World of Cultivation - Chapter Four Hundred and Nine – The Flame Boring Yao

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Chapter Four Hundred and Nine – The Flame Boring Yao

The soldier type that Gongsun Cha had chosen caused all yao that had some knowledge of battle generals to be greatly astonished. Many battle generals shook their heads and said that Xiao Mo Ge was definitely not a professional.

It had to be known that, no matter if it was in true combat or in war chess, the survival rate of an army of a single kind of soldier was very low. They could not deal with the complex and ever-changing battlefield.

Compared to Gongsun Cha, Yu Heng’s choices caused the spectators’ eyes to light up. Five-tenths attacking soldier types, two-tenths defensive soldier types, three-tenths support soldier types. There were all kinds of yao arts which caused there to be a wide variety of support soldier types. Many battle generals started to speculate Yu Heng’s possible tactics based on the soldier type composition he had chosen.

A few moments later, many battle generals shook their head on the inside and showed admiring expressions. Yu Heng’s troop composition was not just very rational, but could form many kinds of tactics. The more they thought, the more there was to admire.

The display of the two sides showed such a great difference in strength causing many spectators that had anticipated a great battle to be greatly disappointed.


Gongsun Cha was almost dazzled by the variety of soldier types. It was the first time he had seen a great majority of soldier types in the list. The war chess that Pu Yao was familiar with was the war chess of three thousand years ago. After three thousand years of development, war chess had completely changed.

Patiently flipping through the soldier type list, Gongsun Cha couldn’t help but frown. It was impossible to express the power of an unfamiliar soldier type. No battle general was willing to direct a troop that they were unfamiliar with, no matter how powerful they might be.

However, he quickly threw away his stray thoughts. He did not think it was unfair. From when he had first touched the profession of a battle general in Little Mountain Jie, he had never had the luxury to make a troop according to his desired tactics. It was the opposite. He could only choose appropriate tactics based on the conditions of reality, such as a Vermillion Bird Camp that was almost completely sword xiu.

In true battle, there were many places that would not be as desired. If battle generals could only fight when they were satisfied with the conditions, that was a joke.

In his view, battle generals were the ones that would think of obtaining victory under any conditions!

Other than victory, everything else was the enemy.

His tangled hair brushed past Gongsun Cha’s calm yet crazy face. He narrowed his eyes and flipped through the soldier type list without any pause.

Suddenly, a familiar soldier type entered his vision.

Fire Boring Yao!


When Pu Yao saw the soldier type listing that was also out of his expectations, his expression changed slightly. He had missed a crucial factor.

He was an exceptional battle general, no, exceptional was not enough to describe him. Pu Yao’s career as a battle general was dazzling. Other than the final battle in which all of his troops died, he was a top-notch battle general. He had only had one loss in his entire life. He had a great understanding of tactics.

He knew very well that there was no all-purpose tactic in this world. Even the strongest tactic would become familiar after being studied for three thousand years, and a way to defeat it would be found. The development of battle tactics would continuously advance. Old battle tactics would always be replaced with even better battle tactics.

Pu Yao’s expression was abnormally bad. The variety of soldier types in front of him was like a disdainful slap in the face.

When he saw Gongsun Cha expectedly choose the Flame Boring yao, his expression became grave.

The battle had not begun, and Gongsun Cha had landed in a definite disadvantage.


“Flame Boring yao … … tsk tsk!”

Many people were shaking their heads. There were those that were laughing, and those that were scornful. Flame Boring yao was a very common soldier type. However, it was a type popular three thousand years ago. Of all the yao arts, fire yao arts had always been a type of yao art that had relatively greater power. Flame Boring yao was a very obscure species among fire yao. They were born from the lava of earth fire.

They seemed to be born for fire yao arts. Any fire yao art would have unexpected power on their hands. Due to this, the attacking power of Flame Boring yao in war chess was very high. However, Flame Boring yao had weaknesses in other areas. Their intelligence was mostly low, and could only follow orders. Compared to their powerful offensive strength, their defenses could be described as fragile. This was directly connected with the fact that fire yao arts were not suited for defense. This was also reflected in the settings of war chess.

Due to this, they were greatly loved by novices and it was not hard to understand. Beginners always preferred those soldier types that were easy to control and had great offensive power. For them, the exhilaration of charging was more pleasurable than winning.

But for expects, any weakness could be fatal, much less a weakness that everyone knew. Flame Boring yao must be used in combination with other soldier types to protect the weak Flame Boring yao.

Choosing an army completely composed of Flame Boring yao, wasn’t that tantamount to suicide?


If Yu Heng knew this, he probably would laugh into the sky, but right now, he did not know the state of the opponent. He was extremely cautious as he did not want to lose his reputation.

