World of Cultivation - Chapter Four Hundred and Six – Let’s Have A Fight!

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Chapter Four Hundred and Six – Let’s Have A Fight!

“Yu Heng is really an old fox,” Ji Li Yu praised.

“Yes! I didn’t think that this guy was so cunning!” Ji Cheng still didn’t believe it, and it was hard to blame him. Before this, he wouldn’t even look at the corps commander of a regular corps. In the eyes of these large clans, the subordinate corps of the Council of Elders were the true elite. The regular corps were stronger than local corps, but their prestige and reputation was low.

But this time, he had been convinced that the regular corps also had powerful people.

“Do not underestimate others.” Ji Li Yu rolled her eyes. “Yu Heng is a golden battle general in the end, so how could he be weak? But comparing the actors of this scene, Yu Zi Zhou is really lacking. There isn’t anyone good in this generation of the Jade Family.”

“Tsk tsk, it seems that Yu Zi Zhou is completely out of the game! This kind of trash, Old Sis will definitely look down on,” Ji Cheng said as he shook his head.

Ji Li Yu said unconcernedly, “I didn’t have much interest in him to start with. If it wasn’t for fact he is from the Jade Family, I wouldn’t have even bothered with him.”

“I don’t know who will become my brother-in-law,” Ji Cheng muttered. Then he seemed to think of something. “But seeing Xiao Mo Ge losing, Old Sis probably feels very good!”

“Hee, slightly good!” Ji Li Yu’s brows relaxed, but then quickly creased again as she said, “However, I feel that Xiao Mo Ge wouldn’t lie down so easily.”

“In front of Yu Heng the old fox, he definitely has no chance of making a comeback,” Ji Cheng said confidently.

“That is not so certain … …” Ji Li Yu unconsciously wanted to say this; but when the words reached her mouth, she finally reacted and swallowed them back down.

That figure floated in her mind. She had a strong feeling this guy wouldn’t give up here!

Fleeing without fighting definitely was not this guy’s style!


“What? You aren’t going to help that little guy who you were interested in?” the fire-faced person said curiously. “This guy’s situation isn’t good right now!”

“I’m not so idle as to make time for such things,” Tian Liu said disgruntledly.

“Hm, weren’t you very interested in him all this time? Didn’t you praise him for his outstanding talent and limitless potential,” the fire faced person asked with shock.

“You who dislikes salt does not need to worry about those of us who like salted carrots.” Qian Liu was so lazy he didn’t even open his eyes.

The fire faced person was enraged. “I hate eating carrots!” His tone suddenly changed. “You really aren’t worried?”

Facing the fire faced person’s nagging, Qian Liu was helpless. He could only raised his face. “In any case, it is just losing some popularity. So what? He won’t lose his life.”

“Oh, that’s right.” The fire faced person reacted.

“Also, that boy isn’t one take an attack like that lying down.”

“So, you are actually interested in the boy … …”


Yu Heng’s move caused both he and the Heavy Earth Corps to become famous.

No matter if it was the normal citizens that were truly fooled by him, or his opponents that knew him, they were filled with praise. Morale at the Heavy Earth Corps increased. Everyone raised their heads and puffed their chests. They were mentally satisfied and full of reverence when they looked at the corps commander.

Yu Heng was very proud. The effect that the plan, he had twisted his mind for, had had far surpassed his expectations. He had not been criticized for this matter. It was the opposite. Instead the military command had given him rewards for this. It had to be said that the geniuses of the yao art houses did not like to take positions in the military unless it was the corps that were directly subordinate to the Council of Elders, these were the positions that were attractive to them. The military command had always felt great pain about this but never had a solution.

The draft call of the Heavy Metal Corps caused their eyes to light up. Even more importantly, Yu Heng had made this matter beautiful! It hadn’t caused trouble for them, but made the military seem more upright. Even more, at this time when they were losing on the front lines, the words of the Corps Commander Yu Heng said had caused the low morale of the soldiers to greatly increase.

Yu Heng’s days became even better. As to whether or not Xiao Mo Ge would come, he was not concerned. After the storm this time, his reputation had shot up. Some citizens had put his name forward for the position of [The First Corps Commander of the Regular Corps]. No matter if Xiao Mo Ge came or not, he had benefited. As for actually being sent to the front lines, he was not afraid. His position as corps commander had been earned by rising up through the ranks.

It really was profit without any costs!

He smugly watched the yao channels. In the past, he did not like these things that were full of wasted words, but he liked them very much now. Listening to the reporters repeatedly praising him, that made him feel better than anything else.

Yu Heng recognized the report in the yao channel. Yesterday, it had been him that had praised Yu Heng greatly, “The Tiger of the Regular Corps commanders,” “a true warrior,” “the bravest of the generation.” Yu Heng almost felt embarrassed from hearing the praises.

How would this guy compliment him today?

Yu Heng relaxed his body and laid halfway down as he thought and ate fruit.

