World of Cultivation - Chapter Four Hundred and Ninety Five – Intuition

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Chapter Four Hundred and Ninety Five – Intuition

The golden pillar that connected the earth and sky was shrinking inwards at a visible rate.

The pillar of light grew increasingly shorter, and the color of the gold pillar became increasingly dark, the blinding golden light become a dark crimson gold.

The entire process continued for almost fifteen minutes and the pillar finally shrank into a golden ball—a dark red gold sun hung in the dark sky.

All of Cloud Sea Jie suddenly became silent.


“Sun Shen Temple … …” Li Shu looked at the sky and murmured.

They were close and the heat made it seem as though they were in a cauldron. He could feel the intimidating presence of the ball of light. Waves of hot air were continuously released from the ball of light. The temperature of the air quickly rose and became burning hot. Everything within his field of view started to warp. The grass on the ground quickly withered at a visible rate, even the endless cloud sea under their feet was swept clean by the burning air and they were able to see an exposed corner of the Sun Shen Temple.

A shen temple from tens of thousands of years ago, after being whittled away by time, it still had such terrifying presence! How great would it have been at its peak?

At this moment, Li Shu’s thoughts wandered.

Elder Shen did not speak and a shocked expression was also on his face. His cultivation was yuanying and he could squeeze into the ranks of the higher classes in the entire Four Realm Heaven. His knowledge was much greater than Li Shu, and with that, he was able to understand what the scene in front of them represented better than Li SHu.

Yearning and heat flashed across his eyes!

Beside the two people, Lu Zhen and the others gaped as they looked in disbelief at the enormous dark red sun in the sky. They were dumbstruck.

Suddenly, Elder Shen said gravely, “You will need to prepare. The movement from the Sun Shen Temple has been so great this time, people should have guessed that it is not long before it opens. At that time, a battle will be unavoidable … …”

Elder Shen’s words pulled Li Shu and the other’s back to reality. They hurriedly said together, “Yes!”

Elder Shen looked deeply at the corner of the Sun Shen Temple that was exposed and then disappeared.

Li Shu’s gaze unconsciously moved back to the dark gold and red sun. Recovered, he couldn’t help but frown. They only learned the time of the activation through divination but hadn’t expected that the Sun Shen Trible would make such noise before it activated. This undoubtedly increased the difficulty.

No matter if it was him, or Elder Shen, they would never think that the scene in front of them had nothing to do at all with the activation of the shen temple!

It was a due to certain person getting in first … …


“Beautiful! So beautiful!” The middle-aged male looked intoxicatedly at the ball of light that seemed like a sun in the sky.

The Masked Assassin did not speak. That pale white and unusual mask seemed to be dyed a dark crimson gold.

“Ah, it is troublesome now!” the middle-aged male suddenly exclaimed. “Such a great spectacle, everyone will know that the shen temple is going to open! It’s over, over! I had originally planned for us to sneak in before everyone else reacts, and get the thing. There’s nothing to do now!”

The Masked Assassin did not speak.

The middle-aged male’s attitude seemed grievous as he nattered on.

The Masked Assassin suddenly interrupted him, “There’s people.”

“There’s people?” The middle-aged male stilled and suddenly reacted. A light flashed across his eyes. “You are saying there’s people inside the temple? Someone got in?”


“Damn it!” The middle-aged male held his head with both hands and couldn’t help but curse, “Bastard!”

But he quickly thought of something and the anger on his face dissipated. He said smugly, “Ha! Impossible! The defenses of the shen temple are so strong that it is not something a person can damage. Unless it is a descendant of the Sun Tribe, no one can break through this layer of protection. Ha, I got someone to divine before. The Sun Tribe has died out, not even a hair is left.”

The Masked Assassin did not argue and was silent.

Seeing this, the middle-aged person showed a hesitant expression. He knew the Masked Assassin was not one to speak nonsense and couldn’t help but inquire, “How do you know that there are people inside?”

Like a puppet, the Masked Assassin indifferently spat out a word, “Intuition.”

The middle-aged male felt a cloud move over his head.

The damned intuition!

This person’s intuition … … had always been very accurate!


Zuo Mo slowly woke up.

He found he was leaning on the stone wall and everything was as before he fell asleep.

Had he just had a dream?

Zuo Mo shook his head. Everything that happened in the dream was so clear. He hesitated and then started to inspect his body.

The Greenvine Mystical Water was silently curled up in his body like a tamed pet. At some unknown time, a little sun appeared in his dantian.

The sun was very small, the light released threads of warmth. The warmth followed into his channels and to every part of his body. His entire body was warm and felt unspeakably comfortable.

The three powers that had been tangled up and hard to pick apart in his body had completely merged together and had become a power that he was unfamiliar with.

A thought imprint that contained countless information caused Zuo Mo to understand everything.

Uncontrollably, two lines of hot tears spilled from Zuo Mo’s eyes.

Big Brother Qing Lin … …

That wasn’t a dream!

Zuo Mo wiped away his tears, knelt on the ground and kowtowed gravely three times towards the rock wall. Zuo Mo was not too sorrowful, not because he was used to death in this chaotic state of the world but because in the thought imprint that Big Brother Qing Lin had left behind, it was filled with the emotional sentiments of being released. This kind of ending was one that Big Brother Qing Lin wanted, and what he chose.