The board in front of him was much larger in scale than he had imaged but this did not cause any problems to him. He was practiced as he skillfully set up his formations. With his many years of military service, his understanding of battle was even deeper than normal golden battle generals. This kind of profound understanding would show up in his adjustment. He almost did not need to think and a string of orders were sent out in a stream.

Sending out scouts, organizing the troops … …

Compared to Xiao Mo Ge’s terrible display, Yu Heng’s display was pleasing to the eye and worthy of respect.

When the scouts came back with the information that they had gathered, Yu Heng’s troops had finished their organization. Looking down from a great height, his troops were like a crab. The thick middle group was the body of the crab. The nimbly moving two flanks were like two sharp claws.

Completely composed of Flame Boring yao?

He almost thought a problem had occurred with the scout. But when successive scouts came back with the same information, Yu Heng quickly calmed down.

His first thought was that the other had soldier types skilled in illusory yao arts. There were twenty eight types that could cast illusory yao arts. He flipped through them mentally. He was considering which soldier type could be used together with Flame Boring yao.

He quickly concluded six soldier types that were able to use illusory yao arts and could work together with Flame Boring yao.

Yu Heng quickly furrowed his brow.

In opposition to everyone, who did not believe that Xiao Mo Ge had abilities as a battle general, Yu Heng was almost certain that Xiao Mo Ge had extremely outstanding talent as a battle general. Before accepting the challenge, he had studied Xiao Mo Ge’s history. He had found that, although Xiao Mo Ge was arrogant and rash, he would do as he said. He could always fulfill the seemingly absurd boasts he made.

Due to this, while everyone was doubting Xiao Mo Ge’s skill, he was considering what Xiao Mo Ge intended strategically to do such a thing?

So he frowned, because he did not understand.

Usually, using illusory yao arts were with the intention to feign battle tactics. But to disguise all of the troops as Flame Boring yao was not clever. Because any battle general with some experience could tell this was a disguise!

So from this point, the intention to disguise had lost effect!

Was Xiao Mo Ge’s skill just so?

Yu Heng did not believe it.

Deceptive battle tactics were based on both truth and lies, half-truth and half-lie. Successful deceptive tactics were used with the intention of misguiding the enemy.

From this angle, according to normal reasoning, the most plausible was that Xiao Mo Ge’s Flame Boring yao were truly Flame Boring yao!

All of them were truly Flame Boring yao?

Yu Heng shook his head. Of all the guesses, this was the most unlikely. Any battle general familiar with war chess would not be unfamiliar with Flame Boring yao. Of the thousands of tactics that Yu Heng knew, there was none where the starting troops were all Flame Boring yao.

This was decided by the Flame Boring yao’s unique weakness.

Xiao Mo Ge was a beginner?

He would be stupid to believe it.

But what were Xiao Mo Ge’s intentions?

Yu Heng suddenly found that while the two had not even come into contact, Xiao Mo Ge had successfully made him unable to judge his actions.

As strong as expected!


Normal battle generals might not be able to detect Yu Heng’s hesitation, but strong battle generals such as Sang Nan instantly caught it.

“Yu Heng’s hesitating,” Sang Nan said lightly. He then smiled lightly. “But if it was anyone else who encountered this, they probably would be jumping in fright too.”

“Is this the stronger you are, the less brave you become?” He Mei looked over.

“Yes.” Sang Nan grimaced. “No way around it. Xiao Mo Ge’s move is really too unexpected.”

At the same time, many battle generals gave knowing smiles, especially those that already were certain that Xiao Mo Ge was a beginner. In their eyes, this scene was especially comedic.

More and more people started to feel that Xiao Mo Ge was a beginner.

Because up until now, Xiao Mo Ge still hadn’t finished organizing his troops. Yu Heng, on the other hand, had found an extremely good piece of land to set up his main base, he had also started to plant all kinds of yao trees. As time increased, Yu Heng’s advantage would become even more evident.

Some people wanted to laugh at Yu Heng’s caution, but everyone could understand. The importance of this battle to Yu Heng could not be doubted, and in such a crucial battle, maintaining wariness was the sign of maturity.

Before discovering the other’s intentions, maintaining one’s development was an intelligent decision.

Experienced and cautious, not giving the other even one weakness to attack, as expected of the commander of an entire corps.

On the other hand, Xiao Mo Ge was still working to organize his troops. The mess of Flame Boring yao were in groups of three to five, and increasingly showed Xiao Mo Ge’s helplessness and clumsiness.

The sound of discussion increased and scornful laughs increased.

But in this loud and busy background, Sang Nan and the other golden battle generals lowered their voices.

The disdain, underestimation, laughter in their eyes were like snow under sunlight that quickly disappeared. Their eyes slowly grew bright and sharp.

They all looked at that troop that was being organized with difficulty!

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