World of Cultivation - Chapter Four Hundred and Four – Xie Shan’s Ling Power

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Chapter Four Hundred and Four – Xie Shan’s Ling Power

There was no graveness to Zuo Mo’s demeanor, only calmness.

He hadn’t wanted to interfere in the conflict between Shang Wei Ming and Ren Qing. He only decided to act when he really couldn’t bear Ren Qing’s actions any longer. But he had only intended to give the other a lesson with his reprimands. However, when the three Ren Family elders appeared, Ren Qing’s words and the completely unreasonable protectiveness of the three old men made it clear to Zuo Mo what would happen next.

Resolve the dispute in peace, to believe that was naïve.

Battles of blood had already hardened Zuo Mo into a person who did not hesitate, so the moment his hands moved he had killed Ren Qing. Since the two sides were drawing their weapons to fight, then he would uproot the entire plant and not leave any roots behind!

In Zuo Mo’s eyes, this wasn’t some private conflict, this was a battle.

In battle, if it was not your death, then it was mine!

Even if they defeated these people, he would order Vermillion Bird Camp and Guard Camp to raze the Ren family! He didn’t want to leave any hidden problems behind. They were going to stay here for a long time. In Zuo Mo’s view, leaving behind a family that had enmity towards them, who wanted to take revenge, was not any different than seeking death.

In battle, any illusions of innocence and luck were the cause of death.

Zuo Mo’s relaxed expression increasingly caused Xu Zheng Wei’s heart to beat wildly. However, more of his attention was attracted by the fierce combat. It was usually rare to see battle between jindan xiuzhe.


It had to be said that with Eldest Ren’s skill on the wood element and adding on that he had more ling power than Wei Sheng, when he pushed, Wei Sheng instantly felt pressured.

Against Eldest Ren’s assault the endless void retreated like the tide to between Wei Sheng and Eldest Ren.

Familiar with their eldest brother, Second Ren and Third Ren’s faces changed slightly!

The purest wood element power that Big Brother usually treasured was now flooding out without any frugality! He was like a gigantic tree, a tree whose vitality was burning!

The green color flowed through the void sword essence quickly spread towards Wei Sheng, connecting the two sides.

Big Brother was going all out! No matter the result of this battle, Big Brother would have lost a large portion of his vitality!

The two were sad and furious. In unison, they released their most powerful attacks!

The fiery Third Ren started first. With a vicious laugh, his arms curved and his hands curling back as he took a strange stance.


A bird of fire the size of a fist flew out of the flame! This bird of fire had bright red feathers, its expression was intelligent, and every time it flapped its wings, a shower of dazzling and burning sparks fell.

The fire bird made a clear sound, then it angrily leapt at the Paired Mirage Sword that was striking down!

It suddenly opened its beak. A blinding red light accurately struck Xie Shan’s Paired Mirage Swords!

Under the attack of this red light, the unstoppable Paired Mirage Light seemed to have been struck with a paralysis seal. It was forcibly stopped in the air. That fire bird was extremely intelligent, and started to pull the Paired Mirage back.


When the red light struck the Paired Mirage Sword, Xie Shan seemed to have been burn by a red hot piece of metal. The thread of connection between him and the Paired Mirage Sword had became a fraction weaker.

Xie Shan’s expression became slightly ugly. Daren had bestowed upon him this Paired Mirage Sword which he treasured it. Now that it was damaged by another, his anger could be imagined!

Furious, Xie Shan’s ling power seemed to boil like water. He couldn’t help but howl. The long howl that contained ling power vibrated like thunder!

Of the jindan on Zuo Mo’s side Xie Shan was the weakest, even though he was the first to reach jindan. Even compared to Zong Ru, he was weaker, much less when compared to Wei Sheng and Zuo Mo! Zong Ru possessed the wish power that everyone feared and cultivated the wondrous [Attainment Golden Body], while the sword scripture Xie Shan cultivated was normal. Even though he also studied [Clear Sky Sword Scripture], it was not exactly suited for him so he had not gained much.

But there was one quality that none of the others could rival Xie Shan at, ling power! Long ago in ningmai, his ling power had reached an astonishing one hundred and eighty jing! He almost broke through jindan just through the accumulation of ling power. No one had expected that this seemingly stupid method that relied on accumulation had given him a great benefit when he broke into jindan!

That was ling power!

He had close to two hundred jing of ling power when he made his jindan breakthrough which allowing his breakthrough process to be a smooth one. As his cultivation stage increased, his ling power furiously increased!

This astounding increase continued for a long time. Even now, the rate had slowed but it still steadily increased!

What no one also knew was that the amount of ling power in Xie Shan’s body was eight hundred jing!

Compared to the past, it was more than four times!

The maximum amount of ling power for a first stratum jindan was one thousand jing. Xie Shan’s cultivation was almost at the top of a first stratum jindan! Just having broken through to jindan and already nearing second stratum, not many would believe it if word spread.

The eight hundred jing of ling power meant that he was the only one that did not lose out in terms of cultivation against these three old men!

