World of Cultivation - Chapter Four Hundred and Four – Kill

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Chapter Four Hundred and Four – Kill

Zuo Mo caught the terror in the eyes of this Heavy Earth Corps military official. His heart did not waver at all. He was completely ignorant of the strong mental blow his conduct had given this military official.

Attacking without any hesitation, so decisive and sharp it was shocking, a gaze that was indifferent- all of this screamed that, although this guy seemed young, he was definitely an experienced fighter!

This combat yao suddenly realized that this youth was completely different than what he had imagined.

At this time, he did not have the time to consider this. The fist that carried the aura of death had reached him. Even though he knew this was the Ten Finger Prison, where there wasn’t true death, his heart still shuddered, uncontrollably shuddered!

His eyes were wide. As a professional combat yao, even if his heart was terror-stricken, his training caused his body to still react instinctively!

His body suddenly retreated, both of his hands crossing in front of his chest. A bellow that shook him to his core had vented all the terror inside!

[Earth Shield]!

A low level yao art that completely displayed this military official’s combat instincts. A low level yao art, a yao art that he could cast the fastest was the only thing that could help him grasp the chance to survive in such a dangerous situation!

The full-powered [Earth Shield] had a surface as smooth as a mirror. The color was deep brown, and gave people the feeling of being as hard as metal.

Zuo Mo’s fist opened and he lightly pressed his palm onto the Earth Shield. The force caused by momentum suddenly changing to nimbleness was such a conflicting feeling that this combat yao almost spat blood.

However, when he saw the golden script that lit up on Zuo Mo’s palm, his expression changed.


Like poking through thin paper, the Earth Shield was like paper mache. That terrifying palm did not encounter any resistance, penetrating the Earth Shield and pressing against his body.

[Day Script Palm]!

Abundant power came from this palm. He opened his mouth, wanting to warn his fellows, but he could not make a sound!

He turned to a dash of white light and disappeared.

This exchange was so rapid that the remaining three only seemed to wake up when that combat yao turned to a ball of light. Their expressions changed.

But they could not find Zuo Mo’s figure at all.

One person’s expression suddenly changed as he shouted, “Careful!”


A strangely shaped straight sword entered the back of a combat yao and exited through his chest.

Another white light!

The white light illuminated the shocked face of the third combat yao. In his eyes, a golden figure rapidly magnified.

An enormous pain came, and he turned to a streak of white light!

The last combat yao knew that he was definitely unable to escape. He suddenly howled. Strong yellow light flooded out of his body, and a fierce presence suddenly rose.

[Yellow Sky Heavy Earth]!

The was the trump card of the Heavy Earth Corps’ intermediate yao arts because its power was closely comparable to high level yao arts! With a special method, it would gather all spiritual power one had in an instant and then explode. A suicide attack, Dying together with the enemy!

This move’s spiritual power manipulation was not hard, but there were few people who could use it. That was because the caster, other than knowing how to use it, had to have the determination to die.

The combat yao showed a vicious smile that was twisted under the thick yellow light.

He leapt towards Zuo Mo!

He was fast, his figure disappeared from his position.

Pew pew!

Zuo Mo did not move, and only stared coldly at the other.

In midair, the combat yao looked in shock at his broken legs. He stared until the white light drowned the image of Xiao Mo Ge in his vision, the figure that was icily staring at him.

How … … how was this possible?

At the same time he turned to a ball of white light, a blade of ice appeared with a crisp sound in the air that had been empty before and shattered into pieces.

Ice Blade Illusory Formation!

Zuo Mo had set up a simple Ice Blade Illusory Formation around this combat yao, back when he had summoned the Noon Blade. He only had to wait for the other to fall into his trap.

There weren’t as many yao in the third prison as there were at the Wasteland Beast Chessboard, but there were still many yao that saw this fight. Every spectator had shocked expressions, and the sound of inhales came in waves. What happened before them surpassed their imaginations.

The result of the fight surpassed their imaginations, and the process of the fight had also surpassed their imaginations.

Four trained combat yao were killed by Xiao Mo Ge in one exchange each, and not one was able to threaten Xiao Mo Ge at all. The death of the last combat yao had left the strongest impression. The thick earthy yellow light, the shocking presence, everyone could tell that this was a powerful yao art that could rival high level yao arts. But the result was completely unexpected. A low level Ice Blade Illusory Formation had caused this powerful yao art and figure to crumble.

This result seemed to ridiculous and could even be considered fantastical.

After watching the battle and the shock subsided, it caused many spectators to think. Those that could enter the third prison were not weak, and each had above-average combat experience. Their combat experience told them if what happened in front of them occurred outside the Ten Finger Prison, the result would likely have been the same.

A terrifying guy!

A thread of warmth gradually rose in Zuo Mo’s icy eyes. He had exited his fighting mode. The exclamations and inhales of the spectators did not affect him at all. For him, this was just a fight, a fight that had nothing that was worthy of shock.

However, when he thought of the words the combat yao had said at the start, his brow couldn’t help but furrow.

