powder and Fragmented Script Stone. There is no real effect on the Gold Crystal, but its appearance has changed. If one doesn’t look closely, they definitely won’t know it’s Gold Crystal. It looks too much like Black Metal!”

Zuo Mo finally understood why he felt strange. Right, it was Black Metal! Black Metal was a commonly used third-grade material that Zuo Mo was very familiar with, so he had found it strange when he looked at the ship.

“It really looks similar! Not bad, not bad!” Zuo Mo praised effusively. If Sun Bao did not say it, he would have been fooled. He walked forward to touch the body of the ship, and upon contact, he instantly detected the difference.

“You can’t touch it, the cat’s out of the bag if you touch it.” The two were slightly embarrassed.

“It is not easy disguise it to this degree!” Zuo Mo said with a shake of his head. He raised his head to look at the ship, his heart filled with anticipation. “Quickly, let’s go in and see!”

From the outside, the ship was very small, but upon entering, he found the inside was frighteningly large. They needed to fly to get around inside.

“We used a large amount of space formations. Gold Crystal is really as good as expected! There is thirty thousand mu inside, and can hold everyone of us! We can even fit a few thousand more people!” Sun Bao’s voice was filled with excitement. They wouldn’t have even dared to think about completing such a ship in the past.

Thirty thousand mu!

Even though he found that the inside was large enough, but Zuo Mo was still stunned by this number!

How large was thirty thousand mu? Larger than the Desolate Wood Reef! Larger than Golden Crow City!

Was this still a ship?

Sun Bao and the others still made perfect plans for the thirty thousand mu and divided them according to different infrastructure functions. There were so many facilities that everyone’s eyes were dazzled.

There were seclusion rooms, dueling arenas, and what shocked Zuo Mo the most was that there were even ling fields specifically for farming ling plants inside the ship!

“Ling fields aren’t hard to get, there is abundant ling energy on the ship, and it didn’t take much effort to set up ling fields. Pity there isn’t any good soil here, the fiend energy in the soil is too heavy. If we can get something like Red Ling soil, Black Heavy soil, we could have two hundred mu of fifth-grade ling fiends to play with, then it would be a bit interesting!” Sun Bao said with regret.

Get two hundred mu of fifth-grade ling fields to play … …

Zuo Mo felt that his mind wasn’t enough to comprehend this.

“Daren, this is a small ling lake, there are seven little ling springs on that side, but it has not been completed. We found some totem fragments with water attributes and buried them at the bottom of the lake. There are formations for gathering ling energy down there, and the water has started to have ling power. In the future, if we find some high grade ling springs and move the whole spring over, the water accumulation would come quicker. Right now, we can only use it to raise some normal ling beasts.”

So shocked he was speechless, Zuo Mo’s group flew following the two into a fiery red area.

Flying into this area, his vision instantly became faintly red, and the temperature rose greatly.

“This is the forging area, it can provide a fifth-grade flame for forgers. En, the brothers that cultivate fire element sword essences can also come here to cultivate, their efforts would be multiplied!”

The duo’s expressions were filled with pride. To be able to forge such a big thing in such a short amount of time, it was enough for them to be proud. Even though many of the places were still in early development at this time, but in the future, they would be perfected.

Zuo Mo was truly stunned by these people!

This wasn’t a ship, this was a secret paradise!

A colossal, flight-enabled secret paradise!

Recovering from his shock, Zuo Mo instantly became excited. Yes, this was a secret paradise, an unprecedented secret paradise! It wasn’t just a secret paradise, it was also their base! Having this big ship meant they had a true foundation. In the future, no matter where they went, they did not need to worry about not having a place to stay!

He suddenly thought of a very important problem and hurriedly asked, “What about the defenses of the ship?”

“Ha!” The one who spoke was Ji Wei. His tone was filled with confidence. “Daren, this ship is the strongest one that this subordinate has ever seen! Gold Crystal is famed for its strength, hard to damage by flying swords. On the entire ship, we only put up one kind of defensive formation, [Solid Shield]!”

“[Solid Shield]?” Zuo Mo was found it hard to believe. [Solid Shield] was just a normal third-grade formation, and mostly carved on ling armor and defensive tools.

“Yes, in total, we engraved sixteen thousand [Solid Shield] formations!”

Sixteen thousand!

Hiss, Zuo Mo inhaled sharply!

The ship was not very large in volume. Even if [Solid Shield] was carved into every corner, there wasn’t space for that many.

“Sixteen thousand [Solid Shield] setup using a interlocking web formations, producing one hundred [Solid Shield] layers in total!”

Zuo Mo looked dazedly at the duo. He was so shocked he didn’t know what to say! Crazy! This group was crazy! Sixteen thousand [Solid Shield] formations! Only people who were crazy could do such a thing!

Who really had mastered the turtle style?

A monster with one hundred turtle layers … …


Thinking about the dense layers of turtle shells, Zuo Mo felt his scalp become numb! Facing this kind of extreme and fanatic design, he didn’t know what to say, he lost the ability of speech.

Sun Bao saw Zuo Mo’s face was slightly pale and assumed that Zuo Mo was worried that it was not safe enough. He hurried to say, “Daren, don’t worry, this kind of defense is top in the world! The reason that we chose to use [Solid Shield] is time, is that the interlocking web formation belt that we created can greatly increase the power of the formation.”

My Heavens!

Zuo Mo swallowed the exclamation that reached his mouth. He tried to resume calmness. Oh, the turtle style is very good, a super turtle style is naturally even better!

Better … … better … …

Sun Bao followed, “Other than defensive, our other increase is in speed. Gold Crystal is too heavy, our ship is especially heavy. We spent a lot of brainpower on this. Later, it was the totem fragments that Daren gave us that were useful!”

“Totem fragments?” Zuo Mo paused. He had wanted to ask back when they were at the ling lake.

“En. We have studied these numerous totem fragments. We found that the attributes of these totem fragments are varied and strange. We thought about them when we pondered how such a heavy ship was going to fly. Many of the totem fragments have the ability to fly, some even have the rare ability to make short space jumps. We used these totem fragments as the heart of the formation, and control the formation. As expected, the speed increased greatly! It is much faster than our slave transporting boats! What we didn’t expect is that this ship has the ability to do space jumps!”

“Space jumps!” Zuo Mo’s pupils suddenly expanded and he became excited.

Space jumps were the most powerful escaping technique!

Sun Boa also had a happy expression. “Yes, we hadn’t expected it. Didn’t expect that our luck would be so good!”

The ecstatic Zuo Mo was stuck on his spot.

It was a super turtle ship that was impenetrable, it had hundred layers of turtle shells, it had lightning fast speed, at the crucial moment, it had the ability to make a space jump to flee, it also was a thirty thousand mu large scale secret paradise … …


What kind of monster ship was this!

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