World of Cultivation - Chapter Four Hundred and Seventy Two – The Balance Tilts

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Chapter Four Hundred and Seventy Two – The Balance Tilts

No matter which side they were on, people were shocked at such a fearsome scene!

This was a perfect operation!

No matter if it was Ma Fan’s team that had lured the enemy, or the three hundred sword xiu that had come from all directions and silently executed the ambush, including the coordination where the sword energies passed by with a distance of only a hair’s thickness, it could all be called perfect!

When one hundred large sword energies exploded in such a small area, the presence produced was so terrifying that even the two jindan did not manage to respond before being reduced to ash!

Recovering from the enormous explosion, the reaction on the two sides was completely different.

The Tian Family disciples had dazed expressions. The abrupt change was like a punch that struck their head and stunned them! Many people did not know what had happened and those with keen eyes felt their heads ring and turn blank!

What followed were ashen faces!

For Ma Fan and the others, even though this attack was filled with luck and was unable to be repeated, it inspired their morale. Ma Fan and Wei Ran felt their confidence increase. The hint of timidity that was caused by the absence of Lil’ Miss also dissipated!

Some of the sword xiu of Vermillion Bird Camp still had disbelief on their faces. The actions they had planned and carried out had successfully ambushed and killed two jindan!

In a battlefield that was small and enclosed, the death of two jindan could change many things.

In this perfect operation, the ambush was the signal for the full scale counterattack from Vermillion Bird Camp!

When the Tian Family disciples still had cluelessness on their faces, the sky full of sword hums were like fatal noises that sounded in unison!

The large Turtle Island gave the Vermillion Bird Camp sword xiu a large battlefield so they could continuously accelerate and charge! One side was confused and puzzled, the other had increased morale, the chaotic battlefield instantly became one-sided.

Sprays of blood erupted, howls and people continuously fell down.

There were Tian Family disciples that resisted but as the conflict between the two side increased, their hearts became chilled!

Hands holding fifth-grade golden crystal sword, wearing fourth-grade Blue Soul Cold Light Armor, the Vermillion Bird Camp sword xiu looked like rich tycoons facing the Tian Family disciples that mostly wore third-grade ling armor! When facing a sword xiu that was outfitted like this, it would cause one to feel helpless from the bottom of their hearts!

If the other’s sword strike did not kill them, it would wound them, and they would need to attack three times in a row to possibly cause damage to the enemy! If the difference in talismans between the two sides was not enough to deflate their courage, then the enormous difference in tactics caused their hopelessness to spread.

The Turtle Island sword xiu were like packs of cunning and vicious wolves. They never moved alone, always in groups of three to five. Even if the enemy was one person, they would still surround them in groups of three to five. If they encountered a strong opponent, these fragmented little teams would nimbly gather from all directions and furiously charge!

Their charges were furious and inexhaustible, their sword lights sharp and unstoppable. They were cold and merciless, they were regulated and well-organized, they were trained tactically. They were like demons that were born from the eerie fires of hell and carried the presence of death!

The sky seemed to be dyed red by the sprays of blood that erupted. The criss-crossing cold sword lights were the magnificent flowers when death captured life.

The weak defense of the Tian Family disciples were drown completely in the endless sword lights.


Tian Hao’s lips were trembling as his body uncontrollably shook.

The sky full of sword howling was like countless owls croaking. He felt that he would be torn up in the next instant! He wasn’t a novice, and was the elite of the battalion, he had seen situations of many sizes.

But he still uncontrollably shook!

He understood that the intimidating howling of the enemy attacks was the result of purposefully loosening their control of ling power, but he still uncontrollably felt fear!

He had never thought there would be a day that he would face such fearsome enemies!

The talismans and flying swords that were worthy of envy and jealousy were not enough to defeat a battle-hardened veterans. He had killed many enemies with more powerful talismans than he had. This group of enemies gathered and scattered suddenly and were hard to predict. Each charge would be decisive. No matter how bad the situation was, or what advantage the enemy had, they would always maintain their little tactical formations. They were like machines that only knew to slaughter, they did not deviate, and did not make one mistake!

There was nothing more frightening than this, or could make Tian Hao feel more hopeless!

He suddenly felt the Tian Family was so stupid. Why had they challenged an enemy that was so much powerful than they were?


The sword lights in the sky grew and brushed through the sky like a comb. No matter how the enemies within the sword lights struggled and resisted, they were like fragile bubbles that popped upon contact.

As the advantage on one side increased, the rhythm of battle would quickly increase!

Another jindan fell!

From beginning to now, the six jindan were important targets that Vermillion Bird Camp focused on. This jindan had been dragged down by one hundred and fifty Vermillion Bird Camp sword xiu and died due to using up all of his ling power.

Even the three remaining jindan felt their courage flee, much less those Tian Family disciples. In this short period of time, three jindan had died. They had never been through such a desperate battle

It was too frightening!

They were jindan and had more experienced eyes than other combat xiu. The golden flying swords in the hands of the enemy sword xiu was a frightening high degree, and even more powerful than the most outstanding fourth-grade flying swords!