The three Ren Family Elders had been famed for many years, and had broken through to jindan decades ago. Eldest Ren’s cultivation even reached second stratum jindan. His ling power was so abundant that, normally, it wasn’t something that these juniors who just entered jindan could compete with! Yet who would have thought that Xie Shan who had forcibly entered jindan based on the abundance of his ling power was this kind of freak!

The Paired Mirage Sword, that was restrained by the stream fire that the firebird was sprouting, lit up. It suddenly twisted and tore out of the fire bird’s restraint!

The fire bird was also very intelligent. Seeing the Paired Mirage Sword, it let out a call, its wings flapping and crashed towards the Paired Mirage Sword like a flash of fire.

At this time, the Paired Mirage Sword was like a serpent freed from its cage. The light released from the sword continuously increased!

In a blink, the two flying swords were shrouded in a dazzling and blinking light. They were like two balls of light that were entwining in the air! Due to the strength of the light, even the multi-colored light became as white as the sun.

The flying swords were vibrating, caused by the ling power flooding in. Xie Shan’s body was also uncontrollably shaking. Fury, excitement, and other feelings were mixed together and caused Xie Shan to grin.

Since his other moves would not work, then he would just fight based on ling power!

A dark and vicious smile on his face, insanity and fierceness flashed through Xie Shan’s eyes!

The vicious light in Third Ren’s eyes rose. He snickered, “You want to compete on ling power? You’re seeking death!”

He spread his arms out and did not hold back any bit of ling power!

This young person wanted to compete based on ling power with him? He had never seen anyone more stupid! Third Ren decided to burn this person into ashes with this one move!

The flame over his body grew with a woosh. Even his face was covered by the thick flames. Talismans that were of lower quality on his body could not withstand such a high temperature and were melted and burned to ashes by the flames!

“Firebird Barrage!”

The words were said slowly as though they took all the power he had to pushed out the words!


A fire bird came out!

Following right after it was another fire bird!

At an astounding rate, fire birds appeared one after another. With so many flying out of the flames, it was as though there were countless birds hidden within the flames!

When a fire bird came out of the flame, they flapped their wings and like a dash of fire, and shot at the Paired Mirage Sun, that was floating like a miniature sun in the sky!

In an instant!

The fire birds were like rain!

Covering the sky and hiding the sun!

Sparks scattered downwards. Even the air was ignited, explosions ringing in the air! When the sparks landed on the gold starshine rock, they created wisps of green smoke with a pop and little holes appeared on the tile.

The starshine rock that had been smooth like glass had instantly became pockmarked with numerous little dots.

Xie Shan was not afraid!

Having survived that hell-like battlefield, Xie Shan’s heart was as hard as stone. Even if a blade was right at his eyes, his heart would not shake at all!

As the fire birds covered the sky and filled his vision. The boiling ling power caused the objects in his view to become slightly twisted!

He was not affected at all.

Boil! My ling power!

He seemed to murmur as though he was talking in his dreams. The eight hundred jing of ling power inside his body was like burning lava that rampaged and flowed within the little flying swords.

The flying swords seemed to hear his words, vibrating and humming to respond to him.

Xie Shan had never felt that he had such power, and also never felt so weak before!

There wasn’t a drop of ling power left in his body at all!

If one looked closely, they would find that there were other lights mixed within the two little miniature suns. The hair-thin gold light was [Gold Strands], the faint mist that was like the rainbow after rain was [Rainbow Mist]!

The four formation techniques on the Pair Mirage Sword were all activated!

The two blinding miniature suns merged into one and became an even more blinding ball of light!

Xie Shan gazed at Third Ren within the fire, grinned, and then his expression became stern!


The shout that did not have ling power behind it and did not seem to be a threat at all.

But this shout that had no presence caused everyone’s hearts to shake simultaneously.

A ruler-straight beam of light shot forth!

A blinding white light beam that seemed to have been drawn with a ruler!

The light penetrated the fire birds covering the sky and into the flames!

Time seemed to stop in this moment. The fire birds flying in the sky paused briefly!

A passage with the thickness of a wrist formed cut through the dense crowd of fire birds. Dozens of fire birds only had half a body left as they froze in the air.

The flames were burning, still hissing and cracking.

Above the flame, a hole the size of a wrist had a smooth opening. Through the hole, it was possible to see the pitted floor tiles.


Suddenly, one of the fire birds that only had half a body left turned into a ball of flame!

Pia, another fire bird also followed in exploding into a ball of flame.

These two fire birds that exploded was like the sparks thrown into a barrel of dynamite!


Countless blinding balls of fire red lit up. All of the fire birds exploded together. The tongues of flame instantly swallowed up the position of both combatants!


Another enormous explosion came from the flames!

From between the explosions came a faintly gold figure. Zuo Mo’s face was covered in dust and disheveled. Being held in his hands was a barely breathing Xie Shan!

Escaping from his death, Xie Shan did not seem terrified. He murmured gently, “So exhilarating!”

He then said to himself, “Idiot, don’t you know that ge’s flying swords are fifth-grade?”

Xie Shan’s vision darkened and he fainted. Unconsciousness, Xie Shan still tightly held onto the two little golden swords.

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