What Zuo Mo could do was finish Big Brother’s last wish. He decided inside that no matter what, he would go and visit Big Brother’s homeland.


In the sea of consciousness, Pu Yao and Wei were silent.

A moment later, Wei said, “The Greenvine Tribe is also a very powerful tribe in the history records. This Qing Lin’s shen power is immeasurable. He probably was also a great warrior in the past. I hadn’t expected that he would be imprisoned in the shen temple for tens of thousands of years.”

Pu Yao had once been imprisoned in the Yao Subduing Tower for thousands of years as well and understood the hopelessness. To be able to keep his sanity after being imprisoned for tens of thousands of years in a closed-off shen temple, even Pu Yao who usually had his nose in the sky couldn’t help but feel great admiration.

No matter how powerful one was, they could not stop the power of time. Those experts that were imprisoned in the jinzhi and illusory realms were not killed by the jinzhi or illusions, but by the power of time.

Loneliness and hopelessness were the most effective emotions to form mental demons. Once the mental demons were born, one’s mind would gradually be corroded by the demons and the person would become an inhuman monster.

Wei suddenly smiled after reflecting. “This boy’s fortune is plentiful.”

“Our contribution.” Pu Yao unashamedly claimed the achievement as his own. If Zuo Mo was here, he would be jumping in fury.

“Reasonable!” Wei expressed deep agreement but his tone turned. “But it is not easy to say if this is good fortune or calamity.”

“Oh?” Pu Yao’s bloody pupil narrowed and the flame around his body stilled.

“Shen power might have disappeared for a long time, but there would probably be people who would still recognize it.” Wei continued, “Look at what he has, Greenvine Mystical Water and Sun Crystal Seed are two ultimate treasures. If you or I encountered them, we probably could not avoid thinking of taking them, how about others? Any large sect would be moved.”

A bloody light flashed through Pu Yao’s bloody pupil as he said faintly, “Kill them.”

“Is it so easy to kill? You and I are like this now, we cannot directly act!” Wei said with a sigh.

Pu Yao smirked coldly. “You underestimate this boy! Don’t look at his unmotivated state, if he really wants to, hmph hmph!”

Wei said with a smile, “You are right, the boy usually muddles through things but can stand up at the crucial time. He is also very slippery. Trying to benefit from him is not very easy.”

“You don’t need to worry for him.” Pu Yao said unconcernedly. His tone then changed. “Are you interested in shen power?”

Wei gave a smile, “Of course.”

“Go study it?”

“Fits my intentions perfectly!”

The two exchanged a look.


The thought imprint that Big Brother Qing Lin left contained many pieces of information.

He had used the entire power of the Sun Shen temple to help Zuo Mo cultivate to shen power and also unsealed a thread of the seal on the Sun Crystal Seed so that Zuo Mo could use its power yet it would not be able to harm Zuo Mo. This could not count as absorbing the Sun Crystal Seed but it was the limit of what Qing Lin could do.

Other than this, Qing Lin also passed on how to process the Greenvine Mystical Water, and how to use it. He also left behind the [Greenvine] technique of the Greenvine Tribe to Zuo Mo. Qing Lin did however say that Zuo Mo was not suited to cultivating this technique and it could only function as a reference.

Of all this, what was most important to Zuo Mo was the detailed introduction to the Sun Shen Temple, how to enter the Sun Shen Temple, how to solve its formations, and where the talismans were.

With the aid of the Sun Shen Temple’s power, Zuo Mo’s three powers merged into one and became shen power. Adding on the influences from the Sun Crystal Seed, his shen power had a clear leaning, and was very suited to cultivating the methods of the Sun Tribe.

Qing Lin told Zuo Mo he had to find the techniques of the Sun Tribe and gave out several hidden places where the Sun Tribe methods could be stored.

After digesting all this information, Zuo Mo stood up again.

The ling power, spiritual consciousness, and mo physique in his body had completely disappeared and became a strange power.

Was this shen power?

Zuo Mo curiously inspected this completely unique power. Compared to ling power, spiritual consciousness, and the mo physique, shen power was completely different. No matter if it was ling power, spiritual consciousness, or the mo physique, they had their unique circulation pathways. Ling power travelled through channels, the consciousness centered at the brow, and the mo physique moved through sinew and flesh.

Shen power was completely different. It seemed completely aimless, burrowing randomly through Zuo Mo’ body.

The feeling that shen power gave Zuo Mo was a muddle. Its use was not as clear as the three powers. It might have been that he was too unfamiliar with it that Zuo Mo felt that shen power was very difficult to control and could not be used as he pleased with the three powers.

Even the weakest of his three powers, ling power was much easier to control than shen power.

Chaotic, unclear, hard to grasp, these were what Zuo Mo felt about shen power. This caused him to feel very awkward. No one liked power that was unclear and uncontrolled.

There was this phrase that was passed among xiuzhe. The strength of a xiuzhe was not how much power he possessed but how much power he could control.

Zuo Mo was a faithful follower of this view.

This new situation caused him to feel unusually awkward.

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