Being even stronger than the most outstanding fourth-grade flying swords, so what grade was it?

Looking at the matching golden flying swords, they didn’t dare to think!


Losing their courage, the Tian Family disciples ran away in a disorganized manner. They just wanted to leave this fearsome place as fast as possible. They did not put up any resistance because any resistance would affect their speed of escape.

There was only one thought in their minds

—Flee! Flee as fast as possible!

What family laws, what disciple-hood, that was all thrown away at this time.

It was unknown who it started with but at this time, the ranks collapsed like an avalanche! All of the people shouted and then turned and fled for their lives!

The fleeing crowd and the Tian Ye battalion that had rushed over at full power now collided together!

Tian Ye’s face suddenly changed!

The combat xiu at the front of the battalion shifted. Those clansmen that were completely in a frenzy charged into their battalion. In the eyes of these Tian Family disciples that had lost their last threads of bravery, if they neared the Tian Family Battalion, they would be able to survive.

The defeated soldiers flooded at Tian Ye Battalion like a tide.

“Do not collide … …” Tian Ye shouted urgently. His pupils suddenly expanded and his voice stopped abruptly.

Sword light!

All over the horizon!

An angry wave composed from numerous sword lights were tightly following behind this group of fleeing soldiers and were aimed at him!

Tian Ye glared angrily but his brain was still clear as ever. He knew if he hesitated in this moment, the entire troop would be lost. He shouted furiously, “Kill!”

Tian Ye Battalion had gone to Blood Sky Metropolis Jie had had more battle experience than normal battalions. These combat xiu might not bear to do it but they understood if their battle formation became disorganized, then they would all die!

Their eyes were red as they shouted at the top of their lungs, “Kill!”

Those Tian Family disciples never had expected that Tian Ye Battalion would move against them. Unguarded, blood sprayed out and seventy or so Tian Family disciples died instantly!

Tian Ye’s move was cruel but it was effective and showed his decisiveness as an exceptional Silver Battle General.

But he did not know that underneath their position, there was another troop waiting for them!


The bright and beautiful sword lights attracted everyone’s gaze. The appearance of Shu Long’s group was silent and did not attract any attention.

The three hundred hardship guards that had just received mo weapons were so silent they were like statues.

Shu Long coldly looked at the sky, his handsome face calm. Shu Long could not be said to be a battle general but he had received Pu Yao’s teachings and his eyes were not lacking. Pu Yao had once thought of nurturing Shu Long into a battle general, but the path of yao battle generals and mo battle generals were completely different paths.

Only a freak like Zuo Mo could naturally feel the power of others.

However, Shu Long did not lack the knowledge and judgment that a battle general should have. He could see that Ma Fan’s group had the advantage. Guard Camp and Vermillion Bird Camp were in a competitive relationship, but that was a deliberate manipulation by Shu Long and Ma Fan. Shu Long had a deep understanding of the combat capabilities of Vermillion Bird Camp. He knew very well when Vermillion Bird Camp held the advantage in battle, then it wasn’t far from the end of battle.

So he did not move, and stealthily hid, waiting to give those defeated soldiers a fatal blow.

But when he saw Tian Ye Battalion coming to aid, he changed his mind. In Boss’ words, that was a fatter sheep!

Born a sword xiu, Shu Long had endurance other people could not rival. He silently waited for a chance.

Until this moment!


Shu Long bellowed as the black halberd in his hand stabbed into the sky!

The black mist that surrounded the black halberd formed a three zhang long halberd shadow that howled into the sky!


Three hundred hardship guards shouted together and attacked with the mo weapons in their hands!

Three hundred black misty shadows of various shapes were three hundred shrieking crows that shot at Tian Ye Battalion in the sky!

The black mist released by the hardship guards merged into one patch that moved relentlessly. It was the Crow Fiend Mo Kill Formation!

Shu Long’s black halberd shadow was like an enormous nail that pierced into the ranks of Tian Ye Battalion. Pia, a moderate explosion, the halberd exploded and turned to a thick ball of black mist that covered dozens of combat xiu.

The three hundred black shadows that came after exploded at the same time and became thick black mist that covered half of the Tian Ye Battalion combat xiu!


Tian Ye Battalion was preparing for the incoming sword energy attacks. This sudden change caused confusion to spread through the ranks, resulting in chaos.

Tian Ye was both shocked and angry. He was shrouded in the black mist and couldn’t even see his fingers.

So vicious! At this point in battle to use this kind of spell to obscure their vision, they were really vicious!

Shock and angry, he yelled, “All on defense! Prepare to face sword energies!”

Just at this time, the black mist that seemed harmless and only served obscured people’s vision suddenly bared its fangs!

Translator Ramblings: Even way back when Zuo Mo finished his fight against the Clear Sky Old Forefather, he noted that he could have technically taken him down with the Vermillion Bird Camp at that time. This is really a numbers game with tactics at this specific point and level of power between ningmai and jindan. But don’t expect this to always be true.