“In this period of time, the matter of the drafts has really been turbulent and caused a great and unprecedented discussion. Every side has been continuously speaking of their position. The words of Corps Commander Yu Heng have showed us the sincerity of the Heavy Earth Corps. However, from beginning to end, we have missed the voice of one of the most important participants, Xiao Mo Ge! From the start, Xiao Mo Ge has not showed himself, and has not ever given his opinion on this matter. What we are able to see is only Xiao Mo Ge one on four battle and him defeating four Heavy Earth Corps combat yao in the recording yao arts. But today, Xiao Mo Ge has finally made a statement.”

Yu Heng was unconcerned. No matter if it was emotionally or rationally, he had the advantage. No matter what Xiao Mo Ge said, he could not win.

In the yao channel, Xiao Mo Ge’s expression was cold. It was the first time Yu Heng saw Xiao Mo Ge’s appearance. He paused slightly, so young, and then relaxed. His eyes were filled with amusement. What tricks would the other play?

“I still refuse the draft call of the Heavy Earth Corps.”

The reporter hurriedly asked, “Why? Do you not want to give your aid for this great war?”

“No.” Xiao Mo Ge shook his head.

“Then why?” the reporter pressed.

Xiao Mo Ge showed an expression of struggle.

Seeing the direction the interview was going, the reporter had a sense of urgency inside. On the outside, he had to act as a friendly guide. “If you have any difficulties, please tell everyone. I believe everyone will understand!”

Xiao Mo Ge still shook his head.

“Is it because of cultivation? You are at an important time in your cultivation?” The reporter used his imagination.

“No.” Xiao Mo Ge shook his head.

“Is it because of some predicament that cannot be altered?” the reporter gritted his teeth and asked.

“No.” Xiao Mo Ge shook his head.

“Then why?” The report was going to go crazy.

Hesitating once again, Xiao Mo Ge asked uncertainly, “Do I really have to say it?”

“I’m begging you, please say it!” The reporter wanted to cry.

“But saying it, I feel it wouldn’t be good,” Xiao Mo Ge slowly said.

The reporter had tears on his face. At this time, every yao that was watching was crying. Yu Heng snorted and smirked. This guy was good at pretending to be mysterious but his moves really sucked!

“No matter the reason, please say it!” the reporter said with the last of his energy.

“Then I’ll say it!” Xiao Mo Ge looked innocently at the reporter.

“Please say … … please say … …” the reporter panted and nodded.

Xiao Mo Ge suddenly paused. He retracted his playful expression and became grave. All the yao that were watching this unconsciously held their breath. Every yao had the same feeling that Xiao Mo Ge’s following words were definitely very important!

“Because…” Xiao Mo Ge who had closed his eyes suddenly opened them with a sharp gaze, “because they are too weak!”

“Too weak?” Intimidated by Xiao Mo Ge’s presence, the reporter instinctively asked.

“It was four against one a fight with an inexperienced youth like me, who has never stepped on the battlefield, yet they were defeated in one round. Is this the strength of our regular corps?” There was indifference in his tone,reaccounting the event without emotion, yet he was able to convey his deep disappointment. “I am very disappointed! This is our Heavy Earth Corps? This is the Heavy Earth Corps that we have hoped would be able to protect us? This is the Heavy Earth Corps that we are hoping can win this great war?”

The reporter was completely stunned! Yu Heng was stunned! All the yao that were watching the yao channel were stunned!

In their ears, there was only Xiao Mo Ge’s icy voice echoing.

“So I refuse! I have never thought that a regular corps would be this weak. Four against one, but where was your teamwork? Where was the basic strategy that combat yao should have? Where was it? I believe that there are many who have seen the recording yao art. Can you find even the slightest trace of these things from there? And this is our regular corps?”

Xiao Mo Ge shook his head, his expression serious, as he seemed to talk to himself.

“A corps that is in such decline saying they want to draft me, should I feel proud? No! I feel embarrassed! This is an embarrassment! Even though I have never joined the army before, in my mind, the army was powerful, so powerful it required our reverence. A qualified combat yao may not match an expert in a one on one battle, but when it is four on one, such a poor performance cannot be forgiven!”

Among the silence, Zuo Mo’s voice was clear.

“My personal experiences fill me with bewilderment. The so-called corps commander of this kind of corps, is he really a qualified battle general?”

In front of the yao channel, Yu Heng was so angry his face was white. His breath was stuck at his chest, unable to go up or down.

“Maybe a four on one battle cannot reveal the problem. Then…”

In the yao channel, Xiao Mo Ge that had thrown out such shocking words suddenly raised his head. His raised his right arm, his finger pointing straight as though Yu Heng was right in front of him.

“Let’s have a fight! Gold General Corps Commander Yu Heng!”

The clear voice and the domineering presence were imprinted in the minds of countless people alongside the figure of the youth giving a battle challenge with his arm.

Translator Ramblings: Some of you are very good at predicting what comes next … … I like how this chapter showed some of Yu Heng’s faults. Morale is important in any culture, even in fantasy worlds, and so is the desire to get promoted.

Zuo Mo is a total liar, never having stepped onto a battlefield… … of course not, those were just spars, friendly ones that end up with death or being scalped, or both.

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