He could disregard the other’s undisguised threat, but Nan Yue and the others might be affected.

This was slightly difficult!

Zuo Mo muttered inside.


When Zuo Mo got to the Wasteland Beast Chessboard, he quickly found Nan Yue because Nan Yue was waiting for him. Before encountering Zuo Mo, Nan Yue was a normal little yao. Right now, she was cultivating the high level yao art [South Sky Arrow Art], but her vision and knowledge had not changed at their core.

She was filled with worry when facing the power and authority of Heavy Earth Corps. As a true yao, she could understand the meaning of this draft notice better than Zuo Mo, especially at such a sensitive time with the yao’s repeated defeats at the front line.

Seeing Zuo Mo, she was overjoyed. “Daren!”

For an unknown reason, when she saw Daren, his peaceful face, his indifferent yet confident eyes, her restless heart quickly settled. Daren would definitely have a way! This thought unconsciously flashed through her mind but quickly took over it.

“You received the Heavy Earth Corps draft notice?” Zuo Mo did not waste words and asked Nan Yue.

“Yes, Daren!” Nan Yue replied. At the same time, she cast a recording yao art with her hand. She had recorded the contents of the draft notice inside. Since Daren already knew, then he definitely had a solution! She thought inside.

Zuo Mo scanned it and understood. After thinking, he asked Nan Yue, “If I do not want to accept the draft notice, is there any way?”

“Daren, there is no solution.” A voice came from behind him. It was Cang Lin that had coincidentally came as well. His expression was also filled with worry. Beside him was Cang Ze.

Seeing Zuo Mo’s eyes turn to him, Cang Lin grimaced and said, “Daren, the Heavy Earth Corps has sent the draft notice. If you disobey, they have the power to execute you.”

“Is there no way at all?” Zuo Mo’s brow creased.

“Unless the military upper levels or the Council of Elder resolve this situation. Only the Council of Elders have the power to change this draft order.” Cang Lin’s voice was bitter. “The Heavy Earth Corps is a regular corps belonging directly to the military. The military high command has the right to interfere. The same can be said for the Council of Elders. They have the right to any affair.”

“Which of you have a connection?” Zuo Mo asked.

The three shook their heads simultaneously. Zuo Mo saw this and understood. The Wisteria Clan of the South Sky and the Grey Clan had been in decline for too long. They were very far from the centers of power.

“Daren, maybe I have a solution!” Ming Jue Zi, who had rushed over to them had managed to hear this.

Zuo Mo had let him leave but he had not gone far. He had coincidentally heard some people passing by him discussing the conflict between Xiao Mo Ge and the Heavy Earth Corps. He had hurriedly ran over to search for Zuo Mo.

After Zuo Mo introduced Ming Jue Zi as his new follower, everyone instantly felt closer.

“Daren, this was definitely done by Yu Zi Zhou.” Ming Jue Zi only had to think to understand what had gone on.

“Yu Zi Zhou? Who is that?” Zuo Mo’s face was puzzled.

Seeing the puzzlement on Daren’s face, Ming Jue Zi couldn’t laugh or cry. He could only explain, “Daren, do you remember the battle when you defeated twenty six yao? Yu Zi Zhou was the second one.”

“Oh, him.” Zuo Mo had a small impression. However, the one that gave him the deepest impression was the masked expert from the Blue Flower Family.

“The military commander of Heavy Earth Corps is Yu Zi Zhou’s uncle.” Having spent a long time among experts, Ming Jue Zi was familiar with this kind of information. “Yu Zi Zhou has worked very hard to pursue Ji Li Yu. He probably was thinking of Ji Li Yu when he challenged Daren, but he lost great face when he was defeated by Daren. I heard that Yu Zi Zhou was a very small-hearted person. Didn’t think it was really so.”

Ming Jue Zi felt great disdain at Yu Zi Zhou’s conduct. “It really is despicable that Yu Zi Zhou is using such tricks, methods that should not be seen by the public, at such a sensitive time.”

Listening to Ming Jue Zi speak of the cause and effect, Zuo Mo and the others finally understood.

“What solution do you have?” Zuo Mo asked.

“It might not succeed,” Ming Jue Zi said in a heavy voice, “but it is worth a try! We need to make a big fuss!”

“Big fuss?” Zuo Mo asked.

“Yes! Only when it is a big fuss will they not dare to do whatever they want,” Ming Jue Zi said. “However, this will only make them cautious. In terms of law, they have the power to draft Daren!”

“And then?” Zuo Mo heard that Ming Jue Zi had following plans.

“They will definitely persist in the drafting you, and this would deepen the upper level’s dislike of them. We only need to show slight weakness and capture the sympathy of the upper levels,” Ming Jue Zi said calmly. “With the potential that Daren has shown, adding to our manufactured noise, there is a high possibility that we can get the upper levels to interfere.”

Nan Yue and the others lit up. This was a very outstanding plan.

Even Zuo Mo couldn’t help but nod inside. Ming Jue ZI’s plan was very plausible.

But … … maybe … …

An even crazier plan gradually formed in his mind!

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